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40 at 40 bro how stupid is that huh. have you seen the wendy's spicy chicken. burger pringles. spicy chicken burger pringle wendy's. wendy's spicy chicken. talking about spicy uh uh chicken uh. buffalo or did you did you melt this. at a bigger bass bonanza uh a. little bit wait is dr tunes already on. your on your account yeah i'm familiar. with this. because it's ready to blow bro and they. don't want it to blow on us dude greg. bang 700 bonus already bro. get the up. put the snacks away bro let's take it. squirt it's your first 700 bonus guys. very first one ever with the brothers. all right um. he's still snacking yeah. you don't know this one's going a little. too guaranteed. no i know the way it works though like i. can read it right because he's only paid. his 1400 so far but it's guaranteed. getting in into round two okay.

That actually might that actually might. stop it though but hey that's like. running. all right come on out yeah level two. bring it on. oh my god come on hold off. more. come on now here we are now i don't know. i've been here before dead spin central. until now. oh nice catch bro. live just once one hit come on. dude. you know. 16 got 16.. not bad we got two of them come on can. we get to level three yeah what the . on here 40 000 already. 40 000. all right we need two here. give us one it's all good. um. let's grab it. already got a bigger balance than. anything we've ever been on in the. stream together well except for one time. that's making uh remark of that. bro right we're back in i'm telling you. all right. get your rod out guys. oh yeah. yeah no i'm here no i'm just talking. about. guys i'm talking about your rod oh yeah.

This is a rod man oh you're . brother i'm afraid you're gonna hit me. in the head with that thing bro. dude i do not trust you guys i'm gonna. back up here. oh one million. you see that i didn't cast fast enough. hey guys. i always want to play four million. dollars. oh my god can you imagine it's just that. easy bro no. we're all those fishies bro we're just. calling right there. yeah we're just getting all the dollar. spins in there yeah. no you know a dream. that easy. i think you gotta give uh his cousin a. chance for miami. i've been red hot lately guys somebody. somebody favorite down man i got. real . what is going on here telling you about. olaf is squirty. have you ever seen a man squirt here oh. you heard the bros are back in town oh. my god bro he's feeding his . family tonight let's go. he's one of the best fishermen i know.

Wait i'm holy 52 already. holy . oh my god. come on. here we are 71.. come on out. all right we're already guaranteed level. two guys yeah we don't want to hit. anymore we wanted to wait. for the home. too. okay all right. now we're getting ahead. fish we're ahead guys sunfish. guys what guys what is going on together. no no no no no no no don't precum i'm. gonna squirt. 86k. this is the brother stream i like to. start with right here. holy somebody [ __ ] smacked my. ass wake me up here oh yeah. wow. i'm hurt. oh i don't know ten more small. little two bro. you walked into a. one brother smacking another brother's. ass you walked into brother. i think olaf got scared after heart how. hard i just stay there all right. yeah. dude i need him all right it could work. nice juicer. all right all right all right we're. getting in so fast.

Bonus at all yesterday so it's just. making up yeah. come on continue here. boy . boys the is going on here oh my god. that would be nice. okay okay. well it's a million dollar fish oh one. million one point four see it okay so. stay here. oh god. come on. come on that's all laughs. i can't believe you've done this. wow all right okay. bro. dude we're at 170k. oh my god. what a stark feathers. what's that yeah. sure it guys. oh god it wants to again pay for 30 more. okay. yeah i can respect that. bro. sounds like drag man. okay okay. everybody there anymore. oh no no when you leave. now we got the whole squad brother. salvo channel on stream tonight. i mean he's a funny guy yeah he's a. great guy man i wish i could dance. grapes. correct oh keep going come on grape. scrapes continue. i don't we need a miracle. it has a problem getting to the second.

Level even now. i'm telling you bro. that's trouble i know but it has trouble. it has [ __ ] trouble now bro. it's been a long time. i'm telling you bro this does it does it. all the time to me man. makes nine thousand dude how does that. how is that possible oh i did the math i. didn't add up. oh what was that. holy . hey. that may not hurt a little bit my god. what was that 200k now it helps. oh we're back. wrong man. i oh 25 instead. 47 now. oh it's from that guy fixing. that thing right oh where you. fixing that car. there's like a squirrel in there. something like that. it's just going anywhere. forever bro you showed me i know more. juice. don't recognize it. come on something. a little dry here. come on. good thing i did 50 on it. oh that's that was great when it hits or. like this mitch it doesn't go all the. way it's it's trust me it looks like he.

Wants to go all the way i hope okay. prove me wrong please like you must go. but every time i hit early like that it. just doesn't go. just stops. it was flattered and [ __ ]. pissed. yeah looks good. wow. perfect hey. yeah that's. he got wrong. these things just keep hitting over and. over again once they hit once they go a. few times we need some help we don't. want early hits okay nothing all right. we want shitty one thousand dollar. fishes it has to pay a show up without a. fish that would be all right. yeah show up without fishes those are. good actually honestly they actually are. they're there yeah the great start we. wanted to just go to level two we don't. want any hits here you don't even care. about one x hits. oh oh look he grabs it oh oh he grabs it. he pops up here bro. there he is. you already have two right now might be.

Able to go we got six pins left one. does that help just random or that's. random. oh my sweet jesus. okay. die come on please nice. oh that's it um. yeah. come on man one more how about two. only got level two once on this. here it comes boys. oh. okay. all right three that's cool. i got . try them on your stream down to 30. turbos every single one of them they. always come they come all day i do this. every night every night you can ask the. chat every night. the same thing every night you go big. bass you go big bigger bass then you go. the dragon i'm telling you one. of them scored every time and they don't. squirt you get the out. okay. that's good that's a fine start because. it's only nice nice and long it's fine. bro. we just don't we just want ones without. them we don't even want the numbers yet. beautiful two of them.

Guaranteed level two trust guaranteed. like how guaranteed well they're like. literally. two hundred times guaranteed out of a. hundred. like the math on that one that when you. grow just watch it it's no there's no. way it's not able to. i know this a lot and the way it works. you know all the math behind it. it's a sloppy if it doesn't sure smack. me as hard as you can if it doesn't okay. perfect. oh. glad we didn't say anything if it does. let's go now come on. all right. yeah we're gonna stand for level two. here guys yeah this one can actually. yeah. come on that's reasonable. get the peanuts ready yup i'm. oh i thought it kidding. a line oh my god. there's a 4 000 x fish that comes out. apparently. guys. 32 33. this. all right. come on continue 96 is beautiful. regardless. that's beautiful. holy gonna do it 7k right now what.

Oh. one more. oh my last. one let's go. do you want any more coming up. telling you bro it's paying just paying. for the spins. come on come again. oh god. oh. you tease it okay you say hey listen. i only got 84 cents left okay. i'm going to spin a few times here. oh you know what but i'll try my luck. one more time. okay and watch it's gonna try to hook. me those are my spins back there. it's gonna hook me all right ready we'll. say oh you know what i think we could. afford 996 dollar spins we'll give it. 30. let's see what it can do. you know here it comes here comes the. hulk. no way brother. there is no way. oh my god bro. there is no way. that one the strat on that one. studying this for a long time. come on. 84 spins oh goodness. oh god. come on. yeah we'll definitely come in it's 16. it's not going to end there it doesn't.

end at 16 ever okay bird it's guaranteed. level two guys. let's sit down and just conserve the. energy. coming i'm gonna go ahead and tweet it. the way it works i actually didn't tweet. this stream out yet oh come on bro. no i got you guys. says uh sins with my brother oh . people were like what the hell. i'm sitting with my brother. holy bro. we uh we're doing the cheat codes oh no. yes. cops. they get. come. oh my god. oh man back where we left off mikey's. working hard tonight holy . mikey's got quit for days going out holy. bro. so. you

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