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All right here we go we're going to be. doing 250 dollar spins. on big bass don't ask me why going down. to zero with 10k let's see if we can get. a 25k bonus hit who knows. who knows maybe just maybe we get lucky. probably not no my luck. oh my god oh my god we just hit it we. just hit it this is a 25k. bonus hit right here this could be. huge. oh my goodness here we go i just got off. the back of filming videos i was. a little triggered i'm not gonna lie. doing 250 spins and we actually hit the. bonus. i'm not gonna get too excited because. this could be bad right. maybe. all right that's already a really good. connect. all righty then thank you brian take me. to the next stage and we're just. laughing to the bank laughing dude. oh my goodness bro i can see isn't there. like a big fish. it could be worth a lot of money two.

More brians. two more brians with five spins it's. actually not. too much to ask right or maybe it is i. don't know. probably is too much to ask. oh wow that's a good hit nice nice. really nice 3k. all right 7200 oh my god we got to the. next stage. this could be huge this could be . huge oh my god all right i'm excited i'm. excited i'm officially excited. i want to see that million dollar fish. let's get it. oh that's a good connect again wow this. is already 10k isn't it oh no wait over. it 12k. okay okay yes sir we got another 10. spins on this. 12.3 k come on dude please please please. please please. be good please 5k fish a 5 000. fish dude what the oh my goodness. come on come on i don't expect myself to. get into the third stage but i would. like to get at least one connect with a. double chance. come on four spins twelve thousand.

Five hundred dollar fish right there. dude oh my goodness. oh my god where's brian come on brian. oh my goodness last spin. oh that would have been such a good. collect oh my god. all right well we hit 12.5. k that's that's a good win i mean. baseball. dude chill out a second that's 25 250. spits right there uh wow i did not. expect to get a video out of this. um i'll do 250 spins down to 15k. and then i'm gonna cash out probably. oh my god we hit another one we hit. another one in. like four spins uh. big bass might be about to. singlehandedly save the day. straight up oh my god oh my. please please there we go all right. the first ryan seven spin still. twelve hundred dollar fish that would. have been a great collect. oh my god that would have been a. phenomenal collect. oh brian where you at bro. nice that's a good connect that's a.

really good connect collect connect. words oh my god yes 8.8 k. 10k clean. come on drop two ryan's i know it's. possible. oh my god that would have been an. incredible collect. oh what's that what's that all the way. 5k. that's a 5k here right there 15. dollars let's go. this this helps this helps whoa whoa. whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. all right we're at 32k. let's go down to 25k absolutely worst. case scenario. maybe big bass is the way to make back. with my money i don't know probably not. ah okay all right we're cashing out 25k. for the video that is still. very very good hey boys if you enjoyed. that video. again make sure to leave a like it's. been your boy juicy fruity i'll see you. guys in the next one. peace. you

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