12.05.2024 5 Traits of The Top 1% Man

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All right listen to me very closely. because life for the top one percent of. men is better than it has ever been. and for the other 99 of men it is more. depressing than it has ever been because. you see contrary to what they tell you. in the media life for a man is actually. quite hard it's a video game where you. start right at the beginning at level. zero and every single day you have to. work to level up you see because if you. don't some other guy will and that guy. will take the money that could have been. yours the life that could have been. yours and this is gonna be very very. very difficult for you to hear right now. but even the wife that could have been. yours and I really want you to let that. sink in I want you to imagine right now. your dream woman what does she look like. how does she carry herself what kind of.

An incredible mother is she to your. future children how proud are you to. have her by your side you have that. image in your mind okay cool now I want. you to imagine her with another guy make. it graphic make it sting make it hurt. because you just lost your future wife. the future mother of your children to. another man because you decided you're. gonna around with some video games. while the other guy every single day put. one foot forward in front of the other. and leveled up and left you behind that. is the cold harsh reality for men it is. competition 24 7. there is no rest and. that is precisely why you need to become. a high value man now there is a big. misconception as to what is actually a. high value man and that's because most. of the guys that you watch online either. don't know what it actually means to be.

A high value man or simply have not been. in the trenches long enough you can all. be in the trenches for two years and. think that you're going to be a high. value man and we'll get on to that in. just a second I'm going to share with. you guys five things in this video and. all five need to be true for you to call. yourself a high value man this is not. easy this is not a thing that you're. gonna get done in the next three weeks. or six months this is a commitment but. what other option do you have now the. first step in order to become a high. value man and this is really where I see. past the facade of a lot of the. manosphere community a lot of the red. pill Community a lot of you know what. used to be the pickup Community the. first step is you need to remove any. crutches let me make something clear you.

Should be rich you should have a good. body you should have abundance with. women but if you use those as crutches. well then you simply can't be high value. you know everyone thinks that they're. gonna to get a six pack and then you. know all of a sudden here you are high. value or they think they're gonna get. rich I see this a lot as well you know. they think well once I'm rich I'm a high. value man no you're not because you need. to understand especially when you're. dealing with a certain caliber of guy or. a certain caliber of girl it's a. commodity everyone has a good body. everyone's Rich it's expected to even. just get into the room it's a. prerequisite ladies and gentlemen I've. been uploading publicly on YouTube for. seven years you can go back to me at 15. years old when I was doing all the. things where I was meditating every.

Single day I was reading a book week. I've been doing this selfimprovement. stuff for as long as I can remember. publicly on YouTube longer than anyone. else I know and documenting it and I. only felt high value maybe two years ago. 18 months ago I mean imagine that I was. 19 years old and here I was. multimillionaire the girls the travel. the good body social status you know. everything you name it I had it but I. still knew I wasn't a high value man I. still knew I wasn't that guy you know I. look like that guy but I wasn't that guy. deep down because I didn't face the boy. I was still a little boy because I. didn't face my insecurities I may have. been the man but I didn't feel like like. the man at the end of the day if. everything else gets stripped around you. and the only thing that's left is you as. a person if you would feel naked if you.

Would feel exposed well then these are. simply crutches and you're not that guy. yet and that is why I don't believe from. scratch you can become a high value man. it's at least a fiveyear Journey. because first you work and you. accomplish and you strive and you. conquer and you do all these things that. from the outside make you look like the. man but then you actually need to become. that guy and you will know deep down in. your heart of hearts when you've. accomplished it and that leads us into. the next way to become a high value man. in order to become a high value man you. must reimagine the timeline you see most. of you guys think that you're going to. become a high value man within one or. two years and it's simply not gonna. happen I've never seen it happen in less. than five years because there's so much.

Internal work that goes along with it as. I mentioned first you do and then you. become every time someone gets success. they then need to fully integrate into. that identity and into that success for. me it took seven years from the age of. 14 when I really started my. selfdevelopment journey all the way up. until basically my 21st birthday that. that's really where I start to feel like. okay I don't feel like I have anything. to prove I feel like a high value man. because of who I am right because of my. abilities because my capabilities not. because of the things I have around me. and it's very hard to explain but you. just look in a guy's eye it's the. demeanor it's the way he carries himself. how selfassured he is it's just it's. hard to describe you just know you can. see it so for me personally as I said it.

Took seven years for you it might take. five years 10 years 15 years but what is. your other option it is a long long long. process but as I said what's your other. option because there is a guy right now. who's robbing you of your future life. because you simply refuse to face your. insecurities your past traumas all the. things that most people don't really. talk about but all the reasons why when. you hang out with influential guys you. hang out with girls they'll be able to. read through you they'll they'll be able. to see even though you you look like. you're the man you're just a little boy. and until you work on that you're never. going to be able to attract the people. that you want in your life now the third. thing you need to do in order to become. a high value man is have ultimate true. Freedom so that means Financial Freedom.

Location freedom and time time Freedom. listen to me I would rather make a. hundred thousand dollars a year and be. able to live anywhere in the world be. able to work remotely and be able to. build the systems and processes so that. way I have a great team who takes care. of it there's no such thing as passive. income don't let anyone tell you that oh. it's just passive income you just set it. and forget it no everything breaks down. no just like a car just like the things. in your house when you have things in. your life that are tested you put volume. through let's say that's even your. shoulder you know with enough time and. not taking care of it it can blow out. right it's the exact same thing with. your business don't think that you can. just build something and then just set. it and forget it and it's just gonna.

Spit out money and never break so. there's no such thing as passive income. but there is leveraged income using. leverage in order to find the right. people in order to find the right. solutions to actually deliver the. service or the product or whatever it is. that you're doing so I would much rather. make a hundred thousand dollars a year. and have location and time Freedom they. make a million dollars or hell even. three million dollars and be stuck in. one city and have someone tell me hey at. this time you come to office at this. time you have to leave you don't have a. say in when you get to go to the gym. when you get to hang out with your. friends oh you go on fire on a really. fun trip with your friends too bad you. already use your vacation days for the. year and the funny thing is when I say. this people think like office jobs right.

Right but they're forgetting about the. footballers they're forgetting about the. actors they're forgetting about all the. famous people they look up to and think. oh they have freedom well they don't. they had a team they had a manager they. had people in their Corner telling them. look we haven't made enough money this. year we haven't sold enough tickets this. year and you know I've talked about this. stuff a lot so I really don't want to. hammer the point home any further so. just remember you need true freedom and. true freedom is not just making a lot of. money now the fourth thing you need in. order to become a high value man is some. sort of adversity in your life so either. that adversity and hardship is forced on. you for example with me having to. support and take care of a single mother. that was really not the easiest thing to.

Come to terms with at the age of eight. or nine years old and without going into. too much detail here just having a very. difficult upbringing to deal with and. just going through and seeing a lot of. things that just made me very angry and. upset at the world at a very young age. so this certain adversity there's. certain challenges that just force. certain people to step up an unfortunate. thing is 80 of time when men are put. through that they don't step up they. don't pull up their boots and become the. person they need to become to face the. challenges and that's just the. unfortunate nature of the world but you. simply cannot be a high value Man. without putting yourself through the. fire I want you to wake up every single. morning look at yourself in the mirror. and ask yourself honestly would I follow.

This man into war stare in the mirror. and be honest with yourself what do you. see now I know some of you guys are. looking at this and going okay well I. come from a middle class family or maybe. even a wealthy family or you may have. just generally had a very cushy life in. general well that's fine as long as you. force adversity and hardship on yourself. so whether that be small things I. remember even me when I was 15 16 I used. to do a bunch of cold approach and you. know I used to it taught me a lot about. how the world works and as men we all. know that anxiety of like looking at a. girl and being like do I speak to her do. I talk to her all that stuff so I did a. lot of that growing up and I think even. that adversity shaped a lot of who I am. today I will never ever look at a girl. three times the first time I might look.

And acknowledge oh wow that's you know. that's a very beautiful girl the second. time I might look over again and at that. point I have to either make the decision. am I going to be man enough that night. or that day to go up and say something. and say hi and introduce myself or am I. not going to do it but at least it's a. skill that I don't think is necessarily. too effective for the main goals that. most guys want but it is a skill that's. very incredible and teaches you a lot. about adversity and difficulty so. whether that's learning cold approach. whether that's running a marathon I had. a very difficult summer of 2020 where I. had crippling anxiety attacks and by the. way you know I'm a person that I've been. meditating for the longest time ever I. would sit and I would meditate I'm like. oh I can just meditate away no it never.

Went away and the only thing I could. think about for three weeks straight. from morning to night was how I was. gonna delete myself and there's a big. difference between thinking about it and. thinking about how you're going to do it. once you start getting into the hey how. am I going to do it that's a very. different level of severity. um. like over the past two three weeks I. just keep waking up with this crippling. crippling anxiety. no. I just don't feel like myself the reason. I say that is because I made the. decision I am going to run a marathon in. two weeks with no preparation I never. run more than eight kilometers in my. entire life and I made the decision that. in 14 days I'm gonna run 42 kilometers. with no training on a cold rainy day in. London in December with no flat roads or. perfect route or anything I felt like.

After the summer of 2020 after you know. having a very difficult summer I felt. like I had nothing left I didn't believe. in me I didn't believe in my Powers I. didn't believe in how strong I was so I. had to put myself through something. difficult to go you can get through. anything if you can get through that you. can get through anything so if you grew. up with an amazing loving families. without too many difficulties there's. absolutely nothing wrong that's. beautiful it's amazing you had that. experience it's amazing that you had a. good reference for what a good childhood. is but you have to put yourself through. the fire you have to find a way and it's. funny after I ran my marathon in 2021. and 2022 I had my two biggest years when. it comes to every aspect of my life I. really leveled up the last two years but.

Now I feel like I'm starting to get a. little soft again which is why next year. I'm dedicating myself to boxing to. really committing to the craft to. getting punched in the face over and. over and over and putting myself through. that adversity so that way the year. after I can have my first proper fight. just remember that a man that has never. been through hardship can never truly be. a man that women respect or follow into. war the last thing that you need in. order to become a high value man is a. strong Network and out of all the things. that I listed I'd say this is the least. important and the last piece of the. puzzle you know a lot of people obsess. about networking in their first few. years of starting this journey for me it. was the opposite I just put my head down. put my head down and I'm like I am gonna.

Become an incredible man I'm gonna work. on myself I'm gonna do it for more than. a decade and when I pop my head up the. people that I used to look up to are. respect rather than me trying to network. with them they're going to reach out to. me or we're going to get introduced as. peers as equals and that is exactly what. has happened in the last two years so. that's why I'm saying I believe that. this is the fifth and last step of this. puzzle but it is extremely important to. have a strong Network in your corner you. know there's a lot of things that money. alone simply cannot fix you need a. network you need a problem solver in. your corner you need people who can. protect you your loved ones and you need. people who can get their hands dirty if. need be see there is not a single. problem that's been presented to me in.

The last year or two years that I have. not been able to fix myself or through. my direct Network and let me tell you. you will earn the respect of both men. and women if you are that person if you. have that sort of influence that sort of. power that sort of status that sort of. pull I mean even the other day there was. a specific thing that one of my good. friends Hamza needed help with within a. few hours I had taken care of it and. he'd sent me this message. as I said the world can be very cruel so. once you start winning you need a. network you know it's another level to. be able to get someone's documents. pushed through because you have that. level of power in a specific country. it's another level of power to be able. to ban someone from a specific venue or. specific chain of restaurants because. the owner owes you a favor and it's.

Another level of power when you have. people in your corner then make sure. that if anyone messes with you or your. loved ones they will face Swift and. aggressive consequences and by the way I. don't know what any of this is like I'm. just hypothetically imagining so anyways. this fifth point is really just the. cherry on top you need to address the. first four points and then you can. really get onto this fifth point and. really become someone that's powerful. influential and whatever the problem is. either you or the problem solvers in. your corner that work directly for you. that owe you favors they will make sure. it's taken care of swiftly and. professionally so ladies and gentlemen. that is the five ways how you become a. high value man you don't become a high. value Man by you know making a bunch of. money and buying a Lambo and then going.

to the club and popping bottles and by. the way all that stuff is okay you know. maybe seven eight times a year I go to a. club and I just spend money money with a. bunch of my friends just because why not. we can and I buy a bunch of expensive. stuff and I live a great life but I. don't think that makes me the man it's. the five things that I talked about here. that really makes you a top one percent. man now these are the five things but in. order to accomplish them you need good. habits so that's why I want you to watch. this video next which are the three. habits that made me a millionaire at the. age of 18. go check that out and I will. see you guys in the next video

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