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Hello everybody welcome back to another. video today we're purely on sweet. bananas with a $250 balance on steak. we're going to be trying to hit a Max. win and we're just going to be spinning. it we're going to be buying the bonus. and hopefully we just win big and if you. guys do want to play use steak use the. link in the description you get a free. $25 when you sign up using my code. ralong so click that link in description. use code Rong it's a free $25 and we're. just going to get right into it we're. going to buy $40 bonus here I just want. to see how it's going to operate if it's. a good day for sweets cuz sometimes it's. just completely Dead come. on so yeah if you guys don't know how. this game works basically want. connections just like that and then you. want multis to drop it's really simple. it's probably one of the most simplest.

Slots out there and it's really popular. but it likes to take your money like so. when you want bananas you need eight of. a kind to for it to. connect oh wow this is bananas and then. we want peaches after this now we just. want multis okay no multis that's still. pretty good $13 you can't complain. that's half our money back but we do. want we want profit every time so we. bought this for 40 we're getting what. like $20 back we need a little more okay. well we didn't get anything we'll hit. with another $40 buy if this doesn't hit. we have to up the bet because it's just. not pay we need we need at least one. profitable buy today maybe like a 50. extra 100 extra drop in see like. nothing's connecting okay it's a decent. board. goes dead. though I saw potential on that board uh. watermelons. wow that is really bad that's.

Fine. uh. okay. bananas this a dead by this G oh wait. Peach how does that go we're oneof Blues. oneoff peaches is close to watermelons. like another dead bu okay what damage. control it's not going to pay. yep. $2 just another dead buy doubling our. bed size by two times so hopefully we at. least double our money here so we're. money back we won't even be that much. profit if this pays a 200x come. on nice that's a good board we need. pinks now. pinks multis now multis or peaches if we. get a multi it's good no a 4X bro that. was such a good multi I had a feeling no. multi was coming in even like a 10x is. good buto that's half her money okay 20x. nice that bro that could have kept. going this lollipop is blocking it if. you get three lollipops to 100x . another one okay this one hits nice keep. tumbling nice peaches holy yes bro.

That's 200 nice bro I thought bro that's. two 200xs in a row holy . bro that's really nice and this. is all raw balance too nice bro can we. get another one a three three to to 100. X's bro that would be insane that was. two in a row bro I was so depressed the. first one to hit and then the second one. just comes and it hits bro that was a. good board too could have kept. going. okay one more hit maybe no okay that was. good though that was more than double. our money we're profit like $70 there. sweet B is actually doing something okay. so I'm just going to spin this and time. lapse it so you guys don't have to see. all the dead spins and let's see if we. just get into bonus for. $100 nice bro it's been like five spins. and we just got in yes bro we should. have bet a little B more like $5 spins. that would have been crazy but this is a.

$100 buy we just got in come on this get. pay don't go dead on me. bro this is the biggest buy the. video give us another. 100x bro that could have. went. okay look okay this a good board oh no. it went down okay peaches no bro peaches. look at all these multis bro peaches and. blues and then this game that's still. pretty good bro but it's a $100 buy so. we want. more. okay apples that was a decent board if. it kep going another 100x bro holy . bro what's going on I've never seen that. much 100 X's dude that's actually insane. bro 300X drops one of them connects for. a good tumbo but if any of those other. ones connect bro would be huge I'm going. to do a $60 buy here bring us down to. two two uh to $300 so we're like break. even $50 profit actually tanks maybe nah. all right when it tumbles like that in. the beginning it's usually a good.

Bonus come. on give us another 100x right here would. be. crazy any multis at least okay a four. okay you know what whatever it's fine. dude that's crazy 300 x's in a span of. like every bonus basically can we get. another 100x with this time. connect ret I'll take it this is such a. good board but these are like Cog bling. it the thingies we need. multis we need bro it's tumbling really. good but there's no multis 100x on that. that's what. $500. okay. pinks no of course not not even a multi. where are the multis okay here we go wow. it goes dead such a good boarding goes. de all right half our money back not bad. I'm going to run another 40 I don't. think this is going to pay and then. after this I'm going to do a huge bonus. buy and pray that we get lucky bro okay. good. start bro this is a really good board I. wish we did the 100 or the.

Bigger buy now look at this how does. that go dead Peach is to off I mean. we'll take. it for a $40 buy this is really. good okay and then goes dead. like Blues. maybe okay I don't know how that stayed. alive could have kept. going nice that's a decent board nah I'm. I'm trolling bro that was a really bad. board. good board again. like I'm scared to do the bigger buy. dude okay those multi saved it okay. we're about to do the biggest bet of the. video. $140 if you guys are going to play on. steak make sure to use a promo code Rong. Link in the description and you get a. free 25 Stak cash basically to play with. if you just sign up with my code so just. do it that you lose nothing come on. $140 if we lose this we're at$ 200 I'll. take it a $50 loss of least we got so. much cons out of this and so much 100. X's bro like come on please pay don't be.

Dead it's dead isn't it show me. something bro please come on right here. come on this a good board don't go dead. peaches no no multis either dude bananas. no it's it's it's a zerox. bro bro really we had such a good. start I was expecting this too bro come. on oh wait no no multis no multis. whatsoever I know I said that was the. last one bro but there's no way it we. have we end on a loss like that we'll do. a 40 and then maybe we'll do a bigger. one we'll. see so good but why could you do this. while we're doing a and look it dies. down such a great board and it just dies. another decent board I guess not that. good oh that really pissed me off but. the biggest buy pays the least out of. all of them it paid lower than both like. 40xs $40 B you. did. peaches. okay bad multis doesn't. matter come on rri. maybe look at this board bro these are.

Blocking it okay at least we got some. multis like just do this for $140 we get. our $140 back I'm happy with that oh we. got five I didn't even see that okay. maybe this just pays 100 and I'm. happy. Blues Blues bro it's a good hit. though everything wants a hit today. except for the biggest bonus give us 100. x it greens [ __ ] bro could have. went if it green hit there it would have. been. over another 20 okay 100 like why can. you do this for the big buy should have. went big again I only did 40 but I heard. like it's different seeds every time. like you switch the bed size so I don't. know how it works but rri maybe rri. would been insane $90 okay okay last buy. no matter what except if it pid's huge. maybe we'll do like a bigger one but. this the last buy make sure you use cod. along free cash basically come.

On don't go. dead nice bananas. bananas bro keep. going I can't complain I mean. $42 I could have went. though how's it. missing can't be missing like this you. hit for one Spin and then. miss and One op pinks. great bro we're $250 bro we're break. even and we need a to make. profit. $100 like second biggest uh bonus buy of. the video we need this to pay double so. I can just end on profit bro I can't end. on a loss or break even good board it's. a good board come on keep. going. peaches okay multis okay 25x that's. that's a good start that's $50 back give. us two more hits like that we're. happy okay greens Baby P is no you have. to keep going. there 50x holy bro. imagine on this bed size would be crazy. okay it's a g board though it's a really. g board Peach's. hit uh multis okay we'll take a 5x. that's a good hit too.

okay give us give get us to 200 from. thewin we're. happy don't go dead don't go dead give. us one more more give us a. retri no that could have went that was a. okay that was a one $12 C tumble to that. one would been. crazy $140 we made. $40 I mean I'm happy with that to be. honest we had such a great run so much. 100 X's a very entertaining video at. least for me recording this uh we made. $50 so I'm happy with that thank you. guys for watching make sure you use the. link in the description you get 25 free. Stak cash um and I'll see you guys in a. bit

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