12.05.2024 FIX Steam "Please Check your Password and Account name | Steam won't login with correct password

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Hey everyone welcome back to subros in. this video I will be explaining that how. to fix a steam not logging in with. correct password and give you an error. message please check your password and. account name and try again now even you. are trying to enter the right password. then why steam is not allowing you to. enter your Steam account now this is. just because you are not entering your. right username alright let me explain. you I'm on my steam account and if you. have a look here at the writing top and. here it shows this kind of username that. is for his team so probably you are. using this kind of username or probably. you are using any kind of email address. that has been linked to your steam. account now that is what you don't have. to do all right so let me quickly copy. this username and then if I go and sign.

Out. and if I again try to sign into my Steam. account with the same username I will. show you the result that even I will be. getting the same error message so I just. type my username that I just saw on the. steam account. and if I put the right password. you will see it says please check your. password and account name and try again. even if I use the same right password. and enter my email address I will be. getting the same. error message so I'm sure that you know. that why this error message is coming up. just because you're not using the right. username so how you will find the right. username you need to open up your file. explorer on your Windows 10 or 11 and. then from the left and menu option click. on this PC then go to localdfc and then. here you have to look for program file. x86 double click on it and then you have.

To look for the Steam folder. once you get a steam double click on it. then you have to look for the config. folder double click on it and here you. will find config.vdf. now you have to double click on it it. might ask you that how you want to open. this file then you can choose the. notepad and then you have to open it so. once you come here you will be getting. such kind of page such kind of. information now here you need to scroll. down until you find accounts or else. what you can do. from the top menu option click on edit. then click on find and type accounts. and click on find next. you will be getting accounts here scroll. down a bit and just below the account. you will find your right username that. will help you to log into the steam. account you need to copy this account. then you have to go back to the login.

Page. paste the same username and I keep the. same password and when I click on sign. in. and now you can see that it's now moved. to the next step that means that I can. now log into my Steam account so I just. need to enter my uh verification code. that has been sent to my gmail address. so let me quickly find and paste here. and now it's been logging in. Bingo you can see now I'm in my account. alright so I just found many video where. people are explaining that how you can. find your username but I'm I was. confused because if you're not able to. log into your account then how you can. find from the steam a panel so this is. the right way you can find your username. and by entering the right password you. can quickly log into your account. hopefully this information will help you. guys and if yes do not forget to like.

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