12.05.2024 Top 5 Big Wins on Crazy Time 2022

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Foreign. is having is not having a good time. let's go 50. 50. I need a good flapper Now Toby pick. Green okay oh my hands are shaking. already let's go Green Team the green. Flopper Toby's Choice let's go 10500 X. yes it should be 1500x okay. I freaking love you I love you so much. Toby oh my Lord. that's disgusting. three thousand snakes. let's freaking go 50th yo I'm shaking. I'm Oh my days. oh yo my my my. heart rate is off the charts 50x. good luck everybody. what is going on ladies and gentlemen. can't we get our really good multiplier. foreign. be with me on the one way we will make. it guys. five facts here's the 7x10x. 15x20x25 35 40 100x. all of this 20x multiply right. I got you baby. and I drop. the. what is going on. here we go baby that's the 2000 x this. time yeah. oh my God. yo. we have 15 Euro yo. what I've never seen this I've never.

seen this. what. yo. holy . no way. let's handle this is not happening this. is not happening today. we are guaranteed. we guaranteed 500x I think oh I don't I. can't pick this ah sorry guys I have to. pick this myself I have to pick this. myself. I have to pick this. bro I I'm saying I'm saying I'm shaking. right now I'm shaking. oh my God. oh my God where are we going guys where. are we Apple Apple. yo. yo. yo boom. yes. yes baby. holy it was a great year but we. were at one point we were four. men yeah. big numbers. foreign. foreign. hahaha

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