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F1 said he's uh feeling 16hour extreme. vibe. yeah. i'm just saying if if it pays 10 mil. i'll instantly do a 10 million dollar. bonus. i'm not having i would instantly do a 10. million oh my god yo yo. sweet fun nancy coming in clutch. oh yeah eleven thousand five hundred. thirty two nice nice nice nice and it's. not done it is not done. bananas bananas pinks. nice maltesers. maltese come on motifs okay we take 11x. on that that's nice we've been asking. what the . holy. come on. oh oh. pink pinks. oh. that's a big cluster for . whatever though already yeah okay 16. 224 that's good. oh yeah i'm more down than 1.5 million. fruit party. um what. just happened. what. what. then we just burnt 200k. 200k blues blues blue blues. nice. that's a good hit. very good. nice. all right. come on. just something. sweet not just don't die bro don't just.

Go full dead. oh my god. don't just die now like. what's the point. okay blues. oh god bro 6k there. oh what a screen what a screen. two of penguins two of grapes. you know 50 that. risking 50k for 2k yeah. yeah. what's the point. can we have more than a six seconds. please. oh my god bro. eight like. i'm dropping at 25 x then it's done. i'm going to stream i have no clue. maybe something you know. can we have such good classes in this. little like 8x it's like. oh my god i hate this game. we were. we were. 380 and i would with 200k down right now. like what the dude. how the . does that turn that fast. maltese watermelon. what how does nothing hit. one of blues. two of watermelon greens. that look. that looked like everything was going to. hit us. can we get something new there's a 50k. bye please. oh my god. yeah nice. i don't know.

We just burned 200k. in a matter of an hour. how did plane go just like just go dead. we were up to 380 we start spinning. playing go it was like you know it was. going forth back fourth bat you know. like gambling and then just oh here. sorry i forgot to turn on the switch. and everything just died at the same. time like everything. was so weird. so weird. um. watermelon. yeah one of watermelons like it's. we're gonna get exact same half the. money back. every time. same payouts dude. oh good. and a 10x nice. pregnancy scam i know dude. it really is i. know. the only days i have like profit is. later days we haven't touched pragmatic. nice 25 x bomb connecting. oh what you're gonna give me scatter. pain at 50k bye. should be illegal dude. oh dude. wow. good luck. come on i don't know what the that. was. insane screen. that could have been so that's no this.

Is not okay i could have been so much. better. i mean it's. almost money back but yeah. i need something crazy breathe open nice. bananas greens. why is it. nice to meet you. two of blues there. okay. blues. read something you know. come on. oneoff blues dudes and apples it's a. good hit though nice. one off blues. one off apples. oh my god hit greens here. what. bro you just block it with double. heart cluster one of grapes two. of greens like that was such a good. screen and they just dropped oh let me. drop four hearts there's none of an. entire board. that's a joke. huh. i can't even 60k profit but like. take it how does nothing hit there like. that's that's dumb. two screens there that could have easily. been like under 100k plus. yeah nice. just don't hit anything you know it. chucky it really is toxic right now. i also have tilled it so it makes me.

Think it's even more toxic than it. probably is but. okay okay are you are you just gonna. shove this in my face and just. know how to sing a cluster. i are you good. oh yeah sure there wasn't any connection. oh yeah there was no connects there. either right. i ha. ah yes of course a 50x bomb with a. screen that looks like a million dollars. but nothing somehow connects. wow. is that is that me being tilted or is. that it's just is this is this just. ultra toxic right now like what the . would like. i don't if. big bets are so rick dude that's where i. got. just dropped 100 bomb. one of her it was literally one off like. three different symbols with a 50x bomb. on the board like oh here smack this in. your face. like. wow. yeah. you know just just die and you had you. had your head it's fine. it's cool. yeah nice 8x. oh wow wow wow wow 400k that's fun.

that's fun

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