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Today we're playing plinko on steak and. we're gonna try out. an absolutely reckless strategy so this. strategy is gonna involve us. trying to bet as many times as possible. as fast as possible so. my goal is to get 500 at once. you guys don't know how plinko works i'm. going to show you guys a quick synopsis. you basically put your bet amounts as. usual and then you select your wrist. level so the higher risk. the higher the multipliers go so we're. going to start off on a medium risk. level. you can choose the amount of rows that. you have um i think this actually makes. the multipliers more. spread out so the outliers at the end. are a lot higher so let's start off with. like a. 12 rows and this is how it works so i. click it drops this little ball. and it kind of just goes randomly you. know and it's just i guess it's.

Obviously just. luck um and obviously probability so. we're gonna just basically spam this as. much as we can. um we're gonna pull up our statistics. right here as you can see i think i bet. four times before this video started so. we need to get like 504 bets to really. hit 500 and i want to see how much money. we end up with if we're going to be in. profit if we're going to be in loss and. kind of get the synopsis of it so. let's go ahead and start this off i'm. just going to straight up just click. this as many times as we can. and just spam this whole board oh my god. the website's literally telling me to. slow down but we're just going to keep. going we're going to ignore. oh my god guys you guys can see the um. the multis right here we're. we're getting most oh we got a 4x i saw. that pop in come on can we get anything.

Better than 4x we like got 33x let's change this to it so far it looks like we're almost pretty much just what we started with we're gonna put high risk on let's go for a 16. as you can see there's a thousand multiplier right here let's just spam the board up just like we did before we're gonna change to i guess red balls this time the website still wants me to slow down i guess it's not possible to put 500 on the board man it's not looking good for us we're hitting so we got 26x oh my god okay that was good that was good so we're back to what we uh started with okay we got a 2x so we're actually up a little bit of money i believe we start with around 54.

We're up we're not up too much but we're. up wow we actually had. more 26 x's than i thought but i guess. that balance is out with all the point. twos we're getting we need to get lucky. with like a 130x or a 1000. so i'll make 12 come on please you got. to watch right here oh my god ll these. are all l's right here come on. nope nope oh all these are looking. pretty lost right here. okay we're still 55 let's go for another. streak right here i'm gonna just drop a. bunch right here we're just literally. gonna go ham. this game was really interesting i think. i've only played this game mode once. before in my life so. and i lost all my money just know so i. want to see if this oh come on. that one ball went like this and then it. just hit the score and it came all the. way back. come on man oh man this is all ripping.

Right here. i've done so many bets right here i'm. hoping at least one goes into a thousand. it's such a low chance but. okay that's that's a little bit better. chance that's still really low actually. to hit a 26x wow that's really low i. don't know if i should be doing this. let's pull our statistics again we're i. guess halfway to a 500 bets right now. with the 9x right there and these are. all gonna be trash. so we're down a couple dollars right. here we're negative about. one dollar fifty cents um not the end of. the world but. as you guys can see our losses are very. high but that is because we are doing a. high risk so let's change the strategy. up let's move it to medium. and let's um let's lower the rows a. little bit. and let's see where this um ends up i'm. gonna do bigger bets eventually i want. to do first 500 bets and then i want to.

Actually just start betting with a. dollar and. see what happens but yeah we're going to. spam this right here ooh a little 4x. right there. 2x on the medium with 14 rows let's see. let's see if this is a better strategy. the high risk. didn't really seem to work that well we. did get really lucky that one time we. hit those uh. two 26 x's but oh man the medium. oh man yeah so far not too great either. in the middle oh 2x 4x is in a row. just keeps paying this oh it needs like. one banger. this won't even give us that much profit. actually i don't know if this is worth. it. we have to hit a lot okay okay okay it. wasn't looking good but it slowly came. up a little bit right there. okay let's spam this again this is so. weird this is very interesting game mode. it's fun when you do like a little. amount of money because then that way.

You can kind of test it out test out. different strategies find one that you. like and then kind of just roll with. that. okay so i think this is gonna be it for. the medium let's let all these oh come. on oh you gotta sell that one. that's on the edge come on hit them oh. 7x nice. dang still half of a percentage of a. chance wow okay cool. cool okay so 54. we actually made money. doing this. um we made a little bit of money back i. believe we're down i'm gonna drop one. more little barrage right here. and then we will move on if we don't get. anything like crazy good. oh this one oh that one was plotting. okay cool. let's move this to low and let's go for. 16 on here. man i don't know if i like this let's go. for eight. let's try this let's try this let's try. an auto bet and let's see what this does. i want to see if it puts them all at.

Once. ah kinda i feel like i could click. faster than this but we'll let it run it. is cooking pretty fast though not gonna. lie. okay this is interesting i kind of like. this okay so we just hit the limit let's. pull up our stats right here. um is this 500 yeah so we've done 500. bets so far guys um. i thought i could click 500 times to get. them all on the board but the website i. guess lag so it doesn't allow us to do. it we're actually up. but i mean not much at all um so that's. 500 best right there let's actually. start betting a dollar now. and let's actually okay let's go from 10. cents let's move up to 50 cents and then. if we get stuck still at the same amount. you know we're kind of just at the same. amount we started with. then we'll actually move on and we'll do. um one dollar bets and just kind of see.

What happens with that. so i'm gonna go for a very high risk. guys um and. 50 cents we're gonna go for um if we do. let's do 50 bets with this and let's. i guess see what happens it should be 25. if my math is correct lowkey i'm really. bad at math so. i could be wrong but let's see what. happens on this 50 bets 50 cents each. we start with about 54 so let's see what. we end up with oh 11x nice that was good. that was good. oh these are all else these are all. these ones oh come on come on. come on okay so that was not good we. lost four dollars on that. i'm gonna go for another 50 let's run it. let's see what's up with this and then i. think i might have to go for the one. dollar bet. maybe we should go medium i don't know. or maybe even low i'm not really sure. what we should be doing. 4x oh wow guys yeah this seems to not be.

Working i guess if you hit. one good one you'll you'll take a big. dub all right cool. now let's make it interesting let's do. one dollar this is gonna be an. allin guys we're gonna do 53 bets. with one dollar and that's all we got. we're going to keep it on high risk 13. rows i think and let's see what happens. let's straight up just. all in all of our money here we go come. on. please can we hit one if we hit this. that'll be so good. okay 4x 4x. come on this one's on the edge please. please stay on the edge what happened. are you serious oh my god you guys saw. that you guys saw that the game. literally just froze while we were. playing it was about to hit a nice. multiplier okay i'm gonna refresh let's. see what happens. okay i refreshed and we actually got 66. dollars so the bets must have all went. through i was about to say hashtag scam.

But i guess not i went through our bets. i was trying to find what hit and i. think it was. this it must have hit the 11x which is. what i thought it was gonna hit so. that's actually five we're actually up. now. let's um let's run it back let's do it. again let's go for. let's see what the board's looking like. 43 all right let's do a medium risk this. time let's go all in again. boom 66 bets one dollar per bet let's do. a medium this time. and let's just all in again let's see. what happens we start with about 50 like. four dollars i think so if we can end. with 100 that should be super super cool. but it seems like plinko is like a very. slow game but i am playing it very very. safe keep that in mind. but it seems like you want to just spam. it and try to get lucky like i feel like. just putting. one like 50 bet in there is not the move.

I don't know i'd rather play like. roulette or like blackjack if i want to. double it. okay we're at 70 now wow let's check our. profit. wait how are we up three dollars what we. started with 54. in the video okay that's interesting i. thought we'd be up a little bit more. than that but. i guess it's because we've wagered 65. maybe was that in this bet right here. i'm actually not sure. okay let's um run this back medium was. actually not bad. let's run it let's go low now we've done. like high medium low so let's kind of. just. go through them all let's do 70. we're. literally just all winning every single. time guys. let's see what happens on this let's see. if the low risk is the move or not i. think we start with 70 on this one. come on okay 1.4 okay man so i guess. you're gonna hit like a lot of ones on. here but the.

Point fives that you hit are just. absolute l's when you do hit them wow. look at this guys. we still have some bets left but like. wow oh my god. come on please can we hit one big one. okay okay okay okay all right all right. we made like a dollar on that i thought. we were about to absolutely get. wrecked on that wow okay you know what. we're going for this we're doing this. we're gonna put 71 in here. we're gonna do 16 rows and i'm just. gonna auto bet we're at 70 bucks if we. can hit like 80 i think i might call it. a video because i'm literally just. spamming these and it seems like he's. got to play for a long time. it's an interesting game for sure let me. know in the comments if you guys want me. to play this again okay. oh wow we got so many point twos in a. row that's not good. so let's see what it ends off with we're.

We're down a lot right now. the high risk definitely was high risk. and i think we'll just all in it wow. okay so that wasn't good we we negative. 20 on that let's all in this again. until we just lose i guess that. definitely was high risk. maybe the 16 rows is in the move i don't. know let's see. wow we're draining our balance so hard. doing this. i guess all it takes is that one lucky. like 130x and you make profit. come on oh that was on the track come on. let's go skirt this way. okay 39 okay you know what i think we're. just gonna keep on going till we lose i. think if we can all we have to do is hit. this 130x. and we're chilling that's so much profit. for the video or maybe 226 x's. come on i know one of these balls just. wants to go to 1000x just give me a. thousand dollars from one dollar that. would be the most ridiculous multi ever.

Let's keep it going. this is so many plinko beds wow i wonder. how many bets i've done in total so this. definitely restarts every session so. since i restarted the session i'm not. able to see like my old time. okay how are we doing right here not. good not good this is not a good run. let's lower the roads maybe that'll help. i don't really know if it will but. let's try it let's go all in once more. just all in over and over and i think i. might call it so i might just go. literally all in like do like a thirty. dollar bet just one bet thirty dollars. ooh. 18 x oh that was actually really good oh. wait t next again. okay maybe i all in this on blackjack. i think that's what the universe is. telling me let's take this 29 bucks and. let's just hold it on blackjack. okay here we go i'm all in 29.00 okay. here we go this is it right here this is.

The comeback we're about to make all. this money back come on. double ace oh yes what is this he has an. ace too what is going on. oh my god i'm all in i would have split. this come on please dude i literally. have two aces. this sucks what i'm gonna have to hit. this damn. wow i want i wanted one ace not two like. if i could split it that would have been. beautiful i just don't have any money so. okay let's let's see what happens i. guess he doesn't okay 19. 19 1909 ooh i don't know i'm gonna. i think i'm gonna stand on this guys i'm. a 19 i think i'm gonna stand. well let's see what happens right here. 19 okay cool it's gonna be a push we're. gonna get our money back let's just hop. right back in. all right five can we talk about how i. just hopped in this i had to wait like. five minutes for this guy to shuffle and.

like there's just aces just. crazy aces oh my god are you seriously i. think we hit on this guys. oh man i'm not feeling good about this. and oh man hope you guys enjoyed peace. out

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