12.05.2024 The VM Series Carburetor from Mikuni | DK Unboxes

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This is the most popular high. performance singles carburetor in. powersports the mikuni vm series round. slide carburetor to be precise because. precise is exactly what this baby is the. mikuni vm series cranks your single. cylinder bikes performance to 11 with. its wide slide configuration that allows. for greater flow characteristics all. your standard fuel enrichment points are. easy to access and use like the lever. choke idle speed screw and air fuel. mixture screw and make fine tuning that. much more accessible to your average. garage builder but what really makes. these cars stand out is that they're. controlled by an actual throttle cable. versus your standard cv that relies on. engine vacuum pressure to lift the slide. making for instantaneous throttle. response there are a few different. options and board sizes to choose from.

based on your needs when it comes to the. vm series and a magnitude of tuning. components that are available for just. about any setup so check out the dk site. to find the right one for you for now. you

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