12.05.2024 Dokis Answer Your Questions (DDLC Voiced Animation)

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I'm Ai and I voice natii I'm black roses. and I voice sori I'm Lind I voice yri. I'm Ally and I voice Monica and you're. watching the Doki. channel would you be able to make a cake. replica of a. Doki Tada a cake I thought they meant a. cake shaped like a. doie have you ever wanted to take. another Doki to an ax throwing R hey. noty you know I think we should hang out. more often in fact do you want to go act. throwing sure why not that sounds. fun what are you. doing ax. throwing I'm getting a great of. this when did you start voice acting and. what inspired you I started voice acting. at the very end of 2015 and what. inspired me to start was not only late. night Cartoon Network and Boomerang like. Teen Titans Dexter's Lab Powerpuff Girls. but voice acting panels so seeing like. the My Little Pony friendship as Magic.

Cast that really inspired me just I love. the My Little Pony voice actors and. seeing their panels just made me really. really want to do what they were doing. like age 12 13 like yeah I have to do. that so I've been quote unquote voice. acting since I was really young one of. my favorite things to do is impression. of My Little Pony characters and I guess. it just stuck with me because here I am. today I got into theine voice voice. acting field or the DLC actually and I. often made sayori videos when I was like. 12 but you never guess what happened I. officially started voice acting in 2015. and I think what inspired me is just. watching a bunch of anime and cartoons. as a kid I would try to mimic what I saw. on TV and then I started to find casting. calls online and well there you go it. all started a long long time ago in the.

Year 2014 I auditioned for a part in a. small project with my terrible. microphone and I some how made it I. definitely take inspiration from shows I. grew up with like Adventure Time Steven. Universe and from just watching. YouTubers play games and giving. characters their own voices who is your. favorite YouTuber well duh it's ques. wait I didn't write that the. fudge what is your favorite human. organ I think the heart has to be my. favorite organ did you know that the. heart beats over 100,000 times every. single day hey give that back what's. with that Sassy attitude take a chill. pill it's my heart jeez why you got to. act so. heartless oh stop right there. you're under Cardiac Arrest how does it. feel to be jump scared by sponsorships. it's quite unsettling the sudden. physical and emotional response from.

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Sizable discount my favorite flavors are. soda pressed pear Misfits melon and. Teddy milk they sell Teddy milk and it's. absolutely fantastic Teddy milk also. happens to be one of the free sample. flavors they give out so you can tell me. if I'm capping or not so if you're. interested click my link in the. description click on try for free add to. cart and you're done let's get back to. the Q&A Could you teach us how to summon. a rope from th. air I summon. you see that wasn't so difficult what's. the best way to hide a body without. leaving a trace I'm glad you asked so as. a total expert in this stuff it's like. super simple first s a massive hole put. the body in and cover it up in dirt and. here comes the fun part toss a dead. animal on top of it this way when a. search do finds the area they will find. the dead animal and then stop digging.

Easy. clap payback what's the fastest piano. song you can play without screwing it. up let me show you how a true expert. does. it we're going to give you up never. going to let you down. does that answer your question too easy. what are your favorite lines you've. voiced in these videos the Rick Roll and. for that I would also like to humbly. apologize Never Going To Give You Up. never going let you down my favorite. lines in this series I think are any of. the ones where I'm speaking in a foreign. language so the Japanese lines that one. Spanish line the Swedish and polish in. this. video I thought the lightning bolt shoot. from my fingertips scene in the Breaking. Bad video was really funny especially. something for Monica to say I am the. danger lightning bolts shoot from my. fingertips probably The Crazy Ones where.

Yuri starts to to go a little bit insane. the scary story bit in the sleepover. video as well as the intense chasing. scene with the spiders in the Minecraft. video sneaks into the unsuspecting. victim's room and hunts their dreams. since I haven't been here for all of the. videos I only really have those two to. pull from at the moment can I get an. impression of buffsuki buffsuki you say. well let me. try holy moly you're rip Nai ha you got. that right you know natski the buff look. doesn't really fit you all that well you. take that back you mediocre pianist no. one calls my piano skills. mediocre what dialogue was the most. difficult to do out of all the videos. the most difficult thing dialogue wise. to do in these videos. was the Swedish in the scenes before. this I struggled immensely I had to. Google every single word one by one and.

Find Swedish people saying it so that I. could practice their. pronunciation was that it was that it. was that it if you were a vampire whose. blood would you suck first. hey Monica what a nice neck you have. there huh could could you repeat that. don't worry I'll just take a small. sip Bite Me Mommy I I mean get away from. me no I want to suck your. blood have you ever traveled to another. country and if so how was the experience. the only country that I visited was. Canada for my family I'm American so I. can probably guess how I felt there if. there was a c for how many times I. sister and I said the phrase better than. America I think it would be broken what. would you do if your friends turned into. vending machines what what type of. question is that that has to be the. stupidest. help wake up sori with an.

Aorn. Shi oh hi Kaz what is the weirdest thing. you have ever come across on the. internet weirdest thing on the internet. dvnr Wonderbread guy you can look it up. I'm not explaining what other characters. have you voiced beside the dokys I'm J. Moreno and Dong and Roa to spare time I. guess and of course the lovely hiiki. from SD A2 6 ft apart please to go k. from Project Eden's garden please play. this game Pon also used to vo in a lot. of comic DS as Pon from Ninja Impact who. do you think you're talking to little. girl I'll ring your damn neck just to. watch you. squirm you think my plans are over my. research is nowhere close to. complete you are a Ral R could you do. voice impressions of the other. dokys of course. bite me mommy what I do not sound like. that I could do a way better impression. please Mommy I've been a bad girl bite.

Me and pull my. hair that's it I'm getting a restraining. order that's it I'm getting a. restraining order if you could voice in. any franchise which would you choose the. moment needy streamer Overlook gets an. English dub she is mine if I could voice. in any franchise I have three big ones. South Park The Amazing digital circus. and My Little Pony I would be through. the roof if I got to voice in any of. those honestly I would love to voice in. some sort of Square Enix game in a final. fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game off the. top of my head I think my top five would. be Sailor Moon Corpse Party hiashi. dangan rampa and definitely Demon Slayer. but I'd also love to be able to help. bring completely new franchises to life. theoretically how much acid would it. take to dissolve a body that is about. 145 lbs in about 2.

Hours an estimated 80 L of hydrochloric. acid is needed which isn't very. expensive only about $1,200 in total but. hey that's just a theory a science. theory who know if you were sentenced to. death what would you choose your last. meal to. be well I really like a lot of food and. having to choose just one of them right. before something so sad is really really. hard to think about since it's not true. and you don't know what you pick in that. very moment and. um as well. um okay I like pizza and steak and. mashed potatoes and french fries and. brownies and cookies and oyster crackers. and blondies and chocolate crinkles and. nuggets and regular chicken and broccoli. and cauliflower and rice and carrots. well uh if I'm going to die anyway I. might as well just Gorge myself to the. end right how are you so passionate with.

Natsuki's voice it makes me laugh every. time dude I don't even know. myself I think that I have the amount of. acting passion as a theater kid without. really being a theater kid the energy I. put into nauki is the same as I put into. my own speaking voice too I'm a very. animated person and it is both a. blessing and a curse as a f am with. Filipino facial expressions please you. save me would you marry a. cow no how did you come up with your. name and why are there two bees okay. this one is a real pain I thought it was. obvious that the bee was silent because. you know I was signing up for casting. call Club age 13 and I wanted to be. Black Roses but it was taken so I tried. black roses with two s's that was taken. so I just did two B's and and it worked. that is the only reason there are two. bees can you be my.

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