12.05.2024 DROPPING 1,000 BALLS ON STAKE PLINKO... profit

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All right boys so we're taking 1.6 K all. the way over to one of the most popular. stake Originals which is Plinko not. personally my favorite but we're uh. we're gonna see what it's like I'm. dropping 1 000 balls today which seems. quite ridiculous if you think about it. however we're gonna see how much we walk. away with hopefully we make some profit. today we've got exactly. 0.0614 in Bitcoin and I'm gonna be. rotating between medium low and high. throughout this entire video okay let's. get into it right away I've set up a. number here which is ten dollars per bet. however I might change this throughout. this video now guys I know everyone. wants to see the juicy action early on. so we're gonna start out with some high. risk I can't do 16 rows just yet it's. gonna get a little too volatile and this. video most certainly won't go for 1 000.

Beds we'll start out with uh 10 rows. let's kick this off we got a 76 x. potential on the board 0.09 chance of. hitting this let's see what damage we. can cause three two one and we are off. man let's just Spam a bunch of these if. you're wondering how we're gonna keep. track of this uh 1000 Bulls oh almost. the 10x of 1 000 Bulls by the way I'm. gonna show you guys right about now if. we click on Open live stats over here. you guys can see wins we've had two wins. and nine losses that makes 11 bets in. total it's gonna be interesting to see. how much we make from wagering as well. if we go to VIP and then we click on. rakeback I'm currently sitting at 12 so. let's keep an eye on this let's see how. much we get back from the rewards all. right we're off man let's drop some more. oh oh bro. ready. ready. start. that easily as 76x however I'll happily.

Take the 10 let's see if we can get one. more we want to try and make as much. money as possible throughout this video. we do have to keep an eye on that. balance though because on the right bro. oh bro I need to watch that back I'm. convinced it was going over to the 76. then it bounced into the 10 however we. will happily take that. this one on the left this one on the. left almost a 10x again Linko is wild. man so unpredictable and X again man how. many 10xes have we hit now somehow only. up 100 bucks but we'll happily take that. it's much better than being down money. spam a few more of these we must be at. nearly 100 bets in total at this point. if I click on this yeah so that makes a. total of 84 bets. we've got a long way to go so let's get. uh let's get dropping these balls on the. right there's got to be a 10. how is.

That and not a ten what's like a 3X at. least we're currently sitting at 1 500. however if we can get like 10 here. unfortunate I'm gonna drop a few more on. ten high on the right ten ten no it's. not happening let's change this to 13. rows as you guys can see we got some. bigger multis on the boards which means. the win potential is higher so is the. Lost potential that level next should. have gone in let's keep dropping these. we're down to thirteen hundred obviously. gotta keep an eye on this 11x is in that. certainly helps 4X is also coming in. great we do need to hit some more uh. some more tens 11s over here to make up. for what we've lost we've lost a good. amount so far guys did we just hit one. more eleven no I think we hit f4x I'll. take that 11x is in fantastic all right. there we go just what we needed if we.

Somehow hit this 260x we're gonna be up. at ridiculous amount 11x again nice. we're getting close to even again I. believe we're down 135 right now. spam a bunch of tens on this and after. these balls are done we'll take it we'll. take it baby 37 would have been a nice. but we'll take the 11. what I'm gonna do. now is take an even bigger risk I am. going up to 15 rows bro we've got a 620x. potential boys if we hit this that's a. 6.2 K win which is uh gonna do. incredibly well for this YouTube title. if it somehow happens come on baby come. on even if you don't want to go for the. 620 I wouldn't mind a quick 83x get me. in that beautiful profit Zone and then I. know I won't be losing money in this. video oh my goodness on the right how is. that just a 3X that was looking like a. 27 minimum bro on the left. maybe not on the left we'll take the.

Eights we'll take the eights can we get. an 83 though is the real question here. once these finish guys we're gonna. switch this up once again throughout. this entire video so far we've done uh. 10 bets however I'm going to medium risk. I'm gonna put on 16 rows and I'm going. up to 20 per bet so it's just as crazy. just as crazy we're doing bigger bets. and there is still a 2.1 K win chance. the potential is there obviously the. odds are very low don't get that Twisted. boy 0.0015 we're at 1.2 K I need to. check how many bets we've done real soon. come on give me a couple of ten oh this. one on the right has potential. unfortunately it's not giving me that 10. I was looking at once these finished. dropping let's check how many bets we've. done we're about a third through this. video we're currently down 392 dollars.

Which means something needs to. dramatically change I'm gonna do 10 rows. and I'm gonna stick to 20 per bet there. is a 76x on this board right here I'm. gonna check the odds of hitting that. once this finishes dropping. 0.3 fantastic the odds of hitting at. 0.09 chance that seems a bit more. reasonable than the odds of hitting the. highest number on medium risk however. overall we're going to be losing more in. high risk unless we connect there's a. what was that 3x okay we're really. looking for tens out here uh if we get. two tens we are gonna be back to even or. close to it so that's really what we're. chasing right now because we are down a. lot and uh yeah we really need to turn. things around here on the left has the. left has potential bro how. okay on the right yes that's it. 6X that was it ladies and gentlemen 0.09.

Chance skyrocketing the balance all the. way up to 2.5. bro look at this chart this chart sums. up and it goes so perfectly look this is. Plinko here down down down bang all the. way to the Moon baby 716 profit however. ladies and gentlemen we are not done. with this video we are not done with. this video so uh we very well may lose. the rest of this profit we're gonna find. out pretty soon but that puts us in a. fantastic spot guys if you're enjoying. the video and you want to check out. steak and get access to the VIP rewards. click on the guy in the top right go. over to settings go to offers and then. in the top box if you guys use the code. quick timing within the first 24 hours. you guys will get access to the VIP. system you get money back on every. single bet you place and if it wasn't. for you guys I would not be able to do.

These videos with that being said let's get back to it oh oh no way I thought it was gonna do it again we'll take the 10x there was a point during that drop there was no way it was going to be anything but 76x you know when it was all the way over here it's impossible for it to be a 10 at this point which you know is the best feeling ever because you know you've got that 76x locked in we're at 2.3 K we do have to keep an eye on the balance obviously Yes Man another turn we have to keep an eye on the balance how much profit we're at 804 dollars profits absolutely crushing it right now we're doing so well right now bro all right since we're doing so well oh my goodness that was that was going for the 10. that was going for the 10. it wants to do it it wants to just slide in well maybe not we're gonna put this on uh 13.

I'm gonna put this down to 10. all right. we've got 260x on the boards however. we're doing slightly smaller bets man. because uh I want to listen I want to. hold on to the profit I want to hold on. to as much profit as possible apparently. we're crushing it we're absolutely. crushing it 11x is in fantastic. we're probably about halfway through on. the on the right on the right I'll take. the 11 beautiful 11 again 200 s. we're up to 2.6 again. I did not think bro bro what is this. video how have you just done that back. to back 11. I did not think we'd make a. profit recording this I did not think. we'd make any profit we've almost. doubled our money we started out with. about 1600 I'm at 2.6 right now there's. a chance that we get up to three grand. or 3.1 K which would be very close to a. double. let's keep this going I'm going to keep.

An eye on how many bets we've done at. the same time wouldn't mind an 11 here. or X would take it yeah you would take. it okay 401 plus 52. 453 bets samboy's a bit of a way to go. still not gonna lie we've got some work. to do still but that's okay. is in again putting us at two points. hold on 2.6 I'm gonna change this to. medium I'm gonna put this on 15 rows and. we're just gonna spam a bunch of balls. here let's run this off as much as. possible let's see if we can get lucky. uh let's see if we get some 18 axes 11x. is already in all right 5x is in 3x is. in 2.4 K in the balance listen as long. as we're not going straight down the. middle we're gonna be in good hands. this one on the left 3x will take it. like I said as long as we're not going. down the middle we should be a good. actually I thought that was higher than.

An AC in there we'll take the 11. nice. 11 again yo this genuinely might be a. double video in fact I'm willing to risk. it I'm going up to 20. I may regret this. but I'm going up to 20 in hopes of. doubling my balance in this video like I. said I may regret this let's see how it. turns out we're currently sitting at. about 2.8 K 2.8 around that maybe more. if this hits five 2.9 K three. we we've pretty much doubled our money I. can't call it a double until we see one. thousand six hundred and fifty however. we are very close and we have a lot of. bets to go still no way that's gonna be. it's a double that's it if it's an 18. that's it we've doubled our money we've. doubled no we haven't we've almost. doubled our money regardless though this. is probably one of the best Plinko. sessions I've ever had I'm telling you.

Guys I'm not lucky I am not lucky when. it comes to playing card I'm really not. guys 1567.. drop a few more we got to be close to. that 1000 mark on the right 11. oh we. got 11. that's gonna be the double we've. done it we've doubled our money but. unfortunately we're not quite at 1000. yet so we're gonna keep going I'm gonna. lower this to ten. I'm gonna try and take as little risk as. possible I'm gonna take as little risk. as possible because I don't want to lose. what we've built up here come on baby as. long as you keep dropping those 11s in. for me we should be in good hands and. all I want to do at this point I'm happy. to maintain bro I'm very happy to. maintain what we have in order to do. that we do need to hit some 11 still we. can't even hit fives it seems we're. getting some threes. yeah definitely losing a bit from the.

Last 20 or 30 balls there but that's. okay all it takes is one or two elevens. and we should be back in that double. Zone 5x is in come on drop in 111 for us. just asking for one here and I'm pretty. confident we get this up to that double. territory five x's in okay we're about. 100 bucks away and I'm very close to 1. 000 bets I think I'm gonna stick with um. 15 rows on medium we seem to be doing. pretty well with that so far come on. baby Eleven on the left on the left not. happening maybe it will no 5x we'll take. that I'm gonna jump up to 20 for a. couple then I'm going back down to 10.. and hopefully one of those 20s will hit. a 5 or 11x not looking too good as of. right now I think we lost a good amount. from those 20s unless we get something. here yeah we'll take the 10 on the left. oh couldn't even hit the 11 there okay.

Definitely lost a bit from doing this. hold on hold on potential potential oh. man unfortunately you didn't uh do too. much for us there okay man we dropped a. bunch of twenties we're gonna see how. many bets we are currently sitting at we. lost a good amount from that 3x okay so. we're at 914 bets I mean 1.3k profit 11. 000 wager we now need to finish off the. last 80 bets on the left come on 11 at. least bro doesn't want to do it please. make this the perfect video and double. my balance 3x is good if we can hit. three and fives for the last 80 I. certainly think that we can make this a. double video. three and fives fine eleven even better. hold on the right the rights please 11. 5x is good we'll uh happily take that we. just need a few more of those this is. the final stretch here we haven't seen. eleven for a long time no wait on the.

Left on the left 3x okay once these are. done dropping we're gonna check how many. bets we've done. right we've got 50 to go 50 bets to go. ladies and Gentlemen let's make the most. of it here I've dropped a bunch of 20s. let's see what damage we can cause. please what is that oh no we lost a. bunch of money from that hey regardless. we're finishing off this video with some. profit unfortunately I don't think it. would be the double that we've been. chasing. all right we must be closing in we must. be closing in on 1000 bets. let's check it oh we're so close we are. so close right now please give me. something juicy at the very end make. this the perfect video. regardless though it looks like we're. walking away with 1K profit no that. wasn't even a three. all right we've got nine bets to go this. is it yes man 5x is good that pretty.

much guarantees our 1K prop maybe a bit. more 3x is good we've got three bets to. go ladies and gentlemen the final three. one two and then I'm gonna go 40 for the. last one three we've done it. Our Fate is sealed 3x we'll take that. the 40s here ah 0.3 on the 40. that is. one thousand bets on Plinko hopefully. you guys did enjoy this video very long. video but I had fun recording this we. did in fact go up to 1.7 K profits we're. finishing off with a bunch of profit. regardless. 1141 leave a like if you guys enjoyed. I'll catch you in the very next one I. love you guys man crazy session we out. of here peace I forgot to check. breakback is at 1943

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