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Problems at all on the weather front as. we get ready for this match I'm Derek. Ray in the commentary position and I'm. joined for expert analysis by my partner. Stuart Robson and with the game just. moments away now there's really ought to. be a superb watch it's Paris. saintgerman against Borussia Dortmund. yes thanks as always Derek we've got two. good teams here so I'm anticipating a. really good game the atmosphere is. electric inside the stadium before. kickoff and hopefully we're not. disappointed. Pele. well that's how to put in a clean tackle. great opportunity a truly magnificent. start an early goal in the game just. what they were hopping to produce. well this is a brilliant strike as you. can see he hits it with so much power. the keeper had no chance fantastic. finish. the ball moving again what effect will.

That goal have on PSG we're going to. find out here. Messi. can I get a Try. Corner Kick forthcoming. and he clears the danger only one. possession back what can they do from. here. couldn't quite hang on. offside anyway albeit a tight one. penny. but it did look dangerous for a moment. but the keeper has it now. though. Andre kramarich. Messi and he's broken free. to square up this game. well as you can see this is absolutely. brilliant he's such a good runner with. the ball and it's a great individual. goal brilliant from him. so a level contest 11. in a position of Menace. Kevin Krupp. Grimaldo. Andrei kramarich. Jonathan David penne. Messi. that is a very fine challenge in. difficult circumstances. the electronic board has been held in. the year and we're going to have a. minimum of four added minutes. Pele. Jonathan David.

Over the touch life of what'll be a PSG. throw. this was very much on. Pele. and so it is the first half story has. been written. well as they get the ball rolling again. interesting to see how the second half. pans out. good use of advantage in favor of PSG. but now it is going to be a free kick. after the second infringement well. watch ahead. keep it out. expert defending from Beckham. any takes the shot. oh good hit close shave. PSG are going to switch things around on. the Personnel front. Herrera. now with Messi Jeremy frimpong. now with Hector Herrera missing. well they keep passing away well I think. a classic commentators curse just then. couldn't make the ideal pass. and into the last 20 minutes. Pele. good tackle take it away. PSG looking dangerous. job. Pele he's in behind. surely and. this is why we adore this game late.

drama and now they're in front. well as you can see he's a dangerous. Runner with the ball he has such good. balance and Pace that's a top class goal. isn't it. substitution it is for PSG. well the dramatic moment near the end. might well be the decider. really good challenge. trailing as they are they're not likely. to get too many opportunities late in. this game. and the referee has instructed the. fourth official to put and the referee. blows his whistle with that the game is. over and it's a victory for dolphins. what did you think of their performance. yesterday there wasn't much in it to be. honest really competitive going with. chances at both ends but they probably. just about edged it overall and deserve. the result in the end

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