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Foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. number uh one on it. so thank you very much everybody and. congratulations from Silver we got to be. transfer the two thousand kind of. relatives shower freezing Seymour prices. Merry Christmas thank you very much. because you know Queen YouTube foreign I. mean still quite a time to go for the. Christmas so like a one and a half week. approximately but uh just in advance. right better be safe than sorry for. better to say to advance than to Mr. space yeah do you have any plans guys. what you got to do. some party sound like family got a ring. together so one of it seven times so. it's far maybe just chilling around you. know last Pachinko Ella was 400 x 400x. as last question why do we do have the. segments now covered by the number and. that's number one but it's seven times. most requirements seven to one.

Relaxing thank you. and congratulations winnings for the. 2914 a few showers coming up third. person. guys remember Gambler responsible it's. all for advice okay so feel free to take. some rest if you feel it's needed feel. free to adjust the best amounts more. liquid table limits for the affordable. bets and so on also feel free to adjust. the best placement adults if I can be. used to complete. number 10 seven times multiplayer from. south side I mean that makes fantastic. 721 I also by the fact. um. next apps that you can go from the two. up to the free text multi. another stopping in segments for his. number one. third time in a row but they say three. things good thanks for watching from the. heart so 3128 winners showers salmon I. started first one for the three digits. number. of course. same day at the place on keeping turn.

Your handsfree play but now place the. best results. I guess already slowly turning into. three times wrestling at least and last. week it's like 11 20 A.M. that is a cast on Sports times multi. from the top spot well I say no three. things good things Fortune from the. heart is definitely me from the heart. last but Shinko jailise was the 400 day. but in this moment where he's still. staying guys number segments is number. one. thank you. and congratulations we gotta wait to. raise it a moment for through 2014. appear as the race I'm going to start. first since I'm topping you. the long story short good morning good. day and welcome everybody to the studio. at a crazy time my name is Marlena. Phillips call me Mary aim of the game. over cures to catch the winning segment. first who will sponsors top off during. this event from an eight different.

Possible regions of the segments those. are number is one two five ten on a. bonus round that's going for fashion for. chicken crazy time three times something. number one women hi darling Grandpa. shell Hi how are you how's Monday. and guys you know what we're going to do. flip the corn oh let's do this I think. it's already like a fourth coin for. forward session isn't it so let's do. this let's. check it out. so we should be luck. ladies and gentlemen. hi. so any more questions or welcome to ask. arlena be a second Santa Emilian asked. sweetie I'm strong. you look like Kim Kardashian really good. luck I'm not quite sure about it so I. don't do anything. but if you think so. maybe through the cameras on the. different place so when do you call so. when do you call me I don't know black. birds I don't know sweetie I have no.

Numbers. but nobody's picking up phones it's a. number two. two one picture and there's not bad. thank you and congratulations. 3652 winners I think it's the first. place I used to call it on my cell phone. I just think no darling my voice is. awful I've lost my voice I can't even. talk right now to make it properly. without sounding like some crazy uh old. radio. but I mean we can always do a good luck. the point is everybody can think just a. question of how good are we at it's. right and I'm not good at it I can say. right away and honestly not even trying. to trying to do it I just want to have. the segments by the number guys but I. mean. there's a thank you and congratulations. we got a winning score to 4223 babe. There is no girl the first ones but. exactly do you eat a lot of food not. really no and that's really I do eat but.

Not a lot. too much anime uh no but I want to start. to watch actually an anime I do want to. watch but somehow I don't have a time. yet like for real. good luck everybody. do a turbo spin well damn this was my. Turbo has been one minute did you watch. Wednesday yes definitely I watched the. ones that stop it did you as like who. have seen you guys how did you like it. how did you like the series and as a. spiritual is like a Wednesday as well at. a moments we do have the number five. five to one person there's no best. congratulations the god winnings for the. 416 sorry. 4633 here lucky boy the first place in. top Hezbollah Sweetheart's number five. indeed is the nothing background yeah. yeah actually Milo as long as I know at. least as much as everybody comes all day. to cook quite nicely yes. yes it was great actually oh really you.

Liked it that much huh. I mean there were some parts which were. quite predictable you know. number five seven times multi hi honey. Hi how are you mash but uh the point is. indeed that like there's some parts. which are quite predictable and I don't. like the point that there is something. predictable experience or the movies. kind of losing interest you know but you. know we're all those friends 49. 9. who is going to be that monster you know. as well 316 200 is won the first place. for you we've been reading a lot about. oh I don't know what does that mean. though. I'm not sure I mean Lena I I really. don't know what is that what have you. been reading about it it's like honestly. I've got no idea what he's like. is it really you play 25k today yes so. with the last 24 hours the biggest win. was 25. 000x on the cash flow is going strong.

For the 15 times multiplier on the top. left also that's a crazy sound three. times multi do you like dancing Yes. actually I was a dancer for the nine. years. do you like to dance. with the number that is the number. one the most common statements over in. the wheel guys. Jenkins congratulations we do have the. retrace uh for 2010 a few Tower like an. exercise bracelets what about you do you. dance what about to dance rights now I. mean we don't have a song You Know the. music. do you think is attractive. I've got no idea what is that I have no. idea how small who is that hello bonus. hi bonus crappy how are you doing good. luck. okay. that is I like um Sigma times terrible. look like a drawing room oh really no I. don't believe that it is that crazy like. for real mellow it could not be that bad. you know because we use the human beings.

And just like to judge ourselves I'm. pretty sure it's from the Sun looks. quite okay. as the number two two one percent. congratulations you got a winnings for. the 3246 year wedding time Valencia. darling you're so so welcome I'm so glad. to hear what you manage you got that for. 100 x now so 25. 000 cats and so on you're intently. merlina thank you thank you. so yeah by the right side there is game. statistics. and you get. can I get what Daddy. I'm not studying nothing. but I'm just working it out full time. how about you guys uh how have that been. often hard for you to figure out what. you want to study. I just want to know what do we have you. know what we have a coin flip going. through for like a free time I think. over in the session so let's make a. linear great host thank you landscape. thank you very much I really appreciate.

It. one more time. in the blue side and it's going straight. oops there we go. thank you very much guys congratulations. also High to welcome what is your name. honey I love you thank you sweetheart my. name is merlina Megan feel free to call. me Mary. oh so fun hi can you sing I don't have a. voice my voice is like really like. clothes and like this will be awful for. me to think. like oh the weather outside. we got a number one so guys thank you. very much so number one we're finishing. out this spin for compliments. as uh we do have the Williamsport to. 2011 live stream. are you the younger sister he asked. Merry Christmas I am indeed. for our life. three years I guess and else are going. for another 10 guys so good luck. everybody else. um. was the 420. the last outcome of this session and. that is the number one two times not far.

So 21 to start National bed thank you. and congratulations good luck for your. next session guys see you later on stay. cool bye. all right thank you very much what do. you say 400x in last Pachinko oh that's. pretty sweet right there. okay it's 20 times multipliers I was. like okay guys okay I guess we gotta. start this one. foreign. ladies and gentlemen hello dude hey. how's Bula the legend himself yeah the. legend himself is here all right never. mess with that guy right it's never mess. with that guy that's what I gotta tell. you all right that's the deuce right now. yeah we got it ladies and gentlemen and. start with the number 3154 wins and runs. I heard you had a pretty fun uh Pachinko. last time as well 100x if I'm not. mistaken yes oh yeah. who's John Wayne which John Wayne. I always mess it up like I thought it.

Was like Bruce Wayne at first but yeah. who's John Wayne. we're at the cash Johnson 2x on top. ladies and gentlemen. who is Johnny's ah okay there you go. yeah question is who is Johnny who is he. who is Johnny. who is he actually so uh we're actually. going to start this one up with the coin. flip. well there you go wonderful uh place and. the time the time is now in the place of. course and the coin flip itself the coin. of course with two sides as you can see. red and blue. splicer where it needs to be and. straight out the multipliers right so 5x. and 15 next well love to 50x 15x of. course. that's blue though all right that's. gonna be 5x to begin with would have. appreciated that 15. well not always. looking to capture the highest one out. of them too this time 5x it is 5 241 is. in round you can just welcome once again.

One and only crazy time as Auto collapse. of course is available uh let's continue. shall we oh yeah. oh Jillian why would you say that I. think last time when we started playing. last time we stopped playing the. previous session we started with a 50x. on a coin flip so it wasn't that bad. John Wayne was the western films ah now. I get it now I get it. uh yeah okay now I get it I don't recall. how he looks like though you know. the Western that I remembered the most. is with Clint Eastwood Do You Know The. Good The Bad and The Ugly. wow wow wow. all right we got ladies and gentlemen. too. all right sir see what it is we gotta. rewatch that movie that was pretty. sweet three thousand to 197 winners in. the round ladies and gentlemen oh yes. all right when was the last Pachinko. 400x yeah it was in the previous session.

With my wonderful colleague previously. now uh we want to get something as well. out of this session well close to 400. there are over 400x would be amazing. what is my height Annie uh you went like. in meters centimeters or one of their. feet and inches 10 with the 7x on top. well a metric system one meter 87 in. Pizza in inches it's like what six one. six feet six feet one I think. something like that. well we actually would appreciate the 10. there was a nice multiplier on top but. well we got the five. round five is also numbers so we gotta. take it ladies and gentlemen we gotta. take it 3 564 winners in the rounds. right now. um so let's get excited for the next one. hopefully we can get excited. okay. why are you asking about the heights. though guys interested in my Heights. that's an interesting question. okay.

That XMen's official where's the sounds. can you guys hear me where he counts I. think you can hear me. I think you can quite Goods I think. am I married well that is a really. really personal information right there. I'm gonna leave it as a secret I always. do about things like that you know and. is that the first number one well it is. a number one. that's for sure so this is uh we're. gonna take all right. 2597. uh yeah winners in this month I. have an indivisible ring you know show. us your ring. if you like it then you should have put. a ring on it if you like it then you. should have put a ring on it. yeah yeah there you go. all right but we got uh well the full. session ahead of us guys so uh yeah it's. time to get to know each other yeah for. those who do not know me my name is Jans. someone hates me someone loves me uh I.

Do not hate you at all dran I can't how. can I hate you if I don't even know you. so quite opposite of that actually all. right. it's two ladies and gentlemen it's two. honey well that's an interesting uh. question that you can ask someone well. if it's a beautiful person I find anyone. attractive you know who's uh like type. of person that I like you know it. doesn't matter where you're from if. you're an attractive person that's all I. need to know right it's true. it's like a question that's uh different. for for everyone you know. ladies and gentlemen. possible saying your mom's attractive. well I'll take it as a compliment you. know. I'll take it as a compliment of course I. will. okay. all right back on coin flipper watch oh. no that's a number one. that's what's gonna come out right now. yeah it's true. all right ladies and gentlemen so uh.

2352 winners in the run so where are you. from Annie uh where are you from. if that's not like two personal. information task. yeah I'll ask pachenko 400x guys yeah. absolutely. well that's enough Pachinko 3x. wow. hungry wow I think you need some food in. that case. I think you need some carbs I think in. that case you know no energy needs some. carbs right so corn flip everybody's. back. so I'll have another shot with the coin. flip well we do have four segments on. the wheel that says Corn Flakes so we're. back. I can't do it like that since uh yeah I. failed at that moved size of the coin. ladies and Gentlemen let's put awareness. severe the metaphors are going to find. out 3x and 10x great two one. blue all right 3x is where we're getting. at this time. now of course it was winners but I would. have liked to see the highest one but.

Not always you can go basically we did. have 50 50 chance to get either the reds. or the blue and this time we have 3x. well time two spin again let's go. well here it is again ladies and. gentlemen here it is again now we've got. the one and a 3X in the top slot by the. way. and seems to be the number two that's. right. number two is definitely here and. 2931 winners in this round all together. we need to feel like uh. wake up a little bit I suppose you know. one round kid is enough to do that. one amazing win is enough to shake the. whole place up. all right we're going for maybe corn. flip one more time and if we do then. three eggs on top of that one yeah. that's what the top plot has to offer. all right breathe and breathe out. all right it feels like it's been a long. day a lot of things happened today. already.

Well maybe that cash hunt sends uh yes. sir yes ma'am. well guys I'll meet you there at a. wonderful cash hunt Sons uh I feel like. after that 25 000 X multiplier well this. is a fan favorite one you know the cash. ones and of course that 108 random. multipliers running around the place you. gotta stop it at one point and here it. is a hundred X is the highest one right. now well let's uh of course cover the. multipliers with those lovely symbols. the bunnies and the cupcake signs well a. lot of them out there. shake and bake. all right should I take one as well no I. want to I want I'm Gonna Leave You guys. to it to decide where to shoot it for. some reason you don't do it on your own. it's like a mini autoplay or Auto pick. is gonna pick it instead of you randomly. and automatically so it's not like you. can lose any kind of opportunity to have.

A multiplier no matter what you will. have it alright. quite soon oh pretty fast we revealed. the multipliers 100 was right there. congratulations to otherwise as well on. that hundred and see like the wheel of. course congratulations five pounds and. 413 now when is it around 25 x 4 ghettos. and number one payouts 3.9 K uh okay. First Cash hunts that's how it goes guys. hope you enjoyed that one. and there's some more yeah. there's some more spins left in this one. yep obviously yeah buddy. okay. well I wanted 4X on the top spot right. now. okay Steady As She Goes Steady As She. Goes indeed. okay. well it looks like the number two now. all right. 360 winners in round Triple E I'm gonna. pay a few yemo g g d b and Dasha that's. top five witness for the previous round. by the way. all right the weather outside there's.

Weather and the fire is so delightful. let it spin let it spin let it spin. uh Shane says almost crazy time well. we would like to see it closer than that. yeah we would like to see it in this. session one time multiple times. definitely the crazy time is a wonderful. thing to have basically a star of the. show and well it's an ember game by the. way so well that's the number one this. time. so I definitely have to take this one. out for spend 2674 winners in this. mountain. uh Christmas gifts well guys I don't. know about that stuff I cannot make any. promises so I guess we gotta wait till. the actual Christmas. yeah I'm saying this teaching everyone. with players who asked me for something. I always say I cannot make you any kind. of promises when it comes to next. segments multipliers or bonus rounds. it's been amazed afterwards everything.

Up for the chance yep. that's a two and two two and a 2X. multiplier. okay. maybe we can get something here. and seems to be our good friend yes corn. flip is back. absolutely so we are absolutely back yes. hi it's me again. two coin Whoop I'm not gonna show any. magic tricks anything like that. everything is visible as it seems so the. multipliers of course reaction 10x all. right let it be 10. come on. hey this time we got the highest one. open too and that's gonna be the Reds. and 10x multiplier so. out of a tree enjoy it and sound fun. have fun with the rest Obsession 5478. winners we do have once again is welcome. and of course uh auto play option. available not to miss out on any chances. opportunities bonus rounds that you're. waiting for maybe you just want to take. a quick break make coffee tea or drink. some water have a snack auto play in.

That case can definitely help out quite. a bit. what is Robin's. why does Robin's actually yeah I'm. curious CeCe is saying you're like. Roberts like robits. baby man's like a robot I don't know. about that. yeah but uh isn't that the truth you. know cyborgs usually they have no idea. they have no idea that they're actually. robots. well that is going to be ladies and. gentlemen too so um. 3792 winners in this round right. foreign. opportunity well we actually have a. couple more opportunities in this. session. well Laura unfortunately I guess I could. I do not know what is the opposite way. of spinning spins and Spins doesn't. doesn't matter who is making it's a man. or a woman there's still spins so. ah fortunately you cannot show me how to. do this so it's going to be ladies and. gentlemen coin flip. oh but not any other coin flip not the.

Regular one at least we got the. multiplier on top of this one 3x guys. okay things are getting more interesting. now the coin is back once again two. sides of course you can see it so the. multipliers let's see what we start out. with. 3x and 10x well three times multiplier. it's up so 30X and 9x come on ladies and. gentlemen hope for the blue now. Reds well Red Red Wine strikes this time. I was kinda excited about the three. inches then again that's the way to do. the rumble as well still is the. multiplier still 9x and. 5921 winners in the round breathing. breathe out come on. yeah we need like a Redemption round or. something. well quite a lot of coin flips already. maybe there's more in this session who. knows. Laura Laura Laura Laura my heart beats. for the Laura. all right we go cash hunts and 3X. cash Johnson 3x well it's nice to have a.

Multiplier in that type of bonus round. for sure. and. it's number one. it is ladies and gentlemen one of the. segments on the wheel and also one of. the well the most frequent ones right. how old are you buddy a Lotus is asking. that question well I guess not a big. secret there 30 a nice round number. that's 30.. that's like the the magical age when you. still remember how it is to be in your. 20s but not quite sure how are the the. mid 30s you know yeah. straight on the line guys straight on. the line. all right we got another corn flip on. the top slot well could be two excellent. top this time if it lands so we'll see. we'll see. that looks like the number one uh. shining bright like a diamonds. number one really wants to show himself. and. 2690 winners and around ladies and. gentlemen. well that is absolutely true.

Oh vladis I can understand a little bits. and I can read a little bit so I had to. learn in school yeah I didn't have like. well the English of course was the. mandatory the second language uh was. actually Russian in our school we didn't. have any chances to learn German French. or any other language so uh yeah I know. how to read a little bit I know how to. write a little bit since yeah that's all. I guess you need. but you know how it is with language is. right if you do not use them you forget. about them now the coin flip is back so. uh. all right here it is. well many many times we already met with. this place but uh I haven't celebrated. yet like in in in a huge way maybe this. time is the time all right how about. that higher multiplayer system all three. and nine X basically so let's uh. it's blue ladies and gentlemen as we can.

See and 3X is what we're getting coin. flip come on a little bit more action. would be nicer but uh well still the. multiplier still we got we're in a 6218.. all right what time is it it's time to. spin it again ladies and gentlemen yes. of course. yeah I'm always like I was thinking how. can you actually get lost like I can. actually know how to orientate myself in. the woods and in a time and space so uh. not that easy for me to get lost. actually. all right corn flip 2X. I spent many many hours learning how to. navigate so uh yeah it's really hard. actually to for me to get lost like it. actually is true story guys true story. all right what seems to be next. I was thinking maybe cash on but uh not. quite. see you I guess had other plans and uh. that's the segment for us this time. all right 3381 winners in the rounds uh.

That's the truth and well let's switch. it up again a little bit right. gotta gets on the other side of this uh. wonderful way on your commercial once. again crazy time guys crazy time. well hopefully we can get there actually. yeah one segment's on the wheel that. says crazy time on one out of 54 so. let's make it happen uh fingers crossed. guys. you can cross your toes as well if you. can. for me a little bit it's uh I'm. comfortable really bad shoes you know. yeah from the thrift shop you know. from the thrift shop oh yeah we go with. the number one ladies and gentlemen this. is what we got. all right 2347 winners in this round is. actually uh yeah what happened to that. guy with the who made that song remember. Thrift Shop McLemore yeah McLemore yeah. he was super popular at once but that. was many years ago already.

Remember he made that song. I'm Gonna Make some spins only got a. couple minutes in my pockets oh I'm. running looking for some multipliers. this is awesome. yeah there you go guys that was a nice. info right there Pachinko 10x so we. would definitely appreciate that where. is it where is Pachinko well it's right. there it's right there. so close but at the same time as well. pretty far away that's a two instead and. we gotta take this one guys we gotta. take it. and as I always say we got a roll with. what we got. 2834 winners we definitely have so uh. all right. well it looks like yeah the the highest. multiplier recently was 400x that was in. a previous session on the Pachinko yes. 400x guys 400x. well now it's official ladies and. gentlemen next spin is on its way now. all we have to do is wait. don't say in the session is great thank.

You well we had some. some ups and downs I suppose as it could. be in life as well the same thing. uh but yeah we're gonna score in that. number one one more time so the number. one is actually back. all right that's gonna be. 2170 winners in around ladies and. gentlemen and uh yes of course let's get. ready for another one I love you guys as. I always said you know I cannot live. without you no matter what happens we. have sometimes Love sometimes hate type. of relationships still guys love you all. love you all and have a wonderful Monday. foreign. X maybe this one maybe this one. all right uh it looks like Pachinko not. that close so corn flip was pretty close. but as well not this is going to be two. recently quite a lot of ones and twos. 2774 winners in the rounds right now and. let's get serious now yes. still got time to perform Manny Mandy.

Spins. and all right not throwing in a towel. just yet all can change basically in one. round yeah we've seen that happen before. we definitely saw that happen yesterday. I don't think anyone was kind of. expecting exactly 25. 000 X multiplier but it did happen all. right corn flip 7x ladies and gentlemen. corn clip 7X. about the heights again so how tall are. you well one a meter in 87. centimeters. right. that would be the metric system of. course. and that is going to be ladies and. gentlemen five. that means that 2984 winners right now. which is definitely true and we got. ourselves well definitely you guessed it. we have reached the points of no return. but guys still enough time to place the. batch player participate in the next. round. foreign. crazy time 3x how about that how about. that come on. well with the crazy time already well.

It's right there. I don't know by the looks of it so. definitely not enough juice to get there. maybe cash hunt though. yeah it's gonna happen ladies and. gentlemen give it up for cash Jones one. more time. so I'll meet you at the bonus rounds one. more time. hey it's me again ladies and gentlemen. so wonderful thing cash onto the. multipliers all over the place so I'm. definitely gonna stop at one point there. it is a hundred ex ladies and gentlemen. the highest multiplied we can go for and. let's mix up the whole thing again. well now the multipliers behind the. symbols I don't know doesn't necessarily. mean that uh where you last saw the. multiply that's where exactly it is. because you can see everything is uh. mixed up now. all right since I'm to choose where to. shoot. shoot the thrill or one shot one. opportunity what else they they usually.

Say about the shot I think not that much. right shot. shuts everybody if you didn't pick it on. your own it's gonna be picked. automatically for you so that's true and. uh soon we're gonna have those. multipliers and we have a good big. reveal in 100x on the top part this time. hope you managed to score all right. thank you for participating of course. cash Hunt is over now 6026 winners in. the rounds and we are absolutely back. all right so looks like top five winners. all of them with 50x this time all right. interesting. all right uh session of course continues. all right good luck one three X on the. top slot right now. all right. are we coming home this time. wow it's even too hot for the crazy time. well I guess so we got the two here. we got the two here. it's kind of hoping for that crazy time. but well I guess we gotta wait for the.

Next shot to get it well it's two three. thousand and uh 53 winners in the rounds. that's uh Monday a little bit more as I. mentioned before. we gotta wake up a little bit one huge. win is enough to do that for us and we. don't even need any coffee no one huge. win a crazy time is enough to wake up. completely. well that's a corn flip fan 3x has. arrives. all right status she goes uh five he has. the number five ladies and gentlemen is. the real thing it's going to be our. segment to put this specific grounds and. looking at 3548 winners in the round. altogether. all right sir can you say happy. you know what that means well I'm happy. I can say happy. holidays guys yeah just in case if I. don't see you ever again you know like. happy holidays. yeah the Christmas time is already here. so December December 12th. oh coin flip 3x ladies and gentlemen.

Coin flip 3x. oh come on. why why. tell me why ain't nothing but a hard egg. well if we see one around close was the. crazy time sometimes it is true three 2. 414 winners in the mountain. boy oh boy I think it's the second close. call that we had with the crazy time so. far I guess. I guess uh Playboy is saying your height. is exactly his mind in my dreams so all. right. why not why not see I can dream about it. not a problem raise the time 3x yeah but. what's the reality Playboy tell me what. is the reality. well I think like my Height's definitely. like an average height for like an. average Latvian person that's true all. my friends are almost like that. on meter 84 to 87 something like that. well we got another shot though with the. cash hunt which is beautiful. hi guys yeah it's me again so uh we. haven't been to this place uh a little.

While ago so we're back you know the. drill guys all the multipliers are here. whoa a lot of hundreds a lot of. opportunities for that hundred now hmm. let's cover everything up and uh well. definitely more than just one to like. 108 chances you know to hit that hundred. and there's more of them right now so uh. let's hope for the best and uh well. everything's covered now all you have to. do is choose. we're at Shoe once again just a reminder. again if you do not do it on your own. it's fine it's gonna be done. automatically it's like a mini autoplay. the shot is gonna happen no matter what. that's why auto play option is still. available of course it is so all right. foreign. no there it is all the beautiful. hundreds are here quite a lot of them. actually great hopefully imagine as well. if you did then congratulations we also.

Have all the winners 6409 yeah. yeah let's get back here well 15 next to. number one payouts uh blood patina. actually yeah well there it is. cash hunts is officially over. but the session is not yeah the session. is still going. foreign guys. yeah I think one time we have had uh. multiplier and South bonus round those I. think on a coin flip. that's true. what are we having now. close one but still two. let's give it up for the deuce. uh 3428 winners in this round by by the. way. well one more time ladies and gentlemen. welcome there's a lot of players joining. leaving at the same time so yeah it's. not possible that I could say hi to each. and every one of you personally nope uh. impossible but yeah all income is. welcome yes it's uh crazy time everybody. my name is Janice I'm here till the end. of this session. and all the play as I mentioned as well.

In the cash Huntsman we were playing is. still available that's right. five in the 2x now okay. all right there he goes. and still. a little bit over the top right so. that's the number one. it is so. why cornfield was squeezed uh around. between a couple of ones we just hit one. of them literally. 2528 winners we did have time to spend. it again three guys of course decide. where to place the bets well it's. optional to place the bets in Old. segments on all the segments all the. bonus rounds well included but that's on. you ladies and gentlemen have something. that's something you have to decide for. yourselves. yeah well the crazy time is one thing. that we still have to find and I think. we haven't seen Pachinko as well I don't. think we have. five and two x on top top slot has. definitely spoken ladies and gentlemen.

And has spoken. and still number one. ah that seems to be the Seminole so the. announcements for this one. 2398 winners in this round ladies and. gentlemen all right and uh there we go. well the time slowly surely is running. towards the other side so you know what. I'm saying nothing is forever as well as. uh this session well guys I've heard. these scones before well the hosts may. come and go but the game stays forever. same rules same segments are available. sessions of course one can be different. from from another there's no such thing. as two sessions are going to be like 100. the same no they can be different types. of sessions sometimes more numbers maybe. sometimes more multipliers maybe. sometimes more bonus rounds in general. but all this time a little bit of a. numbers game with the two. yes it is so it is so.

307th winners in this round ladies and. gentlemen. all right. let's switch it up again yeah we need to. oh that spin. Oak Ranger 21. well I can go out only if. you want to build a snowman You Want to. Build a Snowman then we can go out I. don't want to. yeah I don't think so yeah I'm perfectly. fine where I am actually. Do You Want to Build a Snowman. maybe you do maybe you don't but well. here comes the ten oh it does. and off to the dust settles ladies and. gentlemen 3751 winners in around San San. was the same one we have just had and. we're gonna have as well of course hints. right now. yes we will. all right corn flip 2x on the top slides. uh long time no bonus well actually one. two three four five six rounds ago we. did have a bonus round which was a cash. hunt. quite a lot of hundreds were on the. board at that time.

Let's see. it's like yeah it's gonna go for another. number here and that number is number. two. well it sure is. 3115 winners in Australia ladies and. gentlemen and Sarah still win as a win. and I guess not that much comments about. it though. waiting for something well even more. magical. it is holiday season. hopefully we also believe in miracles a. little bit and yeah. wow biggest win today 500x actually also. cash hunts ladies and gentlemen cash. hunts. foreign. come on Willie you got something for us. or not yeah we've been waiting for a. while now. we've been waiting. and the one thing that we got is. actually two. so let's uh get ready for that too and. here it is uh that is the announcement. that is the segment 3019 winners and. rounds right now. um no let's continue sure we have to a. session is still going and the wheel.

Never stops. now let's get crazy well in a good way. hopefully after this spin right. and there it is crazy time 4X uh all we. want to do of course is see also at the. crazy Time Warner wheel here. well uh would be cool. well it's a little bit off right there. for the crazy time but it looks like. just in time four yeah five. five is here. and uh after all that being said three. thousand five hundred and eighty two. winners and rounds that is a true. absolutely. and so fun continues hopefully you got. some fun. yeah it's really important to play the. games for fun and gamble responsibly. ladies and gentlemen as well at the same. time so. let's continue. all right good luck right now. talking about another round crazy times. two on the 2x on the top slot ladies and. gentlemen yeah buddy come on. yeah we would like to leave this session.

Uh with uh with a crazy time as well on. the boards would be great so this time. looks like corn flip is back so we gotta. we gotta make it happen. yep coin flip everybody so this is how. it's gonna go down of course the. wonderful coin is here. we got the two sides of it the blue and. the Reds yeah it's just showing it's up. close see multipliers. let's relax and the other one is 15x we. won the 15x. and we do get the 15x okay that was. pretty close but it's all right it's. time to hires to multiply out of the two. to 15 X's hours uh enjoy the victory. guys. I'll see you back at the wheel right. then uh there we go 6017 now winners in. the rounds. all right uh there's still more time. guys by the way it is but for the last. time reminding you about auto play. option which is still available here. crazy time you come as welcome if he.

Just joined true. here we have the top slot today well we. do. well we do in a previous session it. worked pretty well to win CX on top of. the Pachinko I guess if I if I. understand correctly yeah it was. uh this session uh we have had. multiplier on top the coin flip once. are we going back to back with the coin. flips and oh yeah we are ladies and. gentlemen would you look at that. corn flip is back again. good to be back guys. I'm trying to stretch a little bit today. has been a really hard day you know. you know how it is after leg day you. know 48 Hours afterwards are the most. toughest ones 3x and well we got a 15x. again can we do repeats. hey we did sorry two times in a row with. the 15x and that feels like a little bit. of a Deja Vu. happy to see that we got the highest of. them too and uh 5896 winners jutsy's.

With 4K number one power by the way. there you go yes okay. Sergeant saying thanks uh well glad to. see you guys had some fun. yeah the first thank you is in the chat. for this session all right. oh two times in a row we've got the coin. flip let's see what we got next. Ronaldo or Messi well in this world cup. I guess Messi is the one who's still. playing and he hasn't been on the bench. so that's interesting right so I gotta. go messy on this one. I definitely gotta go messy on this one. all right guys think Argentina has a. good chance to win. you think Messi's gonna hold up the big. cup. after the the dust settles yeah I don't. know guys uh this tournament already has. been filled with surprises Morocco I. guess is actually the the biggest. surprise of the tournament I think so. and the first African seems to make it.

To the to the semifinals which is. unbelievable. uh but yeah that's why the game is even. more interesting you know Spain is out a. lot uh. uh semifinals already yeah I am so yeah. guys uh well definitely the I feel like. the the power rankings are kind of like. evening out a little bit it's not like. 10 years ago like or more years ago and. just like oh it's Spain it's France. Germany Brazil and that's it right the. favorite teams no guys. uh Sports is uh getting more evened out. I think you know everybody could be the. champion uh Mark as well could be one of. them so good luck buddy see you so much. have a good time. so everybody Welcome to the board like. continue with that topic as well like. Qatar is the first I guess country. from that part who get the World Cup. Championship overall so you know like. this kind of World Cup but this year.

Started to be really the game changer of. a lot of things. yep and uh. it will be super fun like if the Monaco. will get something like in a final. though. I will be super surprised like if they. will defeat today. or like tomorrow tomorrow needs to be. yeah. today wait a minute like today playing. Croatia Argentina right. because you are the you are the number. one priority in your life because at the. end of the day you only have yourself. not your mom not your boyfriend not your. friends just yourself. I'm not saying to uh I'm not saying you. don't have to love your parents no. family is the most important thing in. this world. but. letting Tommy tube in one yellow banana. congratulations but you need to love. yourself I mean more than anything more. than anything and that's not selfish. that's not selfish. foreign.

Here we go let's see what we have here. well I don't know I don't know I wasn't. here maybe you had that sweet spins with. four eggs with Isabel you should ask her. because I don't I have no idea. the blue green section is winning number. ladies and gentlemen many compliments. all of you here embedding time yes is. that you're married to the mountain to. place your new beds that's right your. new BET let's spin the wheel. hey Anthony what do you do for yourself. to to feel the love best of luck what do. you do for yourself to feel love. so I I am loving myself a lot actually. so. I'm spoiling myself I'm buying flowers. for myself I don't need to want to buy. me flowers. by flam section. congratulations to all of you and. betting time to I may dictate a lot and. meditation give me peace and love well I. try to meditate.

I tried to meditate but it's very hard. for me because I have a noisy mind. I can't be in peace no because I have a. mind. that talks and talks and talks and talks. a lot of thoughts in my mind best of. luck. Texas Texas toast no I've never heard of. that. yeah actually that's true to blue green. section is a winning number many. compliments all of you American time. it's open love is not about attachments. and possession that's 100 true. love is about sharing and love is about. letting the other people the other. person to be just to be like who wants. if someone's by your side wants to be in. a certain way you need to love that. question so let that person be. best of luck. when you love your anime. thank you. well yes I mean a lot of times I'm gonna. tell you something to blue green. sections congratulations to all of you.

So I had this friend you know and when I. was single. this friend of mine she was in a. relationship with someone and she was. like you know Skyler you are so weird. and you you read all that books and you. have an obsession for Crystal and. candles you are very weird and you won't. find someone to love you because you are. weird and no one will love a weird. person like you. I wasn't obsessed. I I I I wasn't I was like okay that's a. I was like okay that's your opinion I. will respect that. um. so. I um I was the same friend with her with. her even even. to Blue grave section is winning number. now congratulations to all of you. same person you know. I was the same person nothing changed me. even if that thinks he told me was you. know it was very painful for me to hear. to hear those things. but I love her I mean I love her.

Best of luck we're talking about love. happy. and how we need to love our enemies. we're talking about that. but I don't think enemy. the enemy we have you know a person. who's against you. it's about people yeah the enemies we. have. two blue grave sections. congratulations to all of you embedding. Thomas. no. I don't think I'm weird I think I'm. different and unique that weirdness make. me makes me unique. do you have enemy scholar of course who. doesn't. who doesn't I mean I have a lot of. enemies. but you know I respect them I I'm not. thinking about them actually I'm living. my life. best of luck. yes that makes us unique and different. we don't need to be like the rest we. need to be unique. right. now we have a bottle. bubble surprise Tyler I will always love. you I don't care about who don't like. you really that's a beautiful thing.

Thank you so much. foreign. the weirdness we have in US. gently drop. yes I mean you know like maybe well I. think you you know maybe you have a. thing and you see that thing as a flaw. but that thing is not a flaw actually. it's a thing that makes you unique maybe. you have a big nose and you're thinking. oh I have a big nose I don't like that. about me but someone will think. you're unique your nose is unique I'm. talking about superficial things right. now but we can talk about different. things don't forget select your candy. and let's begin best of luck May the log. be on your side. plus five plus two times two. plus one and we finish with an empty box. moving to the red candy and we have a. plus one now time soup. a plus one. and we finish with times four moving to. the yellow candy and we have plus one on. the first line times two.

What else a plus one. and we finish with time before many. compliments all of you. thank you so much for playing ladies. ladies for your winnings and betting. time it's open. be happy. what's wrong with my legs I mean come on. yes I'm skinny I'm very skinny actually. but. never bad for the moment good luck. but there's nothing wrong with them. yes I'm skinny I and I know that and I. try to gain weight but guess what. that's how my body is. I have tight ankles that's my thing to. Blue grape section. so my ankle that's everything now my. ankle is like my wrist the same size. my ankle is the same size as my wrists. let's spend. how much a person need per month to live. in Romania. to live good with 100. 1500 Euros you can live a decent life. you can live a decent life with. 1500 or 2 000 Euros five film section. that's the winning number now.

Congratulations to all of you embedding. Tommy Tobin. um oh well if you want to live in a. house with um one floor maybe you will. pay like 500 700 euros. no actually because I'm not living in a. house. and my my mom helped me with money so. I'm not fully independent. now if you want a one floor house in. Romania you will pay for the rent. 700 euros or 1 000 Euros depends on the. neighborhoods on the facilities you have. there depends on a lot of things. no I want to buy something for my mom. because he's my mom and I love her not. because he helps she helps me. because he's my mom and she loves me. thanks a lot. but I can't afford to live my my own. without any help I just don't want that. I have an expensive lifestyle so my mom. and my dad they understand that and they. are helping me. but I can afford to live with you know.

Just because I have. I have heard there that doesn't mean I. can't afford things. no I don't want to reduce my expectation. I want to work hard and to fulfill that. no it's okay I mean I'm. actually I'm saving money I have the I. have the ability to save money even if I. have a expensive life I have I still. have the ability to save money. vanilla banana section is the winning. number now congratulations on you. betting time YouTube Banana companies. for beds to save money to buy a car or. what no I'm not saving money to buy a. car the car will be a present I'm saving. money just in case something bad will. happen and I need to have money it's the. Romanian mindset. number the moment good luck. best of luck. everyone does that. best of luck. no I don't think money brings you. happiness not at all I mean you can be.

Millionaire and you can be sad and you. can be miserable so no I don't think. money is the answer. well one yellow one yellow banana. section is the winning number. congratulations all of you. in time YouTube didn't complete your. beds. wait till wait a second. it's okay it's working. that thing happened before so it's okay. yes. money never brings happiness maybe for a. temporary time then greed asks you to. find something that you can't buy with. money yes that's right you cannot buy. respect with money you cannot buy love. with money and if you can that's not. love. so yeah. one yellow banana section is the winning. number congratulations all of you. and now I'm gonna let you with Isabel. thank you so much and enjoy. thank you very much Skyler hello hello. ladies and gentlemen my name is Isabel. happy to be back uh let's start with the.

First Greenhouse everyone feeling how is. everyone Julie good morning Isabel I. just woke up well hello Dylan what you. doing nice seeing you again. he's a banana finally someone that says. it right yes. that's me. how is Romania is good it's good. uh who are you you changed your username. I don't recognize you with your new. username tell me your name. say hello to Twitch hello twitch hi. Collins intermitting time's open again. thank you. for beer I don't drink alcohol. foreign. we talking about I don't know I saw a. comment in the chat telling me to say. hello to Twitch and I said. um. YX star star X that's the username. that's the person that sent the message. not even paulinka okay maybe maybe. something about the beer no you got a. one. that is part of the banana section. congratulations to all the winners and. opening time is available again thank.

You very much let's spin the wheel. oh oh I love you too. let's get it dealing best of us everyone. bye followers love you really I love you. too I love you too all of your followers. and you as well I love you. sister hello hello I'm doing good what. about you love. and we gotta get all five five. congratulations at a bidding times open. again what an interesting comment. wow wow wow so your comment says bonus. bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus. bonus bonus bonus bonus bonus wow that. one is a tongue twister indeed. oh. oh come on cause I'm spreading so much. love I understand that you're a fan of. mine but come on gotta tone it down a. bit. between for Turkish girls of course. gotta get it somehow. and we had a one. kind of one yellow that is part of the. banana section congratulations to the. winners celebrating time means open.

Again thank you. let's spin the wheel. though. off we go best of luck. and we got a two right now we got a two. blue that's part of the grape section. congratulations to all the winners and. the betting time is open again thank you. very much. what's your favorite bonus mine gotta be. bubble surprise I don't I don't think I. have a favorite bonus to be honest with. you. I like them all. I don't have a favorite one best of luck. okay. are we getting a candy drop I hope so. we got a candy truck yes she can break. your legs go. can you feel the power the power of the. candy drop ladies and gentlemen speaking. of bonuses and we got a candy drop. I just had a coffee I have a lot of. energy right now and he's just one of. the colors blue red and yellow. oh that is so sweet uh if you're here he. falls through the purple boxes you get a.

Multiplier of 1000x. multiplier nice coffee I know gave me a. lot of energy. so best of luck. plus two. times four plus thick For the Love of. everything okay I'll take the plus five. still again. and then empty box I have so many. flyaways my hair doesn't want to stay. put so I apologize because I'm touching. my hair a lot just so you know last one. with the times two with a plus five and. with the next three purple box now let's. see. 40 yellow candy plus two with a thyme. suit that's five yes nice. and for the next before we add the end. be good pretty good it was a good candy. drop congratulations and events are open. good bored that's what I'm saying. it was a good board finally something. good. with his bonus out see. exactly what I was talking about now. let's spin the wheel. and Tessa approves thank you. um Pete the sweet sweets with the sugar.

Bomb of 4X were 15.60. I also approved so Tessa and Dylan they. both approved thank you. oh hello love what you doing. foreign. ERS betting time he's open again thank. you lesbian will one more cyan well. let's dig come on. no bonus no party we just had a candy. drop. best of luck to everyone. time to same thing I just I know. I don't understand anymore I'm just. really trying my best to understand. Birds. I am failing. I cannot understand that whatsoever got. a five compliments at a betting times. open again I love you see I love you too. see now let's speed it will I want to. buy a Christmas present for mom for your. mom what are you going to buy for your. mother. I don't want you I don't want you to say. thank you I don't exactly want you to be. to be grateful like oh Isabel thank you. very much for that no I want us to have.

A good time together you know have nice. conversations laugh tell a few jokes I. want to have a good time together. foreign. yeah once in my lifetime you are more. than correct sweethearts of course we. got a one. yellow from the banana section countless. Serena's in a bidding time we use open. again thank you very much. cases. love you too Tessa let's bring the wheel. I cannot leave Romania right now maybe. in the near future. best launcher different Wheel game being. nice talking with you. all it's always the pleasure for me as. well to talk with you Dylan I hope I. hope you have a beautiful day today this. is what I'm saying so usually on the. morning chips it goes two ways help me. out with this one so if I don't drink. coffee I I start to stutter a lot and if. I do drink coffee I stutter even more. now what can I do about this coffee or.

No coffee. what can I do about it it's becoming. really like a problem 2x multiply a four. if you have to enabled let's first spin. the wheel. can you fly to Indonesia well I cannot. really fly but I can book a plane ticket. I'm I'm joking best of luck to everyone. hopefully one day I'll get a chance. sweet beans oh I am begging you please. please please. yes we have sweets again for the second. time today ladies and gentlemen street. views with a sugar bomb. okay the only difference is that the. first one was with a 4X. the first one was with the Forex that we. had today also in my session that we. have with the 2X. I cannot I cannot talk anymore this is. amazing the best of luck to everyone. clubs how do you know when it gives mom. will be sweets I didn't know I saw that. we were getting closer and I was hoping.

That we will eat the sweet swings that's. what I said sweetie. I don't know. anyways let's finish that over there got. some crazy red apples oh nice plums yeah. give me all the fruits and candy blue. pentagons grapes nice. nice indeed and three sugar bombs this. is this is gonna be really good. 40x nice come on let's go. grapes. 80 we have an AVX and release with a. sugar bomb of two eggs this is amazing I. love this I'm in love with this Vine oh. come on. see that's juicy sugar Rambo 20x. ladies and gentlemen 80.30. congratulations and the best are open. again let's Go whoo the 160x. 160x if you didn't have the boosting. apples and with the booster it was like. wait let me do the math. 320x. was it 320x with a booster. oh bonus Hunter is in the game I watch. him on Twitch really Hello nice to meet. you bonus Hunter best of luck.

Okay I take it with a good 500 I'm happy. for you sweetie. wow okay it's so beautiful real thank. you how much was it with a booster is my. math is my math correct was it like a. 308. 320x can someone confirm please. congratulations to debating times open. again. he is streaming right now. hello to the whole stream hi let's win. the will can anyone anyone confirm that. my math is good please 320 eggs with a. booster. zero to 644 I'm happy for you love best. of luck. I just want to get a confirmation please. this morning I'm on the morning shift. I'm not sure if my math is correct or. not so no one wants to tell me. no one okay. fine. fine we got it too. 160 without the booster I'm sing with. the booster. 306 was it an 84 30 extra 320 so I was. close to that nice I'm very happy for. you who had to boost three Neighbors.

Foreign. try. best of luck. without a booster 500 for me I'm happy. for you love nice. now are you for real I'm not Skyler oh. my we got a five. five violets for the blonde section. compliments at a betting times over here. can you see the not the name that's uh. written somewhere on your screen can you. see that it says Isabella not Schuyler I. don't know it's just a question. can we see can you see that even the. dress is completely different. please Iza can you fly to Indonesia I. mean I'll try to test the best of luck. hopefully one day I'll get the chance to. visit Indonesia as well. I actually do really want that it's one. of my biggest dreams you travel the. whole world not just. she's not Isabel she's is a banana still. in my heart I will always be the banana. trust me I'll never tell you that I love. that outfit well it's my uniform thank.

You hello baby hi and we got a two blue. grave section commented. Ontario Canada well the greetings for. Romania it's a pleasure meeting you. foreign. all right. I'll learn some cute bro Hebrew words. again backto-back business thank you. congratulations to everybody be ready. for the next one you're welcome. you forgot to keep from the door I just. lost the key idea. black people. um. just thank you just thank you just thank. you brother like you know my my Hebrew. is not on the web on the good level so. I'm so sorry I can really read I can. really read I can something understand. you know like but I I think that like. because of that and I'm not using this. language at all like so everything is. disappeared just from my from my head. five thousand two hundred and two. winners in total and this one's. everybody gotta go congratulations of.

Course like thank you and hello people. me market letting that game for you uh. to play Batman lotion is available. as well like hello. yeah yeah like I can I can read it yes. that's true. Let's go people is that number one. what is a hull. what is a hull. like do you have some something big. something do you have something big he. was asking. something big what something big. 3740 winners these seven total everybody. got to go with the number one everyone. welcome to the board and we are ready. with the new ones so like uh. I'm trying to do it. as well you know like when you were. speaking like a lot of languages like. you kinda can't catch more messages from. the chat. yeah you're trying to catch like a lot. of a lot of phrases you know like a lot. of these things like you're trying to be. inside of the topic was the all the.

People who are speaking these languages. what do you know. that's that's great that's great. yes hey it's like a win okay I I thank. you thank you appreciate it. 3464. this one was the number one again. everybody congratulations enjoy see. download that's the Lilith that's the. top three winners now. 465 Euros for the first place based on. enjoy. so I I as you can see like I can really. read something at least. I can read something at least like back. in the days remember I finished my. school uh. 10 years ago like nine years ago and I. still really remember how to read that I. need to go like I think in the really. learn this language because I I think. that the Hebrew is so easy if you know. alphabet if you know like some of the. rules and you know the alphabet like. this language is one of the easiest one. because there is only really like past.

Uh continues. and a present and that's it you know. like you don't have any other rules on. it there may be some deeper stuff but. like overall no congratulations with the. 10 people be ready with the new ones. you're welcome. Mark say my name do you think that I'm. stupid like of course not. who do you think will win like World Cup. fizzy I think that it will be friends to. be honest. yeah I didn't know like the final match. I can see it like between the Argentina. and the France. don't believe in Morocco in the Croatia. but that will be interesting like if. they will go. the Israel bro so I was in Israel like. uh I was in a tablet Target program if. you know what is this I was there and um. yeah that's that's basically it it was. 2017 something like this. so people coin flip now. here we go guys is that a 2 and 20 24.

The red one you got it. let's go good luck. thank you. so people we got to go back to back to. the business like 8 986 winners. congratulations everybody we gotta go. like was the next one thank you. Let's go people. why did you dance to it like you want to. hear congratulations okay I'm so sorry. like congratulations with that. multiplier ladies and gentlemen uh yeah. that was still wax multi like let's go. thank you next one watching the five. packs here. Jimmy I'm sorry what what kind of knife. what. did I miss something for this second. what. wait a second it's already the bad. decision. then you drive with the knife what. I was not driving with the knife. anywhere. how are you so bad like I didn't know. like how I'm so bad like but what kind. of knife you mean thank you people. congratulations what's the number one we.

Gotta go with the next one don't forget. that you are able to place your bats as. well in the numbers ladies and gentlemen. yes and we gotta go. I need you to trade the Cs go knife bro. text TV twitch everybody like right now. you need to go like 18 19 000 people as. you can see g e x TV he these guys on. the twitch if you are interested like to. trade your CS go knife. more than welcome to go to his stream. like an um and make it happen. I don't know like he he was not buying. the advertisement from me but like uh. guys just you know like just if he wants. to you can do it like let's go so 3184. winners in total Beast now but I want. everybody congratulations thank you I. I. Let's go people. hey yo what's Poppin welcome. dance for us. Let's go people gotta go to the number. one. yes. number one. that's right everybody 2931 winners in.

Total thank you Evolution was the one in. the Queen live has a 3X in the second. side is done 50 then low like I I I. didn't show that again like you want to. ask about the rescue flip. so the rescue flip like uh that one of. the segment need to be like higher than. the 15x. 15x or higher and the other one needs to. be lower than the 15x and if you get the. lower one you have a chance to get the. rescue flip. yeah it's need to be like that anyway. like you can check it out as well like. in the description at the right up. recorder. five is the 4X multiplier here like in. this number everybody. Merlin they are asking me to get off the. stage. he told me to go away you rude everybody. I still love you everyone like number. two is that a final winning wins. have a good one. enjoy well hi ladies and gents and there. is back I gotta give off the stage my.

Name is seriously guys my name is. Marlene I'm going to be reach out for. this session so feel free to join don't. forget about it out of play as well okay. okay. rounds however is still to open up the. session with a bonus round then that is. the cool and flip so I really do hope. you're ready for that anyways ready or. not here we go guys hello there and. welcome everybody to the queen flips. Bounce Around suicides of the corner. multiplies. red side we relax to get good luck and. that is so by the color red guys then. ten times multiplier starting up. congratulations. get back to the wheel with a. 7196 winners oh you got more than two. thousand cash and it's on your vetting. time. oh yeah basically in a long story short. guys my name is Marlene I'm going to be. with you for the session Barcelona for. the mermaids uh during Mitchell that's.

Right so chase after princess and. victories for a year okay as by catching. and guessing the winning segment the. famous gameplay. three times a little bit from South Side. out to Party Boy hi how is everything. going so you manage to sort out. everything how much time without a crazy. time all I don't know darling. unfortunately I do not have answers for. that as my session just started but I. can tell you that at this moment they. raised the number two which I'm quite. sure moderator is going to let you know. about it so yeah stay tuned. has all the moments. we got. 3846 winners Darius Stark and air your. deference in itself there is much more. than one thousand cats and gets the. first place in top on Earth was most. things thanks okay that's good and how. are you feeling party more. how are you feeling and overall give me.

Please they Mark how did the scale 10 as. an overall by including the mood but. also please stop by not including mode. only like your physical feeling as well. there is number 10 three times also from. the Samsung by the way but on the right. side there is game statistics you can. check out the last winning segment. series will have stopped at this moment. there is nothing that we need to think. about for a long time or just rubbing. out the bones drowns and glowing for it. as daddy is a cash hands oh let's go. ladies and gentlemen welcome everybody. out of questions bonus rounds I'm. feeling more positive to normal and oh. come on sweetheart jokes and side jokes. that you have so guys. maximum multiply our 100 next supplies. let's go and Shuffle up everything. together here so every single most fire. right sound is covered by the Emoji.

Under any Emoji there could be any. multiple. 100x all you need to do. choose one spot which you like the most. or quad opposite can stamp the most aim. for it and poof shut it down if you. cannot choose you can leave now to pick. as well of course then runs with. generate spots going to take the place. uh but yeah that's all about it that's. all that's it also at the moment. we may check it out shall we as. decisions have been made the autopic. takes the place the well and reveal. could follow to show where that 100. exciting and how many of you found it on. a real spot as there's like a more of. these apples like presents cupcakes I. have stars cactuses a lot of things to. choose out of and that 100 x was hiding. down their second line from the bottom. 43 few. got 100 of them also more than a 500 if. you got a PTX multiple 8 334 winners.

Okay come be here the person to Tab and. they go by the way you got a 100x lovely. and let's be pouring out us out of the. game statistics we made it three spins. two of them were the bronze strands. standing beginning of the touchdown say. and also let's keep pulling out all. right good luck everybody. so yeah I mean okay party boys but I. think that your humor is filled with you. then seems like you're doing fine aren't. you number one seven times multi. stop feeling all right. by the physical hey come on. Papa. I mean both round after it bounced. around ladies and Gentlemen let's go for. the Pachinko Disco. I'm really sorry about my ways by the. way guys I'm sorry but I've lost my. voice so hoped it doesn't disturb you. anyways I got a 3X that's the lowest. multi. building up building I'm building out. for the max the maximum is 40x no I mean.

Okay still still the golden spot though. it's right too baby out Max multiply 40x. I should be like tomorrow much love. let's go it back Bring It On. okay I'm coming everybody running down. 40 we're 20. 40 or 10. ladies and gents. we're getting a 10 times. we got. um. apologies we got a fantastic till the. winter months also coming spring top. five winners more than a 9 000 victories. though where let's go so we have had. already three different types of bone. sounds added four different. possibilities guys let's go for it okay. check the game statistics tomato before. it spins three bones rounds out of them. perfect good luck. wait yeah. no other reason we do see the coin for. about three times Milton top seven buy. information quantum's most common Bones. from buyer informations coin flip is. taking. a run so that is number one thank you.

Very much and congratulations all of the. winners I mean that exists are in the. close friends uh 3718 winners dynamon. and may I'm here at the first since. chapter I also wanted to say about a top. slot about information tops that could. be activated on any top of the segment. from the two onto the ATX multis you. guys could be what about this far let's. keep going on and let's bring on. somewhere else in Shelby. as we shoot about the plug guys and. let's make that spin. hello let's make that spin. well ladies and gentlemen. seems like we do apologize for this. inconvenience sounds we'll continue as. soon as that's all be possible Right. okay. let's make that. spin excuse me. well ladies and gentlemen seems like we. do apologize for this inconvenience and. we'll continue as soon as that will be. possible all right.

As of this moment. just the wheel you know we want to make. it perfect we want to make it stunning. so this moment guys indeed we do make it. perfect and there we go. okay guys keep the coin for three times. multiplier let's check it out what you. gotta get. that's what I mean I just wanted to be. better at like a pumpkin okay this. moment. the whale is slowing down we do have the. segments for the number ladies and. gentlemen that is a number two so two. two one plus your initial bed thank you. very much and congratulations we do have. the winnings for the 4984 if you Darko. seventh player the first one's in the. top and also dark you got more than a 1. 000 cats so let's go shall we as well. dick results are high and welcome. welcome to the studio of the crazy time. my name is merlina you are more than. welcome to call me Mary q12 good luck.

And enjoy and yeah you enjoying the. crazy time studio we're in with the. games to catch the winning segment. freezero style number two ten times. multiplier from Top slot let's go. so for this moment we do have the. segment with Alpha number two ten times. multiplier so ladies and gentlemen. twenty to one. the last air initial bet takes the place. thank you very much and congratulations. we do have the winning spend a moment. for 4 600 feet stand up here oh Jack and. father are the first one so now we've. got more than a four and a half thousand. catch absolutely beautiful but now we. may proceed with another round shall we. so the battery inside against the basic. shows the last winning segments where. he's will have stabbed hello for. everybody as well guys glad to see you. thank you for the welcoming and uh yeah.

Let's keep going on. okay busy party boy it's crazy time two. times ones are from the top five so the. last pachinka Zoomer was 10x 10x story. last weekend. I just were following up with a meeting. outstand wish I replied to be the. segment with the number and that is. something to receive number 10 highest. number segment takes the place. that's 10 2 1 bless your initial event. we do have the winning set a moment for. more than a 6 000 of you oh ABC ordered. for instance at the top oh and ABC gets. more than a 1 600 catch shelving. but yeah this moment guys so we're. missing only at a crazy time in the. number five all the other segments. already applied so let's try to chase. them off okay as by this part thank you. very much everybody. as it takes the place on the RNG mode. but in this moment. we got a number one whichever is the.

Most common segments over the wheel so. thank you and congratulations. winter is in total four. beautiful total winter months more than. 3 900 of the few in this world bedding. time uh yeah so basically to join the. game you can place the one or multiple. bets and use an auto play my information. also applied do not cost any extra money. to these years so you're more than. welcome to try it out good luck okay. okay Amazon by this part that's number. one seven times more Turner top slots. fight together as they need to have. their multipliers nice to receiving any. type of statements right because then on. your plans payouts you're getting some. multiple times more and In This Moment. you're following up with Sunshine that. is the number two. so thank you very much everybody and. congratulations winnings at a moment.

Uh for the. 4745 winners J it's up and seven are the. person's on top of new betting time. shall we also remember please gamble. responsible it's all for the fun games. guys you're the ones who wants your. butts you're the ones who are placing. bets and joining the game so think about. it if you do feel that the rest is. needed you're more than welcome to take. it good luck Alto gamble responsibly and. use affordable best bank. number two four times those are from top. club how are you my queen oh hi caser. sweetheart you better tell me how are. you doing how are you feeling is it. better did you manage to get some nice. sleep and a rest also number two to four. times multi makes it eight two one put. your initials. congratulations for 8 900 bt6 winners Vs. Jack and Sam were the first ones in top. BS more than one thousand eight hundred.

Catch per year and here we go again do a. turbo spin hey well done okay. I'll try to do my best Toby the. locations forwards for the turbo spin as. I mean a what if what if I'll make it. like ABBA is it a turbo spin what if. I'll make it that Turbo FAST that's it. will just like run out of the studio and. we'll run to the city and I'll need to. chase it all over the streets what then. what happened to rewards I mean six five. I'm really sorry about my old radio. sound voice oh which brought out the. Pachinko but yeah somehow I lost my. voice for the last few days already I. don't know why I don't know how it. happened but yeah but everything is okay. it's just the voice and I'll help you to. be bad. how are you doing. checking soda Maltese at this moment 7x. is going to be the lowest one so let's. build two to maximum guys Max and.

Multiple however retakes the place to. move. 100 twice the double so let's go forward. Max multiplier 100 x wish you the best. of Rock. I'm coming by the way. running where is it going so the hand. right there yeah I get to the hundred. sweetie come to Mama come two hundred. hundred up all right ladies and. gentlemen 20 times. congratulations I mean tell golden spot. guys for this. 9990 of you SF tab on Friday you're the. first one to the top fourth of December. weddings thank you let's go almost right. nickel zero almost indeed. but I mean still what decent wide Jason. for a 20x2. so thank you everybody and here we go. with another skinny spoon. good luck. number two three time zones are from. Samsung your voice again the kids are. unfortunately my voice just don't like. to be friends with me anymore and I'm. like okay go your own you know but skies.

Are sweetie unfortunately I didn't see. your friend with message could you. please tell me once again how are you. darling awesome number one. as I was you know climbing those stairs. for the pachinka so I couldn't see four. thousand two hundred twenty nanometers. party got to 1 000 cash congratulations. and bidding time what product of. skincare do you use I'm gonna ask you. all products for the skin care uh. actually hard to say first of all I'm. always like for using like a mineral. water for like taking up all the. cosmetics and all the dirt from like a I. don't know outside like a stock you know. uh then also crazy jump guys three times. most part then also I really don't know. the name of the cream but there is the. days and the night scream if I'm not. applying to makeup the ones that I'm. using uh which my cosmetologist.

Suggested to use but you know overall. just trying not to like uh do too much. for it as well as I believe that the. skin also do need to breathe without all. of their 100 creams you know but yeah. water washing the face with a running. water warm one laugh some three times. per day at least so 5560 winners. congratulations. your Skin's so clean sweetheart thank. you very much darling thank you I'm glad. you're here because yeah that's. basically what I'm doing you know and. also trying to follow for like a quite a. decent food with our meeting you know. because also the foods are meeting the. food which we are eating can affect a. lot of skin too. but no there is a lot of the factors. that can affect that no matter is what. you use just woke up because my doctor. advised me to take more rest no of. course I'm telling you dress is needed.

When you're going for the recovery also. the number one guys number one is the. most common segment. over the wheel congratulations uh 3933. nurse Jacob will stand far 31st and. since Avenue bedding time they made milk. for. uh no actually I do not use it I do not. use it. you look good honey thank you very much. Sammy thank you sweetie last year. pachinko's day was 10x and 20x anazola. Duke Marissa welcome good luck everybody. because you now knew sweethearts also. even if I would say like every single. thing John personally using you know it. doesn't matter that it will work for. example for your skin because every. single person's skin is different you. know uh so also they're asking for a. different kind of the treatment but at. this moment everybody going for the. candies by not thinking about some uh. you know pimples from this uh sweetness.

Overload but let's get some. is going to be the lowest one so that's. the lowest one but we are always aiming. for the maximum maximum plus to be 35x. thousand double let's go turbo for. Chinko activated to the maximal spark. 35x go for it to rough box. good luck guys I mean I saw that there. was only a couple of golden spots but I. hope they'll be able to get any of them. 35 25. there we go. mean. 25 cents. all the winners as we do have the moment. beautiful and exploring the 9700 Spacey. of you SF J Cole Porter the first one's. SF modes it gets more than a 4 000 catch. we are sweet like a kante remember two. time ago but skin care and it's still. cute oh thank kids island and you. actually I think that I remember you as. well. I remember it you used to ask me as when. I was at uh remember to ask me if there. was a closeup and I was like oh that.

Look at me. don't say is they still let this my. queen said I can't play and watch your. whole session well at this moment back. to back hold down hold down up what's up. back to back and these guys. wait this is. in the house. let's go guys. at this moment. shoe multipliers 5x is going to be the. lowest one. building it up the map to the maximum. maximum is going to be 25x no cave 25 to. 25 let's get it out right guys. has the 25 expert Max there we go good. luck so I'm coming I need a golden spots. go dance spots here we go here we go. golden spots thank you ladies and. gentlemen another golden spots. and congratulations. we do have fantastic winnings for the 9. 700 PC up here SF Jack on flash drive. first since new bedding time you gotta. work out with taking the stairs oh yes. and even such a one you can't imagine.

Because you climb up all the time. chinkos tears that is wild but as long. as they're enjoying it and getting the. winnings I can climb there good luck. everybody enjoy. so yeah that's a Pachinko 10 times multi. I mean we uh already had a five. pachinkos right where is the Chinko. in times come on. come on darling come on you can make it. come on you can make it 10 times multi. ladies and gentlemen whoa let's go for. the climbing. guys about to explore the worst indeed. what I mean. I mean my day's work counts are right to. the points right so let's go Lois. multiplier is going to be to 30X. build it up build it up to the max the. maximum is going to be. 35 x 10 times multiplier makes it two to. 350X look at those three digit numbers. guys let's go forward. away. Monday's workouts I'm like Pachinko come. on let's go 350X good luck guys for the.

Max. I mean. six Pachinko over the session I mean. those candy overloads are crazy kind of. got 300 pieces double double. ladies and gentlemen good job that's the. 700x. let's go I'm climbing don't worry. Fitness sport is my life. 700 thanks guys come on bring it on foxy. don't make it sad we're coming we're. coming to the 700 700 darling seven or. the four seven order four seven are the. four four. let's go we got wings at this moment. four. let's go. Monday's workout. guys congratulations I just can't I'll. just breathe a little bit okay. I'll just breathe you enjoy. good luck. okay we're back let's go question God. two times one to our friend's house I. mean. one after another six pachinko's over to. session. I just can't breathe already by the cave. we go for another come on come on come. on come on boys won't ladies and.

Gentlemen. get it started let's make it some. hotness shall we as dog ladies and. gentlemen is Boom crushant. okay at least no climbing right yes guys. they're shooting uh the maximum multiply. is a 100x let's go. shuffling Apple together so this moments. guys every single multiplier is covered. by Emoji under any Emoji it could be. animals crafted 100x so please choose. one spot. okay and that's our fourth one stranded. row. that's getting hot from the Run do you. still study for University no darling I. do not study anymore actually right I'm. only a fulltime working so. that's I'm all time able to see me how. about yourself how have you been doing. something new in your life. guys you know what let's check it right. so cash hands could you please go for. the review and show where is that. hundred hiding like knock knock we're.

Ready to check all right guys I already. guessed I remember everything I'm okay. thank you as long as you're okay oh. that's so sweet actually but Tia. unfortunately I'm not standing anymore. at this moment trying to figure out what. exactly do I want to and then I will. again but you know kind of relax up. there guys there is a 429 of you who got. it perfect. four. actually. 9418 winners flash brides and that's. already first since then it's up more. than 3 000 catching the first places. let's keep going on shall we. guys. this session's on fire I don't know I. don't know. in the Monopoly member the joke they ask. you how about on your hands yeah I know. I know everybody likes their girlfriends. good luck everybody. your lifesaver thank you so much Merry. Christmas thank you darling I'm so so. glad to hear guys Jake and for real life.

Take it all. give something more real come on okay. okay. come on. Slow Down slow down hold down move. hey okay guys we're close but I mean. that'll be something legendary thing. anyways we got a number two. I think in like five minutes I'll lose. my voice totally from such a session but. guys absolutely stunning 5. 590 and winners flash brides and Lair. the first since it's happened let's go. oh you're so so welcome all Duke Marissa. also good Dan and welcome to the studio. update. not what that's a crazy time you lose. the voice of the Pachinko 10x yeah I. know I know I was. guys that's the story you like. the number one seven times most fun I. mean I believe my voice list was showing. how much I'm enjoying it you know like. my voice already was gone but I now. literally screamed it out with all those. phones. oh but this moments are falling out for.

The winning segments were the number and. that's number two thank you very much. and congratulations to all the winners. silver we do have the with trees. for the more than five and a half. thousand if you're in Bedding time thank. you Marlena got us two times 400x and 15. cup Because of You Yes guys actually. indeed we've had it twice the 400x and. pachinka today but like a 10x from the. voltage into Alex from the top slot. right I want to have you thanks a lot to. your welcome winner of the day you're so. so welcome I can like send you also like. um. where to a hug you know. probably in the morning crazy time right. it's crazy time two times multi soap. guys literally sending you towards your. hugs like you're amazing so take care. and enjoy. as for this moment we do have the. segments covered with the number that's.

Number five also yeah sweethearts I'm. always working in the morning times uh. rarely I'm having a longer days for. example today as well I have the longer. day so be able still to see me around. the studios for like. must have a couple of followers but in. different Studio I'll not be any more in. a crazy time today guys so this is our. last session today here. Merlin again people just santories for. the good luck here in a woman oh I'm. saying hey. and as well yeah sweetheart I thought. that you were telling that you're. stalking me real bad good luck what do. you mean about it huh before you go kind. of spend a crazy time please one foot. five times multi I mean the crazy time. is the last missing piece word session. right so I really do hope they'll be. able to get it thank you you're so so. welcome guys come on top slot top slot.

Top slot coin flip it adoption ladies. and Gentlemen let's go for it shall we. we got a five times multi yes so hello. and welcome. really guys I'm really sorry about the. boys though two sides of the coin took. one multipliers so let's check them out. 25 times simultaneous. ly makes 100 25 come on please. complete Powers good luck guys team blue. okay ladies and gents and anyways we do. have a beautiful wedding 15 times. congratulations we got a winnings for. this moment for. 9967 for USF more than seven and a half. thousand cats for the first place so. let's keep moving on but still nice yeah. it's still nice of course I mean. and where is that 125 be better but so. yeah let's try to get it again meanwhile. all different welcome. let's be pouring out. it's like so close but so far right and. I hate those moments but check out two.

Times longer guys for their host. Monopoly after yes it says I'll be there. can you I will be there afterwards. and uh sometime. no what again guys seems like we're. getting something juicy to put like. Cherry in a tap and that's number 10.. since you went to International vet. thank you and congratulations to all the. winners which aren't total. as uh what beautiful daughter winner. about time a lovely done I left my phone. and my bag out of play When I look out. my balance is incredible for real you. see that's what I'm selling guys that's. why I'm selling. that also plays great options especially. if you don't have time to be here if you. don't want to miss any possibilities. catch something standing like as it was. then uh set up desserts inside the bus. and enjoyed out paying any extra money. for it too late says last person a crazy.

Time but she ain't called four times. won't take yes this is the last uh. session of the crazy time with me today. guys so I really do hope you're enjoying. the time together with me also that's. number five I mean we still do have like. a 10 minutes for a discussion so we. still do have like a 10 minutes to make. something even more incredible right and. uh and you're welcome guys thank you. very much for all the kind words kind of. wishes lungs are enjoying it I'm telling. you you're amazing I love you merlina. thank you darling. oh so let's go. let's keep going on. it's like not move to be honest I'll. come to Ezekiel okay and your. sweethearts I'll be looking forward to. see you later on there good luck. everybody enjoy. okay what do we have we got number one. which is. PTX hope you get well soon don't feel. sick as soon as possible oh thank you.

Darling I mean I do not feel sick I feel. okay it's just like my voice you know I. don't know really what happened to the. voice but yeah that's what missing. everything up but yeah I'm telling you. as long as it's not disturbing me I'm. fine with it too. I play something to laugh about right. that's two two one but the national. event is there is a tablet on it and as. well new bedding time water multiple. vets out to play guys don't forget that. well gambler's fun to play okay and you. come here is hi good to see you that. 400x was insane right that was but they. got a double not only the south of alpha. to stop blocker to stop but we're like. cool needs those shops which we can. double up even but you got five times. once again. as well hi soon today well within the. last 24 hours The Heist win have been 25. 000 cash in a cash hunt but for this.

Particular session we've had a 400x in. the Pachinko. it's the number one guys number one. takes the place. we got a win instead of moments for. for how many we're locked I believe. unfortunately cannot denounce how many. of you but it's nicely done guys we are. the best can you repeat the question and. Brian thank you sweetie I wish that I. could I wish that I could but well we. still do have a little time left for the. session and uh. and yeah I hope it will still continue. the same lovely way good luck tears. vitamin sister welcome for his skin face. and no I do not it's a 72 times multi. I do not but I do use like a vitamin D. is like for the health as itself you. know because a lot of people are running. low on the vitamin C and to actually. analyze this so uh it's always good guys. to have something at the side and it's a.

Number two two one plus or initial beds. congratulations. all the winners Landing coin flip uh the. last coin flip your main we're watch. lady coins before you want to coin flip. to catch huh right. up me Josh I'm feeling okay. seriously guys answer key of the red. door I don't know Stella right that is. the question as we haven't had the crazy. time for the session yet but I'm telling. you nothing is over good luck nothing is. over yet and by talking about The Red. Doors crazy times on top for two times. multi one last bit for me thank you so. much for your session Simone thank you. very much darling I really hope you. enjoyed I hoped you caught up the lovely. winning Sun take care okay maybe you'll. see you later around smother Studios. today if not then some other day around. also finishing out the spin with number.

Two congratulations week three little. moments follows for. 5584pia Jackal gets a 3 000 catch we. love you bye bye bye have free thank you. sweetheart thank you darling much love. hugs and kisses thank you guys thank you. very much for such a kindness. might as well this moment. know your sweetheart no today I'll be. working more so they'll be working more. two digits hours. as well you're awesome honestly thank. you darling love for real I'm shaking my. book I mean I was literally out of. petite I was like. I did this moment to do how segments. with okay number one guys number one. takes the place so you're not the only. one who was like shaking and shivering. you know I was shivering in my high. heels it's even crazier because you know. I needed to climb the stairs I couldn't. fall more than three top things Hunter.

Meetings by new betting time welcome. newcomers that's why I can't keep going. with a uni yeah well in a regular day. sweetheart I'm not supposed for that. long but yeah it's uh once and this. reason for actually there is a different. reason why I quits University because. unfortunately my chosen profession. wasn't for me. and as well we're going for oh. penguin's home I think that's home guys. it's on two times and won't say you are. full of dear wives so thank you. pigment's house. banquet's home come on please my. penguin's house left with us guys but. okay we got a number one number one. takes the place I mean I'm always. telling if something happens that close. at some points you need to happen right. on it so come on 4035 winner is done. that's the first place Dan and Jack are. actually two thousand catches.

Come on Red Doors. I know The Red Doors want to be open. merlini are 400x payout is better than. 25. 000. I mean no actually technically. depends yeah because like not everybody. caught that right. and as well done with four times multi. let's go hello how are you doing how's. evening sweetie pie hi thank you very. much darling how about you better tell. me huh as for me nothing much just. enjoying absolutely amazing session uh. feeling a right mood is lovely so yeah. good for me also the number one takes. the place you're my favorite host after. the 400. I mean fair enough fair enough. right at least saying honestly just only. because of 400x as well 3815 winners I. stay sneaky guys I don't remember what. she was studying I was studying medicine. I was studying medicine so yeah. and the bottom right side guys game.

Statistics you can check what how we had. there such a craziness with like a six. pachinko's over in the session with so. many constants and total another pushing. Concepts and five times multi in fact. that's the finger from two objectives. only because of the 400 this woman has. blessed me multiple days without. thinking half Corey thank you darling. and I'm glad to hear it you're getting. it all as well we're going for a number. two. all right number two takes the place. thank you and congratulations we got the. winnings of this moment. why do we have 4700 winnings take up. three thousand cash betting times it's. time when they think you're so so. welcome guys like for real I'm only. honored and glad to hear that you all. enjoyed it God it saved it and so on may. God bless you and Mr Marlena have the. best Christmas thank you sweetheart and.

You too in case if I'll not see somebody. for you guys in the Christmas time is. actually I'll be around a Christmas time. studio then uh indeed a merry Christmas. I really do hope to having a lovely. celebration there it's a sandwich four. times one thing times left. let's go. that was from the Captain Jack Sparrow. right as well the moments are getting a. number five maybe they'll be in the. house and congratulations we've got a. beautiful mornings over here I also God. blessed and merlina have a great. wonderful day thank you very much right. so you too darling more than a five and. a half thousand weeks for each word for. instance in top four and a half thousand. catch the first place without playing. guys. darling take care for yourself enjoy the. day I mean lovely Monday indeed isn't it. in the end of the day lovely mandated.

Okay let's go. at that moment we're going for another. level stay hydrated when you leave oh I. definitely will new I definitely will. but I still have multiple hours to work. today so no worries it's 400 next the. last Pachinko uh I don't even remember. he had like a three pachinkos in row six. pachinkos in total not a cash hunt I'm. like I mean I'm so lost in all these. bone strands we have had like so many of. them that I don't even remember but I. think yeah so the last one was a 400 x. and as well guys. hello and welcome everybody we got a Max. multiplier oh but that's 100 next in a. multiple spots so high chance for you to. go let's go every single multiply ladies. and gentlemen are covered under emojis. under any Emoji it could be any. multiplier up to the 100x out of. multiple spots all you need to do is to.

Choose one spot same for example shut it. down as that's how I gotta chase after. winning as if you can choose it's not. topic as well guys one little. informative uh notes this is our final. round for the session for this day so. thank you very much it was absolutely. Flawless session I mean last my voice. for all the 100s now what I mean it was. worth it you know it was worth it I. don't regret voice grooming and as well. yeah. so let's just I love your personality. thank you very much guys thank you for. all the kind words I see somebody. shouting a six dog there okay and let's. check out where all these hundreds. hiding studs we could end up in a lovely. bus too notes right thank you so much. when you're coming back odd to know. Brian I don't know sweetie after some. few days maybe so see you around later. on or then after some few days all.

Around the places but stay cool. meanwhile take care I'm Kasha do you. know what's actually maybe you wanna. know like fight a reveal oh yeah there. we go 3100 these guys all over the left. side 721. isolations and so little fantastic. Victory supplies of course and thank her. much more than 10 000 winners that have. the 100 expats my result guys who are. much love stay amazing. well thank you very much well sounds. like you guys had a wonderful session. right yeah seems to be the Wild Ride. ladies and gentlemen wild ride thank you. well it's time for our last session. together for today as well. is going to get a little bit of a love. as well. gosh on 2x everybody. well happy it's not up for me to decide. if it's gonna be something else or a. different session or the same session. spins are the same but we're actually.

Starting off with the bonus round coin. flip everybody. and say yes indeed. Place uh and time time is now the place. coin flip I already wanted to say crazy. but no it's a regular one so let's take. it exactly the multipliers as well. that's the blue 3x on the Reds. hey there you go those rights on the. balance right yeah it was like living on. the edge there but guys compliments. there we go 9883 winners at Australian. ladies and gentlemen including highest. pad 6.1 K number one spot right there. Unfortunately they didn't manage to see. who that was but it's a great win. are you like me oh I love it thank you. I love you too guys well I've said that. many times before sometimes we have. cakes or love tap a relationship no. matter what. I cannot live without you guys yeah hey. bro hey Alex official what's going on.

Yeah I already heard stories that the previous session was wild everybody like the previous one let's see what we got all right is that enough for Pachinko oh guys look at that one bonus round Changed by another one Pachinko now there you go Gotta Do the leg day again do the spotty squats let's pay attention to the multipliers now because that's what we need starting off with 3x I need more seven ten fifteen and five forty there's a double as well ladies and gentlemen one spot for the double yeah the TX seems to be right now the highest one we can go for and uh well we gotta drop ladies and gentlemen good luck whoa come on man we can push it to the 40.

Ladies and gentlemen looks like the 15x. is what we're going to get after but. Pachinko is over now. the winner of course I will see you back. at the wheel guys and hopefully you can. get something on the boats around one. eleven thousand nine winners in rounds. well that's actually true let's go. everybody's already talking about the. crazy time. well I guess so that would be nice to. get there. yeah I know it's the name of the game as. well one of the segments on the wheel so. why not crazy time right why not crazy. time. well the next spin is here good luck. uh bone is saying still good well yeah. we did have uh well looks like Ashley. now three bonus rounds in a row. uh but the next one looks like more like. a numbers game yeah the number one. is definitely here has arrived so we. gotta take it ladies and gentlemen.

Number one. and that equals winners of course we do. have them and so I guess not that much. comments about it though we are. concentrating already for the next round. you got to make that spinning from his. welcome by the way. welcome to one another crazy timeout up. action is available it is. if you choose to use it of course you. can. all right corn flip 4X wouldn't be such. a bad thing to have right definitely not. so uh. well one of them was already right there. but seems to be. a little bit too hot now instead of that. we go five number five. number number five. and it all comes down to this yeah my. dresses wants me to come from us to the. winners so we'll move forward of course. that's the only way we're going forwards. not going back never. there goes another one. now we got the deuce and the 3x on top. just in case if it lands not saying it.

Will but just in case first name Justin. second name case. yeah we're looking at it we're looking. at looking at it so maybe yeah there you. go guys cash Hunt is going to say hello. once again which is great we love this. game I love this game of course we do. right now I've been talking to a lot of. players and this is one of the fan. favorites right right now cash runs for. sure ladies and gentlemen multipliers. running around play sense well looks. like the 100x ladies and gentlemen the. highest one we can go for right now. it is so. exactly this game is the one that's game. well not that long ago. recently 25. 000 that's multiplied so. everything had happened at any point. yeah sometimes when you least expect it. right. okay guys now I have to decide where to. shoot so if you don't do it on your own. it's going to be like a mini Auto pick.

Yes it's gonna pick it for you randomly. and uh yeah does it make sense if you're. using autoplay is an option it's not. like you're going to be left without to. multiply in cash hunts no not at all. it's gonna happen so. I think we'll have to wait probably for. a little bit but yeah. I guess I guess we do spending some more. time together guys face to face well not. quite face to face let's face the camera. that's true. I always like this beat seriously. oh man I would like to play some drums. right now that's right. instruments guys. playing instruments still waiting for. that big one nice one as I mentioned. before is 100x so hopefully you can get. your hands on that one and it's right. there it's right there 100x. congratulations your hands as well on. the highest ones 100x but bye for now. from the Hat cash hunt to go back to the.

The wheel itself 10 458 winners in the. rounds okay with number one five two. point four K Congratulations by the way. what kind of music are you into uh. Admiral black I'm more into heavy metal. like just metal music like heavy music. in general I play guitar myself so makes. a lot of sense. actually since I was a kid I was uh. really into heavy music. and I'm metallic and not necessarily. their iconic band but I like something. a little bit different well I actually. like a lot of bands though you know. but I listen to any kind of genre music. of course if it's a good song and uh. good bands I'm gonna be mixed with as. well uh two. uh two has definitely arrived and uh. well bonus round seems to be not an. issue as well here we already have two. of them in this session and all together. quite a lot in the last couple's fits so.

Gotta go again guys gotta go again. uh mixallica has a new song now I. haven't heard that one yet because I. know it's probably not going to be that. good. because uh sometimes you have to know. when to say uh well it's over we already. made our best albums. we already made our best songs and time. too. time to give it up and just uh you know. don't make any more albums and songs. right. nothing against of course Metallica. they're amazing but you know. if you already have uh given away all of. your creative juices if you know what. I'm talking about then sometimes it's. hard to say goodbye right uh this one. too. around this one's the two ladies and. gentlemen. you look like this guy from the BuzzFeed. food videos. uh which one's actually the the one they. uh actually tried two different kind of. price points for two different kind of.

Foods. like one for example five dollar Sushi. and another one is a 500 Sushi I've seen. something like that seriously. price points yeah yeah it's a different. kind of price points yeah yeah I know. crazy time 7x right now. oh yeah okay I never thought about it in. that way I know I kind of know what. you're talking about. but uh that image is not in my mind like. super solid though I don't remember how. the guys look like. I've got to be coin flip ladies and. gentlemen. this is what we're gonna do right now. well let's be back one flip once again. hi for everybody who sees me for the. first time yes my name is inquito let's. do the corn flip as we should multiply. is it gonna be displayed right there. 9x those are the ones let's see. hey there's the 9x yeah we did manage to. capture the highest of them both and uh.

Enjoy the victory has done his job let's. get back 10. 325 winners. yeah the BuzzFeed I I know they have. quite a lot of videos some good ones. some bad ones. but yeah I I remember that was quite. interesting where they go to sometimes. even different kind of countries and. tried three different types of foods and. three different types of uh price points. yeah I remember that. I think for some foods uh there's no. point to spending 500 euros for example. 500 bucks for a burger never in my life. I don't care what kind of stuff you put. inside of it so you can have an amazing. burger for like I don't know 10 bucks. if you can make it yourself you can. probably make it even better. and that's number one. it is. you know as a segment for us this time. and has the most frequent segments also. want to build ladies and gentlemen.

Crazy time yeah I would like to go there. in this session hopefully a couple of. times we can get there. all right. five and 4x Suns out ladies and. gentlemen yes sir hello everybody once. again enjoying crazy time a lot of play. option available nice to see everybody. here wonderful Monday some people. probably gonna hit me for saying that. wonderful Monday but it is the day of. the week. all right guys we got another shot of. this all right corn flip definitely. quite popular. in a short period of time we got another. shot of this and uh all right. well there's I guess 15x was the highest. one so far in a coin flip with my. memories correct both sides red side the. multiplies. 25x okay we gotta go for that one come. on. hey there you go. 25x everybody I was crossing my fingers. for that one and it didn't happen right.

25x just like that one foot is done and. all right 9741 ladies and gentlemen that. scores continue Jimmy saying nice job. well Jimmy. let's hope that's that that's not the. only thing we can find around here right. yeah let's hope there's some more. up to the door mate I mean the red one. ah I would love to. do. well doesn't sound that good as the Guns. and Roses but yeah the original was. knock knocking on every disorder but it. doesn't rhyme when you say like knock. knock knocking on Red Door yay I was. going to be ladies and gentlemen you. know what I know it see you number one. okay that seems to be it's. congratulations winners of course the. star says love you bro well thank you so. much so much love I appreciate that my. motto is always more love equals less. problems if you know me already bye now. yeah well Guns and Roses right that was.

A bunch I actually uh managed to see. them before they. well yeah I saw them a couple of years. ago and then they still did a pretty. good job of Performing now Axel I think. she can't sing anymore not even a little. bit. like six years ago he was able to sing a. little bit better but now not anymore. well fine for sure Michelle is gonna be. five for sure and the winners of course. as well. which one is your favorite Guns N Roses. songs well probably uh. I don't know for me all of them songs. are super iconic everybody knows I think. a lot of songs from Guns N Roses I gotta. go with November Rain. you know the song I Gotta Go with. November Rain. uh corn flip 2x ladies and gentlemen for. some maybe Paradise City Welcome to the. Jungle and uh. don't you cry tonight I still love you. baby. I hope we can love a little bit of that.

10. okay okay here it is. okay okay okay. that was Peter Griffin impersonation no. that doesn't that doesn't work well we. got the ten ladies and gentlemen that's. what we got uh which one character from. The Family Guy you like the best you. know which which character you think is. the best one. for me the creepiest one ever is uh. Herbert's that old guy. whenever he speaks I get the creeps. let's go more spins coming right up. ladies and gentlemen Herbert is the best. yeah froggy I know popsicle he has that. whistly thing. can't do it as good as he does but he's. like. you gotta come down to the shelter got a. full box of popsicles all right we got. ourselves number one actually and. well there you go ladies and gentlemen. there you go. well the number one really wants it to. shine bright light on this one okay. maybe we can make it better and one.

I wish I could do the whistle thing yeah. the whistle thing is something but uh to. make like sentence and do the whistly. thing at the same time is quite tricky. but yeah that guy is like man every time. he speaks it's like. you know. foreign. I gotta tell you know uh Family Guy they. don't have any kind of boundaries you. know when it comes to the jokes I think. they're able to joke about pretty much. everything and anyone in any. yeah it is McFarlane is a funny guy and. crazy guy as well at the same time. all right we got ourselves another one. coming right up ladies and Gentlemen. let's talk about a poison spin yes I am. yes I am. you can cancel the cartoon no we can't I. think the Simpsons Ride is the how many. seasons already The Simpsons have. a lot. and the best thing about it is that. they're not getting older but the.

Technology is advancing you know that's. the best thing about it. oh of course it makes sense it would be. weird if that would get older you know. uh Here Comes ladies and gentlemen. I was going for another bonus round but. then again it didn't happen. ah that one's going to be ladies and. gentlemen it's uh number one is the. segment because this time we got to go. and move forwards. where it's crazy time while it's on the. wheel ladies and gentlemen. whereas one segment out of 54. just. gotta hit it at one time maybe a couple. of times you never know. all right there we go ladies and. gentlemen my next one is still here if. you're experiencing any issues game. related issues or something to do with. payouts as you mentioned in Chef please. contact life support in that case. uh top right corner of the screens as.

Well you know gotta press those little. headphones it's gonna take you to. another chats and hopefully life support. can help you that's the number one right. now it is. I'm from the number one. 3513 winners right there. and well moving on ladies and gentlemen. still got quite a lot of time actually. in this session we definitely do. and so well wine rounds to one spin. and make a lot of difference you can. change basically everything. oh yes he could oh yes it can. alrighty then. foreign. right. right that was a question for shadow. Moana bro what are you doing I'm doing. my thing which is of course to make the. spin guys. that's something that I have to do. now we go ladies and gentlemen crazy. time 2x would be lovely. oh there's the crazy time but it looks. like. a little bit too hot instead of that. ladies and gentlemen too.

Well two definitely is here. 1513 that ends the street for number one. but I would like to see something even. more interesting than that right sure. foreign. 7x on top ladies and gentlemen yes it is. so so. I said a lot of so in one sentence. star say we love you yawn as well for. some maybe is the case but some maybe. not as I mentioned before it could be. one way or another this is it too. all right see we definitely we see you. and uh well with that being said we got. 4 755 right now. all right. more and more Spence coming right up. ladies and gentlemen coming right up. yeah guys so we're excited for tomorrow. uh World Cup continues tomorrow. I don't know which show which game is it. going to be Argentina and Croatia I. think right. one of the games. Pachinko 3x ladies and gentlemen that's. uh that's right. so yeah a lot of people actually uh made.

Like funny jokes about that both teams. are just not going to play for the. entire game and just gonna take it. straight away to the to the penalty. shots afterwards. well that's how Croatia has won already. two times. penalties so now it's the two. all right welcome to 466. all right time goes by so slowly time. goes by. all right guys so it looks like last. three rounds uh two has been the second. Quest now we got the ten and two x's on. top spot right now. uh of course let's see what happens. oh man come on I would appreciated you. but still looks like uh. now we go back to number one. that's what it does it goes back to that. one 3380 cool winners in the Rams. now seems to be the case right now. all right again some things can change. in a couple of spins time and go from. one side segment to another in the. beginning we had quite a lot of bonus.

Rounds now we haven't seen it for a. little while. and there we go. well I'm going back to Chinko would be. nice. yeah I was still number one okay one we. definitely see you about giving some. other segments a chance as well to shine. bright you know 3417.. here comes the most frequent seconds. basically on the wheel it's definitely. true. and another one. Show Must Go On no matter what's my next. been on its way to our decision to make. a tour and participate in the next round. or not. totally up to you. foreign. well I'm already home guys so uh crazy. time is basically my home so I don't. even have to go anywhere yeah. YouTube so from one to two to two to one. this is how I've been doing so far but. two has a 4X multiplier it's absolutely. you get that all right I'm almost flying. top congratulations of course uh to the.

Winners yes. to JJ with the 34k no more payout I. suppose if I see that correctly. at the moment yeah I wanted to why. because well there's also quite a lot of. ones and number twos on the wheel you. can see that and it's true. let's go for some more. I'm not necessarily ones to choose but. well maybe something else yeah the cash. hunts in 2x would be nice. foreign. still on the Run. one on the run one on the run and 3219. winners and rounds right now let's get. to the next destination ladies and. gentlemen. let's see where that is. foreign. everybody would why because Wellness is. definitely the highlight reel. it is true well of course we would love. to see any kind of bonus round by now. for example cash hunts but not going to. happen number one takes the spotlights. I was definitely the situation with a. lot of for one and two and three.

Thousand three hundreds and uh sixty. four winning smash. do I have a partner. that's a lot of things that partner. could mean actually partner in crime. what kind of partner are we actually. talking about. there we go five and two x this is what. we got from the top slot right now. ladies and gentlemen. okay. well sometimes it all matters what we. see here as well. so let's see what's coming up next. definitely want to know. actually 10. all right. already feels like something else it. does. that ladies and gentlemen. all that's the way we got. 49427 winners. together congratulations no matter what. sense. not just the next rounds you can just. welcome once again really quite a crazy. time out of laps just available that's. true guys it's true. foreign. once again on its way. saying you look like Luka doncic yeah I. know a lot of players have told me this.

Information and well I see maybe like 15. maybe Max 20 of resemblance. maybe actually it's other way around. maybe look at donch which actually looks. like me not the other way around you. know. yeah unfortunately I do not play for. Dallas Mavericks would be cool though. but I do not. do not 5 660x winners in around right. now let's go for the next question. let's go uh you do actually so there's a. lot of. players who agree that say yeah I do. look like look at John Church well maybe. a little bit maybe some pictures yeah it. could be a little bit of resemblance. maybe the haircuts or something to do. with it so maybe something else I'm not. sure. but uh well we're sure about the number. one that's. the one we got literally so uh all right. number one is definitely here. 3247 winners in the rounds all together. and.

And what looks like we're gonna spend. some more time together not all the time. in the world but still plenty for a. little bit more than a couple of spins. but yeah. yeah we cannot stay here forever no we. can't. all right two and uh five x ladies and. gentlemen. well still no sign of any bonus rounds. uh well we haven't seen one for a long. time now. that's a two uh the regular one but it's. also five x multiplier it's up so enjoy. if you had one so. 4431 winners and around uh Darius with. three point size skin number one pairs. okay there you go. oh that's cash on 3x. by any chance it lands we're going to be. happy why because everything we see. there will be multiplied three times. exactly. exactly. all right so Steady As She Goes it's not. enough for the cash funds but it's. enough for the finest shot right okay.

Oh that's definitely the five and uh. with all that being said guys 50078. winners in his rounds ladies and. gentlemen yes sure thing. for bets well multiple segments of. course as well because that's including. all the bonus rounds. something you have to decide on your own. it's optional and available. oh that's pachango 2x well would be cool. if it would be Pachinko is the one thing. I think we haven't seen yet so we did I. think one time one time I think we did. yeah I'm starting to mix everything up I. don't know it was this session or the. previous one that we had that's a number. one. it's more than 100 True yes. 3500 to 36 years. I guess for the number one not that much. comments necessary. all right so let's make maybe a little. bit of a. a difference around here. I had to say hello yes hi how are you. thank you for saying hi yes everybody.

Welcome wonderful Monday today. that's what I'm talking about let's spin. it like we should. well that's not gonna happen for the. crazy time but well. just on the points Straight Talk points. yes number one is back. 3340 winners and. apart there we go time always runs out. so all you have to do is the veteran to. play if you're using auto play option. probably you don't even have to worry. about that but still. let's of course see what the next twin. has to offer right shall we. have five two x on top. well that's not a tough slot ladies and. gentlemen. actually right now it's done. let's grab the 10.. not a problem here guys hope we can. enjoy a little bit of that sun 5 100 MC. winners. that's all together. uh let's move on. I like to move it move it I like to move. it. come on come on come on. now time to get back to any kind of.

Bonus rounds right now would be great. since kind of like the start of the. session we haven't seen that much but. here's the tube. foreign. do have winners and that would be. actually uh. 4 315.. well your guess of course as good as. mine what's going to happen next spin. but uh one thing for sure we have to. make it happen. definitely have to make it. there we go the top slot's gonna offer. 103x. well ones we've seen quite a lot. doesn't mean that we necessarily want to. see. 103x on top of it but. come on maybe Pachinko this time. um. you're gonna let us down like that. well I guess you will instead of that. it's a two. who is here. 4353 winners in the round that's all you. got to say about that Legend. nothing to add nothing to take away that. was a two moving on. yeah guys. oh not the spin anyway guys love you all. like I said before much love.

Always no matter what's love each and. every one of you guys with no exceptions. you know. no exceptions whatsoever. this time we can go back all right she. got cash on this time let's see how that. goes. multipliers are here. and replace the link when they're. definitely going to stop and well this. is what we have ladies and gentlemen. 100x is the highest possible. so I'm just once again mix everything up. and the multiplier is definitely are. covered by the symbols. and pretty soon you will have your. chance to shoot forward. some birdies some bunnies some Shields. well got some cupcakes as well that. makes me hungry. yeah it does so guys yeah maybe for some. it's breakfast time for somebody the. lunchtime so maybe it's already dinner. that all depends if you do not choose to. shoot on your own well for that multiply.

Is going to happen automatically for you. so automatically automatically randomly. and so it's not like you're gonna be. left without any kind of multiplying of. course not. all right so I guess we're waiting for. slightly a little bit longer. which is a perfect time to spend some. more time together as I said before. this day has been filled with a lot of. surprises already okay but yeah here we. go and that sets where the 100 is right. there a little bit more in the bottom. side. as well if it did it's a good job let's. get back to the wheel slowly but surely. and all right first part to spend next. round you can do it's the last time. everybody about auto play it's still. here still available back. assignments optional. thank you very much. all right. well now I can definitely. sell for sure a couple more spins and uh.

Yeah. let's do it time to do it. that's a cash Johnson 3x right now. ladies and gentlemen it's uh true yes it. is. and we're waiting we're waiting we're. waiting waiting. what kind of hoping you know maybe crazy. time before we're done with the session. but here is 10.. foreign. ladies and gentlemen yes. well so we got let's see what's next. all right here we go. all right so well we had 10 last time on. the top slot now 10 and 3X multiplier is. offered so. that works. the sun is pretty close there actually. yeah we get there can we get there no we. can't number one instead. um that's it for this round. 3871 winners for sure. this guy I hope you don't mind so if you. do mine still the next spin is happening. together with me yes it is. foreign. there we go. that could be a 5x multiplier on top of. the Corn flip just in case it drops we.

Had quite a lot of them in the beginning. of the session actually now we haven't. seen a coin flip for a longer period of. time and this is not going to be one of. those moments as well it's uh number two. um. here well we got next ladies and. gentlemen yes you guessed it the next. one obviously. someone says Mass I hope you never come. back you know there's an expression be. careful what you wish for sometimes uh. that could actually happen. that was maybe we will never see each. other again that's uh that's a huge. possibility actually that it could. happen. you know what no matter what uh Mexican. of course on its way so let's go good. luck fingers crossed. uh you're the baddest of the dealers. well I get number one spot at least it's. something so yes I've made it thank you. Mom thank you Dad uh looks like Pachinko.

Actually has arrived well. not only that there's 4X multiplier on. top I almost didn't see that there but. guys well even the worst of the worst. you have their own the last round and. this is actually going to be the last. one too so uh yeah we got the forest on. top of this bad boy. well pachinka the Great Wall of Pachinko. this one you cannot see it from space I. know people say like you can see the. Great Wall of China from space it's not. true you can't all right 4X on top of. everything let's do it oh that looks. good ladies and gentlemen follow me. upstairs I feel like one day I'm just. gonna drop here you know that's it. what do we got here ladies and gentlemen. enjoy good luck. come on buggy Puck well the double is. quite close one of the hundreds. come on well that's a 286 ladies and. gentlemen oh that's the way.

Slowly and surely enjoy the Victory and. Marco's in the house I got to say. goodbye to my brother. these guys amazing he's a legend. Let's go people like this is how it goes. like welcome Mr Marky is back to. business really like have a good time. have a good day. that's really me that's really I will. take the lead again. go people hello hello hello hello hello. welcome everybody Welcome nice to see. you smiling babe smiling away go and. flip this down 7x guys but we gotta go. like closer to the cash hon. first been in the cash on here on the. board like let's do it. hello let's go people you're welcome to. the cash account here so ladies and. gentlemen we gotta go like and uh. multipliers this looks like that 100x is. the biggest possible once on the board. you're welcome welcome in a once again. world people do it.

Two meters tall like why do I am. Mongolian boy. do it look really like from Mongolia. I don't know like how the people are. like looks like from Mongolia. do I let us jump maybe you know is it. better so everybody 108 symbols all. around you need to make it pow pow pow. don't forget that you need to choose one. of the symbol and after that it will be. flipped out with some of the uh. multiplier. you're welcome. which symbol do you recommend I'm not. recommending any. selfie Palace I guess. decision options it goes just the way. have sell one ever was standing here on. my spot. I don't think so. so I will be the first one to be honest. this spot is much much much much much. much better to stand because like first. of all you can see like everything you. know from the. uh from the like you can see everything. like from that perspective everybody.

Does how it looks like yes just like. that and 100x is there at the right. bottom Let's go people like this is what. we got into this once so. um congratulations winners for the Marco. Polo cam silly zero zero that's the top. three winners and the ten thousand. winners overall here like. congratulations enjoy thank you people. be ready with the new ones you're. welcome to start it again. two meters tall light come on Bobby. come on Poppy. you are not that. oh you're trying to say though thank you. everyone. a big one or you can also go home. masses thank you for permission owl. trust me. after this session. if you allowed me to go home like I will. go. number one Let's go people. this is one this is only and a lot of. participants overall like thank you so. much everybody what this happens to the. final winning ones like congratulations.

Four thousand winners in total one this. one's nice and the 20K people again. the limit is on the crazy time. once again like I'm finishing my day. with really 20 000 people on the board. boom. vassie welcome to the board as well like. hello what's up I'm not really good at. the caching so Jab you can't be like. good you know like you can just choose. and and that's it yeah so by this. way it's hard to say like. it's hard to say how to be good at the. Cash Flat you know like it's just. randomly needs to. gave you or not yes so was that number. five things some people like let's go. that's the number five thank you. everybody be ready with the next one and. the congratulations one is betting time. how much do you get any an hour my bro. how much an hour. like that's the question for me like. outside of the job. because here like I will not tell like.

How much is my salary I don't have any. money yeah like working just for. chocolates. that's that's just you know like just. how it is. um like how much I'm thinking outside of. the job. question mark. watching five packs far away from it. they said I'm gonna go to the just. number five I guess. that's right five. just like that everybody. welcome number five. you know 99 of the gamblers like stopped. before they are big win. Vegas hunt what do you mean by that and. what kind of the statistic it is six. thousand five hundred forty five minutes. until they sound thank you. and uh yeah you're welcome with the next. one. just like that guys welcome let's go. so people yeah if I didn't answer you on. a question like please repeat it again. because like chat flies really fast like. maybe I will really not catch it though.

Hunt. which is. hello. here we go people casting it is. look at that baby a lot of hundreds is. on the board like any walk welcome to. make it happen. gay people like missing time dancing. time right. so you're welcome to participate so. ladies and gentlemen yes please. here we go people like you're welcome we. got this. people please. choose one of the symbol one we have it. on the wall after that you will be able. to get some of the multiplier. and few seconds of the decision. okay. I'm burning latte yeah but just mining. native language is Russian yeah because. my family are speaking Russian but. overall like you know where I have it in. a family such a mix mix mixed blood so. in our family we're speaking Russian. Latvian and um like in kind of English. right now let me repeat that orange look. good on you righty thank you so much.

Like I really didn't sew that message. before I appreciate it ladies and. gentlemen. foreign. can you please give us the big win. I can only give you. to hold it like to hold the deal by the. ear let's go everybody we got it boom. that's a lot of hundreds and a 749 if. you like I'm gonna get these these. hundred. congratulations everybody. behind that's the top three winners was. the biggest amount of money 10 604 10. 646 letters in total and this one's. everyone thanks and congratulations I. enjoy you're ready. thank you Marky I got the 100x princess. that's an amazing one. the black people with the next spin. five was 20. give me the five baby this. one. this one. this one. looks like two yeah okay. hopefully next time we will get. something like that with the multi on. the top slot. sell people I was trying to do my best.

Really was trying to push this wheel as. much as I can as well thank you so much. to everybody was that number two on the. boy right now for you so this is car. with ghosts batting time please like to. welcome and everybody yes of course. welcome to the board it's me Martha I'm. learning that game. um I want to play about the no option is. available. and as well like don't forget to check. out the statistics at the right bottom. corner let's do it. here's the pachinki 7x on the board. time. PP settings cash handball. advantages. so here we go guys then number one now. Marcola can you please tell us our. records like what was the biggest. possible multis what you gave so the car. racing thumb it was 50x Cash hand was 50. x twice for this year uh Pachinko was. 25x coin flip 20x the maximum multiplier. is at that point it was crazy time 2050.

Cash hand five thousand. crazy coin flip thousand five hundred. and what else. once again Grace time 2500 pachinka 1500. no once again Marco like let's forgot. everybody Christine 2500 cash hunt five. thousand coin flip 1500 and a pachinka. two thousand to uh 500x multiplier that. was all my biggest results and the. biggest part of them like happens in. this year. okay everybody we gotta go like where's. the number two at this one's again. congratulations enjoy enjoying joy and. thank you so much for playing driving. let's see jelly G Johnny doc that's the. top three winners in total of this one's. guys in the 1200 Euros for the first. place in this place. thank you. we'll report this game to be banned in. the Philippines I think this game is not. fair anymore. compared to what do you mean like it's. totally the same like it was like a year.

Ago. half of a year ago. done with the two Ox based on you call. this game craze time but no crazed time. bonus. JJ like it looks like that. and later previously clear to clear. clearer. Valeria welcome to the board and I say. hey hey hey is there a five days time. that's my people. that's the five that's always what we. have at this ones. tournament. so Heidi like I think that it's not that. thing you know like to answer me on a. question that this one's like because. you will roll it up to the other one. anyway hello question welcome hey hey. Alexi welcome as well like okay welcome. to the word previously. uh according as well like Salem well. welcome say hi to Brazil cat Rita Lacey. welcome hello Brazil. hello Brazil. and a Crazy Town brings the Crazy Town. finally. finally. okey donkey people. I'm sorry let's go to the crazy go to.

The Crazy Town everybody. crazy time. welcome people you know the hustle you. know that everything what you need to do. right now choose the Bopper. green blue yellow popper this one's you. welcome and after that we will make some. spin. here's the blue Flopper the most popular. one as you can see as always ladies and. gentlemen yes of course. blue Flopper most popular one this time. as always. and 100x is the biggest possible. multiplier good luck everyone. let's go. thank you. here we go people 11 000 winners this. time we have it let's go congratulations. and join now and thank you so much for. it. betting time. focus turn you back. out like what's up. how did you know of course like is that. uh is that a blue screen we gotta go. closer this down like look at this. everybody we gotta go like this. okay. and he will tell me what it's like it's.

The sound of the rooster no it's like. here we go everybody. multipliers come in 3x 5x 7x thenx. 20x35 are you kidding me okay ladies. demo like that's. what we have it like I'm looking for 35. like let's go. no okay like that's that's what I can. say from my perspective really like one. of the worst board when I sell like. let's go people good job. give me gold. give me gold. it's a pen. it's a . uh yes guys is that a fight like this. time. no like. use Soda. thank you for playing thanks for. participating everybody. 1254 but it's in total and this was like. congratulations I don't know gotta go. with the next one hopefully back to back. hopefully back to back. can I have my money back. so basically like if you did it if you. guessed it correctly of course like you. can get it and you can get like some. extra on top of it like if you really.

Guess the correct segment. Let's go people do it again like and. we're coming closer to the next winning. segment at this point. this game is the crazy joke like I don't. know like I don't know can we count it. that way that way that way that way. let's go people Grace down again like. here we go. can I just roll inside of the studio. yep just like. are you ready. let's go. crazy time. Mark you're crazy like this I'm sorry. guys like I'm dumped a little bit but. like it's okay so uh. fly but choose it cheers you are destiny. okay my people you're welcome. as always you know what. what do you think like the voice flapper. is the most uh popular one of course. like the blue and 100x is the biggest. possible multiplier let's go do it again. 15 15 for green and blue and 25 days. down here we go. foreign. and be ready with the new ones again.

So people like at least we have it right. time like okay. so hiding is just you know like the blue. room like and there's the animation on I. think here we got like two ax multiplier. but we are far away from the pachinkers. I guess right. that's the two. that's right. repeat. so uh let's go people like Heidi yeah. there is they always like the random. result of course like is that a casino. game yes of course but like what I got. like what kind of sound it makes what. so thank you everybody. good luck people sorry. so script like okay okay like I was. thinking like that it makes some sound I. was like like wait a minute that's crazy. town will really like made some sound. for. Let's go people is that number five that. one. then previous to him then hello there as. well like let's see let's go people like. everybody we gotta go like with this.

Once. uh my people like my people we gotta go. with the five seven thousand four. hundred forty winners in total of this. one's thank you congratulations betting. time. yes. thank you so much and Heidi thank you as. well have a good one so Daniels. and speaker but as well I'm speaking. Latvian Hebrew and English yeah so you. can choose any language what you like. you know thank you Grace down five facts. please tell me the top slot. okay these down people we gotta go to. the zoo. let's go guys we gotta go to the number. two this time at the moment you're. welcome enjoy that thank you thank you. thank you a new betting time is up like. welcome to the board. just like that guys and my name is Mark. I'm letting that for you please welcome. today to the board overall now at the. playback in the livestream is available.

As well don't forget about the ride. bottom corner and the statistic there. good luck. foreign. have you ever been like in Russia before. so of course like maybe right now like I. cannot say anything about that like but. uh yeah back in the days 2000. 15 2013 or something like that wait a. minute like six years no earlier when I. was 16 approximately 11 years ago. so 2011 2012 like I was I was uh in uh. in Russia yeah in Moscow four times. Let's go people. you know like so many languages a lot. mazel tov. thank you baby. that's like really really appreciate it. like in a Mazel Tov like that sounds so. cool I love it to. town was the red one you got it good. luck. yes people uh two waxes you can see now. 10 722 winners in total of this one's. thank you people like. you're right it was the next money. welcome to do it again.

Clone. someone call me clown. are you here is that a red nose like. that's true I am I like to make some fun. and like to make some fun on me as well. you know the thing is that the main one. is the people will be happy. on seven nights now. welcome to the board. we gotta go to the one yes people this. is how it goes a little bit stronger. than needed Marquee that's why I like we. gotta go like that one not stand on the. Pachinko but you was able like to stand. at Marky why you didn't touch the wheel. and you didn't stop it by yourself why. please like with a finger and that's it. but I cannot everybody I'm so sorry. thank you. Let's go people wish you the best at the. next one. it became worse and worse. you know like I'm start to be older as. well so yeah of course like it can be. worse and worse you know. yes. alike from the soul thank you so much.

Appreciate it he told me that I'm the. best one like you know like you can't. imagine how it's good like to get the. compliments from the random people. may I know what was the last two crazy. times uh two with the Forex everybody. we're gonna go like this town was the. top slot so everyone I literally that. like don't remember but uh you have a. chance to go uh to the track Casino or. the casino stats is that the two. websites where you can easily see all. the statistic about the previous rounds. in the previous bonus games thank you. people new betting time. welcome to the board nice to see you. hello. let's go Orange. orange orange hey Apple Apple hey Apple. Apple hey hey Apple. hey Apple what. here we go people is that a one now. can the host put the mic in his mouth. no like almost season the host can put. it like not only in the mouse here yep.

Yep I can put it you know like just in. the ground as well these down we gotta. go like with the next one thank you. amazing time hi Apple everybody Welcome. to the board I see you hello like. welcome to the crazy town it's me Marco. I'm letting that for you how to play. Battle options available and don't. forget everybody about the statistic at. the right bottom corner. always number one the last uh four out. five spins one two one coin flip two. five. looks like not always so with a 15 XD. some on a board. looks like one. yep. that's the one everybody yes just like. that Alex smithko B that's the top three. winners in the 200 years for the first. place they sell was that beautiful. number one on it that's righty enjoy. that thinking be ready with the next one. good luck everyone. wanna bond that. you got it. I got it.

Not enough power I guess yep is it one. now. yes my people not enough Palmer they. sound like we're gonna get it and one. and only started to be the winning ones. this done people don't forget that you. are able to place your bats as well in. the numbers not only on the bonuses from. the bonuses of course like you are able. to get bigger possible multipliers on. the numbers so you can get only that. onto one basis at the same time from the. top slot it can be multiplied as well. uh let's go thank you. a few universities. if you feel like I didn't see the dealer. like I see the house then it's me Christ. down 3x multiplier. gotta go back to the one yeah. gotta go to the one yeah. let's go guys gotta go to the one now. one go away for someone it's okay for. someone not congratulations winners like. in a four times in a row just was the.

Number one they stem at the moment yes. ladies and gentlemen it looks like some. small train of number ones. that's right like and uh interesting. like if it will be won with the 50x on. the top of it. one plus two one. it's an interesting really like if it. will be the 50x on the number one. yeah and people will get it like they. will be. complaining about that or or like for. them it will be like okay okay like one. was the 50x like okay okay Mark like. agreed. Let's go people once again to the one. now from the 3599 if you like you're. gonna get it was the number once again. was the number one like I don't know. them some small trick of the number ones. that he's down in a five times in a row. that's right people you know what you. are able to do so don't forget that at. the same time people like if something. like made you angry right now at the.

Moment like and it's uh me or something. else what is connected with the gambling. don't forget about the responsible. gambling and don't forget that you are. able to take the pause at the any moment. yeah and I'm offering you to do it like. if you start to be really like super. emotional do with the 3x tough slot but. looks like we gotta go to the tent. yeah so it's interesting like what is. better 10 or the two was the 3x. multiplier. maybe better like biggest uh part of the. people I get the biggest part of the. audience like are placing the bet on the. number two as well like that can be. thank you anyway like let's go people. five thousand six kind of seventy six. winners now no I think that uh yeah that. stand is better anyways until. last people just plays the bat on the. number two. yeah. gotta go guys to the next one let's see.

Today's time seven X beats down when the. top slot on. home go fake Grace time. danila I'm sorry I don't understand what. do you mean by that Grace down 7x4. wheeler goes closer to the next winning. segment maybe we'll go to the cash hunt. it is Cash can hear people all for you. do it. hello everybody we gotta go like was the. cash on this time on aboard you ready. show me. that's how the board looks like what is. the 100 has the biggest possible. multiplier this time people I wish you. the best of luck you know what yes of. course you know like 108 symbols all. around on a wall you need to make some. foul power and get some of this biggest. one. yes ladies and gentlemen. wow wow and you will get some of the. multiplier on it Wow Wow Let's go people. I believe in you yes of course like. choose just on one symbol after that you.

Will foul pow and he will flip it out. with some of the multiplier this. multiplier of course like will appears. and will be applied on your bat what you. placed on the cash hunt at the same time. if you will not choose any of the symbol. it will be like that it will be like. that that we uh um like it it will. automatically will choose something. still people like decision is over. already I can see it so uh my duck will. be here. that's my duck between uh the aim. between the Apple under the under the. aim on the on top of the cactus so it's. interesting you know like this duck is. between the two aims on the cactus so. basically this duck is sitting on the. cactus uh eating apple and some two. people trying to you know like aim on it. and they shoot it that's how my. imagination see it based on it for me 25. everybody 100x is here like at the right.

Upper corner this is how it goes like. not upper corner like just at the middle. of the right so 76 of you like these. stuff we're gonna get these convex uh. cachulo Marco Polo timasti that's the. top three winners now in total was the. biggest amount of money here. congratulations enjoy that ladies and. gentlemen Thank you new betting time. welcome. got the 50x decent. nice nobody get paid for the 400. Pachinko say say like why. yeah one of the guy like already already. like sent me so many wishes she he was. like Mark I was playing with you at the. morning after that you know like uh. Maryland came like and we get the 400x. multiplier there and along blah blah. blah I'm so happy I was like of course. man like that's so cool like I said is. that that really like you get it. yeah because at the morning like I was.

Maybe not was the biggest biggest one. like it was the good session but was not. was the big multis number one this time. here we go everybody it appears here. live Florida all of you thank you. hello there one one one one one one one. welcome to the board and I see you how. are you doing. hey everybody overall some plans and. this. in December please tell me guys like did. you plan something for yourself. or you wanna or you wanna just chill at. this month or like it feels so long time. ago come out. Nas thank you so much appreciate it. really the big big appreciation was that. commentary on the background of the all. of these. comments what we have here. not all but the biggest part yep so here. we go was the coin flip now. yes my people you're welcome let's go. one flip. you ready was it. let's go. and we got 4X for the blue side of the.

12 packs based on was the round one on. okay guys I wish you the best of luck. now. Forex is that a multiplier days down for. you so ladies and gentleman that is. 201s. 9522 winners that's what I was to say. congratulations everybody and let's do. it again that's it previously hello not. Jim. hey I uh hey I am a man like welcome. matching time is over spinning Time. Coming. black people of course like. black people. it was 400 today anyways anyways don't. listen them don't listen them say. just believe for the host. this time number time. guess what people we got to go to the. town is that a high number this is right. this is right. 6718 winners. yes congratulations thank you and hello. there everybody it's me Michael I'm. leading that game for you feel free to. participate join us please like and let. us enjoyment be ready with the new ones.

Again. yes you're welcome. Let's go people good job good luck. coin flip here two weeks now. gotta go closer looks like a number. we'll be doing again. hello people we got this to the one and. you will ask me Marco like why the. number one I will tell you just landed. so uh zero seven eight Alex gore that's. the top three winners in total but this. one's like in a 345 Euros for the first. place this time at the moment. thank you 657 of course like always. welcome hopefully that that's that. really really. the real things from you. the real things. here we go everybody we got it. you can finish my account balance no it. was not me I'm sorry. it was not me. so let's go people is that number one. been some people we got to go to the one. with the 3767 winners in total and this. one's my congratulations everybody. really Swan yeah yeah yeah yeah let's go.

Who is behind the wheel like none. Let's go people we gotta go with the. next one. Remy that was rude like that was rude. like I will say yeah. I kind of kind of want to say that but. like that was rude. foreign. yeah I I will say like rude in the. inside of the borders like yeah you. didn't go outside of the borders though. here we go people gotta go to the cash. gun. hello Serbia. welcome welcome to the board. cash hunt everybody Welcome to the board. like with the cash on here. multipliers that's how it looks like and. 100x is the biggest possible ones for. you ladies and gentlemen. as okay okay Serbia. for you it looks easy. hopefully like that for the every one as. well it will be easy. people let's go 108 symbols on the board. you need to choose only one like choose. it please make some shot after that it. will be flipped but some of them.

Multiplier you will get the win like of. course like your bet will be multiplied. in that. thank you. no people what do you think. this. that. or this one. what do you prefer. what did you prefer guys. yeah that's you know like that's what. happened when uh it's a lot of people. we're just you know like we need to. think. how correctly hunting right you know. like you need to take the gun you need. to put some ammos inside after that you. need to make like. or something like that and after that it. will be flipped with some of the. multipliers 67 for you like everybody. we're gonna get the 100x 67 people these. times gotta go like with the next one. why does gentleman ten thousand winners. overall I can see you you can see me. like in everybody enjoy where's the next. one have a good time. wow hi everybody it's been fur too long.

It's been too long last couple seconds. uh crazy. times over to have a lovely one enjoy. the snow here we go welcome everybody. for example number two I have not been. here in a minute who is this my name is. Rudolph and I'm gonna be your host of. this session hello. hi oh you know it's Rudolph oh yeah I'm. back I got rid of the chick who got 400x. what. that. we're starting off with the number one. by the way so congratulations to the. winner. nicely done so we've got how many. winners. 3706.96 top layer with 273 years one. wonderful job hello everybody see a. place you met someone you think the. wheel's gonna land on not so much as. what you wanted some land on you can go. for auto play but I don't know numbers. but I don't know bonus games it's up to. you just Campbell responsibly so about. to class think good luck any question no.

Questions wonderful so here we go. happened with Marlena I don't know who. that is I do not know her. she was after Mark ion Jimmy I told you. I was gone for a while it off your back. my favorite host how are you I'm good. I'm good fresh off vacation so still. together someone number 10 everybody. congratulations to the winners enjoyed. wonderful so a bit more stable for sure. anyway we've got how many winners. uh. 6180 top player would win 3 700 years on. some wonderful job betting timeline yeah. nice to see everybody here it is snowing. cats and dogs currently a proper. snowstorm so be careful on the roads and. Advance Merry Christmas to you thank you. and Merry Christmas to everybody in. advance Merry Christmas we got two weeks. left. two weeks left can you imagine. uh 3x number twos. come on Harry Potter from shine give me.

Something. everybody who has glasses Harry Potter. what is up with that what up how's it. going it's going good Daryl how you. doing. our number two with a 3X on it I call. that a six so congrats to the winners I. haven't spoken this much in a long time. so be careful with me uh do you pick. your outfit or did they pick it for you. they pretty much pick it for me so 5231. winners grew with more than four. thousand six hundred years one I forgot. how much I have to talk wow more like of. course it's the glasses nobody calls me. linguine from the movie Ratatouille now. do they I mean with this blonde hair I. would hope at least for one Draco Malfoy. Joy I got nothing nothing you look more. handsome that's the point you know. that's the point. wish you could like and of course. welcome newcomers if any questions about.

The game of questions let me know in the. chat it's gonna be a good day I can feel. it. because we got some number two again no. top of that but it'll do that'll do pig. that'll do congratulations and enjoy. so it's a start it's a start you know. it's good it's good. it's good so so can't see how many. winners just because there's too many of. you joining us here anyway good luck. last couple seconds and the Banning time. is over thank you said let's see how. it's gonna go honestly I've got high. hopes and a very high blood pressure I. had some really strong espressos so. don't judge me. and I get at least wait for a few hours. then we can talk. three example. well it's not looking like a virgin. coming just yeah about a bank no mistake. we are landing on. number two again what can I say those. twos are on oh yeah congratulations and.

Enjoy your filthy rich now woohoo. so we've got how many winners. any second now. yeah there's just too many players doing. oh yeah we've reached the limit 20 000. players on a Monday. y'all got nothing better than I'm. kidding I'm kidding no events I don't at. least I'm not alone at least I'm not. alone good luck. so yeah if any questions let me know in. the chat but please don't be rude. otherwise I will be more sassy if that's. even possible anyway we got a fight with. the 2x on so let's hope for the best. really. well it's not a five but it is. a number two four twos in a row. everybody get on that two train. congratulations and enjoy the winners uh. gonna give a big win like Santa what a. coincidence. a 5130 winners top player with 655 years. wonderful job so anytime again you get. the drill welcome newcomers what you.

Doing my job apparently uh no more bets. thank you very much and good luck to. everybody so let's just see what's going. on honestly I've got no idea that's the. point no one knows it a Campbell you win. some you lose sometimes just how the. country crumbles and it do crumble. 25x on Pachinko now you've got my. attention. do it better I'd rather not Dan. someone has to be the horrible host and. that's just my profession so like it or. not I'm here for the rest of the session. and we gonna see a lot of each other. number two congrats enjoy. so how many winners uh 5084 top player. with more than 926 years so great job. can the hosts give advice on living. underground with mole people oh at least. you didn't say Leisure people then it. would have been a different conversation. all together. does anyone still believe in the fact.

About the lizard people or. good luck to Everybody Let's see if it's. gonna go but more people I've not heard. of that you know and it's not like a. lemon to a rock no pun intended good. luck. I mean I mean good luck hi handsome. hello lamb sewn hello hello hello how. are you doing if you have any questions. let me know we can get real. philosophical up in here you know. I think it's true I'm a mole person. playing from my underground Hut well I'm. glad that you got WiFi you know that's. good number five for the first time in. the session I'm working on two five what. a way to make okay six thousand and. forty five winners top player with 874. years great job I live in a sewer Under. Las Vegas. damn. yeah I think Las Vegas is quite a nasty. place to visit not in the sense of the. people or whatnot but of the perhaps.

Environment I don't think it's going to. be the cleanest place to visit of course. I've never been there so. uh you were the worst I have seen well. honey you've got you've seen nothing yet. I'm just getting started let's number. one so yeah if you feel like it's not. going that well take some time off and. go on some later but gamble responsibly. okay ladies can spin better it's not a. competition on who can spin better it's. a gamble number two everybody. congratulations and enjoy the winners. worst strange looking host I'll take. that I'll take that not too many. compliments these days 4 615 winner shot. player with a 600 year win oh please so. bad in town welcome newcomers. what do you have against the bonus. nothing we just have to land on it you. know realize most of the wheels covered. by numbers henceforth they will appear.

More often it's all about probability. Hunter it's all about probability and. change but good luck. 20 excellent have fun go to roulette. but as you can see I'm not I'm not there. oh no man well it's not a casual. but it is gonna be the number one we. haven't had a one in one two three four. for six let's say nine rounds it's been. nine rounds not without a single one so. congrats to the winners either way 3382. and the top player with a 500 800 no 583. I can't talk yeah so yeah welcome. everybody any question. in your questions okay no more bets hope. y'all are ready for Christmas I pretty. much bought everyone the Christmas. presents that I have planned too at. least you know so that's good I'm happy. about that now I just gotta wrap them. which will be the most fun part of it. all. I like your hair thank you it was really.

Painful to get a look like this uh does. this House have any magic powers like. gypsy. because I'm a gypsy Turner apparently. not that's number one again so it could. be more could be something different. either way congrats are you coming with. me I might steal your clothes and wear. them if they fit me 3 324 winners top. played with almost 300 years. remember it's only our first session. together so the night is so young and. throw them on. well by all numbers I don't know. sometimes it just is like that there's. nothing I could do to change it if we. land a bonus we'll lay in the moment. that's just it you know good luck. you will never be rich with these games. but if you enjoy it better pay for it. well remember this is more for. entertainment purposes not as your main. source of income uh number two congrats.

To the winners and George so yeah don't. gamble with money you cannot afford to. move so Rudolph the Rednosed Arena had. a very shiny ghost yes yes he did in the. past tense 4020 two winners top player. with a 600 win I haven't seen you for a. while that's because I was on vacation. you know. enjoying the winter wonderland number. bats I even went to the countryside to. visit my parents which was fun so yeah. made some gingerbread cookies. watch a lot of Christmas movies even. yesterday I watched what did I watch. Guardians of the Galaxy Avengers. Infinity War Avengers end game and a. Black Adam 2x on threesome I did not. enjoy the movie Black Adam. really bad it was so bad so. ladies and gentlemen the time has come. for us to go flip some coins so you're. ready let's go. just don't slip out. uh blue side red side blue says the.

Complex take a look. we've got. two on red seven on Blue then it's. something so we want the color to Blue. this time around wish you good luck here. we go. and just like that ladies and gentlemen. that's a lovely color. congratulations enjoy the wins it ain't. much but it's not a sport and it's. better than the alternative so 8 419. winners Juwan with a four thousand year. one beautiful are you Scottish me. Scottish I don't think so. no no I'm laughing I wish I was Scottish. y'all would need subtitles that is for. sure no more bets I like the Loch Ness. monster a legend good luck to everybody. nothing more than a 10x review how about. a virtual hug you have a good Scottish. accent uh you wrote a question Mike is. that meant to be as a question or more. of a statement. speaking of a statement we got a number. one everybody congratulations and.

Enjoying the winning wonderful job. oh we've got can the host tell origin. story like Batman Origin story of who. myself it's a very sad story I don't. think you want to hear it so yeah great. job can't see how many winners because. there's just too many we've reached your. limit. and last couple seconds saw the man in. terms of it thank you welcome newcomers. welcome everybody joining us here so if. any questions let me know. my name is Rudolph your host for this. session so for better for worse you are. stuck with me yay you behave yourself. is that it meant to be as a serious. question I don't understand I don't. understand 3x on cash and I don't. understand. so what no. ladies and gentlemen that's going to be. a number two Jonas Brothers. congratulations to the winners. so we've got how many winners. 4195 top player with 1200 years.

Wild Donald. that was very good you gotta admit you. just got you got it. number bets thank you good luck I'm too. high on coffee y'all can't tell me. nothing good luck uh you definitely. lived in Scotland at some I I really. haven't I just seen too much uh How to. Train Your Dragon and Shrek movies. that's it. that's all. so yeah you better get that ready you. know. well the fun is just big on it's another. coin flip yo well best of luck we've had. one already well let's see. wait welcome back so we've got blue side. red side red side looking up. well magic mirror on the wall 10x on red. blue with a tree and I wish you good. luck so we want the color red this time. around everybody's cream bread. and just like that that's a beautiful. 10x multiplier congratulations. congrats to the winners wonderful job. and enjoy so we've got.

7657 winners to our player with the. winning two thousand years one wonderful. job and spending time again for the last. couple seconds. yeah you can go for autoplay I don't. know numbers depend on the bonus games. it's up to you just gamble. responsibility. cute what can the host give advice on. keeping the jackals or at Bay I've heard. the words I just don't know what it. means 3x on Chris Tom. uh what do you guys usually do when in. the break room what break room. I do not know what you speak of owl jump. scare that's a Pachinko let's go. welcome back. let's take a look at those wires what. are we expecting okay starting off with. a 5x we also have 7 10 15 20 35 40 100. 100 100. there can be a hundred percent. 99 don't believe in you all it takes is. that one so let's hope for that 100x. good luck. yeah we're not that close to 100 but a.

30 will do 35.. I believe that's the second biggest. multi up in this place. 9558. top layer GI Joe with more than 5 000. years one die. kins welcome back hi electman now I can. take credit I really cannot you know. whatever happens happens as I always say. right place for our time another bad. thank you very much good luck everybody. so here we go. Jackal took over my Village but I Will. Survive you will survive I like you will. someone has to it's not easy break room. as in what you what. do y'all do one host switch well we. don't necessarily have a break room. it's not like that especially number two. I mean I don't know get some coffee. whatever you prefer congratulations to. the winners we've got how many. 5072 top layer Gio with a 600 Yuen come. they told me. I am a poor boy. double bets I have no gifts to bring pot.

Um. and I forgot the rest. number one. I haven't added toast in a really long. time gotta be honest. so yeah your favorite number is two I. don't have a favorite I like them all. number two. congrats don't I don't have a favor I. really don't so congrats to the winners. we've got. 5244 top layer with a 600 hero win it's. a betting time plays the bed switch it. up and have fun definitely get some. snacks and say hi today. take a vacation you need I already did I. just came back from vacation that's. that's too much you know that's too much. that's enough slices good luck to. everybody let's see what else with the. lamb would be nice to get a cash one or. another for changing Carol. 2x increase time go back to Vacation. yeah well not not yet. I'm scared of less. the Loch Ness monster you know. well. another one we haven't had a Wonder like.

Five fish rounds so great job until the. win's not the first or last time we get. close to the Bone so deep breaths. well we've got how many winners. can't tell can't tell there's just too. many but yeah where is the tab moderator. are you here. anyway I've been in times over thank you. good luck. so last Pachinko was a 40x 40 energy. please. more energy be careful what you wish for. honestly can you play Crazy Summer stuff. I do not I do not drink some number five. I spent a fortune on Christmas presents. so no no no take my energy please that's. not how that works you know. but anyway I mean we getting close to it. not dead but we'll get there eventually. and number one again so we got two ones. in a row could be more could be. something. foreign. let's go. it's time to roll. thank you. follow me. time to get to get back to the wheel.

Welcome welcome back guys with a 3135. winners last year the first place we're. at Gordon's house and catch a new. betting. Timex and total congratulations. whenever you see two hotels are more in. the streets You'll Never Land on a hotel. excuse me. if you're one of the prediction is that. darling as no no we have done that and I. do believe so you can do it again and. there is no sponsor inside us come on. where's my IQ episode. I'm so welcome guys in case you have. some questions let me know naturally. never happens honey for real no it has. happened definitely have happened I just. wanted to have the segments guys by. number two. on the number is segment payout to. record number to cover its segment plus. next events return so 1750 Cent if. you're saving two to one now being some. St John are the first ones but also Mr.

Man I'll play what do you say would she be ready to go to the city really soon again as like you were drinking all the time something some energy booster so yeah do it do it Mr Monopoly is my boosting back up the energy so he'll be ready to run around the city right through my fire good luck well it never happened the whole day yesterday really I don't know I wasn't here yet sorry no I was here yesterday was I I don't remember all the days are insane for me actually but yeah I want Sarah today I think also at number two two one bless her initial bets 1806 winner is big I got a first place in top with a bedding time also chances to last year was ladies and gentle number 10.

Here we go again. my name is merlina feel free to call me. Mary and I'm going to be with you over. in this fashion show for amazing tablets. which will be approximately 20 more. minutes during Rachel's trying to chase. after and missing Creeks actually as. we've had already obstacles every. segments except number 10.. my very shop in your mouth body. hey I saw the wheels slowing down or. falling out by the winning outcome which. applies to be the segment's way to. number two thank you for playing and. congratulations of course. that's the 1036 winners big hands we had. a first place I mean that would make. sense big hands nickname is having the. first places on top quite often so the. big hands you're grabbing out a big. winnings right. that makes sense how does to remember. you guys are you sure for the segments.

Covers different amounts of them in. place than a wheel so it makes an odds. and a possibility for it to apply so. please remember that this is all about a. possibility. also before it's all about believing as. well. you're working for the whole day yeah. for the long long day today. number two takes place I mean somebody. doesn't work right there so you need to. rest sal mean while work. 176 winners big hands gone and be scared. persons in itself but Mom's gonna be. adjusted up her left side and top of the. pin's body you can find the table limits. guys. really really enjoyed them I'm telling. you. guys keep moving on last four walls guys. were 20 asex 28 makes over the last four. of all three hats good luck. and uh when the last roll the last row. of the blood four rounds ago and that. was a two rounds of the 10x outcome as.

For a decision we've had a two rolls and. also the four Rose bone starts but by. this bar stop we're gonna segments. covering with the number number two. takes place big snap drunk guys. attendance. 1621 Victory leave bacon okay the first. one's in the top more than towels and. catch the first place. if you would have a chance to choose. guys to have an unlimited access for the. chocolate where unlimited access for the. Ice Spring during all your laptops why. don't you rather choose. good luck everybody. can't sleep want to play with in your. session because I missed a lot during. your session. but remember it's also needs a rest okay. you need to rest to get a faster vacuum. feet to get a full recovery also the. number two. congratulations. 1763 winners Big health and base their. information on limited access to you all.

Come on thank you Dad wants to the given. options that was sneaky I will choose. you oh guys. such a one Zion I'll start to blast what. you got to do man if you'll have like. one little walking Red Tomato face here. good luck and enjoy and I mean I. appreciate it that ice cream and. chocolate oh really. quite sweet then seems like I am but. then seriously guys are slowing down and. running for anybody else count data. flies to feed the thing between the. number guys check it out stews are. getting wild number two. in Row 1 828 winner is big hands first. slice or more than 300 catch in a. betting last two and a four balls I'm in. high the last two rolls apply to be the. 10x last four balls 28x. having unlimited access to use Heaven ah. really I'm not sure about that I could. be annoying as well. especially when I cannot decide about.

Something you know when somebody is ask. me what are you gonna eat I'm like I. don't know it's like what do you read it. like that or that I don't know so I. don't know if it's really like that and. as long as you have the segments by the. number guys jumping out of the numbers. two is number five applies. congratulations. standard 16 winner is Big so that's. gonna help our first ones we didn't care. what you were saying Hey Y'all. sweetheart darling you're having a kind. of recession some of the person so. obviously they do care what they're. saying but if we are disturbing you you. do have the mute button upper right side. on top of the screen you'll be able to. find some your body and you're more than. welcome to use it and then we'll not be. disturbing you as I'll not get offended. or nothing nodding at all though okay.

You can put the music or something in. background as I wish okay that's right I. need to rest that's why I'm here because. you are my right feeling better with. cheers I mean okay as long as it is like. that so I'm selling as long as it is. like that it's okay fair enough but take. care of yourself okay the most common. segments guys that's a number one buy a. 938 the winner leave the first place for. you Shelby I care keep quiet on Dawn. sweetie we're always showing your sweet. sides from time to time you know they're. just like acting all cool did you don't. care about me okay good job. you think being that there is annoying I. think it's really cute and shows you. have a brain oh. I mean I don't know I just have a. feeling that that is annoying you know. because I know that it triggers myself. that I never choose because like.

No okay maybe there are the questions. for each I can choose but mostly inside. that serious though yeah. as well as the moment to driving. actually I'll stop that. okay we got a number one number one. takes the place you know Kaiser I'm not. allowing you to drive anymore after that. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you. thank you. thank you. foreign. thank you. thank you. foreign. foreign. thank you. thank you. thank you. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you. thank you. thank you. foreign. foreign. part of the game. two extra number two everybody so good. luck. seven about his coin flip was rubbish. not exactly only the last two have been. the lowest resolved all the rest of them. were the highest out of the two so I'd. have to disagree with you there another. one. congratulations to the winners we've got. 2711 top player with one of 400 years.

One so great job Benning Tom you know. the drill so last seconds hello. newcomers as well hello there hi how you. doing and I'm about to thank you. there's some weird comments inside you. know besides the death threats that I'm. pretty much used to by the way we're. going for another span let's go. something happened you want me to cry. because I can drive Forex number five I. don't think it'll lighten up the mood. Tower and maybe many things but a coward. it's one of them. look and ladies and gentlemen that's. gonna be a beautiful 4X out of five. that's the 20. that's a 20 right there. y'all rich now so congrats to the. winners uh and my thumbs up have fun. hello guys glad to see you my name is. Robson right about now in this beautiful. Monday I will spin the wheel for you. so. uh let's start with the basics right.

Without uh play because that option is. the best one ever and guys let's go for. more let's go let's go let's go time is. money we need money so good luck see you. uh love of sorcery wow I don't know such. love I don't know such a love but that's. a pretty interesting topic to be honest. uh here we have 10 starting with the 10.. 10 for you then for me then for everyone. so yeah 101 players please and more than. 4.3 000 players will get money three. thousand for that top winner 1.6. thousand second best with one point two. thousand as a third one. uh ice you are supposed to know these. things no but I don't know definitely. not me. somebody else maybe but not me not me. buddy. two complicated questions but put it. that way way too complicated buddy ask. me something simple hey Rich hey buddy. we got two eggs on number five two x on.

That five so can we get that five for. you or maybe something else which will. pay you equally maybe even coin flip who. knows right so coin flip it is coin. flippy days Ready Steady flipping coin. flipping coin flipping coin. so what do we have over here we have. three on a blue and also 15 on the green. uh green all right can we start with the. red. yep there you go 15 eggs from the coin. flip thank you greenside I'm just. kidding good job guys keep it up keep it. up and as I can see we have more than. 6.8 000 players with money 2.4 000 4G. 2.3 thousand second between. 1.6031 you will you thought it's a green. one result right uh I'm not the only one. thankfully thankfully but no that was. the red side yeah I don't know why I. said green. all right guys good luck with this one. stay safe. how was the weekend. check the World Cup.

I guess you did right. maybe it will be any cash controllers. who knows for EXO number one by the way. and this looks like a number two number. two number two number two. to one payout on your side. this one kept you in the game nice. almost 4.4 thousand plays with money one. point two thousand it's a top Point more. than thousand second best win and good. job keep it up let's go for more. so guys did you check the World Cup oh. not really because I did yeah. some interesting games we had over there. really interesting games. this one will be the one. we'll see about that we'll see about. that the 50 next is more than the seven. total times of the coin flip with the. Rudolph session. wait a second new how much you got then. okay guys we got number two right now. seven coins to explain less than my corn. flip covers that even possible more than.

Four point four thousand players who get. money 1.5 000 for the top winner 1.2 000. 4K 500 plus for Rubina guys let's go. again let's go again. even Pamela Anderson is more real than. this game where Paul Miller Anderson is. definitely a real person. can disagree a bit tall but still gold. right there's still gold uh seven extra. numbers so ladies and gentlemen seven. EXO number two so that should be easy 14. to one payout right. or maybe I have to make some steps. because Pachinko is on the way because. Pachinko we have our work here guys. let's go let's go let's go time is money. and you need the money right. okay I'm just kidding everybody needs. money so uh coins thank you for service. and here is the multiplier starting with. a three here we have five seven ten. fifteen twenty twenty five four three. all right four two fourteen looks good.

Guys good luck good luck hopefully you. will get all CX or maybe 25 definitely. not three right. never know you never know you never know. so a little little Lewis Hamilton give. me give me 40. let's start with 14.. thank you there you go. that's what I'm talking about. winning money for you more than 8.7 000. players will get money 5.9 000 48k 5.1. 000 for two more players that's pretty. decent pretty decent let's go tomorrow. let's go for more yay yay. Pachinko we still missing uh crazy some. cash gun let's go. say no more right. arm buddy what kind of uh. Farmland you have over there so I have. an egg some Pachinko guys there is no. Pachinko close we have something else. that something else looks like number. one. that something some something else looks. like one. all right. uh more than 3.5 000 players with money.

Two thousand foot top with almost 1.957. almost 310 best win. am I at all from Daddy ah no from edit. that I am that uh the wood you know. the booty parts. I don't remember his name but basically. that was the Buddha so yeah. Daddy don't remember to be honest we. kept serve an extra cash gun guys won't. be cash again can we open the doors. maybe no no keys no keys we got number. which is number number two. number two number two number two. maybe not low right two to one payout. anyway more than four point nine. thousand players with money two point. one thousand for the loophole BDS 620. plus a more than 400 third best win. let's go for more guys yep I want to. play that option hook okay you can place. the bets in advance and obviously ghost. could you join glad to see you all. welcome to the crazy time the apartment.

Simple as that right. all right guys good luck with this one. foreign. right nah. not now maybe something else probably. something else. uh looks like a number a landing the. number one. Landing the number one. more than 3.5 000 players who get money. and 800 for the top winner 650 4K almost. uh almost 300 seconds. and let's go again let's go again. foreign. X. I guess that's all by far. and some numbers. some numbers with the Top Shot as well. what do you mean by CR what is that. bonus Cristiano Ronaldo bonus right. okay number two number two number two. foreign. let's go again let's go again voice. command wow could be kind of cool. the wheel would have voice command right. I would say like seven eggs so not crazy. time we'll deliver crazy time thank you. look I almost worked so make some crazy. time. easy time voice control we need crazy.

Time. Now voice control is not available. at least we got five at least we got. five. all right guys. a compliment for every single one of you. who got money from the number five you. place the bets you got money right. simple as that let's go for more let's. go for more. show some energy how it can show energy. we need some voltage meter over here. okay. hey three eggs and a coin flip where is. cornflake voice control we need coin. flip. I told you we don't have any voice. control over here. at least not in my sessions I guess. same old number two save mode number two. bum bum. wow hello there so yeah compliments for. every single one of you who get money. from the number two more than 40 000. prove you're not collector I don't have. to prove anything his body. I don't have to prove anything but still. thank you. true that you are you're a real human.

I'm not. Sue action crazy time. it's like when you are let's say trying. to verify yourself and the robot is. asking you are you a robot. uh that's a one that's a one. more than 3.2 thousand players go get. money. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. two two three two. three. foreign. thank you. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you. foreign. foreign. thank you. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you. thank you. through. this. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you. foreign. thank you. thank you. foreign. foreign.

Foreign. thank you. oh my God. foreign. foreign. thank you. foreign. thank you. thank you. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you thanks. thank you. foreign. thank you. foreign. beautiful. Africa. welcome home. all right. now. what's up. foreign. what's up. thank you. thank you. foreign. foreign. thank you. thank you. foreign. foreign. foreign. straight chances will be nice. plot. on the flop. kind of a nuts not not nice but you know. what right let's finish this around. eight I don't know right well again what. was I mean lope here crabs. well let's hope that there's not gonna. happen any other player well we can. accept this is like another pair here. jargonate so higher combination Snowman. the other ones that are cool but it's. two bears. and newcomers welcome welcome hello. there. so let's try this one. Dragon seven so the opposite of Jack.

High. I mean straight yeah between those two. might happen sweet. it's lady bear dealer qualifies here. um eight and five so. hopes for you know that Jack has the. kicker but High chances for dealer to. get something on. Facebook well let's see. that's Jack and three well basically. nothing you won yes Jack is the kicker. and Junior congratulations always have. you know that was the seven kicker oh. someone kicked out six. foreign. cots. clean that six whereas this is. same as the uh straight. please. putting time. excellent after the days high. ER nice. so six and ten. phone is right maybe Ace matching can be. fine and the cloud flashing at the same. time Snowman and the ax dealer. definitely cool place something. and let's hope that there's not gonna. happen anymore except for yes you won. two players a higher one I mean because.

Of the eights congratulations. let's see oh thank you. we are having a number two. we have five eggs on that is nice. oh thank God we're good all right. comments congratulations right here for. Fernandez winners collection 108 and. beat this one. okay bye bye Max see you. thank you. squeeze. let's do some cheat codes holding here I. honestly well cool. I don't know like are you bragging. we have number five because I'm. unimpressed with dragging like I don't. know. I don't care too much so here we go. those are some nice Wings thank you very. well or is it yours or is it your. parents because there's a difference. all right guys a few seconds. because if it's her parents it's not. yours. you know. since you said you're still in college. you're probably very young. thing comes on it's their parents. what do you mean whatever let's hurt.

Some too. the same thing. I can send ORS. I know. and refer to their company's you know. head number one but it's not mine it's. like you know. one it is combines congratulations. right here thank you. I still like you. Lou you can be fine. no you can be nice if you don't talk. about absolute nonsense all the time. your parents house though doesn't make. you nicer I'm just saying that hi Jason. hello. all right guys Bank time's over. and there we go nice for me okay some. fun clip. not at all. no no one. it's a point of reference. your parents house or did I I might have. missed some chat line from you. we got number one as the next one. you need to write full sentences because. otherwise sometimes I can't understand. all right The Collector went away from. Vegas. congratulations to you temp next one. you're judging hello you have some.

Questions that are absolutely. natural light to Green feel free I just. love their game related of course Chad. is fair in charge. hello what's up. guys. I'm a real person do real stuff. outside. I know I don't know I don't think that. you're a robot. I just think what you say with a grain. of salt. obviously number one mostly I don't. believe anything anyone tells me to chat. just have the people here. excited they have Lamborghinis and they. win Millions every single Spin and I. don't think they're aware that I see the. amounts you win. good luck guys all right. so yeah I don't fully believe in any of. you in pure honesty. all the best. as long you shouldn't believe me. you know about any of the. personal things let's say I have not eat. here gee. I'm replaying truth or false like what. are you expecting. 92 I don't know how they look is it the.

Pickup truck because I think if you. drive a pickup truck you're a little. cooler than other people. number one so if that's a pickup then. you're a little. I like pickups number one. look later at seven 108 as well thank. you. 3.3 thousand meters thank you. foreign. guys. all the cheap but it's not a pickup. is it a pickup. all right so close actually Mustang is. my dream car sort of create some coins. like but not the new new one because I. know I think the new ones are quite ugly. for my personal preference I like the. older ones. either super old because the ones as. well a little before 2000 are awkward. number five. all right my congratulations foreign. you can pick up girls in it but thank. you. girls like pickup trucks lifter you have. to know. get yourself a pickup truck. can pick up more girls with that. all right guys good luck let's hope.

Just an advice. nice advice I know I'm just you know. all the best for you guys. number five. all right congratulations to you oh. someone said well LOL she's the attitude. The Collector you know what my mom said. there's basically nobody from Latvia is. going to marry me because No One's Gonna. Be Ready to put up with this attitude so. I have to look for someone from another. country. everyone Best Buy so you're sort of. right about the attitude. good luck. my perfume currently I have some random. one because two extra points like just. some fresh one but I like I was using. YSL black opium for years but I'm sick. of it I can't use it anymore number one. so I'm actually searching for a new. perfume and I can't find anything. so number one is here thank you so much. enjoy wins. and let's go for the next one. okay now I did find one.

It's like some Arabic perfume they did. cost like almost 400 euros I was like. 400 euros for 30 mils. I'm not convinced. all right guys. haven't tried wine Diamonds by whom 10x. on two. that is extremely expensive they're so. nice there's this one shop in Riga. that has all kinds of like I don't know. is it luxury perfume if it costs 400 I. guess. but they have such nice perfumes and. they're not like basically disgusting. sweet they're just like very nice they. collector mysterious when I write 12 4.3. Transporters good luck so I'm sure that. one day I'm gonna go there now baby like. you know what Take My Money Take My. Money. all right guys. because yeah I do expect that you put it. on once and then you. I don't know. smell good for three days. if that's a 400 Euro perfume those are. my expectations. why Atlanta oh it sounds like it's not.

What I like you know what I've noticed. all the perfumes are like are either in. black or dark red. um. perfume bottle I don't know why it's. always that. so here we go against three thousand. pizza winners collection 108 today. I'm not German no. all right two seconds. but yeah I haven't really been sniffing. perfumes well in a long time I did I. like the Tom Ford Cherry as well. but yeah I I couldn't decide. basically finding a perfume is extremely. annoying time consuming and frustrating. at least for me. and we have number two. congratulations collector 108 and draw a. swap so thank you on to next one. into songs if this is as strong as I can. I don't make long so I want to know okay. why are you coming with my friends. oh come on John come on. all right guys I'm having the last one. with you as well I will leave.

In a moment. gee ladies and gents I'm Gonna Leave You. with a coin flip with a Forex no that's. not ain't too shabby. all right hello and welcome back ladies. gentlemen on our last one. we got pretty nice and Forex so times. four right so 16 is 16. um the highest one on red clearly as we. all see good luck. perfect nice this is what I'm saying. advice with please enjoy 60x I'll see. you later if you'll be a caring handsome. byebye. byebye. hey I'm back so last couple seconds wish. you good luck everybody. let's go so welcome newcomers welcome. everybody back to Crazy time my name is. Rudolph your host of the session number. bats Mr Potter to you and good luck so. yeah don't forget about autoplay but I. don't know numbers but on the bonus game. without you just gamble responsibly. welcome uh back bro do you have a good.

Break uh sure 5x on five. uh so let's see how it's gonna go nice. jacket thank you I got it at a thrift. shop I did not that's a lie we're sure. enough strong that's a coin flood back. to back to be honest so good luck let's. hope it's gonna be as good as if not. good I don't know so let's just hope for. the best red side blue side we had like. six of these last session so what do you. know. well we've got 25 on Blue format I am. hoping for the color blue Barbie color. blue so good luck to everybody. and that's how you do it 25x ladies and. gentlemen congratulations. what about how many. how many C5 top player The Collector. Charles with 26 000 years on one of them. uh can Rudolph give me credit for fixing. cavity and head no. but I do like your approach but that's. because thank you good luck my hero I. can be your keyboard way but good luck.

So let's see let's see last session we. didn't get a single cash on or crazy. time but it is what it is okay 10x on. number 10 that will be beautiful that. would be truly beautiful. um. number two number two everybody well. congrats to the winners by the way. Santa looking for you is he now we've. got. 5182 winners the Charles with a three. thousand one beautiful so yeah if any. questions let me know in the chat just. don't remove the last one was a 25x. multi Sam. I just had another kind of a coffee. drink that was a bad decision on my part. but we had some marshmallows at work so. I decided why not and now I am. regretting it so let's hope I do not. pass out and my heart does not give out. okay okay X number ten I can kiss away. the pain you can take my breath away. well and my breath is gone because it's. another question we just can't get.

Enough of them let's go. well good luck to hammer money let's see. so blue Saturday said you get the point. let's take a look at those multipliers. so joining us we've got. a little Forex on red seven blue. something is something let's hope for. blue good luck. and just like that it's a 7x it ain't. much but it's honest work and it's. definitely better than the alternative. you're rich you're rich 8 379 winners. Charles with an 8 000 year one they're. beautiful so betting time all yours last. couple seconds let's see what's gonna. happen tonight. so the bad in time is over thank you. very much please gamble responsibly you. know get some snacks. I don't know make some fruitcake or. gingerbread cookies do you have Magic. Touch I know I think it's just regular. what color is your Bugatti can we not. can we just not.

Please it's bad enough he's back on. Twitter okay. good luck. and for this round joining us she is the. number two congrats to the winners and. enjoy. loving it so we got how many winners. 5743 the top layer Charles with three. thousand uh you're a win so betting time. please let me know the time okay I guess. that's not a question from me. yeah I'm having a stroke no need to call. the ambulance. if you have any questions let me know in. the chat just don't be rude otherwise I. will sing and that is not a threat but a. promise with a good time. X number one. does hosts have tips for Andrew Tate I. don't even want to talk about him no no. way. please sing. be careful what you wish for careful. what you wish for and that's gonna be a. number two yet again look at that we are. getting those twos like it's a I don't. know a discount on Black Friday uh.

Congrats. we've got. 5563 winners Charles once again three. thousand one quite beautiful quite. beautiful so last seconds and good luck. watch some Christmas movies in the. background if you feel like it with the. autoplay option that is possible. and yeah I've seen quite a lot of. Christmas movies actually a few days ago. I rewatched my favorite Christmas movie. and no it is not home alone my favorite. Christmas movie is the Family Stone it. is so good I cried three times during. the movie. and then I'm not ashamed if anything I'm. proud so if you want your feelings. felt watch that movie number one for the. first time in the session and there. hasn't been one for like seven eight. around great job. uh last coin flip was a 25x multi and. we've got how many winners. can't see how many winners because. there's just too many of y'all wonderful.

People join us we are at capacity on a. Monday. I'm kind of scared what would happen on. a weekend so good luck anyway oh yeah 7x. before that was a 25 mob app which movie. The Family Stone the Family Stone it. stars uh what's her name uh Sarah. Jessica Parker Rachel McAdams. uh what's your. Diane Keaton also very good in the movie. another very it's a very it's 2005 I. think it came out like. early 2000s Christmas movies are the. best and number five by the way. congratulations Jordan. and what is story of that what do you. mean the story I don't want to get into. the details you can look it up. yourselves so great job excuse me 5538. winners very nicely done last seconds. as the hose able to reverse page because. he's been because he's Frozen in time I. can't tell if that is a pickup line or. what but I like it okay more of that.

Good luck. what's your local newcomers welcome. everybody. the technique is obvious there ain't no. technique I may be pretty but I'm not. all that smart Okay so understand that. and that's gonna be a beautiful number. five again congratulations enjoy. 6108 winners Charles with a six thousand. year to win so betting time to walk into. placements again on what you suspect. that we will land on not so much as what. you want in to Lana but it is up to you. guys y'all are grownups you know what. you're doing I hope so back to close. thank you good luck crazy time is coming. I don't know I would like it too. good luck. and here we go. foreign. welcome back so let's take a look at. those uh multipliers please. the lowest mountain for this round is a. 3X now we also have 5 7 10 15 20 100. double okay well there's a lot to go for.

Of course the 100x would be really nice. so good luck 100x on the line here. so how are we doing. can I panic yet. oh I should start panicking 15x at least. come on now. no no no come back oh you did it oh you. did it that hurt. oh that's gonna work. well 10 187 winners Charles with a 4 000. you're winning well. maybe another one it is let's hope we're. back to back with the top something. maybe. number bats thank you good luck and. welcome new careers to Crazy time hi my. name is Rudolph your host for this. session. for better for words to stuck with me so. let's make the most out of it shall we. I really should not have had that coffee. 10x on crazy time that would be lovely. you sleep well actually when there is a. full moon outside I do not sleep all. that well. maybe I'm a werewolf phone number no. I'll never know.

You have got. that was close. anyway congrats. at this point I would be okay if my. heart gave out great job I mean it is it. is. gotta move on last seconds at least it. wasn't at 50x that would have been an. even tougher pill to swallow bets close. good luck. say that's what happens when there's. only one crazy time on the entire wheel. okay. 10x on number five I hate you join the. club honestly I'm I bet there's a lot of. y'all who hate me. but for this round looks like the wheel. is laying on the number. 10 for the first time not bad not bad. congratulations to the winners and joy. so we've got how many winners. can you say hi to Gargamel from The. Smurfs I didn't know he was playing 5920. winners top player with 11. 000 years one that's a lot of money it's. the last couple seconds good night good. luck. so Banning time is over thank you unless.

It was gonna happen next fingers crossed. yay for that you know so she's a maniac. I mean yeah. everybody last pachinka was a 3X hi. Rudolph's hello again Dora hello how you. doing. number one number one everybody. congratulations and enjoyed so how many. windows. store meat from shoe. who says I got shoes maybe these are. made from PlayDoh I don't know congrats. to the winners can't see how many. because there's just we're in capacity. the last couple seconds please gamble. response of everybody okay do not gamble. with money you cannot afford to lose in. case of any issues with the payouts. contact Live support go to the chat. press on the button that looks like. headphones and inform them about your. situation. foreign. problem I don't understand what you're. talking about you don't have shiny nose. budget cuts Iggy can't afford to.

Let's see what happens now. that's another one DJ Khaled two wins in. a row last session we had like seven. wins in a row I lost count to be honest. so we've got how many winners. can't see as I said we are at capacity. right now so we kind of oh never mind. 3511 winners top player with a 2 000. human look at you girl look at you girl. that's that any questions. tough crowd just like pulling teeth over. here come on good luck. I'll give you my sister if you spin. crazy with Papa Iggy I cannot be bought. okay for example number two. but which sister I'm kidding. no for realsies whatever happens happens. you know there's no life hack to this. stuff it's a Gamble. another one three wins in a row I mean. they do often travel in a pack of Threes. could be more it could be something. different either way congrats we've got.

3551 winners and Charles once again with. the 2000 uh Euro win so Splendid job. looks like you want one. it doesn't matter what I want what I. want is for Christmas with a lot of snow. but when I was visiting my parents on. the countryside my mom said there is a. chance it might rain on Christmas Eve. and that I do not want. so let's hope for that to change. 4 Exile increase time will be nice. the electric side on your Ops I wasn't I. didn't understand none of those words. oh now it's too strong huh now it's too. strong I'm too strong I'm Macho Man you. know Macho Macho Man I Wanna Be Your. Macho Man 3 566 winners Charles with the. 2001. if it don't land it don't land. nothing we could do about it gotta move. on here I gotta move on. last seconds good luck. you never hit Tops on man so it's not a. surprise have you been president on my.

Sessions yeah that's what I thought. it really depends you know I can't. always align the wheel with the top top. but we can try we can try. oh you want someone else where you're. gonna have to wait to actually increase. them because that's just how it works. that's just how it works nice acting I. didn't go to acting school so this is. all natural honey and a number two so. the streak of the ones is over congrats. to the winners and enjoy. sir we've got how many winners uh 4 628. top layer Charles with a 3 000 Euro win. betting Tom once again plays the bets if. you want to if you don't like me for. some reason that's okay just take a. break and win until the next Source. arrives problem solved doesn't mean you. can be nasty to me because I will start. to sing. not a threat we're no strangers to load. and so do I 25.

When making commitments but I'm thinking. on it wouldn't happen with any other guy. I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling. what 25x on a two that's a 50 right. there. thank you thank you Thompson and enjoyed. whoa so we got how many winners. how many I really want to see the. winners list but there's two money okay. more than four thousand top player with. 51 000 years one I think it's a great. job. I just want to tell you how I feel. that Scott I'll make you understand. Never Gonna Give You Up Never Gonna Let. You Down never gonna run around desert. you never gonna make you cry and I'm. gonna say goodbye never gonna tell a lie. and hurt you. I'm out of breath honestly it's not. I'm a bit out of practice and number one. everybody number one congratulations. enjoy. this guy is an amazing voice like a. gypsy girl thank you but I'm not in.

Gypsy but I'll take it as a compliment. not too many of those these days so. great job more than three. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you. foreign. foreign. foreign. thank you. thank you. thank you. foreign. foreign. thank you. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. everybody. foreign. foreign. thank you. foreign. okay pulling up shall we by the right. side by the way guys there is a game. statistics where you can check the last. shooting segments where you will have. tabs the last four World Series. darling unfortunately there is a tag. School. so that the multiplier but that was a. 10x in total. followed by the winning segments for the. number and that is the number two so. thanks for the game congratulations. as the. 163400 is Big the first place for you I. didn't know they could take your. winnings back. yeah well unfortunately that is how the.

community just and a chance. if there could be either the Colossal. multipliers either that might as well as. far depends on an orange shape if there. can be some. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign. foreign

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