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Hey Sugar Rush 1000 but today we're. climbing the craziest bonus by ladder. starting with a $55,000 bonus we're then. advancing to a 6 9 10 12 15 18 20 21 24. 25 ending with a. $35,000 bonus we're literally climbing a. ladder of Bonus Buys until we get to the. most expensive one and shut up juicy. let's get into the first bonus SP $5,000. bonus buy to. begin I had to come back here I had to. come back here we've done some of our. most expensive sessions of the year on. this game and it's it's been some pain. it's been some pain our return to player. definitely should be up and it's looking. like it right now holy cow what a tumble. what a tumble mate excuse me sorry I. know my UK viewers get offended when I. say mate because it doesn't sound UK. enough so let me I'll work on it mate. sorry here we go here we go we're.

Doing pretty good we're connecting all. across oh my God I thought we were going. to get a bigger eggplant connection. there we're connecting like all over the. board this is. wild this is crazy did we just have 16. yeah we just have so many 16 X's bro. ooh I think that was our biggest single. hit yet oh yes oh yes oh yes I'm. currently clutching my left butt cheek. feels really comfortable right. now and let me turn the crackhead sugar. Rush music up a little bit more and see. if we can pop off Feel The Beat juicy. Feel The. Beat. Su two scatters man come on bro just. drop one. more I still not cash back I don't like. this I don't like this one bit the. amount of tumbles we. had okay we're good we're chill we're. chill we're chill I'll take it back we. chill as hell welcome to the juicy. YouTube channel we have an absolutely.

Juiced video in store for us we're doing. the sweet Bonanza 1,000 bonus by ladder. where we just go up and up and up and up. until next thing you know it you look. back we're doing a $30,000 bonus buy we. got a lot of stories a lot of Goofs and. gaffs to share so take your seat grab. your beverage or maybe you're not. drinking beverages grab a but just make. sure you have a beverage eventually okay. just just so you guys know if you don't. drink water you can die all right very. very scary stuff. mhm let's go let's go. no bro I had the craziest night last. night I don't know about you guys but I. fall asleep on the couch way too much we. also have these like bean bag cushions. Called Love sacks they're just huge. freaking squishy bean bag. pillows bow of soft feathers and like. just just it that's why it's called the.

Love Sack okay. it feels like you're being hugged by a. koala bear or a very fuzzy bear a bear. that you would be like damn I choose. this bear to make me a warm fuzzy coat. right but yeah yeah yeah yeah I I'm. watching UFC last night I lose 20K on. the fights man I always do I it's. impossible man I wish I could look at a. piece of human meat and be like damn. that meat looks better than that other. meat I think that piece of meat's going. to take the win you know but every time. I bet on the piece of meat I lose now. these are like killer pieces of meat. don't get me wrong all right I know I. sound a little bit demeaning right now. but no we're all pieces of meat and. those professional UFC fighter pieces of. meat they're insane dude okay I'm not. I'm not roasting okay they're Natural. Born Killers we have to win bro we have.

To win we just rolled our $1,500. giveaway @ juicy on Twitter now X I just. won't stop calling it Twitter you know I. think that's fair I think that's fair. I'll stop calling it X once Elon can. figure out the corn spam okay once I can. actually read replies to a TW and not. see just big titties and is a day. I'll call Twitter. X but I want to start going crazy on. Twitter we got @ juicy so I'm hyped you. know we got the OG we the OG's but we. have a tal knife tiger tooth going on if. you're a little video game and you play. Counter. Strike man I wish counterstrike was. better I think we can all agree it's. such a split Community too because I A. lot of people are like come on give. valve some time but I'm like you have to. be delusional if you're thinking come on. give valve some time these guys have. been making millions off of the player.

Base forever opening cases forever. releasing basic skins you know just cash. grabs and then they drop a game that. nobody needed nobody asked for way too. early and now you could literally just. type in console commands to literally. get a wall hack and the hacks are insane. bro you're looking at someone in front. of you you and you get knifed in the. back it's an instant kill but like you. know they're literally breaking the. rules of the game you have a 200 bullet. in Nev while you can spray the whole. magazine in one second like there's no. excuse for a multibillion dollar game. Studio to be forcing out a shitty game. release you know it it it makes me sad. because that was my childhood I. dedicated my life to Counter Strike and. honestly it made me the man I am today. you know I am not juicy today without.

Counter Strike and maybe I also am not a. gambling addict yeah I'm sad I miss my. baby but I still play the game I don't. think I can ever quit Counter Strike. it's kind of like old school RuneScape. we have a $10,000 bonus coming up man I. swear it's not even possible to get. extra scatters you know three scatters. is all you're going to get by the way. we're negative 9.6k already it's kind of. crazy all things considered we started. three grand and profit and now we're on. our most expensive buy come on green. stars we get them for free oh look at. that coverage. damn oh my God no that's actually huge. what a tumble and then we get. the red Bears here now we already have a. 32 no no way no way yes bro that's spin. number. one edah horns for the gang that's. actually ludicrous no no no no no no no. no don't jump the gun on this but we.

Have several 32 no one 232s calm down. crackhead holy. come on man hopefully the tumbles. stay with us stay tumbling stay tumbling. stay. tumbling nice nice nice I was going to. say every dead spin I slam my desk until. my hand is broken damn that's no money. at all 64 though I will cry tears of of. uh salt right tears are salty I will cry. tears of salt if we cannot manage to get. a nice juicer here I've been screaming. into this mic for way too long. without any love. gam gam. D pragmatic. Play It's Over it's over they actually. did it to me I did maximum rug pole I. just got. rugged one more one more hit green. beans they're jelly beans they're not. even green beans all right that was. Despicable I mean I think we can all. agree we just got broad day robber we. didn't lose much money on the buy it's. just the principle meaning if I were to.

Ask you after the first spin that crazy. tumble is Juicy going to make some. profit here we already made back 5K on. the first spin I don't know I don't want. to complain that much okay but I do want. to complain this is outrageous shut up. juicy Sugar Rush. 1000 be real with me be real with. me $112,000 bonus let's go. boys let's make some. daero mhm mhm mhm biggest multi on the. board is an ax that's a two times. connection AKA nothing despicable adex. on the board no connection. oh I'm going to. explode I'm going to. explode how what the are we. watching what is this Shameless company. Shameless holy $122,000 bonus by. and I'm literally going to explode holy. yo catch me in World War III dude. I'm actually a bomb that's set. to detonate right now oh my. God this is outrageous man oh my God. fing hell man and I got fans of me.

Commenting bro I love your videos but. you talk about your balance too much. that's the whole point of gambling dude. I just lose 21 Grand what do you want me. to do smile and wave I feel I'm. literally sweating I I I've my body. fully rested is now in a full sweat. that's healthy come on. now good good good good good if we got. anything more than three scatters I'd be. like wait what's going on we winning our. most expensive bonus yet I need everyone. watching just just a cheeky little Papa. bless whether you're on the . whether you're in class you can whisper. it under your breath thank you so. freaking much dude your good Juju has. transcended the universe we will now get. our first win since our first. bonus let's go let's go man we're going. to get green starters here as well huh. okay it's all good we got pink balls.

Mhm good good good good. 966 huh. lovely lovely we're going to get the red. gummy bears here fantastic fantastic now. we get the golden. hearts. nice and Golden Bears Yes red. Bears uh it's good it's good we have 32. x's on the board now the issue is this. game goes dead or it just connects on. the other side of the board so we. greatly struggle we greatly struggle. near the last. half bro I swear when we first started. the juicy slots Channel Sugar Rush would. always clutch up in the final like one. or two spins this version of Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush 1000 I swear it's rushing us. out the door it's rushing us to the end. of the bonus it's rushing us straight to. anger let's see what we can do though. dead spins or are we winning 64x on the. board Double Dead spin what's going to. happen here eggplants paying out nothing.

No money at all okay then we're going to. get purpl here purple's good but still. not the juice. sir still not the. juicer ridiculous ridiculous this . is ridiculous we're negative. $27,500 okay okay by the way I want to. thank you guys so much our goal of. 100,000 subscribers by June it's insane. how far we've come and the fact that we. actually might hit 100K before June it's. very unlikely but that was our Dream 8. months ago and the fact that we're even. remotely close is living proof. that your dreams are literally one step. away whatever your brain can conceive. and believe it will achieve I know that. sounds stupid as what the hell is. that corny ass quote juicy for real dude. $188,000 bonus buy holy tits also aside. from subscribers everyone using my promo. code over on gamdom obviously not. everyone but so many of you guys juicing.

The living out of my promo code so. many different creators out there some. of them gambling with like $10 million. holy how do I compete with that. that doesn't seem real but. y'all still chose to use my code which. is just absolutely beautiful I. really do appreciate. it and I'm glad we're able to post the. most honest legitimate gambling videos. I've said this before I get sponsored. 18,000 credits per video every game D. video you see 18,000 it didn't start off. that high obviously once we found some. yes yes son the horns dude we. finally got the three scatters holy tits. yeah it obviously didn't start off that. high but now that we're getting like. 50,000 viewership averages . ridiculous the grind is paid off now we. get filled an insane amount per video. but then it makes you question like. there's creators smaller than me who.

Have $2 to3 million that're wagering. with like huh huh guys I can barely. afford the videos I'm doing now bro I'm. losing hundreds of thousands. consistently and I'm getting reset like. I'm losing all my month's work in one. video maybe two maybe three but you know. what I mean. when I'm doing 300K bonus openings. they're hard to sustain unless. I'm winning and so I don't know it just. puts into question all the other. promoters out there and I say this to. say yes there are plenty of honest. gambling creators they'll tell you their. deal and at the very least all the money. they're playing with is raw balance. that's the most important thing is it. raw balance because the issue arises. when you're getting paid to gamble so. much more money than you're actually. risking you know like the money we're. risking here if we lose it I'm not.

Withdrawing on game I'm not getting paid. for this video okay like we got. sponsored 18K this video but we lost. 27.5kg you guys for giving me the. opportunity to be the honest Gambler we. already do it in the Counterstrike. gambling space but 8 months the massive. success we found in the slot sphere. that's all you guys man real recognize. real we're doing good we're doing. actually so good with this buy. just entered profitability the only. issue is they keep dropping two scatters. which rubs me the wrong way all right I. want them to rub me the right way all. right two pumps of lotion a little. tissue Tish come on with goldens o guys. this could be insane this could be. absolutely Wicked here we go. here we go here we go here we go here we. go we have a 250 56 please touch that. 500 there it's all dead huh it's all.

Dead all my spins are. dead BL all my spins are dead push me to. the. edge 13k huge Hearts we get Hearts here. 3K not enough not enough somehow. anything it's all good it's all good. it's all good it is enough it is enough. I was lying just in case I have a rat on. my computer and pragmatic plays. listening to my voice to decide how they. should dictate the bonus I had to kind. of cap him out never let him know your. next move and that's why I say every. single video and most importantly on my. winning videos that I got lucky okay I. got lucky cuz I lose a lot more than I. win and that's just the reality okay and. I'm not saying this to say oh my God I'm. the only real Creator no there's so many. honest and fully transparent creators. and I love the out of them. okay we're going to be collabing with. them we're going to be doing some cool.

But just. be safe out there all right be. safe I just it breaks my heart the. thought that some people will be misled. and then actually put themselves in a. worse position cuz of. that but then on top of that all the. other content creators out there that. are dedicating their life to making the. best gambling videos yet they're. competing against people who have. unlimited you know what I mean. so they could just show up on the. microphone boom crazy video right versus. for us like we really got to stay doing. some crazy that's the only way we. get notoriety that's the only way we. gain. traction long Yap this is our $20,000. buy we only have one spin left holy tit. sweit holy tits final spin holy . gold here for sure 1.2k can we clutch. it oh my God per here and we come back. yes bro huge wait we haven't even okay.

We lost money this is where you guys can. point and laugh at me yep yeah I. understand yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I I. miscount miscounted guess our total. profit and loss right now we spent. 95,000 and we've won. $4,734 and now we're going for our most. expensive 21 $1,000 bonus hey if you're. enjoying today's video make sure you go. show some love on that like button bro I. might be done setting like goals I was. telling you guys about this 40in pizza. that has been on my mind for years and I. said 10,000 likes on today's video and. I'll pull the trigger I'll get the 40in. pizza okay we got 10,000 likes in like 2. hours $21,000 bonus buy thanks for the. love here we go my friend and then I was. like wait we just got like bed what the. and obviously that's cringe cuz I. don't want people to be like oh it's juy.

Light body you know like people actually. do that creators actually pay for fake. views fake likes usually to scam. sponsors like that's the technique right. oh my God I'm big YouTuber guys you. definitely need to get me for videos I. promote your casino and then boom he. scams the gambling sites all right but. what of you really wanted. to see me take 40 Ines down my. throat wait you guys really want . okay $21,000 bonus not coming back from. that one you all I'm saying is when you. look at the full YouTube dashboard and. you see all the stats side by side each. and every video it's clear as day like. we got bought unless one of you guys has. like 10,000 YouTube accounts and that's. just something you you do in your free. time you just keep switching accounts. 10,000 times to juice up your friend's. video then we definitely got like.

Boted either way though I didn't go. bowling that night I got like a panic. attack severe social anxiety and was. like crippled and I was like dude I. can't go because the issue was there's. 10 people bowling I don't know most of. them I don't know most of them and I. didn't want to get face plaster. drunk it was so late so late so then I. just start panicking you know I'm. getting Throwbacks oh my God it's Middle. School all over again I was just like. wait I'm just going to call him and say. I I want to. go and that's it was pretty. easy that's actually terrible our. most expensive bonus buy ends up being. our most expensive loss we're going to. go claim our rewards over on gamdom 840. bucks instant rakeback you guys can. unlock the Royale rakeback tier without. having to gamble $33 million like your. boy rewards over on gamdom special.

Offers type in promo code juicy juic Y. and you're good to go we give away. $60,000 every single month to users. under promo code juicy and I'll. elaborate on that later but on top of. that we also offer some insane sign up. bonuses over on BET juicy.com or little. game section but I'm going to stop. talking about that juicy okay sorry. listen the balance doesn't balance. itself. okay this is not all my money coming out. of my pocket I talk about this honestly. too much but I just I want to feel like. you guys have a friend in me and like. I'm not hiding anything cuz there's no. reason why any creators should be faking. this okay gambling is risky enough. bad enough as is they don't even need to. be gambling with these overtly insane. amounts of credits okay just use an. amount of money that you can actually. take out one to one you know it just.

Drives me nuts it drives me nuts but to. all the aspiring gambling YouTubers out. there is everyone. listening I hope you guys see where I'm. coming from and I hope you guys follow. in those same footsteps that's what the. community needs more of and it's always. needed more of that but sadly that's. just the way the world works man if it's. more efficient to give people these fake. deals then they're going to do that. every day especially when the person. you're working with doesn't actually. care about the they're promoting. Aiden Ross and like Steve W are a great. example of this like when you watch him. it doesn't even feel tangible nothing. feels feel real you're so disconnected. same with Drake right but then you watch. xqc and you can visually see the stress. you can see the risk that he has on the. line you know or the potential.

Opportunity of getting rich that . Works him up that's what we want to be. seeing that's what everyone wants to be. seeing but I'm sure you guys already. know this and ultimately it just comes. down to like those guys not giving a. they don't give a [ __ ] they see the. bag they're like yeah I'll take. it all I got to do is just click this. buy button buy 20K. bonus this was a terrible bonus by the. way holy man that would be a dream. gambling with xqc holy two. professional yappers at once dude that. would be Wicked $25,000 bonus let. freaking go holy freak by the way the. juicy up Discord that's where all the. homies kick it and chill and it's it's. also where we host some giveaways and. the VIP transfer we just launched it but. basically if you're VIP on say stake.com. for example you could be like look how.

Much money I gamble on stake when you. create the ticket and then gamdom will. be like okay come to gamdom it's better. and you can support. juicy and literally within a day or so. you'll get an insane welcome bonus so. you can get that VIP status switched. over to game. Dum stop doing double scatter my. R nice nice it's crazy how much dopamine. those pink balls get me when I see him. top symbol is no joke top symbol. definitely uh does wonders to your. dopamine receptors greens here huge what. is that 1.9k damn bro oh. balls yes 4.2k worth of balls dub dub. dub dub Hearts heart hearts yes perss. perss yes yes. balls oh. that's good that's good that's good four. spins. left come on. now sha my friend come on my. friend M we're so close to the cash back. [ __ ] [ __ ] guys what are we thinking. are we in the bag right now or is this.

Cap that was the most zomer ass sentence. I've ever uttered in recent years I. apologize I vow to never say that again. if it means you guys hitting the. Subscribe button I'll never say it again. just hit the Subscribe button wait. wait I have an announcement to make I. feel wronged I feel taken advantage of. there's still some of you guys who. haven't subscribed though 64% to be. exact that's a large percentage of you. guys who aren't subscribed we got a. $35,000 bonus here we go the craziest. Sugar Rush 1,000 video we've seen in a. while hopefully fingers crossed maybe I. can see the the Thousand can I see the. part of the the game that shows the. Thousand you know we've gotten to 512. 512 is half of a th000 we don't trust. you sugar rush 1 000 call me Kendrick. Lamar call me Kendrick Lamar the way I. be dropping them bars the way I be.

Moving them cars the way I be popping. them bars drugs I'm an ad yeah yeah yeah. yeah okay let's go let's go man holy. I tried to hit y'all with a little. freestyle oh my God call me juicy world. yeah okay let me pipe down let me pipe. down that hit got me really excited and. then the the juicy World line oh by the. way bet juicy.com we give away 40 grand. every to the top 10 highest Wagers 19.6k. to be exact to first place or the raffle. feature no other creator has developed. this to my knowledge but instead of only. giving money out to people who wager the. most money under my code basically. rendering all other less fortunate users. useless essentially like they don't get. those. rewards that's why we developed the. raffle leader board $20,000 given away. every single month and you get to watch. a live jackpot roll at the end of the.

Month you get to see if your avatar gets. picked 10 grand for the first place. prize obviously the more tickets you. have the higher chance you have this is. ridiculous wait holy how many dead. spins have there. been oh my God editor you need you need. you you need a dead spin counter there. cuz dude that was too many $35,000 bonus. and this is why I say every . video gamble responsibly or don't gamble. at all don't play the around dude. this is. ridiculous effing. ridiculous perss okay now Red's up there. Red's up top yeah. final spin pop a bless pop a. bless come back of the century. right now juice Meister you're the. greatest to ever do it scatter yes. yes okay man I got to hang up the. soundboard holy. I feel like I'm red. banned those who watch kill Tony know. what I'm talking about the dude's always. doing terrible.

Sounds wait wait wait we just got a rrig. five dead spins five dead spins. 20 grand away from cash. back eggplants yes yes bro. huge you man the hearts the hearts. there we had a 256. 256 make that. no no oh my God I got my panties in. a bunch pers perss yes 16.8k more Hearts. good 6.5k. oh my kids Round of Applause for this my. heart's beating out of my chest what was. that a $50,000 spin I think that was a. $50,000 oh yes okay dead spin here. for sure no way we rrig this 30k. more we saw the Thousand we saw the. Thousand holy. oh my God oh my God bro seeing the. Thousand that's like a 30year-old. virgin meeting like their favorite porn. star at a convention that that's what. that's what just happened bro I've been. at it for a minute and when I finally so. the Thousand I just lost it bro I just. lost it like a fan girl now again I won.

Today but I lost in the last five videos. maybe our return to players going to. come back to us but this is a rare. occurrence but I'm happy and glad to say. we're ending today's video. $43,000 in profit don't forget that. instant rakeback code you only have 6. hours after signing up if you don't. don't claim that code just don't gamble. you're not going to win money The House. Always Wins but if you do get the code. you have a chance you have a chance. getting that 15% instant rakeback. definitely helps and then with the. rewards and leaderboards over on bet. juicy.com it's pretty obvious there's a. reason why Juicy's hot in 2024 I can't. say it enough but I genuinely care for. every single one of you guys there's so. much hate so much [ __ ] happening in. the world right now I'm glad we carved. out this little Community where we can.

just not around and we could just. laugh banther have a good time and. spread some Joy you know I got some. juicy videos on screen if you want to. keep hanging out keep watching but. please please please I pray that all. your family safe you know there's the. war going on several different countries. right now and it makes me so sad money. is I wish we could all just. take mushrooms smoke weed and love each. other but that's life I'm going to go. have a great day great night it's been. your boy juicy peace

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