12.05.2024 Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018) - Sugar Rush Race [ HDR - 4K - 5.1 ]

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Come on nafisa let's play sugar rush. pick vanellope swatty she's got the best. super power yeah the glitch. i love her. drivers you're gonna lose today princess. while yes i am technically a princess. taffeta i'd rather you just think of me. as plain old vanellope the racer who's. about to kick your butt three two. 1 go. yeah i love it when she glitches. oh excuse me i must have fallen asleep. oh fine i'm winning. she's gonna love this. right on time. what. looking for something new. and different. then take this track. you all said it again i'd say i got a. little time for a detour. hey look i think i unlocked a new truck. never seen that before. itself. what is wrong with this thing. oh no no no no. kid. kid oh kid i'm so sorry are you okay. gosh. what an amazing track thank you all. thank you thank you thank you ah you're.

Welcome you know i take my duty as your. hero very seriously wait a minute you. took a serious duty where. get up here we have a situation. mr litwack the vanellope racer wasn't. working and. i think maybe i turned the wheel too. hard oh i'm real sorry it's okay swatty. i think i can get it back on there. pretty easy what did you do ralph. nothing leave him alone he was just. trying to make the game more exciting. yeah why don't you relax taffeta let. wacko fix it all right. oh. okay. still not a problem he'll just order a. new part well i'd order a new part but. the company that made sugar rush went. out of business years ago. i could try to find one on the internet. me too good luck that'll be like finding. a needle in here. on ebay really how about that see those. kids have it under control they're just. gonna get another wheel from the eboy.

are you kidding me how much that's more. than this game makes in a year. i hate to say it but my salvage guy is. coming on friday and it might be time to. sell sugar rush for parts. where's he going. he's. litwack's gonna unplug the game. you either die a hero or you live long. enough to see yourself become the. villain. you know your shoelaces untied. give me a mousse. here japanese eyeshadow. you

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