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What is going on you absolute. degenerates welcome back to the Daily DJ. YouTube channel oh we don't even have a. super we have uh the second best bonus. on mental I hope you guys are having a. fantastic day today this one is from. Adrian in the Discord I appreciate you. guys we are reacting to real money real. people real wins today here on the daily. DS YouTube channel as we always do but I. hope you guys are having a fantastic day. we got two one or we. got 15 X's at least one hits it's not. bad a little bit of Shoney 20 C bet size. paying $4 come on now. good dude this could be nice. actually with the patient no it's fine. oh 250s hold on. choker oh yes dude that's going to be. that's literally going to be massive. that is going to be massive 50 * 50. doesn't matter how many there are it is. going to be huge Adrian how much we.

Talking 20 cents all the way up to 6. 12. okay okay little. 3000x not a big. deal you get something else. here come. on hey we'll take that all day long. let's go Adrien that's a good win on. that bonus that's really really nice and. we got Adrian again on chaos Crew 2 uh. guys if you are enjoying the video make. sure to hit that Thumbs Up Button make. sure to subscribe and also we are live. right now here today on uh kick.com. gaming with Community day if you guys. don't know what community day is it's a. day all about you guys where we give. away um a lot of bonus wins a lot of uh. we do a community bonus hunt where you. guys can choose the slots that's a crazy. 205x. Universal we do a bonus hunt for you. guys uh pretty much if you get into the. bonus hunt you get $10 if you're on code. daily you get $20 and then if you're.

Slot call gets a 100x you get a big. bonus buy at the end of the bonus hunt. opening which uh in the past we've given. away $100 or or $100 we given away like. $600 to $800 this is ridiculous hold on. 5,800 x. win save it. 5,900 X slot win on chaos Crew 2 Adrian. that is crazy bro uh looks like we have. a Gates Olympus OG base spin hold on 50. c bet so it's a 40 Cent BET technically. this is from place I am plac the Discord. 500x there's no way this keeps happening. you guys there's no way $530 from4 I. mean come on dude that's insane back to. mental uh okay we do have a the second. bonus yet again so let's see how this. goes this one is from SCP he said he got. this uh a couple weeks ago um but he. just joined the Discord wanted to share. it with us but here we. go no patience. yet finally some patience here we go.

Come on bald these H pretty. bad at least we got one little line of. 15x. here take it we got to get something a. lot better than that patience again give. us something good here please like. double 50 100x double. 100x please good good good okay please. old lady old lady yes yes. wild yes wild again this is huge split. wild oh my God that's going to be so. much. money that's going to be so much. money that's going to be a lot how much. is. this oh my God 10,000 x 10,000. x. what scpp 10,000x mental win on the. second bonus that isra crazy. man jeez that's wild congratulations you. sign up to steak or Stak us make sure to. use code daily at the bottom where it. says code optional this will enter you. into our $115,000 monthly leaderboard. and the. $25,000 that I give out to players on. code daily every single month in.

Giveaways make sure to join our Discord. as well at discord.gg Daily Gamba to. claim all of your prizes we have wild. west duels beer game I'm actually. excited for this this is from Blas the. Discord. Good Luck Good Luck beer game is I. actually like the beer game I'm not. going to lie this is uh this is a good. bonus it's a good slot it's just um it's. like wanted man it's like hard to get in. it's not always going to pay either it's. tough crazy setup to. start not really building a line. anywhere. though we get one right here maybe oh. now that is perfect that is perfect okay. beautiful right here big bing bing. bing oh my God a full lot wait no no no. no almost no almost though that's still. huge look at look at this. setup you need. premiums got to just keep getting. premiums come. on got to keep getting premiums another.

Beer dude four spins remaining on this. setup is crazy you get beer in the. middle here it's it's literally. ridiculous like actually ridiculous. Blues all the way like that that is huge. 28k beautiful. here we go blose. again that's a lot of money that's a lot. of money 30k or 13k here we go come. on going to be 1,000x potentially we. need a $20,000 win or whatever this. currency is please. greens oh that's going to be huge all. the way there oh baby oh baby 20 dude he. actually hit the THX th000 X in the beer. game that's insane fire portals three. scatter $60 B bonus. buy or maybe it's 60 Cent spun in I. don't know either way 60 Cent base game. let's. see uh this one is from stress limits. appreciate. you as always guys if you want to be. featured here on the YouTube channel. make sure to use code daily on steak or.

Stak us um that is how you guys will be. featured on The Daily Deens Channel. rings are in just keep tumbling now keep. getting hit keep. tumbling nice 10x we got to get a couple. hits elsewhere though it's good start a. it's next to each other that's all. right 22x now 23x move. down. okay we get another one that's good it's. actually really good now it's a 2X it'll. be a 3X once it connects to it that's. fantastic actually a really crazy setup. go down dude what are you doing over. there this is actually really nice how. many spins left seven spins. remaining good we get another one over. here two another two I didn't even see. that this is going to be huge this is. actually going to be huge you can just. tell rings are going to be in connecting. with this and that and all of them. connect look at this dude 72x.

Multiplier for five spin straight boom. huge $146 for that that's. crazy come on big premium. connection. no oh that's huge that's a lot of money. 3116 beautiful come on cups no we're. going to miss. cups oh my God almost 1,000 x here on. fire portals one more hit will do it. though one more hit we'll give him 1,000. x come. on oh we'll take it though that's not. bad at all we have Gates ofus dice I. don't even know what currency this is. but this is from Duck of the Discord we. have back to back Gates wins. power crazy. start crazy start we don't ever see. Gates it's only found on Stak so kind of. uh I don't know oh this could be Max win. this could be Max win come on what the. hell's going on oh this is my power this. Max win. guys and this is the first max win I. have ever seen on Gates of Olympus dice. in my life power first max win on Gates.

Dice look at this this going to be Max. win just on this hit. alone purple is in a Max win power bro. that is so cool that's actually kind of. cool as ugly as a slot is that's pretty. freaking cool Max win dude let's go. let's go. dude duck that is sick Max wind is sick. we have four scatters in a line this is. also from Duck in the Discord Let's uh. let's see how it goes damn dude Max win. on Gates of Olympus dice I've never seen. that in my life another Max win there's. no. way oh my God crowns on a. 250X. okay Gates Olympus 1,000 by the. way that's just s that's just ridiculous. okay. power it's going be Max it's either Max. or Max wi bait either. way enjoy the crazy wins holy. cow I wish my Zeus did. this oh God that's so cool that's so. cool I'm so jealous can you tell that. I'm. jealous jealous over a 9,000 x win so.

far I say so far cuz it's literally n. spins remaining it's got to be close to. max. power. charging come. on elemental. power Fearless dude it's not Max are you. kidding me are you kidding me it's not. Max it's going to dead spin for 10 spin. straight 9,000 x WI congratul ulations. though that that is still sick kind of a. short one here today we're going to end. on YJ playing drop them let's see if. it's a five. scatter oh no it's not a five SC it's. just a full screen holy cow look at that. one. spin One Singular spin congratulations. man all right guys we'll see you again. tomorrow I hope you guys have a. fantastic day I want to see you guys on. stream for Community day we'll see you. guys on Kick have a good one peace

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