12.05.2024 spending $10,000+ on GATES OF OLYMPUS bonuses.. PART 2(STAKE)

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Hello welcome to the video this is. continuing on from part one which i'll. link in the description if you guys. haven't seen it if you guys want to. claim yourself some free money to play. with click. the link in the pinned comment below. other than that let's get into this. video do a thousand dollar buy. and hope it pays more than a hundred and. twenty seven dollars so we have a clean. 8k. i think that's the best play i think. full scouters is the. average. uh green triangles nope. give me a give me a hit that's not a hit. that's a hit no it's not. i don't know how many symbols you. have to hit before a trick is a hit dude. seven eight i'm just going off of like. sweet bonanza you know. i think it's more than that though. i'm gonna drop a 250x go on just do it. let's do it. no why is this paying nearly 40 bucks.

Not even. all crowns that could be crowns oh that. was close to crowns we're like one or. two symbols off i think. i mean at least we got a hit right. this is pretty awful though how many. things i got left oh my. it's got to come in clutch i mean rings. no. oh well it didn't even pay the money i. needed to. give us the ak balance this is so . i think what i'm gonna do. for the video i'm gonna do a three. thousand dollar buy and hope to god it. doesn't flop like that one just did. if this pays uh 5k uh and i would end. with a clean 10k balance i think i might. i might just take that and run you know. come on 30 dollar base. spin it's always for scatters right i. wonder if you can get more though. that's got to be a thing. nice we're starting off with a multi. straight away good good. maybe greens okay. 2x is better than the xerox.

Nice another 5x perfect this is good. this actually has potential. to grow. nice uh there's not a lot of symbols. have any of them oh. nice give me blues the lowest symbol. right i think the blues is lower symbol. nice we'll take it. uh nothing nothing nothing's gonna hit. there. we're already at 11x 10 spins left too. please just at least pay me half my. money you know. just don't flop so far it's not flopping. so i'm not complaining this is good. though this is good. oh this is really good keep going top. symbol. oh this is good this is 2k. oh it didn't hit because of the . arm thing . i got so excited man . i thought that was going to connect but. no malty's dropped. wow that's toxic i thought that was 2k. i'm such a paga i'm so mad at myself. what zeus chill dude why are you giving. me all the multis now you're a bit late.

Oh no oh no please come on come on save. it save it you . now i'm not now minus money dude. what the is this. i swear to god if this place is less. than 200 bucks i might be done. i can dream a retrigger on the first. spin i i respect it. 18 spins oh please give me more premiums. crowns. crowns there's no moties. jump jump a hundred eggs where's your. arm zeus raise them. raise them up in this raise them. that's a hundred and sixty dollars raise. them. please raise your arms are you. kidding me dude. how does i get i got two hundred dollars. in hits and he didn't raise his hand. once. uh toxic so now you raise him a bit. late. oh so mad. that was such a good set of hits to. 400 bucks this is i mean at least we're. getting 5k by right minimum there's. always a silver lining somewhere that. was such a good series of hits though.

Gone to waste maybe give me chalices. we're working with a what 9x. uh i'm going to need another goto spin. with multi zoo actually drop. blues nice uh nothing nothing's gonna. hit. reds or yeah okay uh i mean crown's the. long shot. crowns is still a long shot oh nice i. mean dropping multi now please oh he's. already dropped one nice. oh this is good now okay wait that's. another we're on a 17 x okay this has. potential now. already got profit back come on come on. take me to 10k take me to 10k. daddy rings give me rings that's not. rings. i'm a 19x with seven spins please don't. be seven dead spins. please. bossy's back halfway through my bonus. what's up dude. come on come on come on no malties. no maltese oh come on come on drop it. drop it drop it drop it drop it drop it. up you zeus come on bro. come on we're i'm on a 19x dude.

Much pain and suffering um huh. i was i was up to eight thousand three. hundred dollars balance at my highest. i deposited 6 500. i've hit crowns twice. but no massive payouts. you know that's insane right i've. literally hit it once and done. probably about 100 of these so what. you're saying is i got debated. yeah imagine getting crowns and not. getting any significant win uh okay. greens yeah greens. was i want two away one away one away oh. no that's even worse. nice okay. this i mean this could build right blues. blue diamonds nice uh. a gold i'm sitting on a. 7x with six spins i've i've been in bad. positions you know. four spins never mind three spins. oh no come on oh. nice oh bad symbols though no. oh one off green's nice. uh yellows oh this could be good yellows. yellows and blues maybe. no. last spin. yikes yikes okay i'm gonna do uh.

This is a small one but i'm gonna do a. 540 buy. last time i did this it paid uh 2k right. the one. this is the first bite i did in the. video and it actually did well. so 7k right i wanted to pay 4k. no i mean 7k yeah preferably. i'll take 12 000.. uhoh i'm in danger. at least we've got a multi 3x better. than zero x. oh a 10x that's my highest multi i've. got so far. 10 spins on a 13x. oh with a hit too okay green green green. one. and yellows as well right we must be. close yeah i went off. ah all right it's fine it's fine just. don't give me eight dead spins. nice jump another multi and raise your. hand bo zeus. raise your hand rings yup. all right at least got ahead good yup. maybe 540 buys are it i don't know. come on come on come on. red. nice blue chalices gotta be right yes. okay uh blue diamonds oh nice. okay 23x with five spins okay okay okay.

Okay press your arm. oh another 4x on a 29. x this is really good this has so much. potential if i actually hit something. give me a premium simple hit uh. blues yeah oh chalices i don't even see. that please please please please. greens greens greens greens greens. greens greens raise your arms. zeus let's get it you oh my god please. raise your arms oh he's so weak. he can't even raise him dude. okay oh such a terrible hit though. 8 20. i can do another thousand dollar. buy. oh come on drop something. oh okay that's two backto-back floppers. right. so this 5k buy is about to pay me. 15 000 like mathematically the laws of. physics would suggest that. yeah with the power of zeus i compel you. to give me . profit let's get it come on substantial. profit too i should specify. nice give me a multi right off the bat. raise your hand yeah.

Yeah yeah greens that's greens nice. three eggs. but hey we've got a multi yeah early too. come on come on baby oh no. got a multi here at least take what i. can get. got 10 spins though a little concerning. one off okay we're in an ax. i need a just a god spin you know. blues maybe oh yeah yeah yeah blues oh. chalices or red. diseases oh. i need a spree and then it to actually. land a a a. a a multi oh chalices yes 75 dollars. already. keep going yellows all nice. i haven't got a lot of spins left though. so i need a retrigger five spins. oh oranges uh gold. oh oh no zeus. come on come on bro um yellows. i mean another 2x added on top but we. have three spins to make back 2.5 k. oh no he's busy right i went away. [ __ ] i i'm going to do. a 2.8 k bye 2.4 k bye. no matter what this pays unless it goes. crazy i think i might end it there all.

depends on how susie boy wants to treat. us. please i started with 6.5 k i made a. a a lot of retrigger actually please. oh crowns potentially nope. no multis this is concerning. this is very concerning oh come on. oh come on. screens surely eight spins. i i think i kind of need a retrigger at. this point or else oh. the timing dude five spins i got 130. bucks to my name. hello. oh no what is this what is this. not even. a hundred and forty eight dollars back. from a 2.4 k by. i i i got a feeling i should have. stopped when i was at 8 300. it is what it is i'm definitely going to. do this again though it's a lot of fun. regardless if you guys enjoyed the video. make sure to leave a like. uh i'll see you guys next video peace. you

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