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Whoa we're in roblox moop train adam how. do you play this why am i surrounded by. noobs basically anything that you do the. noobs will also do. oh really anything i do let me try. jumping. wow the jump looks so cool oh look. they're all following me adam. wait a minute i'm gonna go in the. settings and i'm gonna make myself super. sick yeah wow now all the noobs are. super. thick whoa you're huge what the heck. oh yeah we're all giving each other high. fives and their arms look like french. fries. yeah adam this is so much fun you know. i'm thinking you know we got like 100. noobs in here what if i made it like a. billion noobs hey. okay okay let's go a billion. no that's a bad idea don't do that oh. uh uh what's happening the game's. starting to lag a little bit what's. going on. you gotta stop roblox is crashing my.

Head is tiny. which is not real cause my brain is huge. okay adam don't worry i know how to fix. this you know we only have about a. billion noobs in here what if i made it. a million trillion billions. justin no dude our computer's gonna. explode man. that's nonsense adam let's see what. happens three two. one. what's up guys welcome to the new. zealand i'm like yvonne. today we're trying to go max level in. roblox noob train. but before we know guys i want to give a. big thank you to our sponsor of this. video wish. we use wiz all the time to buy awesome. stuff online guys now we bought a bunch. of gaming accessories off wish.com guys. they're real sick you can get all the. stuff you need for this spring season at. a super super affordable price hey adam. let me show everyone what i got. what did you get first i got this elite.

Gaming headset you already know and why. don't you try it out it's real. comfortable. okay got a microphone and everything can. you hear wow. yeah over over cool i can take calls. with my friends on there yeah we don't. have any friends but. if we did ed would take calls on him. okay and check out what else i got. whoa hey i have an rgb. wireless gaming mouse bruh oh wireless. mouse it's real comfy it's real comfy. nice look at that look at that and i. have. this awesome dude rgb mouse. matte bro look at this wow i can sleep. on that. yeah look at that look i can change the. colors i can change colors whatever what. now it's green. and it's blue and now it's purple you. can flex. so hard when you're playing games bro. about the flex you already know hey we. got all this nice stuff. and i got this awesome phone slash.

Ipad holder so it's got a clamp right. here so i can actually just clamp this. to the table right here i am fit. give me a second and now i actually took. adam's phone. and i could clamp it because this seat. is adjustable see that oh. i could be playing roblox here with the. computer and also. here on the phone it's real sick guys. now we got all these items off wish.com. guys make sure to check out wish.com. use the links in our description box so. you guys can get everything you guys. want for your spring season on wish.com. hey you already know we're to be using. this gear. in this video let's go it's a noob train. okay okay so far i've only seen one noob. right here it's just me. no wait what happens if you increase the. number of oh i put 10 loops. i put 10 loops i got oh. wait that's really satisfying how many.

Can you go to if you go like 100 you can. do 10 000. noobs you're gonna break the game our. game is gonna explode wait can i make. the max the walk speed 100. wow whoa look at all of them look at all. the noobs i'll make the jump power 500.. dude we're making a giant lube spiral. yeah noob. cinnamon roll this is so satisfying what. is this. why is it so sick wait wait can i get. super thick. no way no way oh wait it worked. we're super thick bro hi i'm making the. smallest head possible what oh i like. top laughs wait the computer's like. lagging. guys it's lagging yeah wait wait do you. think we can actually crash roblox right. now bro. dude you might be able to hack spy on. roblox we're about to become spy hackers. roblox spy hackers bro. yeah here we go oh i don't want to make. the logs feed the max. right that's gonna destroy the our.

Computer is gonna blow up. dude oh wait wait wait wait wait wait. whoa. wait there's about to be so many noobs. bro i'm gonna make our size large too. that's really gonna mess up. that's gonna destroy everything yeah no. we're spy hacking on roblox don't get. over. real we're spy hacking on roblox wow. oh oh i can't even load the menu i'm. getting about one frame per second bro. what is that just they're just moves. bouncing around stuff. wow what is happening all this ah. our walk speed is so fast if i just tap. the key i just fly off the map. oh you're too quick all right hey we're. too quick adam we got to turn down our. speed here we go i've been turning out. of speed. stop okay okay this should be better i. should oh. dude we went max level but it turned. into a hacker move. bro i want to try and spell out a word.

Like try and make like a heart. okay why don't you try and spell out a. word first adam what you should. spell out a heart bro a heart is not a. word. no like you can make like a cool design. like i know just try it try. making a heart oh you can toggle it to. be your character. oh wait can i make it like box games. item. i got a bunch i hate them okay it's me. okay i'm gonna make a giant heart here. we go here we go. here we go oh yeah oh wait this is gonna. work yeah. yo the little items made a heart ah. i will put likey box shop foxy so we get. foxy in the game. foxy you're gonna be in a noob train. game foxy is she here wow. we got the foxy noob train bro wow. well you could buy trails too wait what. oh i make them like boxy colored. whoa wow that's cool this would totally. crash our computer fox just do it do it.

Let's crash the computer let's crash the. computer let's try it all right let's go. 30. 000 million foxes at 3 000 walk speed. 30 jump power let's go let's go. wait with the trails you can see where. all the little noobs are bro. yeah you're going so fast dude the foxes. are like they're like exploding like. some fireworks looks like some spaghetti. wow look at you go foxy. i'm gonna get a hundred noobs a hundred. foxes okay. we're all gonna go to the top of this. thing and we're gonna do a really cool. jump right here check this out adam. check this out let's see how it looks. some trick. shots bro this looks so sick wow. that's like a slinky where the trails. are so what. oh that's satisfying look they're all. jumping the little foxies are jumping. wait it's like an infinite loop of foxy. news. wow all right guys make sure to leave a.

like on this video and subscribe. go check out lankyboxshop.com bro you. already know ahead of you already we got. we got you know uh. because in this game we got the aqua. trail foxy got the flame trail. right she says i would have a heart. trail. yeah you know i would have a cute trail. yeah yeah i'll be sure to tell them yeah. and mom called she said box you have the. heart. trail. the fork trap

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