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What's going on guys Tac here and today. we are back with another video today we. are back on crazy time and we are going. to be doing for the first time ever the. one in 2x strategy these are I have a. $10,000 balance for today's video. because we are going to go a little. insane this is the strategy right here. we're going to double it 12 oh it didn't. let me do it it didn't let me do it bro. $1,200 oh it did wait it did double. hello. am I tripping we are doing $1,200 bets. that is why I have a bigger balance to. start off today because we are going on. one we are going on. two let's go we hit the one we're going. on one and twox we need top slots on one. and 2x we are also going on the game. shows I might take off a coin flip and. put it on Pinko and cash hunt more but. this is the one in 2x strategy you guys.

Have been begging me to only go on the. the numbers right well I don't have the. balls to only go on the numbers what I. am okay with doing however is going on. the game shows a little bit and then. putting big bets on one and 2x hoping. for a top slot multiplier so the only re. reason we would ever lose on this is if. there's a bad game show or if it h a 10. or or a 5x it just almost hit a 5x we. cannot do okay we do not need to lose. this is a very big deposit but I feel. like it's kind of safe to be doing I. don't know like these are Big these are. Big bets $1,200 some of my biggest bets. I've ever done on crazy time but we're. also on one which is like a 33% chance. to hit and we're on two which is like a. 20 something per chance to hit like. we're on a lot of the board there's only. four 10 axes on the board that we can.

Hit that we'll lose on and then there's. I don't know how many 5xs there's. probably like six 5xs there's like 10. spots on the entire wheel that we're. losing money at so hopefully we don't. hit those hopefully we don't hit game. shows either unless it has a top slot. the main thing we want to hit is the two. and the. one but we need Tops on multis on them. I'm telling you right now if we get a. 20x one with a six that $600 bet on it. that is so crazy if we did a a 25x 2. with a $400 bet on it that is so crazy. and it looks like we came in at a good. time it's been hitting a lot of ones and. a lot of twos behind us so we just need. to hit a top slot multiplier there's our. first one unfortunately it's a low one. but there's our first one 400 Time 4 if. it hits a. two hit that two hit that two no it's. one away dude come on it's not a huge.

Top slot it we could have seen better. and I'm hoping we see better later on in. this video we are four bets in we've hit. 1X three times and a 2X one. time I'm kind of nervous bro every. single bet is $1,200 this is bad I hope. this is entertaining for you guys I I. really do I I wasn't going to originally. do it because number one it's just it's. very big bets and number. two I just don't really see the. enjoyment in it but I do see potential. obvious do not go over that 10 hit the. one hit the one we're just seeing a lot. of break evens so it doesn't really make. for good content and if it does hit a. game show we need such a big multiplier. for it to even pay profit so that's what. I hate about it but you guys have been. requesting that I do videos going on the. one and going on the two at the same. time it just to make profit it takes.

Such a big bet and we need a top slot. this would be the time to see that 50x. top slot one hit because that would be. $30,000 and we've seen a lot of 50x ones. we've seen a lot of 2x. multipliers unfortunately it hits a 5x. multiplier. here I wouldn't I wouldn't mind hitting. a crazy time a Pachinko a cash hunt coin. flip is not good we're probably losing. money if it hits a coin. flip that's why I was consider you know. I might take off a coin flip I don't. know should we go on Pinko in cash on we. could put $25 on each one but that's. going to give us more chances to. lose this is going to be risky but I'm. doing it we're doing the same size bet. we were doing a second ago just more. options to lose but if it hits a. Pachinko or a cash hunt we have more you. know a better chance to win big God that. would have been such a good top slot.

Multi this is this is nervewracking. dude some of the biggest bets multiple. times in a row that I've ever done cash. hunt just missed the top slot I just. upped it though I'll take it damn bro. why did we just missed a top slot on it. our first game show $75 on it remember. we had a $1,200 bet so we need whoa whoa. what is going on what is going on with. my screen okay it's fixed remember we. have a $1,200 bet 75 we need like a 25x. to guarantee us profit if it hits a 10x. we lose money so we don't want a 10x we. need a 25 a 50 a 100 I don't think there. were 75 x's on there but we could take. one of those too we're going to go 55 to. start off will our first game show be. profit if we had a $50 bet this would. have been very bad luckily I did up it. at the last second I wish it would have. hit that top slot 55 here we.

Go please put us in profit for one time. on this video do not put us out of. money. a. 10x of course I don't even know what's. going on with the game but $825 we just. lost money what is going on with my. screen I was at my friend's house the. other day and we were playing crazy time. and he had a beted on uh a 2X it hit a. 50x top slot two one away so it was a. 100x on two which would pay. $40,000 right now if we were to hit that. obviously that's the hardest top slot to. hit on uh on 2x but it would have been. one away and he was on it that would. have been such a big win I felt so bad. for him yet again we're breaking even. that's all it's been so far is break. even and somehow we lost on the cash. hunt dude how I mean I finally decide to. start going on one and 2x and there's. five and 10x multipliers every single.

Spin but it's not hitting so that's the. good news we're just getting our wager. up I guess you could say if I was in my. wager competition right now then this. would be perfect for people that are on. code tact and are in my Discord I am now. giving away $20,000 each month in prizes. thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy. the video come on let's oh my God oh my. God. $75 don't tease me don't tease me it's. been slowing down it's been slowing down. it's been slowing down. there ain't no oh my god there ain't no. way there ain't a there ain't no. way. what two away at least it's not one away. two away from a 25x cash on I really. thought it was going to hit but we broke. even yet again please give me a two I oh. my God no. way no way now this is coming. around don't you dare bait me back to. back oh this is disgusting oh my God.

It's so. disgusting oh and our loss our first. loss we were just two away from a 25x. cash hunt and then we were three away. from a 15x crazy time what the hell we. got another chance at a 2X unfortunately. you know we couldn't see these 15 and. 25xs on the M on the numbers we see them. on the. games this still would be good this. would be profit this would not put us in. profit but would be a good hit for. us let's freaking go if it would have. hit that coin flip I I would have been. pissed come on our first top slot game. show win $2,000 $800 profit it could. have been better we got the worst one. but I'm glad we finally hit some profit. no way it hits a top slot coin flip bro. I'm not on that oh my God it's going to. don't you dare oh thank God if it would. have hit that top slide coin flip after. baiting the other two games shows oh I.

Would have been so mad I'm glad I took. off of it I hope I didn't jinx it. somehow we're still in this bro we're. not we're not down that bad surprisingly. we're not down that bad we need another. top slot though I'm telling you right. now we've only hit we hit a 2x2 okay we. need a 1x multiplier maybe maybe this is. the round somehow we haven't seen a 1x. multiplier when it should be the most. common thing it should be the most. common multiplier is a 1x. right shouldn't I don't know show me a. 1x. multi show me a 1x multiplier come on 5x. Pachinko oh that would be good okay. let's see what's going to be now it's. not going to hit though maybe a cash. hunt I would take a cash hunt give me. another chance at break at. profit nice you got it $75 on it come on. come on 55 we hit a 10x last time we. need Ju Just Give Me a 25 give me a 25x.

Maybe a 50 come. on 25 I'll take it that's profit and. that actually might put us in profit on. the video what is going on with the game. we are up to $10,000 inside of the. balance that's good dude I I crazy time. 3x I mean the one time where I don't. want top slot game shows to you know be. hitting as much they're hitting like. every single round like I want to see. one in 2x. multiple well we don't have 10,000. anymore that sucks I feel like I picked. a good time to do this strategy because. it's hit a lot of ones it's hit a lot of. twos I would be out if I was doing my. normal. bets like I would be out of money right. now I I I literally would be I would be. out of money it's hit that many just bad. multiplayers I've been baited back to. back you know I I would be out of cash. so going on one and two has helped me.

Just where are the top slots dude where. are the top slots give me a crazy time. right here. it's going to be too slow don't you dare. hit that five bro don't. you back to that's a big loss dude I'm. about to just I'm about to just be. stupid and throw something big on the. numbers I I I don't think I'll ever be. doing number bets again after this on. one and two at the same time I might go. on two I might go on one in the future. but I think after this video we cannot. be going on one and two at the same time. ever and it hits a I've hit more top. slot multis on 10 and five and I've hit. on one and two in this video don't don't. hit the coin flip hit the two thank you. that's Break Even yet again I'm about to. just I'm about to just throw the house. on one and two right now and just hope. hope it doesn't hit a game show no way.

It just hit a five bro oh my God it just. hit a five if I lose one more time I'm. doing a big bet on one and two I don't. care we got to get the money back bro. there's no way it's hit three fives in. the last four. rounds give me a top slot on one or two. or give me a game show at this point I. feel like I'm just I should have just. been going only on the numbers if I only. went on the numbers I would have hit two. game show I don't think I'd be in profit. though I definitely would not be in. profit I'd still be down it wouldn't. even matter cash hunt yo come on we've. hit two cash on so far give me this 5x. top slot cash. on it's going to be close it's going to. go over again isn't it if this hits. another five there's no way there's no. way. that was so close and we're baited on. another top slot game show by the way.

I'm going big I just put $1,000 extra. onto the bets we have $1,000 on one we. almost have $1,000 on two we're making. profit if it hits either one of them. now and it hits a 4X cash. hunt I need a multiplier on one of the. numbers bro a multiplier on the number. is huge right now give me the two give. me the two bang we don't even need a. multiplier on it how much is that that's. the biggest bet I've ever had on a 2X. and we just hit it 27 it's $500 Prof I. mean is that good that's good no I just. realized by me putting 500 on the two. and putting 1100 on one the one is still. only a break. even oh I'm such a degenerate we need a. one multiplier bro wait what did my. balance didn't update dude that just. scared the crap out of me we need to hit. another two hit me a back to back back. to back two multiplier no on a 10 on a.

10 where are all these multipliers. coming from they're all on. 10 do not hit this 10 hit a two hit a. two hit a two stop yeah bro I just. should be putting $2,200 on two we just. made 1,000 bucks going on two we are the. top. slots oh it makes me want to put more on. it I'm running this bet until it loses. we are doing some of my biggest bets. I've ever done we have a thous or $2,000. on one and two combined it's hit two. twos in a row yes one multi please just. hit a one I've never hoped for a one. more in my. life hit the one beside the hit the one. hit the. one no there's no freaking. way the the one time what is going on. the one time that I wanted to hit a. 1x why does it look why does it look. like my TV is messing up dude I I can't. even bro how do I even make money I. can't I would have to hit the 100x to.

Match what I just would have hit on that. 1X are you kidding me that is what. $5,000 if it hits a one it of course we. have to hit a game show in that spot of. course of course that is so. crazy if I if I wasn't betting on one. that was hitting a one we all know it. how do how do I find a way to be one. away from a one and be upset in a seven. oh my God I'm so pissed oh my God what. is going on no what how did I just look. I just dude this I am never doing this. strategy again this is terrible this is. terrible I'm about I'm about to just. start going on the games again oh as. soon as I say that I watch it hit this. I'm going be so no I'm I'm. upset I. literally hit that one hit the two hit. the one thank you oh thank you and now. it hits a one wait wait wait wait now it. hits a one it breaks me even that's good.

I don't I don't think I want to do these. bets anymore I'm going be honest I don't. I don't want to do these bets anymore. that I am so. upset I think we just I think we just. throw a big bet on two do I end the but. it's the strategy. video I don't know what to do bro I. don't want to continue this we I feel. like this is too degenerate and I just. shouldn't have even done this video but. we're still going to upload it I don't. know comment down below how stupid I am. literally that's all I need. crazy time. 2x it's hit more top slot game shows. than I have seen one or one or two. x's don't you dare stop. stop I've never lost so much money going. on numbers bro I. SW I swear bro I. swear wow this is. crazy I I'm I'm about to just end this. off with degenerate BS on the games. we're we're I'm done I can't take this.

I'm getting so like heated just I don't. even know just watching these bats. almost head I'm GNA keep the bet on two. God bro if it hits a one I swear I swear. to God bro if it hits a one I swear if. it hits a. one I've literally I I've wasted the. most money I've ever wasted for a video. on this video crazy. time just the fact it can even hit. another top slot is crazy. oh my. God there's no freaking way. dude I'm so pissed off I just went all. in bro this is so degenerate man I I. honestly don't even want to upload this. video it's so bad. I this is this is why though I tell you. right now this is why I didn't want to. do the one and twox. strategy I don't know what I thought was. going to come out of this man I thought. it would be better. God this is. terrible hit a two hit a. two there's no freaking way dude I'm I'm.

Done I I hate this . man oh my God bro oh my God. it I hope you all enjoyed the video but. this is just most money I've ever lost. on a video I can't I. can't why the. hell I am not doing this strategy again. I tell you that right now two 1xs in a. row when I just had money on it and of. course there's no top slot it just would. have been break evens anyways but I. would have been in on this round oh. my I would have been in on this. round and it would have. hit no way I'm just one away from that I. just had $300 on this man I just had 300. $100 on this 20x top slot crazy time. when I have my last money on it and it. hits a. Pinko 40 it's not a good board that you. know that's the good news somehow having. a $300 bet on. this I mean that would have been. $3,000 somehow we still would have lost. money on the. video well I'm done I hope you enjoyed.

the video man but if this was something. you. suggested this is probably the only time. you're GNA see it on my. channel a part of me I'm going be honest. for those of you who still care and. that's still watching a part of me. doesn't want to upload this but there's. also a part of me that's like I mean I. just wasted $10,000 I got to upload it. right number one number two like you got. to show this man you got to show you. losing you can't just only show wins but. I just feel like this was so boring but. at the same time like a lot of people. have been suggesting that I do this so. for those people I hope you enjoyed I'll. see you guys later peace out man

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