12.05.2024 NBA Draft Steals or Stumbles? Top Controversial Picks!

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The college season is over and champions. crowned but the real drama is just. heating up it's NBA draft season baby. this year's class is stacked with. potential Superstars Game Changers and. maybe even a few wild cards but where. will they land will the lottery teams. gamble on Raw athleticism or go for. proven scores do rebuilding franchises. need a franchise Cornerstone or a. Supporting Cast to elevate their young. Stars buckle up because we're diving. into the rumors the team needs and the. dream fits for every top prospect in the. 2024 NBA draft this is who lands where. and we're about to predict the future of. the NBA number one Washington Wizards. Alexander SAR in the NBL playoffs. Alexander SAR has already blocked seven. shots and stopped many more in just. under 25 minutes of play even though. he's so young his size long arms and.

Ability to move quickly on the court. make a big difference in defense this is. something the Washington Wizards could. really use but what's helping him stand. out even more is his offensive skills. he's been showing off his ability to. shoot threepointers do pull-up shots. and handle the ball when running down. the court these are rare skills for. someone as tall as him who can also. protect the rim out of all the players. expected to be first SAR is starting to. seem like the best choice to help a team. change how they play and improve their. chances of winning number two Detroit. Pistons Zachary Reese the Detroit. Pistons are thinking about how well. players fit together especially at the. number two pick they're focused on. develop in K Cunningham and Jane Navy so. they might not choose guards like Reed. Shepard and Rob Dillingham plus they.

Already have good starters like azir. Thompson and Jaylen Duren so adding. someone like Ron Holland who isn't a. good shooter could cause problems. Zachary Reay seems like a good choice. because he's a top prospect and would. fit well with two other ball handlers. even though some Scouts have doubts. about his skills for creating plays his. ability to shoot threes at 43.8% and. make shots is a big plus especially for. a tall guy like him people see him as a. safe bed who can start playing right. away which is a big deal in a draft. where it's hard to know for sure who's. going to be a star number three the. Memphis Grizzlies Rob Dillingham where. Rob Dillingham ends up could depend a. lot on where teams pick first especially. because some of the top five teams might. not need a main ball handler Scouts are. also debating whether they prefer.

Dillingham or his teammate Reed Shepard. if Shepard gets chosen first it might. mean Dillingham doesn't get picked by a. top five team but in that range he'll. still be really appealing the teams. because he's seen as one of the best. prospects available he's good at scoring. points in a smart way and can make. difficult shots which is impressive the. only thing that might make teams. hesitant about Dillingham is his weight. which is only 176 lb but if he can show. coaches that he can handle being the. main point guard that might not be such. a big deal some Scouts are also unsure. about his shot selection but they've. seen moments where he's made some really. good plays Number Four San Antonio Spurs. Reed Shepard Scouts are talking talking. a lot about Reed Shepard lately because. he's playing really well he scored 27.

Points and made five assists in a game. against Tennessee which got people even. more excited about him being a potential. NBA player people who study basketball. say Shephard's impact on games is up. there with some of the best freshman. ever they compared him to players like. Zion Williamson Anthony Davis and others. and his numbers stack up pretty well. he's been efficient and productive all. season long before the SEC tournament he. had a high shooting percentage made lots. of assists and had impressive steal and. block rates but some people are worried. that his physical abilities might hold. him back in the NBA they're curious to. see how he measures up at the NBA. Combine especially his height wingspan. and jumping ability some teams might. focus on his weaknesses like his height. and speed While others might just focus.

On how good he is at playing against. tough College competition shooting and. his overall skill and Intelligence on. the court number five Charlotte Hornets. Ron Holland the Charlotte Hornets may be. tempted to replace Terry Rosier scoring. with a similarly small shot Creator and. shot maker in Rob Dillingham but they. also might be drawn to Ron Holland's. downhill explosiveness and defensive. quickness next to lamelo Ball's. creativity and Brandon Miller shot. making despite seeing his stock dip. since being projected number one earlier. the season Holland still averaged 19 1. 12 points in the G League at 18 years. old and he made some encouraging. adjustments throughout the season. particularly with his ability to play at. different speeds rather than just fast. at worst holl should be able to inject. his team with transition offense Rim.

Pressure and easy buckets but given his. age and the flashes there is still. plenty of untapped selfcreation passing. and shot making to beted on number six. Portland Trailblazers Cody Williams. picking scoot Henderson as the third. choice giving Anthony Simons a longer. contract and helping shayon sharp. improve might make it hard for the. Portland Trailblazers to see the need. for another guard like Rob Dillingham. people have different ideas about Cody. William s especially about how good he. can be at offense some think he's best. as a supporting scorer someone who. finishes plays While others wonder if. there's more to his ability to make. plays and create larger scoring chances. even though he missed some games because. of an ankle injury Williams is still. valuable he's good at playing without. the ball driving to the basket and.

Defending that means most teams won't be. too worried about his skills in. oneon-one situations seven San Antonio. Spurs via the Raptors Nicola topic the. San Antonio Spurs might want Nicola. toich because they really need someone. to lead the team in making plays they. might think about choosing him even if. they get to pick earlier in the top. three and number five they should be. more open to considering him even though. his threepoint shooting and defense. aren't the best he's only 18 years old. but he's been scoring a lot of points in. making great passes this year topic. hasn't played since January 4th but he's. supposed to be back for the Adriatic. League playoffs they still need to watch. him play more because he missed a lot of. games but he's shown he's good at things. like running the pick and roll putting.

Pressure on the rim and scoring even. though his shooting isn't amazing yet. he's not afraid to take shots and has. made a lot of free throws which is. impressive number eight the Houston. Rockets Matas buellis the Houston. Rockets are likely to be busy looking. for players with the eighth pick they. already have a lot of young players on. their team but there's no guarantee of. finding a superstar in the later picks. plus the team probably wants to start. aiming for the playoffs modest Bellis is. a player who will be considered one of. the best prospects available he's no KN. for being a big Wing player which teams. really like he's good at scoring in. different ways and is athletic near the. basket some Scouts are a bit. disappointed with his shooting. consistency and how aggressive he is on. the court but at this point in the draft.

Teams won't be too picky about those. things he's a 6'8 19year-old who can. shoot threepointers make tough shots. dribble well to attack and jump to score. and block shots number nine the Utah. Jazz Kyle filipowski Kyle filipowski. isn't just known for scoring anymore. what sets him apart is his versatility. he's got a special mix of skills like. shooting passing strong finishing and. being able to play defense against. different opponents these skills made. him stand out from most other tall. players and can change how a team plays. on the court sometimes he shows off this. ability to handle the ball and makes. moves when his team is running fast. breaks or in halfcourt situations this. adds scoring chances for him but what. really makes him valuable is how he. helps his team play better he creates. space on the court passes the ball well.

From the post grabs rebounds close to. the basket and can defend against. players on the perimeter number 10 the. Atlanta Hawks Donovan kingan teams might. be attracted to players with flashier. skills or more modern styles but Donovan. kingan offers something solid and. dependable that can be important for. teams wanting to beef up their defense. inside and get tougher kingan is 7' 2 in. tall weighs 280 lbs and has long arms so. he is great at protecting the rim he can. make opponents think twice about driving. into the basket and stop them from. getting second chances to score on. offense his size strength and soft hands. make it easy for him to score points. close to the basket from rolls dump. passes and rebounds but having kinging. on the court might mean needing forwards. who can handle the ball well or shoot.

from long range all right guys that's. all we have for today's Deep dive into. the 2024 NBA draft remember this is all. speculation but hopefully it's got you. hyped for the real deal who do you think. will surprise us on draft night will a. team snag a steal leave your predictions. in the comments below and let's get a. conversation going don't forget to smash. that like button and subscribe for more. NBA content and hey if you enjoyed this. breakdown might not share it with your. fellow basketball Fanatics until next. time peace out

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