12.05.2024 PERCH PRO 8 - Episode 1

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Perch are known to be one of the easiest. species to catch. just go out on a beautiful summer day. and you're more or less guaranteed to. catch plenty. there's just one psdeath they can also. decide to shut down completely. normally when fishing you can decide for. yourself when to go out or not but that. is not the case in perch pro the ability. to adapt to the circumstances no matter. how bad they are is what separates the. aspiring pros from the real ones. this year we have eight teens fighting. for the trophy and they are doing so in. the toughest conditions in the history. of this format. four points will be given out each day. the number point the big fish point the. top five point and the top water point. at the end of the tournament four extra. points will be given out one for the. highest total numbers over all three.

Days one for the biggest perch caught. one for the highest combined top five. and one for the biggest perch cut on top. water. as if this wasn't already challenging. enough there's a new rule this season. forcing all teams to fish new waters. every day or at least a minimum of three. kilometers from where they fished. previous days this will put them to. serious tests as it will no longer be. enough with one crazy water to secure. their victory as you might already know. the canal gratis family is growing and. we recently hired five awesome guys from. france germany the netherlands and the. us and before we start i would like to. quickly introduce you to them. bonjour i'm tim from the french channel. hello everyone i'm tristan also from the. french channel guten tag i'm severine. from germany. hi i'm lau from canada.

Hi my name is ben stone i love the. muskie fish and i am with. canalgratis.com the united states. channel we will leave the links to our. new channels in the description and it. will be amazing to share this journey. with you guys now let's get this. competition started this is. this time we're going only for big purge. we have some unfinished business to deal. with today let's go our game plan is to. go all in again for the big fish now. guys the goal is to catch a lot of perks. and we have done it before so let's go. let's go get one whoa oh man tough. conditions but yeah we can't choose it. when did this purchase a 50 plus oh fish. good one. oh happy days. monster perch. oh they are rising on the surface. that's the 50 mana. it's game over oh no. oh my god. perch pro 8 is brought to you by. alumacraft fishing boats since 1946.

One boat network all together now. kingfisher angel racer fishing trips to. some of the best destinations in the. world and jr logistics staffing and. recruitment of truck drivers and. warehouse workers since 2004.. ladies and gentlemen it is with great. honor that i welcome you all back to the. eighth season of perch pro we are beyond. excited to see what this round has to. offer since our teams have had another. year to finetune their game plans. sharpen their hooks and search for the. best waters possible before we get the. competition started of course we're. going to have a chat with all the eight. teams and let's begin with the winners. of the previous season cwc fishing tea. represented by odamore and evertostam. cwc have had a team in all eight seasons. and while they have always fished well. it took them no less than 7 years to bag.

Their first victory this year they're. back at the same battlefield the. legendary lakes and rivers of the. netherlands let's see how their tactics. hold up and if they can keep their title. for a second year. hi i'm adam orem and we're in the team. catch with care my name is david ozon. well you know me we are excited again. for a new episode of perch pro season. eight the conditions are tough you see. the waves around us our game plan is to. go all in again for the big fish so. let's hope we can get some 50s for you. guys compared to last year our. prefishing is not that great the. biggest one was 44 yeah. so it will be a challenge especially. with the high winds yeah and as you can. tell by the surroundings we're in the. netherlands once again yes and uh. well it was the game plan all along. let's hope it will uh follow through.

Yeah so be sure to cheer us on in the. coming episodes. we're gonna do our best to keep the. competition at bay yeah yeah and if you. have any questions about the lures we. use or anything about the game plan and. so on drop the comments. under the the movie and. we will try to do our best to enter it. well for now. good luck buddy. have a good show you guys. cheer us up thumbs up. and follow us for the epic fishing in. the netherlands team catch with care see. you soon. the next team is located in the remote. areas of northern sweden known for its. untouched lakes filled with giant perch. which is what drew the attention of team. bite oblique they entered the format for. the first time in 2020 and shocked the. world with an absolutely mindblowing. result or how about catching more than. 100 perch above 40 centimeters in three.

Days of fishing despite that they ended. up in second place beaten by cwc fishing. team by a tiny margin and now they're. back for revenge hello guys hello this. is pele from bite of bleak and i'm peter. ferriss i'm from beta blake we are up in. the northern part of sweden and we have. some unfinished business to deal with. today. last year we was i would say extremely. unfinished this year we have we was like. one centimeter or 24 purchase. away from there away from the from the. victory yeah so. with this new setup to fish uh three. different lakes we're gonna go all in. and we have some really really good. lakes for you this year today we're on. lake one first day of patch pro it's a. deep lake with a lot of structure and. roaches and for tomorrow we're gonna. fish a shallow lake with like three. meters of water and a lot of grass in it.

And so it's gonna be totally two. different days the first and second one. on the last day we're gonna make. something. huge we're gonna go for. that fish. to rock them all. over the boat yeah we're gonna go for. that big big one lunker so we can change. the outcome on this competition yeah. let's go let's go. to meet the third team we need to head. back to the netherlands where we find. team gator represented by mikka muyonen. from finland and matt bost from the uk. who are participating for the first time. welcome to the show shops right we're. ready yeah man. so it looks like cwc are already at the. ram. i think that's team gator yeah it is. yeah sure same leg same spot. no it is what it is i think they have. the same feeling like us. you better leave boys. for the best. i don't think we're they're coming to. our spot hopefully not i think it's time.

We do we go do a little ritual at the. gate. yeah yeah ritual you'll see soon. mark our territory so there's a bit of a. ritual down here with us being go big or. go home i brought my 80 centimeter one. mate let's stick it on let's put that. bad boy on here yeah man this won't. stick at this end this one look at that. oh no. oh no no. another sticker. epic fail epic fail when everything. fails in the beginning. that's when magic happens. right guys welcome to perch pro season. eight my name is matt bost and this. little chap here yeah my name is mika. muran and welcome to team gator. so we're currently down in the south of. holland on some of the larger bodies of. water that i've spent time practicing on. over the years so this for me is a. little bit of a second home. yeah. well according to prefishing it really. looks like that because we caught.

Nothing. but the best the best prefishing is the. worst briefing yeah that's absolutely. correct what are the tactics for today. do we have any tactics um i think you. should boss it like you usually do going. on the bigger stuff yeah and i'll. probably do the finesse techniques so a. little bit of drop shot maybe mix it up. with a bit of carolina yeah so i'll work. them up and you catch them yeah that way. you activate them and then i'll uh i'll. set the hook. it's uh three minutes. we have time so uh. we'll see you later not too far away our. next team is getting ready to hit the. water dustin shona and tobias equal have. competed in the two previous seasons and. both times they've been fishing in. sweden this year they changed the. setting to the netherlands and are. fighting in the name of team nace stroft. stroft is a german company dedicated to.

Making the best fishing lines in the. world which will hopefully give tobias. and dustin the edge they need to beat. the competition they recently won the. first edition of sender pro and we'll. see if they'll reach the top once again. hello and welcome to perch pro. season eight. it's our third time. and uh yeah how do you feel i'm feeling. good and this time we have changed the. tactics we have been in sweden the two. first years yeah and this time the third. time we are in netherlands. and this time we're going only for big. perch and also top water but no numbers. this time no numbers not possible over. here. our prefishing was quite. yeah. sometimes what was good but most of the. times it was really. annoying because we caught not many and. not that big fish but yesterday we had a. really great day with a birch close to.

50. yes and we are now on a lake because. the wind is quite heavy and we need to. share that area so we have a really. small lake where we can hide from the. wind. so i hope we will catch something toby. for sure let's go. next up is another newcomer to the. format team fish candy with torben kagel. maher and martin curiolo from germany. fish candy is a young brand focusing 100. on highend lures and products for the. japanese market this is where many of. the american best anglers find the. latest lures and techniques and the. mission of fish candy is bringing these. to the european market primarily in the. form of ready to fish boxes packed with. mega cool stuff to put those lures to. the test they have traveled to the. baltic archipelago in the southern. portion of sweden known for being. extremely tricky but if they crack the.

Code they might be up for a damn good. reward. hello guys welcome to perch pro 8 i'm. martin and this is thorben we are. representing team fish candy and a lot. of jdm stuff for you and yeah yeah. welcome to pets48 guys i'm tom as martin. said we had big plans but the. weather quit some of them we have to. change plans now our allor-nothing move. for the last day we start today we are. in the southeast archipelago from sweden. we are pumped and yeah let's go. about 1 000 kilometers further north one. of the true perch pro veterans just. entered the water stefan nielsen has. competed in the four previous seasons. and this time he's fishing together with. thomas helgehold in the name of team. sporting seaman cman is an american. brand famous for making the world's. first shatter bait and they also played. a huge role in developing the ned rig.

Known to catch fish even in the toughest. of conditions we'll see if that can help. them win perch pro 8. good morning i am. stefan nielsen the owner of sporting. and we are team sporting seaman and this. year i brought my good friend thomas. from stockholm who is the swedish. guy from seaman and. here he is i'm the. swedish or scandinavian sales agent for. for seaman i've been fishing my whole. life since the last 40 years i have a. great passion for fishing and perch. fishing is one of my top favorite. fishing today it's all about catching. the big ones so. follow us this year. and let's go. our second to last team are also located. in the northern parts of sweden say. guten tag to the germans matthias wool. and marius misons representing team. kingfisher angel rayson who as you know. offer fishing trips to some of the best.

Destinations in the world these guys are. some die hard perch addicts and i can't. wait to see how they will perform good. morning from sunny sweden this is team. kingfisher. my name is marius miesen. my name is matthias full we are here in. the middle part of sweden and as you see. we have lovely weather today the rain. picks up we had tough conditions while. prefishing but not too bad so yeah we. are we are um pretty pumped up so we. wait a long time for this day yes um we. are actually going for uh for some big. purchase today so hopefully the weather. is not too tough we know they are here. so i just have to get get them on the. hook so um yeah i can't wait to get the. party started and um. i would say keep on using keep on oozing. the final team is new to perch pro but. you might recognize them from the latest.

Season of fly versus jerk team. headbanger lewis is represented by. marcus taylors and emmanuel svard and. they are fishing a very remote lake in. the most northern parts of sweden in. order to reach it they need to cross a. few kilometers straight through the. woods what gets marcus and the manual. going is the shapes of the biggest. specimens out there and they have a. solid track record of monster pie trout. shore and of course perch as a matter of. fact emmanuel is holding the official. swedish record longest perch ever with. this monster of 61.5 freaking. centimeters which as far as i know might. also be a world record let us know in. the comments if you know about any. longer one now i'm more than excited to. see them in action hey guys welcome to. purge pro season 8. my name is marcus. taylors and this is i'm on sat and we.

Are team head banglers so emanuel what. are we going to do today today we're in. a small lake in the middle of nowhere. and we're going to show you guys that. you can catch big perch with the latest. technology. and. no we're gonna do simple fishing and. like simple tactics and show you guys. that you don't need a fancy boat or. fancy equipment to catch big perch. that's the plan at least we've only been. here once and then we caught a 48 and a. 50 and only a few hours of fishing. so um. today we're gonna try to do the same or. even better but fishing is fishing and. you never know what's gonna happen so. but let's go now. those were eight teams and this is how. they're spread out across europe three. of them are fishing in the netherlands. and the remaining five in sweden it's. now eight o'clock so let the battle.

Begin first cast man. okay perch pro season eight episode. uno okay eight o'clock yeah let's do. this let's go. right. first cast perch pro season eight we're. gonna do this. let's catch at least five decent ones. today first cast perch for season eight. at the top i did before you. let's get some perch. okay it's eight o'clock and it's time to. start fishing we are out on the middle. of the sea it's about 10 meters deep up. to 12 meters i will start fishing with a. cement jackhammer 35 grams to get down. deep fast and i go shadow bait with a. piglet craw i caught some big fish on. this one so let's go let's go get one. first cast. yes we're at the first spot we are ready. for some top water action now to get the. day started so we we hope for a good top. water fishing tough conditions but. yeah we can't choose it so let's get.

Touch parade started yes first cars keep. on using keep on using yes. okay eight o'clock let's go. we're going to fish a weed line over. here i'm going to start fishing with the. bang ribs on the rocky head and maybe. i'll go also with the cranky shad. let's see. so it's 2.2 meters here and we are cast. length from the weed line so i think. this would be a good spot let's go first. cast for me. so the first spot where uh we're fishing. is a deep dropoff from a shallow. plateau with some uh structure on it. fishing the heavier aster vibe usually. does the trick so we'll see what happens. at the moment it's not that much wind. it's gonna pick up a lot more later so. we're gonna start with top water for. like five minutes to see if there's any. fish active because that point can be. really important. you should cast me in the direction with.

Your lure you had so many fish over. there. bites oh yeah oh oh what's big picture. oh that was a 45 perch i saw it. my god. it was a 45 perch that would have been. good go for the big fish point and for. the top water have you seen it no i just. had a big splash. okay then we know they are here and are. active. but it missed that was a huge fish. have you seen it was big no i didn't see. it and the thing is it's not that much. small fish here no. this was both a good and a bad start. close but no cigar for nae strought who. are almost starting off with a really. good sized perch on topwater scheisse up. in northern sweden by the blick are. firing off their first casts we have. found the spot we think we can get some. really good ones and for sure we're. gonna have the numbers yeah like one. trillion roaches down here yeah.

Hopefully a lot of perches also so. really pumped you're gonna do this lady. yeah i'm gonna do the new aerial craw. with a tpe material high stretch so it's. totally stand up on the bottom. so the big ones can. grab it in let's go bro i like that. sound. yep. nice. you have the net there fella if you need. it. fish on in the second cast of the day. for pele and if they manage to land it. pirate league will be the first team to. enter the scoreboard doesn't look like a. giant but definitely a nice perch so my. second call nice fish yeah to start with. yeah they are here. just need to to sort them out to get the. tanks. but good start. 38. really really nice one it's a good start. anyway let's go the first fish on purge. pro 8 has officially been caught 38. centimeters for team bite oblique. putting them on top of the board we're.

Just two casts into the tournament. though so this shouldn't last for too. long team headbanger lures also caught. one in the second cast but it didn't. reach 30 centimeters and therefore it. doesn't count marcus and emmanuel are. not here for the numbers though during. prefishing they didn't catch too many. of them but the ones they did catch made. it clear that they just had to return to. this lake during patch pro. yeah that's a nice one we got the net. that's a nice one get the nut. this one should be approved at least. nice. first little bit bigger one. so our first decent fish on the banging. ribs with the rocker head. look at this beauty old warrior you can. see that it's an old fish with the big. eyes and long fins i caught this one. just by the weed edge they are hiding. out in the weeds it's a lot of pike in.

This lake so the perch are sticking to. the weeds for shelter let's see how long. it is. so this one is actually a 44. okay. let's release this old warrior bye bye. beauty. great start for team head banger lures. 44 centimeter putting them in the lead. it's a nice one for their top five but. they surely won't get to keep the big. fish points for too long with that perch. team sporting seamen are throwing shadow. baits over deep water going all in for. the big ones. got one. super nice one it's packed with fish. down there. come on. there you go. first piece of the tournament good start. good start yeah. boom nice fish there you go super nice. fish. eight shadow baits with the piglet craw. purple and blue good one let's check it. out how big she is this first fish is. 44 44 44. look at that. so pretty. 44 centimeter. good start that we like.

Let's put it back. that's big fish right yeah. oh have i have it i have it big fish big. fish. on top of that toby please get it please. get it please this one is big. it's so strong. are you ready. this one is big. this coming. yes. oh not that big but good but still. it's still big it's still big on top. water. yes that's what we're talking about. that was intense very good too it was. also strong okay i'm gonna measure it. and you keep on fishing yeah. i thought it was way bigger but yeah me. too but it's okay first one i think this. might be the first. perch caught on top water in perch pro. season 8. and it looks like this. i think it's closer to 40 centimeters so. time to measure it i say it's 38. first. i will wet the measuring board and i. will see. it is. 39 centimeter almost 40 39 i don't think. it will be enough for the topwater point.

But who knows if the other ones aren't. fishing top water it might be the. biggest one so we're gonna put it back. and i'm gonna keep hammering with the. top water for like a couple of more. minutes after missing a really big one. team nae stuff delivers the first top. water perch of the competition the only. other team going for the top water point. at the moment is kingfisher angel rayson. but they have one problem it's raining. cats and dogs in the middle of sweden. giving them far from ideal conditions. with that in mind there is a chance that. the 39 centimeter perch tobias just got. could be enough to give them the. topwater point the thing is north. weather's hard yes. yeah and sporting never went for the top. water. quite a fleek but the germans do i know. them okay fish candy guys maybe fish. cans are in kalmar they will never get.

The top of the dark are they yes. ah because adam met them right yes. they will never get the top water i. promise you sure yes. no yeah we know that. we have not so big chance to get. the numbers point but we're going for. the top five. and maybe for the top water point. because the weather is very good today. for topwater fishing and yeah this is. our tactic for today well that's. interesting team fish candy are fishing. tobiya's home waters and according to. him they won't have a chance of getting. the top water point in these waters the. rain is picking up for kingfisher and. sometimes that's when the real lunkers. go hunting. good one that's not a bad one. so i take. the net. it could be a pike though but i think. it's a perch big one on the hook for. marios let's see if it has stripes or. dots or maybe it's a pike damn it no.

It's a big perch no it's a perch take it. take it take it take it. now that's a nice top water purge get. her into the net matthias damn it. don't stress. be calm and cool. yes baby first stop what the pressure of. the day a really nice fish man. keep on casting keep on catching that's. pretty awesome give. oh my god. sweet one what a lovely morning. but he inhaled it look at this oh fish. on. yeah but it's a it's a small one so i. don't have to wet my hands just because. they're already. soaking wet get the measurement right. there. so. that's a 40. 40. oh my god 46. really nice fish yes man keep on losing. mine a diamond on tara we're not even 15. minutes into the competition and team. kingfisher angel rayson just set the bar. with the biggest top water perch in the. history of perch pro 46 centimeter perch. on top work thanks for that.

So time to release that baby oh they are. they are chasing on the surface that was. a really good catch could be worse start. of the day man yes nice fish shitty ones. get up pop oh man pumps shady conditions. but big fishes i was kind of scared that. the perches are not here but. they are feeding so that's good. huge congrats marius that's a wicked. perch to catch on top water and with 46. centimeters you're even holding the big. fish point at the moment further north. in sweden team sporting sea men are. doing everything in their power to. change that boom nice. this one is 43. let's go back. super. 15 minutes into the game two fists on. the board 43 and 44. pretty good start missing the big ones. so far but. always good to get some. fast action. what about the other teams yeah the. pilot peak is just around the corner.

They're facing not very far from us. there are some really good waters they. they were one one centimeter from. winning last year then uh. i guess the new guys head banger louis. they are from way way way up north and. sweden i'm pretty sure they'll be. fishing at their their home area. then there'll probably be at least two. or three teams in holland i think i. think nays is in holland this year and i. think team gator is in holland i know. that the guy met the english guy from. team gators features a lord in holland. so i think they're there but i don't. know. one thing that is clear is that one. thing is clear that stephane got another. one. yes. the old guy still can do this. super this one is a little bit better. there you go this one's a better size. it's a tank. look at this one super look at this nice. fish i guess around 45 what i guess.

Shadow baits piglet craw super nice let's see she is 45 45 okay really really good looking three fish 43 44 now this pretty girl 45 let's put her back you cannot do anything but love these beautiful fish let's go baby like an apache war paint boom see there's enough now they started moving yeah yeah you see it smack muller you can see how they react to what color yeah and get instant feedback oh try going back oh what you do carolina or drop shot oh tough choice where's the twc yeah okay that's interesting because they were fishing when we want to go up there give this another 10 minutes maybe yeah as we all know having another angler fishing the same area always adds a bit of stress and after half an hour of fishing cwc fishing team are changing spot okay let's continue first cast new sport boom 50.

If those guys will leave to another spot. adam. yeah yeah fish. blademaster. it was first fish. new spots yeah. well at least. we are fishing the boat this is our uh. best spot so to say of this edge it's. like a deeper water and it comes from. that side and this side. and it goes underwater like in a in a. point. and we just fish the edges and in normal. circumstances those edges are packed. with fish we fish them with uh with. blades and we just cast into the deeper. areas like seven six meters and we. slowly fish them up to us and we fish. the boat it's on uh five meters and we. do like. 10 casts. nothing there just move on one casting. length and that's how we scan the entire. spot and when we get strikes we stay. there and try to catch as many perches. possible of course yeah fish. nice no small one. sure yeah. net no no no it's not an approved one.

Second perch they are here it's not. approved but at least we found a purge. and now. we must hope for bigger ones but at. least we found some active perch and in. this area we caught. really big ones up to 50 centimeters so. we know that they are here but like you. see the weather it's it's like changing. all the times the wind is coming from. different directions it's hard it's low. pressure front so now we have to. constantly casting and focus. and hope for a big one and i think adam. will catch it. soon. cwc aren't the only ones experiencing. slow fishing at the moment even. headbanger who started off great are now. struggling to catch big ones we're. catching quite a lot of small perch. right now only one approved so far but. i'm not worried because in this lake. there's a lot of these small ones but. when a fish rises over that stage they.

Can go grow really big. so. we're looking for this few big. individuals and i think they are not too. far away. now get the map. this is a big perk. oh that's nice. look at the. this is a big perch. we fished exactly one hour it's just. before nine o'clock and we caught the. second big fish and here it is. no this was the meal from the perch that. we just caught can you see that guys. this is crazy so. don't be afraid to use big baits for. perch as well so should we measure our. catch this one is 20. just over 22 centimeters the bait that. the perch bit up so. let's have a look. at this beauty. this is a very healthy specimen. look at this specimen the conditions on. this one is completely different to the. other one we just caught. let's measure this one and see how big. it is this one is actually the same. length 44 centimeter let's release this.

Beauty. we have three fish in total 44 44 and. 30. so we need to upgrade that yeah can. you do that i've just started. it's nine o'clock which means that the. teams have been fishing for one hour and. while some of them have had a great. start most of them are struggling team. byte oblique are holding both the number. point and the top five points but their. biggest one is only 38 centimeters and. they're far from happy about the results. so peter we need to step it up. yeah. stepping. as hell. i really think we are on the right spot. here because we see a lot of big fish. i'm gonna try some new technique i'm. gonna put in a zebra worm i'm gonna rig. it that's wacky to see if they are. really slow because of this cold weather. came in this night so let's see how that. works out let's go. i'm a little bit nervous guys this is.

Not what we wanted as a start. so it's gonna be a grind day peter. yeah. like right. says that let's hide the woman. good. really slow fishing now put that nasib. worm on tackled it as uh wacky. and this one on the first cast. 40. 40. yeah. nice really nice when you change the. technique and directly get the response. with a nice bite so keep on doing it. feels okay this one. good job peter maybe the biggest fish. for today i'm not sure. perfectly hooked in the. upper. 41. 41 centimeter took on the placebo worm. the reason why i tried the wacky style. it's because we see a lot of fish here. we don't get them to bite so with this i. can give them more time and just be very. sensitive with them and fish on them for. a long time and. they seem to like it the two biggest. today caught on on the nasibu worm black. style. i think that in north of sweden today.

The gems are here they will have. probably the same difficult fishing as. we have now yeah but i think of course i. think it's so many team going for big. fish so of course someone had to take a. good one yeah i agree yeah. now i'm trying some nets down at the. bottom with a 10 gram. and a hula stick. see if there's any bigger ones down on. the bottom. yes. you i'm ready just like team bite. oblique two must change to a finesse. style lure and got hooked up right away. let's see what's on the hook hula stick. down at the bottom. hula bandullah. okay this is the first piece on the. bottom today huh yeah this is the bottom. fish 42. i changed tactics a little bit. put on hula stick bye bye fishy. a ned jig on the bottom did the trick. for team sporting seaman and they're. closing in on team bite oblique on the. top five board down in holland team.

Nestroff are abandoning the top water. game let's stop this stuff slim and go. for a big fish on shot debate yeah. i'm not sure about the teams in holland. but compared to the teams in sweden i. think we're fishing quite different. we're using the shutter bait and then. we're slowly drifting or slowly going. with the engine close to the shore and. just covering as much area as possible. because here it's not that much big. perch in. one area they are very spread out so you. really have to find them. i think it's a pie yeah it's a pike. oh yes there's a park. yes continue fishing. but it's a pike i promise you. now it turns out it's a big truck oh you. said that. oh cool. i was like i got some weed on and then. i tried to. just reeled in and then i thought it was. a big pike that took it but no is it. your personal best yes it's my personal.

Best asp because in sweden we don't have. that much asp and i only caught one. before yeah. oh ass pro should we be in that next. year no problem but i think everything. will win that one. fish big fish big perch. 100 perch this time 100 per i see it big. perch big perch big perch. oh two two perch one big one is behind. yes yeah good well it's 40. oh it's. bigger than 40 it's 43 44. and minus. okay let's unhook them. so. this is a great perch let's check it. mouse is closed. and it's. 43.. not a real big one let's release it real. quick beautiful fish look at this this. is so beautiful. goodbye my friend. and here we have my personal best and. asked should we measure it real quick. just to see 260 yes it's like 62 or. something we need to catch a perch like. in this size dustin bye bye. 60 plus and a new pb for tobias not too.

Bad up north team headbanger just. released their previous catch when all. of a sudden. that was the roach. yeah i think so it was right yeah. i will try throwing some top water baits. and hoping for a big perch and the. weather is gonna change drastically for. tomorrow so i think today will be our. best chance for a top water point that's. a good strategy toss some dead bait onto. the surface get them feeding and then. it's just to grab the top water rod a. little further south the bite is on for. team kingfisher. they are chasing on the surface oh did. you see that you know the good thing. here is that we actually have topwater. fishing the whole day so we have plenty. of flakes oh my god. yes since they are here oh yeah it's a. good one. i thought it's bigger but it's a good. one so there's your lure thanks man.

Sweet fish let's measure it and get a. quick pick and well it's already in the. water while measuring but so it's. 36 right it's over there really nice. fish yes man. i will try some tap water now it's very. calm without any wind and we have a. place here with a lot of. seaweed coming up until i think one and. a half meters so. maybe the perch are inside and we will. try to get them let's see what happens. yeah it's a nice stick pad from osp it's. the yamato junior and you have a small. lip here so it works more stable and. you have a small sound also like a papa. team fish candy are joining in on the. top water game and it will be extremely. interesting to see if tobias predictions. were right or not down in holland team. gator have located a big school of bait. fish and it should just be a matter of. time before matt or mikka gets hooked up.

They know these waters very well and. know that there are some monsters. patrolling these hoods. that's a big perch mate huh that's a big. perch. oh no. it's off. that was a big perch. you could see that you could just see. the head but. big head shakes big head shakes. i can't believe i lost that fish. yeah fish. fish. yeah we're done. let's hope it's approached. feels like a little zander but. ready. all right big perch. come here mat with the net because i'm. lefthanded watch that trolling motor. bro yep stay there on my left side on my. left side coming in. yeah man. game on. yes get in yes. right we'll get the measure board yeah. man oh bed came up. nice on the carolina rig. midnight also good. winning color yeah. really slowly fished over the uh the. mussels the mussels yeah right should we. put her up here get measured do we get a.

40 have we got a 40. 39 yeah man yeah man first fish right nice we are on the board yeah man it's good mojo right we'll put her back team gator are on the board wonderful isn't it cwc fishing teams still aren't but that's about to change yeah nice one yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm here i'm here with you buddy okay it's not a big one but it's approved and i will keep on hammering baby perch did the trick okay our first fish on the board is 37. okay nice starting fish 37 fish is on the paper and the time is 10 o'clock so one fish to report 37 on top we're fishing the uh astro by blades 26 grams the heavy ones because the wind is crazy right now next one right so 10 o'clock report one fish 39 centimeters yep just under 40.

Come on man they're feeding still we. want to get in on them we probably don't. need to click that fish because we ain't. going to be in the clicker war today. last for five minutes have been really. bad for us but now we're change spot. coming up to two new spots that we have. it's two big rocks we're gonna give this. like one hour and then go back to our. other spots a lot of bait fish on the on. these rocks yeah a lot of bait fish yeah. it's time for aerial crew when you fish. this type of bait like a crowbait you. fish it with just small poses on the. bottom push it in a little bit then make. a pause so you give the perch time to. suck in the bait so we just need to. hammer. there i have one maybe a pike. or maybe a big one. how do you really crawl. maybe that's a good one. yeah. a good one. we're getting there inch by inch.

Centimeter by centimeter so let's see. 42 upgrade yeah 42. let's rerelease i. think we're on the map. byebye baby. big fish. pele is on fire. this is a big one. yes. it's really fat i'm not sure how. everybody is fat. it's so crazy we had like 40 minutes so. slow went to a new spot. and as you saw we saw a lot of bait fish. and steel fishing deep with aerial core. and you can see this is totally inhaled. let's see how long she is. biggest one today peter 46 centimeter. yes. 46.. that's really nice so funny to fish with. this. aerial crawl. so cool strikes just. sucked him in fishing with a new silent. chaser a football head from bkk just a. 20 but you know when they take it in. it's no problem with a small hook also. you get a lot of movement on the second. part on the jig so don't go too big. hooks because when this big fish take.

This they're grabbing it hole so let's. release it now 46 centimeters on the. eriel crow and team bite oblique are. sharing the big fish point with. kingfisher giving them the lead with. three points not too far away team. sporting are coming after. very good yes. it's about time it's about time. it's about the same size. i guess. nice. faster super. beautiful cement jack hammer. 46. yes. we are going up increasing one. centimeter on each fish this 43 it was. 44 it was 45 there's 46. i like that i. like that a lot. we now have three teams with a 46. centimeter perch on top how crazy is. that historically it takes more than a. 46 to get the big fish point though and. one team who knows that is cwc or. hammering their blades in their heavy. winds waiting for that one bite it's too. late. big one. big perch. if this is perch adam.

Then it's already a big one okay. there was another one next to it okay. take it take it go back go back go back. yes. this is the perch that we are looking. for. this is a i40 man yeah but the man. always rely on the avett okay wet on the. board oh big and fat one this is a nice. 40 fish. it's like. 47 47. 47 perch this is the purge that we are. looking for. 47 centimeters. caught it on the blade. astro by. it's because in conditions like this. jigs is hardly fishable and the estro5. strike pro perfect. blademaster o stamp delivers a stunning. 47 centimeter bars snatching the big. fish point of the day and all of a. sudden the four points are evenly spread. out between bite oblique cwc sporting. and kingfisher dickey bars man we need. that. like the possibility but there was an. even bigger one swimming under it yeah.

We need to keep on keep on hammering. yeah something like that. it was like boom that's a good feeling. that means that it's possible it's. doable. this is the plan. and this is the. lure as survive. don't leave home without. with a big fish point in the back now. the hunt for the top five point begins. and when nesting the 47 they saw a. similar fish right behind it. fish. big perch i'm so changing to the fire. tiger oh this can be a big one as well. oh. monster. okay. okay take it back take it back take it. back oh what a. here but my man that's a tank we are so. on fire. this is a fishing we are here for this. is a high 40 again this is a monster. cwc fishing team are on freaking fire at. the moment they just released the 47 and. now they have another tank in the boat. despite the very challenging conditions. let's measure her it's a long fish.

That's some fish. it's 47 also. 47 yeah double 47 level 47. and this is. well catching up out of 47 on the same. lure in the same area and this gives us. higher hopes for the first points of the. day i will reach it really quick and. hopefully catch another one guys for you. 47 second one and uh. so happy with it. i told you your year man your year this. year is my year yeah but your will you. will catch a 50 i'm sure and we're not. even halfway yeah if we can consistence. this fishing. and just. slowly move around we only need to catch. three more of this size and we know they. are here yeah yeah for sure. so what are you waiting for. contribute. and we had such a prefishing. it's the prefishing it sucks big time. and now. at the moment of truth. we get him. okay we're in. we're in the game. it's 11 o'clock and it's the last hour.

Before we know how the other one is. doing and this hour me and dawson has. something called a single perch and. that's quite common here you have like. one good hour when you catch some perch. and then it's like nothing for one or a. couple of hours and then you can get. like them fire up again so so that's. probably how it's going to be today some. hours laughing and then some hours quite. good fishing. until. you are so hot now. look at this beauty. i'm fishing everything. worms vibration everything. crawfish crawfish on the bottom peter. was writing down our third hour report. and when he did that. this one came up and took. my aerial craw. let's see. if we have a 45 and one more. yes. let's put her back. bye bye. we're starting to see the pattern we're. fishing big crawfish and then we get. upsize so let's continue hamming.

It's 11 o'clock and one hour left until. the teams will call each other to reveal. their midday results. team headbanger lures have had an okay. start with 2 44s in the bag but that. won't give them any points to change. that emmanuel tries the new banger. lizard and it doesn't take many casts. until it gets eaten. yeah fish on. this one. yeah that's a good one that's a good net. marker yeah yeah come on. look this one is even bigger oh oh the. giants. oh this is even bigger. way good job mana that's uh yeah that's. a 45 plus at least do you think so yeah. yeah it's it's bigger than the 244 for. sure clearly their biggest fish so far. but the question is will it break the. 47s that cwc just caught let's have a. look. they are getting bigger and bigger look. at this one. this is a prime specimen. look at that perch can you pass me the.

Measuring board marcus yep yeah. how long is it 47. great this one. i caught it on the. banger lizard and now it's gonna swim. back. another nice one for the board for. headbanger lures 47 centimeter giving. them a shared big fish point together. with cwc going into the final hour of. this episode the points are very evenly. spread out and it seems impossible to. predict how this is going to end. good. good dustin you're the man. it's it's good. yes. it's in the net 45 plus. about that about that dustin. well done. i think you'll manage to measure this. one by yourself yes. again the nays warrior look at this. beauty. they're so beautiful here. i think it's 44 or 45 maybe we will see. wet it. real quick and the measuring tape. see how big you are come on 45. no it is. 43 so. 43 nice perch after a fairly slow start. for the teams in the netherlands it.

Seems like the bite might be picking up. a few more and they'll be in the game. oh. right beside the boat. that's the big one. yes. oh i i thought it was like under 40. no. it's way it's bigger it was right beside. the boat it is going quite good for us. today. no no no no. 40 centimeters. but still i'm gonna put this one back. and continue because they are active at. the moment and then we just need to keep. hammering because i think they might. stop later team naystroth are slowly but. surely climbing the ranks and are now on. a shared third place together with. headbanger team bytes oblique are in. second place and are breathing down the. necks of team sporting do you have the. net there fella if you need it. yeah it's a good one. yeah. nice this is a lunker nice. yes. nice. yeah baby crawfish. this is a good one she's so fat.

Yes it's really fat fish oh it's. football. 45 so fat look at that belly. and the back and the back she has. potential yeah guys we're getting there. slowly but surely. let's uh take another one bite oblique. are closing in on team sporting and are. now only one centimeter behind you. better step it up thomason. fish on yep. you had a fish after. that yeah super. casting yeah. i'll make it don't need any help. continue with your fishing nice. yeah baby. oh guys still you can do it but there is. he goes. another one bites the dust boom. this one is. 45. that one. fat on her belly she's been feeding all. morning. 45 there you go. super. super. it's a nice lunker. step it up we said step it up they did. one must not forget that apart from last. year team sporting won the three. consecutive years before that and they. seem to be on fire this year again.

Further north emanuel is upsizing so i. want to go for a big fish now so i'm. gonna change to this bigger prototype. version of the banger rips this is a. hand port version that marcus did. yesterday and i'm gonna show you guys. how to rig it it's a little bit like a. weedless hook special hook that we have. invented for this type of fishing to get. the right balance in the jig and also to. get the point of the hook far back on. the bait so you have a good chance to. hook them when you are fishing on the. bottom because these rocker heads they. stand up really nice on the bottom. i'm fishing the bang ribs with a quite. steady retrieve it holds the depth. pretty well it's a. curly tail bait and it has a paddle in. the end of the tail so it falls quite. slow and together with the rocker head. pushes a lot of water so let's see if we.

Can catch a big one on this one. yeah. no. that was a good one. it was a good fish i think. it was not the bike. yeah. this is a better one. not. huge maybe but. i'm ready with it could be good. yeah take the net. oh yeah this one feels heavy. isn't the pike no it's not. it's a bridge oh yes. look at this one this one is big marcus. that's a monster perch. that's a monster. that's a 50 man. that's a 50 i think oh. damn that's the bite i had before yeah. oh. what the monster perch it fills up the. entire net oh. yes. sweet. ladies and gentlemen upsizing to the big. banging ribs did pay off and that's what. a proper northern perch looks like due. to the colder climate up north this area. of sweden tends to produce long but. quite thin fish but this one is clearly. an exception just look at the condition. and height of that fish however it's.

Only the length that matters in perch. pro but i think this one might have what. it takes to snatch the big fish. look at this beauty what an amazing fish. look at that for a perch. it's stunning. this one should be a 50 markers i really. hope so this one is but it's high it's a. monster it's high. but yeah and the back is really why we. need to. take a weight on that. moment of truth let's see what do you. think marcus 50 50. oh no it's not no. it's just that it's so thick or maybe. it's. probably only 49. yeah 49 centimeters should we take a. weight on this one yeah you have to. that's a really big one. yeah. close but no cigar 49 centimeter i'm. happy with that more than happy just. gonna take a quick weight in the net. to minimize the time of handling the. fish. that have to be 1.8 yeah it's 2. 640 grams with the net now i'm gonna.

Release this beauty. what an amazing fish right there 49. centimeters and over 2.6 kilos with the. net included soon we'll check the weight. of the net to get the exact number but. it might be close to the magic mark okay. and now it's time to check the weight of. the net. 630 gram. section. it's a two. kilohertz. that's crazy. yeah. that's my. yeah. 2010 2010 grand that's probably. my second heaviest purge. not my longest the second longest but. second heaviest i think yeah but you see. all the conditions on that it was a. crazy fish. awesome. man. two kilo. big fish guy you never disappoint me. i wanted to go for a big one so i. changed to this prototype bait of the. bigger model of banger rips maybe it's. true big big bait big fish yeah you saw. that. roach that yeah 20 centimetre road so. this is this is just a small snack for.

Them actually but now let's go we need. the people yeah we need to upgrade even. more let's clean out this mess and go. again. nice. four sheets of boardroom. i i i can't believe it. no that was crazy huge congress emmanuel. a two kilo perth this far north is not a. very common sight with 49 centimeters. they now hold the big fish point but. they need to get rid of their 30 in the. top 5 to be team sporting down south. team fish candy are desperately trying. every trick in their book to catch their. first perch with no luck so far but once. they find the fish they could get very. dangerous team nays are doing okay down. in the netherlands but they need way. bigger fish to pose a serious threat oh. fish on good one good yeah it's a big. big perch big perch big perch. this is a really big goal. yes that's a huge one it's a tank it's.

Not too good oh yes. oh it's bigger than i thought it is. really big. oh man yes. so great to me oh my god look how it's. hooked it's all the tiny stinger it's. really just on the outer part of the lip. yeah. oh crazy you're the man my man this one. i think looks longer than it is because. it's so fat yesterday when we was. fishing we lost so much fish because. they were just biting in the back and. see now we put on a stinger in porsche. just to be sure to catch them and see. how it's like doesn't it it couldn't be. hooked further out in the mouth. look at it oops. calm down big perch. the neck is so crazy so look how fast it. is nothing i think it's closer to it's. like closer to two kill on this one. because it's so fat and so high. it just looks so crazy measured real. quick i want to know how big it is. i'm gonna wet.

Okay. no actually it's not it's long it's long. doesn't it's 49. it's 49 dustin that's so great. 49. great fish toby only minutes after. the 49 caught by team headbanger team. nay strikes back with an equally long. and equally fat perch and they now have. an identical result of five purge a big. fish of 49 centimeters and a top five of. 214 centimeters how crazy is that very. well done dustin and tobias toby i think. we are not the only team sketching goods. because prefishing was quite bad. the first. days for us and then the weather changed. yesterday and the fishing uh. was way better. so i think for the teams in the. netherlands. yeah it's all the same and i think they. will catch and you know in the. netherlands you can catch this 50 so we. are not we're far away from safe and i. think there's like four teams maybe in.

Netherlands. uh for sure cwc fishing team because we. met them and they ever said that during. their training they had the biggest one. was 44 centimeter i'm not sure if it's. lying or not but that's not that good. not compared to what they had yet last. year so for sure the days before. pershing has been way worse than the. previous years in the netherlands in the. netherlands. and also we checked the weather report. for the northern sweden where i think. the danish. they are team sporting and also where. bite of blick is fishing and the weather. there was really bad it was strong wind. with a lot of rain so they might be. struggling in northern sweden but in. holland it seems like the fishing is. good. yeah but you know we are kind of in a. sheltered area not every water you can. fish today quite good because if you're.

On the big lakes you have so much wind. you can't fish them proper i think. no you can't search the fish you have to. do spot lock you have to be on one spot. to in order to fish. effective and here it's actually okay he. is okay because we are sheltered the. wind is strong but. we can handle it and there's so much new. teams these years like i have no idea. what they're planning and what they are. doing no same. but you know we will know how they are. catching in half an hour. less than 30 minutes left to their. report and the teams have no idea what. to expect indeed most of them are. battling tough conditions but while some. teams are still doing fine others are. struggling harder team kingfisher are. hit by a heavy rain front but that. didn't stop them from catching a. topwater giant and now they're trying. another spot.

Oh yes there you go. i think it's not a bad one is it a pike. no it's a perch looks like can you give. me the neck holy it's a good one. it's a 40.. good card. first cast in your spot. that's a nice fish again on the. popper. so let's quickly measure it and put it. back. there it is that's not 40 it's. 39. 39 centimeters again top water. first cast on new spot. not that bad of a top five keeping in. mind that every fish is caught on top. water team headbanger are nine. centimeters behind sporting in the top. five and their smallest one is the 30.. so they just need a 39 to steal the. points. another nice lunker on the banger ribs. and this lady didn't hesitate at all 39. centimeter or bigger and they will steal. the top five points from sporting and oh. yes with 44 centimeters they now reach a. top five of. 228 centimeters and are thereby holding.

Two out of the four points at the moment. but now stefan is hooked up thank you. thank you. or maybe a little maybe not too bad but. pretty one. 46 centimeter pretty girl huh that's. nothing but pure love but those. beautiful fish. she is so pretty never been caught. before let's put her back. a three centimeter increase for team. sporting but still two centimeters. behind headbanger down in the. netherlands team nae struft are on fire. and they have clearly cracked the code. fishing shatter baits in an area. protected from the wind. oh fish fish fish fish good one good one. it's a big rock yeah it's a huge one i. see it. take it easy take it easy take it easy. yes it's a big one. the funny thing is yesterday at the same. spot we had in prefishing. 49 9.8 and this could be close to it. that's a big one. that's a big one.

Oh my god. yes. i wet the board yes. it's 48. i guess i hope you're wrong. it's 50. no it's not but it's nice fish. it's great fish. do you know what they say yeah stinger. what do you see how big it is. yes it can for sure be the top fish for. today it can. not certain but we'll see. okay we see it's a clicker it's a lanka. it's a tank no it's between the lanka. and tank no it's a 50. it's a 50. it's a. 50. it's a 50 yes it's a 50. wait wait. can you squeeze it two feet wait. do you think it's yeah it's it's on. yes. hey let's release it real quick and uh. celebrate it was like kind of the edge i. think it was a 50 like it was like 50. points fish big one. very big perch. very big perch. it's a huge perch. this is insane they already have a. 50plus internet and this one doesn't. seem too small either there's only. minutes left until the 12 o'clock phone.

Report and this might be the fish they. need to pass headbanger on the top 5. board yes. yes. crazy. yes. both took on the warrior mine is really. golden one and he's a craw eater. sure. look at this fishes. good dustin yes yes yes yes that's crazy. and uh their mouth needs to be closed so. we have to measure this one again yeah. because we're a bit too excited but you. see here it's 50 for sure. it's 50 like it's nothing to talk about. so 50.5 that means it's 50.. yeah it's a tank it's a tank you can. release yours quick and then i will. measure mine so now we're releasing the. 50. centimeter perch. have a good life okay now it's time to. measure my purge i think it's 46. something like that. it's 47 so 50 and 47 that's such. a great result. so release this one real quick i'm. really happy. goodbye. and both of us. caught.

The fish on the nase warrior and i. had a new prototype as a trailer on it. it's action paddle is a really nice bait. and working also as a trailer what's. special about our shadow baits is many. things but the one thing is we have a. spiral so you can attach the bait to a. spiral and if you catch fish like that. and have a quite much action then the. bait will hold way longer and the hook. is always free because the lure is under. the hook so you have a better hook set. with this lure so catch another one toby. well done boom good start for once in. particular yes. it's uh soon the end of first program. actually i think we did really good we. just didn't get the bigger ones we have. a really nice top five not enough though. we need to upgrade a couple of big ones. i think we probably be. in the top five but we are outside top.

Three we have uh no big ones so far no. really big ones we had really good fees. somebody caught some really big one i. bet that we're gonna hear about a 50 in. the first program here. i will bet whatever you want is it the. upgrade just before the report pele i. think so. nice. 43. 43. that's gonna put away the the smoke 38. minutes. sweet. now let's make a call. so this is matt from gator. we've currently got one fish. at 39 centimeters and that is all guys. this is adam from team catch with care. and uh we're. on 197 total length and zero top water. biggest fish 47. 47. concrete nice one. how many fish i didn't get it um. five. that's good congrats thank you sean. so team fish getting here we have. one and a half pike until now and no. perch. this is stefan from team spotting we. have 16 fish our biggest is 46 we have.

226 centimeter and zero on top water. okay guys this is paddle from bite of. leak. we have the number point 42. we have the biggest fish 46. and the top five is 219. and. zero on top water. so this is marius from tim kingfisher. we have a total amount of seven fish our. biggest fish is 46. we've got a total. top five length of 194. and our biggest topwater fish is 46.. oh nice nice one nice one. congratulations nice one nice thanks. thanks guys very nice. really good yeah. i was 46 46 46 very good good work boys. thanks man thank you thank you very much. okay guys this is uh amanda from team. headbanger. we have a total number of 11 fish. uh and i just caught a perch over two. kilo. and the length was 49 centimeter nice. one. nice our total top five is 228. centimeter. and we have zero top water fish a really. nice fish here.

Good job good job good job nice fish. thanks. hey here's dustin from team uh naystroft. we have a total amount of seven fish. the biggest fish was 50.8 so almost 51.. nice what nice one. congrats. thank you and the total top five is 232. good job and our biggest. fish on top water is 39.. nice good job guys good work boys well. done guys good job. well done nice thank you have a good. second half okay have a good day bye bye. bye bye bye bye. bye bye bye bye. that was pretty good for once that was. pretty good but still 46 on top of water. wow. well it's possible but still it's. i don't think we need to focus on the. top water anymore no. so now we're just going for the. to secure the top five top five and the. biggest fish yes because he caught a 49. so it can. there are potentially bigger ones yes. what it was team headbanger yes.

Headbanger. so. yeah not too bad yeah not too bad but. not enough either. 232 oof that's uh. that's good that's good and 150s on top. let's go catch a 51 yeah that's the only. thing we can do that's the plan. yeah what do we say about that well done. head bang well well well done nays. and that top water. that can be dangerous overall. so yeah kingfish did a very good job. this morning yeah that can be a two two. point fish yeah. yeah they caught some monsters but every. one of them had banger got a two kilo. fish they had a two kilo fish was 49. dustin got a got a fifty eight got a. fifty five fifteen points so fifty. centimeter. jesus but no one had a perch over forty. on top water so thirty nine thirty nine. is the biggest one on top of water so we. had also thirty nine about a forty six. man. that's awesome that's really awesome.

Oh god. i was that was. yeah but. hey. yeah yeah three fish and we're. three fish my congrats for uh team nace. teenage 50 and also head banger for. what did they say two kilo perch two. kilo perch it was like 49 yeah. that one. really good one so uh. when winning the biggest fish of the day. we need to beat this thing we are. fishing on spots that contains 50s yeah. i am bigger and we caught five fish. two of. 47. and. i always say. you know that. we don't gonna look to the other teams. we have to do it right so. come on buddy let's start up some. engines go back. into the. roller coaster and then try to catch. some big ones. so that's us for episode one and be sure. to be subscribed to canal gratis and. see you in episode two exactly. later. yes we got the results. it's a really nice topwater fish 46 from. kingfisher is a giant topwater fish it.

Would be hard to catch we cannot beat. that. and team nays got a 50. headbanger got a 49 cc got a 47.. so are we way behind. oh so yeah. over 230 centimeters yes. yeah the biggest one 51 almost. 50. 2.8 this yeah. only team gate has one fish we've got. some catching up today dustin's doing. really well. i wonder where they are. you've got to be in a river or something. i don't know i don't think they're out. here well we saw where cvc was yeah well. we're on hotspot right now yep there's a. lot of perch yeah so our plan we can. absolutely upgrade this. this that we can do it yeah and we last. year we was over that year. all three days all three days we were. over that so it's not impossible not. impossible let's go bro. everything is possible we have to keep. on using i'm cleveland. for 41. yes man. that's awesome that's really awesome oh.

I'm so happy yo yeah now guys the goal is to catch a lot of birds and we have done it before so let's go for it let's go at the moment it's two points right two points yeah let's catch them now no not nine what is it in swedish oh man what a fantastic start of the season we've seen some incredible perch being caught and this day is far from over the number point is steadily held by bart oblique with 42 approved perch while the topwater point is in the hands of king fisher angel reyson when it comes to the big fish team nae stroft are dominating and are holding both the big fish point and top 5 points but are breathing down their necks see you in one week with the second episode of hersh pro 8.

thank you all for watching the first. episode of perch pro my name is miller. patterson and you have been watching. perch pro 8.

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