12.05.2024 Turbo & Jordan's Explosive Confrontation | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2

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Who is talking about me? Jordan What he say? Turbo, I don't know. He wasn't in here. Ashley say, he has been talking like I am the weakest guy here. Turbo, Turbo, Turbo, Turbo. You can talk to him privately then, we don't need the cast. Turbo. Jordan! This is so bad. Jordan! Jordan disrespect my honor. This is very important for me. What's up? Call it out Ash. I hear you talking about me, I'm the weak guy. I didn't say you was a weak guy. You talk on Turbo. I said Turbo got tired. And then he said, you have not proven anything to him. And we carried him. Why are you bringing this up right now? Last season, I win hardest challenge, Okay, you cannot call me weak.

Hardest challenge ever? Turbo is a man of pride, he's a man of honor. He's a man of respect. If you come for him and he did not send for you. He will get you. You said the cargo. You said the cargo thing. Also, you bring the cargo thing. If you wanna keep bringing it up, we can go baby, 'cause, I won't take . No, why? For what? Why are you bringing me into your beef? Talking crap, or did I talk facts Ashley? You said he died and pulled off the cargo. Oh Jordan, are you a little scared? If you talking behind my back, if you are thinking you are the best for me, we will go next elimination. Shake my hand right now, we will go.

We will go next elimination. Shake my hand right now, we will go. These guys, are trying to cause problems. Because they have a personal issue with me. Because I know exactly what you said. They want you to get mad, and they want this to happen. I'll tell you everything I said, and I'll tell it right to your face. But I'm not gonna let these little gossip girls tell you lies. Now I'm really gonna snap, stay out of it. Right, snap Tori! Stay out of it. How can I ! Stay the He's lying. Do you wanna go to the next elimination with me? Do you wanna just do it? Do you want to? It's not really the smartest for anyone to .

I don't give a . I'm not bailing this. I don't care anymore. Then what do you care about? Jordan being a dick. I said exactly what I said to you. No one is perfect here. No one is number one. I know who went and told him. Yeah, yeah it is. Ashley is so manipulative, she is instigating this fight so that Jordan potentially would fight Turbo and possibly get kicked out of the game. Why are you trying to make our great competitors hate each other? And like, if you have an issue with Jordan, just don't talk to him. He's still helping you win. USA. Break it down. Right, we're a team right. USA. One, two, three.

USA! We're so good Ash. What is everybody's hatred for Jordan now. I'm confused. I think it's just the way he talks to people. Jordan plays a cheap game. He pokes at people. Jordan will sit there and act like he wants to fight you and then when you want to fight him, he acts like, oh I don't know where this is coming from. He's a scapegoat for everyone on the other side because he's outspoken. Yeah. And, he's good. And, that makes them mad. Ashley's the one who got involved. I don't know why Ashley would do that? 'Cause Ashley's a drama starter, that's what she does. Hold on, lemme go tell her.

She had no right to do that. No reason, other than the fact that they want Turbo against Jordan. Who? Jordan and Turbo. Yeah, I'll vouch for that for next boys night. Ashley better stay the out of my way tonight. That entire alliance, they knew exactly what they were doing. They had bad intentions, it really sucks. You looking like. Don't act like that jock strap isn't padded bro. I hate our team. I hate specially, man talking behind my back. Behind my back is goosey, chicken. Jordan is pussy, he is not champion. They need numbers, so they are trying to get you, on their side. So they want you to go against Jordan because they want Jordan out.

They need you, Turbo. And that's why I'm mad at Ashley, That's why I'm mad at Ninja, that's why I'm mad at Cara, Paulie. All of them, because they use you every single time. No and it pisses me off. It's not fair. I know what Turbo's capable of. So, I'm just trying to do my best to deescalate the situation. So Turbo doesn't take it too far. You and me, go elimination if you are man. If you are thinking you are better than me. Shake my hand right now, I promise I will go elimination with you. I'm not going to elimination, I'm not a idiot. You have no idea what's being said. You have no idea what's being said.

Stop. I have idea, you have You have . Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh my God. Turbo's not just like the type of guy that, you know, you argue with. He's scary. And Jordan's on the opposite end of this. This is just terrifying. Hey, you win one and you think you the . You win one? What is the . There's a look in Turbo's eyes, that I've only seen on the Discovery Channel, like craziest predators. You think you're the best because you won one. I am not best. You are thinking you are best. And I didn't say best. If you thinking you are the best, we have one place for this. You and me go inside, and we will see who is the best.

If you caught me like this, I will go beat you, let's go. You all talk baby. Let's go there. It's all talk. To be honest, I'd really like to see Turbo punch Jordan in the face, so. Carry on mate. You the best? Don't show me that please. You the best? You the best? We'll see. Just stop it now. Done. Turbo, I'm not scared of you. And I'm not gonna back down. You can not copy me like this mother . You can not! I'm gonna you up! You can not copy my walk! Mother ! Who you are? Who you are? I'm gonna you up, I will! I will you up! There's a whole other side of Turbo. He scares the out of me, I'll be honest with you.

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