12.05.2024 Diana and Roma Funny Kids Adventure stories / Video compilation

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I don't like pink. oh. yes you like football. huh i don't like. wow. it's my color now. thank you. wow. hmm. cute. okay. oh. wow. my favorite pink puppet. i love putting too. kitty. no it's my puppet. grandma i'm going to shower. okay. what color do you like. wow. hmm. we need to collect six balls. hmm. we need to find the bow. we need more. oh. wow. we need to find the small bowl yes. uh. wow. wow. where to go. cheese. we need to find the last one. where's the. boat. i found it. last one. diana this is your todo list for today. a lot of work. i know i need an assistant. go walk for me go and clean in the. garden. yes. uh. oh. roblox. what are you doing. my dress. mission concrete. yes. yes. how are you. mission complete what have you done. hmm. yes. i will do everything by myself. hmm. okay boys. huh. favorite okay. okay boys. let's draw. what. don't use too much paper look.

what are you doing i'm playing. you ruined this tree. i'm sorry. wow oh. thank you. again butterflies are scared. this is how butterfly snails. let's make a house for birds. oops. you have to learn music. let's learn um. wow. yeah yeah. you need to learn the words. hmm. yummy. i do like this instrument. it's hard it hurts. i like it i bought it easy. wow. oliver. do you like piano yeah. wow. piano is my favorite instrument. hookah listen. i you. now you're superstars. wow. yes. hmm. yes. wow. wow. wow forget about my school projects. yay. this is. hmm. yes. hmm. yay. hmm. thank you. need yes i need tools okay. diana it's a toys. i need real tools okay. thank you. let's continue with projects. can you help. me okay. will help you. wow. thank you for having me

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