12.05.2024 Vlad and Niki - funny toys stories with costumes for kids

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choose your food i want this mine goes. right here okay. no money no money no food. and then. okay. sneakers. wow. what do we need. all right. don't hurt the smaller. don't hurt the smaller ones. thank you bye. okay. okay. this okay. okay. this is funny. let's do it. okay. candy i love candy. where did you get those. i'll give you one candy if you help me. give me candy. okay. thank you. this is for me. oh really. oh. what will i do sorry. i have surprise for you. okay. i help you. oh thank you. you're welcome. oh. it's superhero time. it's time to save the world. okay. is. it's superhero time. oh. wow. oh. no

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