12.05.2024 Crazy Time Evolution Gaming

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All the point values are shuffled on the. bottom of the screen and we flip and. drop it again basically so we keep. playing until it's not a double basic. way just like the question. sorry shelled or not worth it. read lots of John Cena spins really. really you do yeah. ooh 10x I'm pachinko this time when is. destiny I have no idea not a clue there. you go now that's what we're talking. about 10x pachinko. buhbuh-buh-buh-buh clown that's what. I'm talking about. but chinko alright Karina beat Sereno. there it is now let's check out our face. multiplies I'm hoping for some doubles. here we go let me got your 2x 2 3 7 10. 15 35 and 50 but with the power of the. bowl supplier from the top slot oh look. at those boots over there look at that. beauty down below especially in the. middle there holy smokes. I'm gonna be dropping it really close to.

That as well so let her rip so the worst. possible result is a 20x that's the. worst possible thing we can get here. let's go to the top 500 500 to our 800. for withers here. but yeah mostly this session dominated. actually I can clearly say it the bonus. game why's that this session dominate by. point five set of goals cash comes let. me help backto-back boys we'd have. banks to bags hums we all backto-back. one international 25 nice crazy time we. actually have potential for 25 eggs. crazy Tom come on please stop. yes yes baby let's go 25 eggs grazie are. you ready to rumble 25 explains example. that times well let's go well this is. how I need to breathe this is gonna be. mask them this is gonna be a massive. fill it up with those little eyes and of. course but visibly close you with that. top levels flat 25 ice everything few.

Days inner always drawn at two days in. row high school fighting they're just. saying it goes now it's your time to. pick green blue yellow this one's gonna. matter. don't mess it up guys. so you point 5000 X is the highest one. and a good luck. but I've come through the explore that. bloom flower power 625 for the yellow I. want to congratulations already and we. got ourselves 500 X on our hands and for. that green a flapper good luck 500x of. all the green flapper as well. like my heart okay guys I know how you. feel I know how you feel ah but it's. nice to hear the cheer to be great oh. thank you very much well what about you. Satur how you been doing. so Stefano sucks and what this crazy. time to do I never saw it I have a. feeling that we are going to get a coin. flip this time ladies and gentlemen. fifteen act so multiplier nobody will.

say that the coin flip is bad right okay. my love Wow okay fifteen times bigger. okay I have no words say 750 guys right. okay I'm now. you

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