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Yo what is going on everyone we are back. with another video today here on sweet. Bonanza now you may be asking why do we. have four thousand one hundred and. eighty three dollars and 19 cents in our. balance and if you are I just finished. reporting a video right before this. um the videos are probably gonna go in. order hopefully they do uh knowing me. they probably won't but if they do. um I just recorded a pretty good chicken. drop session if you guys did not see. that chicken Drop video it was insane I. got a crazy stupid amazing setup so make. sure you guys check out that video. um right after this one you know you can. stick around you already clicked on this. one first so so stick around and uh yeah. um we're gonna do some Bonus Buys we. have a lot more in our balance but that. does not mean I want to be like.

Completely stupid and lose it all but. we'll see what happens hopefully we can. maybe double this up. um I'm down like 8K for the day so this. is um a little bit of recovery. um but yeah uh one more thing I forgot. to mention the intro guys is I. appreciate everyone checking out the. video of course as always I try to. mention that every video but it means a. ton and if you guys are not already in. my Discord join my Discord I have. started doing free spins and other. features like that some bonuses you know. if you guys supported me I gotta support. you guys as well so uh yeah make sure. you guys check out my Discord learn some. more information on that follow me on. Twitter because I do giveaways and uh. enough is selling out guys uh enough. selling out we're here on Suite Bonanza. and that's all we're gonna focus on now.

From here on out let's see. what we can do our first bonus uh we're. not too far off a break even honestly. um. I mean like surely we can get like a 40. hit here last spin. yep all right there it is we take that. okay. that's a good hit going out there 324. dollars boom. 282 dollars there to start out not bad. 700 bonus. some big ones but uh you know I'm trying. to not I'm trying to knock in the. thousands range we're not going to the. thousands until we can see something. exciting if we could see something. exciting maybe I'll bump it up maybe. I'll bump it up but for now we're. chilling we're chilling you know. I want to see like a 50x or 100x this. video this video 50x or 100x would be. meant. I had got 100x my last super ninja video. that one went stupid. honestly I'm not expecting anything to. go insane here but if it can that would.

Be beautiful. last spin doesn't do anything okay 840. bonus buy though let's try to get like a. double up triple up something like that. on this one. all right well drops a double scatter oh. that's a good screen hello. oh nice it connects to Greens there we. go that's not bad that is not bad at all. yeah that's 751 dollars here already and. we still have so many spins come on just. don't throw don't throw and this is. actually a good bonus. okay. not bad. come on. oh the hearts man we were too off that's. another thing I have not seen in a while. is the hearts I I know I say that like. every video but it feels like it's been. so long. feels like it's been so long. okay water no no watermelon either but. such big Maltese such crazy multis 134. there so we are in profit can't complain. with some profit but with the way we.

Started I kind of wanted a little more. is that greedy is I think that's greedy. but uh. you know. I feel like we uh check out a little bit. more there so let's uh hopefully make. some profit on this one okay wait hold. on hold on that's good greens oh we. don't get the greens. let's start though very good start. 461. already like. is that halfback I think that I can't. math I think that's like half back give. or take. okay. another decent hit there on a 20x. okay we're at 6 18.. not a bad bonus so far I still have a. couple more spins to go. I haven't seen the 100 or the 50 yet. I thought I at least would have gotten. baited by now. uh last spin though. okay banana I mean the fact that I even. got a connection I'll take it because. usually the last bin never connects for. me. so uh yeah we did lose some money on. that one let's go ahead and drop it back.

Down to a 700 just because. um I feel like upping it would be dumb I. don't really feel like doing an 1100. bonus right now before we get back into. the video if you guys are above the age. of 18 and new to gamble and win a chance. to claim some rewards you would click. this rewards button here on this right. hand side you'll see claim bonus you can. use code Tony edits to instantly unlock. yourself 15 break back for your first. seven days registered on the site as. well as gain access to instant breakback. weekly rate back and monthly right back. and you could also claim this surprise. bonus every 24 hours I appreciate your. guys support I appreciate you checking. out today's video and let's get right. back into it so we'll we'll keep doing. that little rotation we'll go 7 to 840. to 900 and hopefully not lose everything.

Doing that. um. oh wow 15x men if we had the plums or. the banana there. okay. all right I mean it's not bad very close. to the pinks we had that one hiding. there in the bottom right we only needed. one we have one. we gotta get some better tumbles though. we're getting some multis we're getting. some decent multis for sure like we had. a 40x there on a couple bonuses ago. so it's not going horrible yo hello. dropping the green okay. it's not bad it's not bad at all. actually. profit actually all right 836 dollars. and we still have five spins. oh come on shouldn't be trigged why not. three spin stuff. also guys um one more thing I forgot to. mention I know I mentioned a couple. weeks ago that I wanted to start doing. webcam. I'm I think I'm feeling better now I was. sick that's why I never had it set up. but I definitely have to start that soon.

I'm ahead a couple videos not like too. many but uh I'm gonna look into it. either tomorrow or the day after setting. up my webcam and hopefully starting some. webcam videos they probably won't be. every single video because I'm kind of. lazy and I always record at like 3am so. you guys are just gonna see me sitting. in the darkness of my room but uh if I. ever record earlier videos I'll. definitely start um you know turning on. the webcam why not I know it's been 20x. I know it's been highly requested so I. gotta do it I got to do it 419 here. though it's like yeah that one's half. back I can tell that one oh retrig I'll. take that. good hit here too. okay. oh that was so close to pinks nice good. hit though. all right 6 53 and we get the five extra. spins. how many we have left eight spins here. okay we can work with this surely this.

Can turn into profit. greens oh two off. two off there. oh no it's the normal sleeping answer. retrigue where it just oh never mind I. lied I lied look at that Blues. Blues now nice okay one more multi yo. we'll take that I was about to say it's. like the sweep it endsery trick where it. gives you extra spins but there actually. isn't any extra spins at all because. they're all just dead spins but that. proved me completely wrong. yo greens where'd those come from okay. nice that's another good hit there this. is some good profit now very good profit. more than double up on the bonus last. spin 100x Hello Goodbye yeah that is. that is horrible yeah let's go ahead and. send them 980 now crazy how that 900 or. that 100x you know just came to say. hello there right before the end of the. bonus but that's fine we're up to the.

980 now like I said we're gonna rotate. through them we're doing 700 840 and. then we do the risky basically thousand. dollar bonus this is like all of our. profits I just threw on this one. all right five spins left hopefully this. is a late bonus because this is bad. clumps okay they connect maybe Blues. they don't drop in okay. it's not horrible though I guess a. little bit of recovery. surely we get something in these last. two spins last spin maybe somehow. connects it connects multi though all. right I mean we'll take it. it's a bad one it is a bad one don't get. me wrong but we're at like a break even. let's see how this goes come on ten. spins here. I'm really hoping to just hit hearts. 100x. something exciting. 25 is good okay. 25 is very good that's more than half. back in one spin was that her no that. was not her first spin for some reason I.

Forgot about all the deadspins. okay 20 bucks. come on man retrick that. oh no. what is going on okay pinks Pink's nice. banana now 100x we needed something. that's that's good right yeah okay we're. only we're slightly off slightly off uh. Break Even This should be it yeah that's. definitely it Blues connect oh that's. big okay nice that was clutch 30X all. right this by paid double up on the Buy. we're back up to 4 800. last spin unless. this last spin gives us more of course. it does I I always once I get the big. hit I always kind of just count out the. uh next couple spins 840 bonus we're. still around 4K. so it's not looking bad it's not looking. bad at all. this phone is starting out. surely it's a late bonus. surely it's a Lakeland seven spins. what's going on here. hello uh yeah this is one of the worst. ones we've had so far and let's hold on.

Pinks. all right well banana there too would. have been all right uh a couple spins. left guys. hopefully a retrigue our last spin. retrigue would be beautiful. and final spin. but uh yeah here we are again 9080 bonus. buy it's crazy that um the amount of. money I've spent on buys already this. video. you know you could have just put in the. scatter. you just give me a chance to make. something. hold on uh banana connects right yes it. does uh watermelon. I thought we were gonna be one off okay. that's good. that's good it's decent gotta remember. it's a 980 bonus though so still down a. bit still down a little bit. five spins oh there we are there's the. retrek okay. back up to nine spins here back up to. nine spins. all right. um. come on we need one big hit. one big one banana. okay the Plum's good we'll take the plum.

Where. getting close to at least a break even. all right we'll take another retry we've. now had a lot of spins this bonus I. don't know how many spins we've had but. we've had a lot. Richard again why not oh is it actually. gonna do it I was trolling all right I. don't think so oh it does what I was. trolling okay. yo watermelon no that's a good hit. that's a good hit all right we're. actually in some good profit now we're. in some good profit and we've had like. 100 expensive spots we've had like 100. spins. um. all right I mean any connection is good. like just keep doing what you're doing I. I I'm not even gonna say anything look. at that greens we're still getting hits. like this. I did not think we'd be getting hits. like this from the reach oh that's a lot. of pink. that's huge that is huge how much is. this. how much is this.

Nice man 4.4 K we're at 5.8k here sweep. Bonanza I did not think all those. Retreats were actually gonna do. something. I've had so many bonuses like that we're. just Richards forever and then it gives. us like 14 hits like you just seen there. never something like that that's another. good hit by the way. okay. there we go 6.2k. come on. come on keep going. somehow just is that oh I for some. reason I thought I seen three on there I. was about to say if this retricks again. that is just insane last spin yo let's. go man let's go we're at nine thousand. dollars that is literally what I was. like down for the day I was down like 8K. or like 9k I really don't even know. anymore it's bad but um you know that's. good guys that is good I think we do one. more. um what's it called we do one more bonus. Buy. then uh we wrap it up like that little.

Rotation between the three bars kind of worked out in our favorites the first time I've ever tried that will it ever work again probably not but um you know I'll try it in some future videos gotta give it a chance gotta try something new to here we gotta somehow beat the slots come out in some profit um I'm just trying some quick spins here just to see if maybe you can just give us another bonus there and and it doesn't all right um let's go ahead and do a um we can do like a 980. we'll end it off with another 980 and actually no I'm lying you know what I want some profit we'll end it off with the 700.

700 bonus buy Here 8.7 K in the balance. even if this pays like two dollars we. are up good guys we are up double our. starting balance which is very nice. considering that's what I was down for. the day I really hope I didn't just tip. the slot but I tip the slot I mean like. you know super dancer has this thing. where it just loves to do like a seven. spin special where the special is you. get absolutely no connections. and I think that's what we got here no. way last spin yo we're done we're done. we're done oh that is gross all right. guys I hope you all enjoyed the sweet. Bonanza session session I can't speak. all right anyways uh subscribe if you're. new leave a like join the Discord I'll. leave it in the pin comment follow me on. Twitter you guys can see that in my. description got giveaways got some free.

spins and uh yeah thanks for supporting. me I'll see you all in the next video. peace hot boy

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