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Is e. e. is for. is that's. well good evening to you and welcome on. this most perfect evening for a game of. football to which we look forward. immensely it's hardly a surprised that. everybody has come here in their droves. this being a fixture that has received. so much coverage in the days leading up. to it and it's good to see that we have. a good contingent of visiting fans by. the look of it too the atmosphere is. amicable the conditions do bring out the. best in everyone and I think we're all. looking forward to a Feelgood. game and the match day noise at this. place is truly special The Pride the. passion it adds to a massive sense of. occasion. and that gets things. running and he's intervened well. there oh facing up to his his adversary. this is a formidable matchup a lot of. space here a real. opportunity and he was quick to.

React and he's straight offs side. Neymar oh super find he is through. here yeah that does look a foul. referee's given a free kick it's not. taken him long and that's going to be a. booking. that has earned a reprieve for the time. being. cedo they've got to be quick moving this. forward and bé oh now here's an. interesting. matchup they've got to make this nice. and quick play through into space. there's no flag he's found the way. through well he got rid because he was. under. pressure and they've got it back as soon. as they gave it. away that has been knocked. clear and the counter attack could be on. here for Croatia. and that's been intercepted fires from. distance and that has fair fizzed look. they don't come much better in terms of. ball striking it deserved a better. result than. that yet another to add to football's.

Endless list of could haves and should. haves ah quality deserted them when they. really needed. it and he's there to retrieve. it it'll be a throw in. and he's managed to get. rid Muhammad Salah Running With The. Ball good spot he's seen the run that. has not gone. well well there's the. clearance played out to the right. neither of these two want to come off. second. best it's come through and he's had a. quick look. inside skillfully it's gone in and it is. an own. goal oh it's an unusual turn of events. and it was an honest attempt to help out. and I suppose it can happen to. anyone well who saw that coming it has. certainly made things interesting well. that's something you don't expect at a. match like this but I guess you have to. take whatever way it comes and and very. gratefully now it's oim. shos and he's quick to snatch it.

Back well I wouldn't quite advise they. should resort to risk taking at this. stage there's plenty plenty of time left. yet and it's Messi Messi going face to. face with his great rival and the. counter is on oh no that was never going. to make it it's an inviting looking ball. that some good work on the right flank. here oh good read might want to be. careful. there pinches it off him and he's gone. looking for safety. it's a poor throw that picked off with. relative. ease Neymar. rice that's just playing it safe and. simple and he's on his. way in the CI oh it's come. loose tries to get it. clear done delicately. no messing of Al just bludgeoned. way and it's. Salah a lovely feed is such a good. mover well that is one way to stop him. Andi now it's oim well seen saw that. coming that's going to go a long. way and the halim whistle goes well it's.

A half which has simed along nicely. warming up to what may be a more open. second half to. follow the own goal was symptomatic of. their first half performance they're not. at it. it's. whistle goes and we start the second. half well I'm sure the managers talk the. talk and now it's time for these players. to walk the walk and deliver a rousing. response to a rousing team. talk it's a decent chance to. Counterattack. there's the shot it's a. goal two up now and they are. cruising well there's always a chance of. being caught like that when you. surrender the. football Croatia take a two goal lead. and things should be comfortable from. here on in well that second goal has. given them so much more command and. confidence now and they should be able. to take it on from here and either add. to their lead or or close it out surely.

They'll manage one or the. other oh nicely. intercepted and that's another good win. of the. ball and that has been. cleared and they're back on the ball. again. V Muhammad Salah chasing after. it that's a little off. Target CA I've really been terrific at. snuffing out the threat now for. something different cleared without. hesitation this is the time you need. that pace. Messi Messi will not want to lose out. here not against this. opponent have managed to get it. away keeper got good distance on. that well played that has snuffed out. the. danger kaiso looking understandably. energized after his goal. it's. SC. oh that's a key. interception Trump CLE onto that and. that is. that goes down but nothing. given defending of the desperate variety. and he's there to clear. it somewhat of Target so what can they. make of this.

Barela Brahim. Diaz Brahim Diaz looking to penetrate. opposition lines that is a great. pickout oh sweet Beat in comes the. cross look this is so frustrating. passing without any end product is just. passing time. van djk it's a pretty loose. pass oh facing up to his adversary this. is a formidable. matchup oen. barela and he's in on goal and the. shot he's cut it out. cleared without. complication now it's shal Felix now. there's a fine. ball shot could be Barilla and the balls. come loose here Brahim. Diaz. kajic threads one in should changes him. with that. pass away from immediate Danger. Brahim. Diaz that is lovely TR. Felix well he certainly wasn't in the. mood to take any. risks and that interception that's an. untiy Challenge free kick given. SW Felix it's loose now and they want to. get it. back and that has been clued.

Away ah it's a sweet ball. that Barilla now who's going to be first. to. this nicely weighted ball cleared. without. hesitation headed up field. Andel. Felix tries to get it. clear and that's it in the end then no. joy not for the want of trying not for. the want of running simply they were. beaten by a better team on the day so. what do you take away from it all Jim. well it was engaging if not an edge of. your seat en counter and. importantly e. for e. so. e that's. for. well good evening to you and welcome on. this most perfect evening for a game of. football to which we look forward. immensely it's hardly a surprise that. everybody has come here in their droves. this being a fixure that has received so. much coverage in the days leading up to. it and it's good to see that we have a. good contingent of visiting fans by the.

Look of it too the atmosphere is. amicable the conditions do bring out the. best in everyone and I think we're all. looking forward to a Feelgood. game this place is living up to its. reputation as one of the noisiest. corners of the footballing world no. decel spared in this Collective. corus and already we're underway. here it is a corner good chance well. height could make all the difference on. on these set. pieces well he got rid because he was. under. pressure and now they can spring out a. defense. you can run on to. that. foden who do you think this turns on Jim. I would have to say the Nigerian Striker. Victor riman uh I think he's someone who. can be a Target man and a coacher all in. one Peter I think he's very good with. his back to goal and he right is. he's done well to get his head on that. but couldn't score W this is simple the.

Supply is to be admired the defending is. to be. admonished oh red nice. interception. kimik it's just beyond this reach. nicely weighted. ball either side yet able to find the. net last ditch defending but that'll. do. Val oh inches away from being a really. good ball he's had a fair tumble under. that challenge they've got to make this. nice and quick and Dyke cuts it out. well there is a look that says it all a. piercing stare the movement was good but. the pass lacked Authority uh a cause of. mild. frustration it's a really well measured. ball de with the. clearance M he'll try from distance. valde and he's gone looking for. safety and he's quick to snatch it. back aim forwards. rice it's a pretty loose pass. and it's Messi oh facing up to his. adversary this is a formidable. matchup Catia are looking to break at.

PACE now what about a. Counterattack and he gets her in a hurry. and it's been taken straight back fol. he's gone direct here. Neymar pass is just off. Target that has been knocked. clear that's a little off. Target how somewhat off. Target so still we are where we began. it's nil nil. kaedo is sporting a guilty look after. that a that just required a bit more. oomph to reach its. Target well he certainly wasn't in the. mood to take any. risks well seen saw that coming now then. the balls come. loose burn cuts out the. pass can he get it through gets his. class away. and it's hoisted clear how many. interceptions have we seen now someone's. got to up the quality and and set an. example oh he's enjoyed that he. evidently loves the. contest and they've got it back as soon. as they gave it away great ball if he. can get.

There t and it's halime here but it has. been a half largely of could abs and. should haves perhaps the more impatient. amongst the supporters will feel their. overd a goal but it's certainly not for. the want of trying so nothing to show as. yet at the break it's nil. nil so they're head in no further. forward the score here still nil. nil e. so off we go once. more nil nil then and we're back on the. way and they can counter. here good spot he's seen the Run. POS now he's off and. running that's a nicely measured. pass and it's. Neymar shot could be on oh well played. there's the hit and it's a goal well. it's hardly a great surprise to see him. do something thrilling and it should. send a strength and courage to every one. of his teammates from here sh so calm. under pressure and he managed to Fashion. a fine finish Muhammad Salah.

Demonstrated great strength there I mean. he really had to hold his man off and. just create enough room for him to be. able to get the shot away and I think. it's just top top. play so we have our breakthrough listen. when it comes to goals Peter in this. team he's always the number one. Contender and he's done it. again Croatia are looking to play on the. counter here aren't they well I think. it's pretty clear they've changed their. shape and certainly when defending at. least because they've got to be ready to. hit them hard on the Counterattack and. that seems to be the. plan now it's Kit bit of a communication. breakdown there it seems it's an. inviting looking ball that. and he he slew it's one. onone has a. go. goal two to the good they have breathing. space well it would have been harder to. miss well the keeper is every right to.

Have a mo with his Defenders for that. because they never got tied to the score. simple. as so that's two now without reply to be. expected Peter they've gone and stepped. it up something they've been threatening. to do and will continue to do by the. looks of. it and that interception was most. necessary now just too much on that that. has been not clear. it's. this is second corner of the. game that he was alert to. itella gets it clear the keeper got it. again. defense has got rid of. that it looked as though that might lead. to something quite promising but it. turned out that that was not the. case and there's his chance to lead the. counter. and that has put paid to. that keeper. ball and he's on a charge Muhammad. Salah and that should get the job done. he's going to be disappointed with that. they're urging him to shoot can he put.

It. away a that was a brilliant save really. look sharp there didn't he that's very. well. played Corner number three coming. up that's a decent. clearance and now a sudden chance to. counter fires it in. low and back out it. comes Cristiano Ronaldo they've got to. be quick moving this. forward oh now here's an interesting. matchup oh good. read shifted up. field that pass isn't the. best. rice now a again for a throw. in Felix oh that's a foul free Kick's. been given. barel. Williams well time excellent. interception they need to play this. quicker in transitions like. this ahead by two and just about into. the home. straight Williams. and that is expertly dealt. with Williams well he was given the time. and room initially to hold onto the ball. but eventually he was squeezed that bit. harder and the task became too much I.

think he's got to be a little quicker in. his distribution then and get others. into the M can he. finish he's missed but not by that. far but they've got it again and he's. managed to get rid Baston oh it's a. promising build up this plenty of really. nice passing think that's offside yes it. is that's well done really. robust and he's cleared it out of H's. way. he's a sharp little ball here not the. most accurate. pass Sam. Maxima is and the. shot and that may well be that that is. that well don't you just love it when a. plan comes together Victory never in. doubt in the mind of The Mastermind in. all of this a solid win which will be. welcomed all round what are your. thoughts on today's game then Jim. information e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e e

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