12.05.2024 My Impact On Growing Green | Remi Merchant

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My name is Remy and I began my rwe. journey in January as a sustainability. manager for R West RW wants to not only. comply with legislative requirements but. has the Ambitions to be seen as a leader. when it comes to sustainability in the. energy sector and essentially that's. where our team comes in the energy. sector is one of the most important. sectors if not the most important sector. in the race climate change and that's. what's led me to join the company I want. to play a part in the energy transition. are is a unique exciting place and you. notice that right at the start uh you. join and you're working amongst genuine. experts and for that you'll be pushed. out of your comfort zone and you'll. never stop learning but that keeps you. interested in contining on with this. mission to make everything more.


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