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Okay then welcome it's good to see you. welcome to the blackjack table. please do join I want it you like. yeah. but make a requests or Deal Exchange. but in times closed. there's nine hearts for the dealer uh. that's closed. stand splitting Aces. foreign. foreign. okay. hit too many dealers sand 20.. good luck International opens nice. and closed. two of them to do it. uh 16 30 seconds. 21 almost 21.. thanks for the game the boats are opened. all right of course. this doesn't show anything good right. taking them all the best with the blue. cards no events. that's fine for the dealers. positioning. good luck in the next game. but it's closed. scene. Oh see it's done these are us. well. in the past. congrats some wins good luck in next. games. I I. no more beds. in person honestly. fans on both seats. hold them. nobody think about it.

Hello good luck double down one card that's 15 and second hand soft 16. yeah um foreign foreign hello yeah welcome greetings for sure it's bedtime are you ready they have the four Landing the other 13 inch burn congratulations let me know all right no just watching 12 feet stand with the 13. and deal boss congratulations excellent one and we're gonna go for another one and are you ready no let's look up I think it is nice for you oh yeah on us George too many McDonald's it's time to understand and deal with the 15 as well from 263 good job background give me place your bets and all those lights here 15.

extra something. specials. foreign. I don't know. I play Schmitz. I was watching. starting over 13.. and 20 stands as well. score is seven. um. please. and it has two so what this is 13.. stand six employer 16.. 12. enemy thirteen. and your boss and go to save actually. good job okay. she won't go for a game and push events. all right. foreign

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