12.05.2024 How to change location in Ometv | How to use VPN in Ometv | VPN for Ometv

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What's up guys sumatech here and in this. video i'm going to show you how you can. change the location on home tv that is. the website for the random video chat. after watching this video you'll be able. to know how you can change the location. on your own tv and then explore the. people from other countries servers and. then video chat with them okay. okay guys you can see i'm on my pc. screen right now let's go to home tv. website on google chrome. okay. okay now let's continue with facebook. okay now we can see we have successfully. logged into omtv. now i'm just gonna start i just turn up. my webcam because i don't want people to. see me when i'm making this video okay. let's just start. you can see i'm getting the people from. hong kong that is china or taiwan. but i'm not in china right now. so it's possible to change the location.

In home tv i'm gonna show you how you. can do that okay firstly what you're. gonna do is just go to your url box at. the top and then type in here chrome. where we store you can see here chrome. web store and then click on this first. link that is the chrome web store you. can see here. now it will lead you to the store and. then you have to select the extensions. here and then type in here we described. okay this one is best okay and then. click on it. and then you have to add this extension. to chrome. you have to know which kind of proxy or. vpn will work for home tv i have given. you the name of pps that work for home. tv so go to the description box and then. see there. we're gonna add this extension here. okay firstly it's downloading here you. can see. okay now wind describe has been added. now let's go to chrome web store once.

Again i'm gonna recommend you one more. that is genmet. you have to know which kind of vpns work. for home tv and then just install it. from there some vpns will not work okay. let's add to chrome. add extension okay now it's adding you. can see jen made also has been added. let's close this. okay both of the extension have been. added now let's go to this extensions. button right here and then click here. and then you have to enable these two. okay you can see here we described just. pin it here and then pin this one also. genmet vpn okay we have pinned both the. extension and we can see them right here. you can see we described and then met. now we can open the home tv. now you can either go to windscribe or. you can go to genmed let's go to gen. mate and see which kind of servers we. can get. okay we can close this and then go to.

Select locations. okay only it has only four free servers. you can see terminator invest let's. choose singapore for now. okay it has connected to singapore let's. try now. okay let's start. okay it's still not changing the. location that means we have to do one. more setting here. now what you are going to do is press. ctrl shift plus delete from the keyboard. and then it will lead you to this. page here and then you have to. tick these options browsing history. download history cookies inside data. this. this all you have to take this one which. i have ticked. okay and then you have to choose the. period of you can choose just last hour. okay now press on clear data. okay it has been clear now let's go to. omtp once again and then reload it ctrl. r. make sure that this chainmate is still. connected yes it's still connected to.

singapore so now let's again login. okay now let's start and see if the. location has actually changed. you can see now i'm getting the people. from singapore right here look. yep. so this has worked hello. hi. you can either use wind describe or gene. made there are also few other vpns which. will work thanks for watching guys that. was the way how we can change the. location on omtp and then you can video. chat with the people from other. countries or servers so if you like this. video then just give a thumbs up and. share it to your friends relatives and. everyone i'll be coming up with new. videos like this very soon and if you. have found this video very useful then. don't forget to subscribe my channel. okay until next time peace

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