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Yeah let's jump. i apologize for the inconvenience. so. do you come here often. i do. but like what about you do you like um. do you like crazytown. tastes uh. i don't even know how to explain that. because i don't know what's happening. man life is falling apart it is. like just get that. right and that's it. we made like two spins and we back where. we started. you spin from right side stop spin four. segments. ladies and gentlemen. like okay okay right now like come on. you'll be telling me the whole day this. and that this and that and crazy i'm. this crazy dumb dad go away but now that. we're not spinning. y'all making a scene. choose ladies come on you want to play. the game you don't want to play the game. you know. what what's this like. whatever man. what's going on and i said hey. yay. sent help but now ladies and gents for.

Newcomers everybody welcome to the game. as you can see uh i am boycotting i'm. refusing to work. not jigs jokes no basically uh. malfunction snow outside boom. on the. i don't know ladies and gentlemen this. is basically just kind of continue at. the moment before like giving. further. instructions on. yeah well basically same thing as. previously. just continue yeah. reporter. should i report it after. oh so i reported but i still continue. okay i'll wait yeah okay new coin flip. choose. which one you which one which side you. want. number one. so. i'll wait 10 seconds. best session ever. what's the outcome. that's one by the way ladies and gents. okay i think it's safe. uh ladies just once again i apologize. for your canadians yeah jokes are. outside hopefully it's gonna get it. solved soon we will have a nice and. steady game steady smooth game right.

Ladies and gents you're asking questions. but i can't see because everybody's. spamming really spin. but you don't have to tell me that. because i'm not in charge of that. decision i'm just. you think i'm putting son. maybe he's my son. oh. wait i thought you mean like completely. different person forget what i said. scratch that. hopefully russia not listening. ladies and gentlemen i apologize. for the inconvenience let me just you. know repeat myself. yeah winning number is one ladies and. that is one first number. thank you. talk to you later i guess. bearing time. everybody please. work. good luck. why have i dressed up as a waiter. because i am serving you. everybody good luck. thank you fury. thank you thank you man but hey do be. like that you know sometimes you really. do be like that. oh but i did marv. goes pachinkos you're gonna have like a.

two minute break oh this one wear my. glasses in my bag hopefully unless i. lost them hopefully not ladies and. gentlemen that is one two one. enjoy the win. i spin like a kid oh no

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