12.05.2024 Make a "M" using 3 markers

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Make an M using three markers go Lexi. you're first make an M using three. markers what and that's going to cost. you $20 every time you guys answer wrong. I'm taking more of your money away you. have three tries left and you have four. tries left does that not look the same. NP well now I don't I was going to do. that one so all right come on really. think about it. oh she's using pieces. she's did I. win I cost you 20 bucks how that's an M. nope it's not you didn't say she can't. take them apart no that's not why it's. not an M it's not why it's not an m at. all all right put it put it back. together but that isn't is an M I feel. like that counts it doesn't count I I'm. I'm the captain. here saes my big brain okay so if I was. an. M I would. like M that is an. N that is an N so you lose another 20. what do you. mean do I write with it or what was that.

H h Huh what make an M using three. markers. it you said we had to use the markers oh. I have to use all. three is she really going to really this. is the kind of game you're playing where. you just use these words that we don't. even. know looks like w for WBO unfortunately. that's not quite it what that's not. that's not serious make it the the. letter M what was that wait it's my turn. my turn my turn my turn my turn so. that's 20 here and you guys this is a. this is a joint effort whoever gets it. you guys get to keep your piles that are. left it's not a one or the other this is. a team. effort okay I can use this I can write. on the paper with it right yes yes you. can. okay I'm going to use this and I'm going. to. take okay wait here and. here okay right make make a singular M. using three. markers just in case I I'm not right.

Let's go like. right that's a terrible. sound and and and and you was a 50 are. you kidding me. all right all right all right I really. thought that was it I just thought of. something. what did I win that is very close but no. you did not no come. on we're close we are so close we really. are we're close she just used the blue. one so what if like it's like this. you are so on the right path but doing. too. much okay okay what do you mean no I. think I got it now give I I'll give you. an. example is this an example or are you. just. winning that's the example come on. finish think about the rest of. it oh yeah get that one. yeah that's it that was it use make one. M with three markers how is that not. right we did it so many times just not. the way you wanted well that's why. that's why I'm giving you the money so I.

get to keep the 50 right to keep your. 50s yeah all right

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