12.05.2024 Time Team | Sarcophagus Dig Trailer - Premieres Thursday 22nd December @ 7pm GMT

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we're back in the Oxford landscape to. take a look at the sarcophagus we. identified during our last dig and we've. got two important questions to answer. can we identify the bones of a farmer. placed back in that sarcophagus and can. we find any undisturbed Roman soil and. this is also a fantastic opportunity for. Naomi to sample the soil both around the. coffin and underneath and we're also. hoping to be able to take a look at. Roman funery practices what kind of. grave Goods did they put in the grave. and what kind of Ceremonies went on at. the funeral. and this time we've got less than three. days to do it. upon mystery that's. that's join time team on patreon to. access exclusive 3D models master. classes and behind the scenes insights

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