12.05.2024 Subaru Pin Code Access. How to enable and use it.

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Hi guys I'm going here from motion. Beyond about satyala and today I'm. actually going to talk about the. pin code access feature on this Subaru. XV Forester and many other Subaru models. out there they do have these people. access feature all right so first of all. I want to show you how the filter access. button looks like it's located so this. is the rear of the car so the PIN code. access button is located right here you. can see that okay so all right so the. PIN code access feature what it is used. for so basically when you want to go. hiking swimming kayaking or anything you. don't know. you don't want a big party you are. afraid to mistakes so what you do is you. leave everything inside you can lock the. car manually and then when you come back. you can unlock the car from the PIN code. excess using the PIN code excess button.

So right the first thing you need to do. is. lock your car all right so press the. lock button and hold and at the same. time you press the PIN code access. button and hold it as well okay. okay. do you hear the beeping sound you will. hear a continued continuous beat okay so. when you hear the continuous beep what. you do is you press the logo which is. the unlock button on the key fob okay. you press that. the beeping will stop okay now you key. in the PIN code access okay so example. is it's a five digit number and it's one. you press once two you press two times. three you press three times so now I'm. going to set it to one two three one two. so it's one you'll hear a bit. two you'll hear a bit. three. you'll hear a bit one. two. okay it will continuously beep again and. then you repeat the code again one more.

Time okay all right so one. two. three. one. two. the car will unlock okay now you have. set the PIN code for the first time okay. so now I'm going to show you how to. deactivate the keyboard how to manually. block your car and later how to unlock. your car again using the PIN code access. button all right so you can come over. here. now first of all open your car door and. manually lock your car door. okay then right after that make sure. your key fob is within the car. okay press the most top button and the. most button button press and hold. and you will hear a long beep. okay now if you try to start the car or. turn on the ignition you'll see a. message that shows. access key disabled okay now what you do. is for example you're going to go for. hiking okay. leave the key inside the car. for example I'm just putting it here on.

Top of the dashboard now you have to. manually close your door so for example. like this pull the door handle shut the. door and then release the handle so. so now car is. fully locked how are you going to unlock. it let me show you okay so now let's see. if you're done with your activities you. will have done hiking or swimming and. you want to come back to your car you. want to get your things you want to dry. up you want to get your car keys so how. to unlock your car okay let me show you. you come to your PIN code access button. here. your key in the PIN code access like how. you did earlier so it's one you hear a. bit. two. three. one. two. the car is unlocked okay so now you have. unlocked your car you have to reactivate. back your key fob so you get your keys. and you do what you come here you. press the lock button again manually.

lock all the doors and then you make. sure the key fob is within the car press. the most top button and most button. button and hold it you'll hear a short. beep. okay. short bit now if you turn on the. ignition. you will be able to start the car like. normal okay so there you go this is how. you use the PIN code access on a Subaru. all right so please like comment. subscribe to my YouTube channel so that. I can do more videos like this. explaining more features about Subaru. thank you

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