12.05.2024 I Hired An E-GIRL To Play Roblox BLADE BALL VOICE CHAT...

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All right so I was scrolling on eal. looking for an eager to play with and I. see this girl called Ellie bro very. friendly you can talk to me let's hear. her voice real quick hey my name's Ellie. and I'm 19 years old if you guys would. want to play Roblox or any other game. let me know hey I don't know hey if you. want to run some playball with me I need. a partner for 2v2 on playall if she want. to be my partner I'm down hey this what. she look like too this what she look. like so I dm' her Roblox and she said. yes of course you already know we going. in this all right so I just asked her on. Discord she said you played the hood cuz. we literally had the same mutuals I'm. going just call. her I got banned someone my all but. don't worry I got headless you canot me. why did you say don't worry you got. headless cuz you're probably going to be.

Like bro this. broke what how old are you I'm 20 you're. 20 bro what you're 20 Listen My Fit is. kind of you know it's not like the best. the fit is cute come on come on come on. right here right here right here line up. next to me bro line up next to me right. here bro I know how to do it don't Y at. me oh I forgot to ask what aity are. using I was about to say I have every. ability but I'm not on my you have. Infinity I have every ability how did. you get the robo for that um you met me. on EA I should answer the question oh my. God y I'm not going to lie to you y'all. need to like back off her bro like y'all. need to back up I was looking like what. you mean you looking no no not like that. not like that n no no this is my e. kitten you back it up my B my B hold up. hold up yeah what do you mean hold up. that oh my.

God oh my God you're good you're so good. oh my. look at this guy look at this little n. we the we the best duo we really the. best duo like we really the best duo. like like try all the abilities you want. she's going to clap you either way. imagine I die just cuz you were talking. all that crap I'm cheering for you like. you got. this BR okay okay okay hold up listen. listen listen if I win this if I win. this though you got to give me an AR ARA. H what do you mean bro I told you I just. told you I'm not an e no way list listen. listen listen it's just between us gang. you a got to worry about look look at me. I'm going to try something bro listen. watch this ready I'mma. die okay stop listen St win this game on. the line stop if you win I'm a meow oh. God I'm a. meow oh my God oh my God if you win I'm. a meow on God did you hear me I'm.

Listening. please shut up shut up shut up shut up I. believed in you bro all right all right. got me got me sweating my paws off I. mean yo yo yo yo hold up hold no hold up. hold up hold up hold up your pause is. that something you into like no my bad. are you like furry on like your off to I. be honest no no that you're getting too. close bro. yo put I'm just put on inity you're. making me mad you're making me mad what. did I do what did I do Jay J you're. you're going to get you're going to get. VC B stop talking stop talking stop oh. my God I don't care but I care though. but I care though why do you care so now. what listen listen you ladies. okay like come on now like let me know I. got you bro this one's for. you n no no let me handle this let me. handle this hey no why you need you know. cuz uh you look good I look good I don't.

Know that bro just look at my Roblox fit. what do you mean you don't know that do. you see the future in your eyes it's not. you're the YouTube what does she mean I. have no idea if you're clipping me right. now why would I do you like that stop. playing with me it's me and you against. the world bro what do you mean he is. what do you mean he is stop adding to it. bro they're literally lying to your face. I'm going to stand right next to you Fu. what are you do if I win you know to. deal I'm not going to say that I'll set. her for an oooo I'll say I'll say. anything do you think I can make my like. voice high pitch enough to say oooo. listen as long as you put you just lost. to a girl how you feel why why are you a. girl saying that bae you got this Bae. bro I have not played in a week if you. win I will literally I'll mail for you.

Two. times yo let's go do I have to meow for. you now meow like tell me you want me to. meow for you yeah I want you to meow no. like you got to say it better though the. you want me to say can you please. meow for me yeah I got you meow was that. good enough no what do you want from me. I need a better meow I need to like feel. that you're like I need to feel like. that you're actually like meaning it but. I do mean it. though this one for. you if I but if I win though I got a. meow back oh God again meow again I. couldn't hear it. meow that was mad effort oh my God I. think I that was insane oh yeah oh. yeah yeah I'm. waiting you're. right oh my God you're insane I carried. that last round but you want me to carry. you though yeah so we. I mean where my meow at look at me and. do it look at me and do it look at me in.

My eyes and do it you don't even have a. head meow oh yeah oh yeah like have you. ever had like a a Roblox boyfriend no. are you planning on too like um I don't. know Roblox boy are a waste of time so. are you calling me a waste of time no. ooh what is that that's hey that hey but. this one's for you listen uh what do you. look for in a man not a hoe I'm. definitely not that I don't like texting. H I like speaking me too you can't. follow too many girls on social media I. don't follow girls you don't only girl I. spoke to in my life ever what's like the. weirdest thing that you uh like that's. ever happened in an Epal call um someone. asked me to degrade them he was like he. sounded so nice you know and so nice how. about you degrade. me I don't know how to degrade someone. Len a lot just say that what if I go too.

Far and I hurt your feelings get off my. girl get off my y yo get don't line up. with him don't line up with him bro I'll. go to you come here yeah I'll come here. yeah come here your a kitten will you. call me daddy will you if you call me. Daddy I'll call you Daddy hey Daddy my. kitten I'm waiting my bad. daddy oh yeah yeah that's my favorite. Discord e can right there yeah yeah. what I don't even know what's happening. this is too easy you're not even hyping. me up like it's not fair it's not you're. so good oh my God I'm on my knees bro M. that's what I like to hear that's what. Daddy likes to hear okay kiden calm down. all right I'm going stop wait but you. didn't like that of course I did oh okay. yeah I'm a busy man uhhuh like I got. time for you like right now but like I. got stuff to do this is how you're.

Breaking up with me are you serious hey. look at me I'm not breaking up with you. at all what are you going to do you're. just going to dip on me and go talk to. one you know what I'll show you my love. no it's. okay uh what was that right there like. was that like a cuddle right there like. would you oh you you want me to win this. yeah if I if you win this you got to ooo. for for the gang bro you got to O you. got I should have put on Infinity I just. realized cuz like I might not get that. ooo from you don't worry oh my God I'm. so good look at me come here behind this. thing where no one can see us oh what is. that he has like a little Hammer oh what. is this look at me what what is this. right here this guy right here what is. this guy standing here. for o that's one ooo that's too I'm. going to put my face reveal and like.

could you rate it sure be honest damn. like should I shave the uni bro yeah I. feel like you would look better I know. this is weird but could you like Kiss. the. screen I already did it oh really so. yeah you look so good that was crazy I. got myself a Roblox wife gang let me. know if I should do a part two with her. bro hey see I know you love this video I. made kids Rage Quit in Blade ball voice. and it gets super crazy so you won't. want to miss. it

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