12.05.2024 Baby Lasagna primio OGAE nagradu

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We are very proud We have the largest uh. poll of any organization we have 19,000. members across the world and they were. voting for a whole month and you are our. winner so you. succeed green last. year thank you so much many. congratulations wow thank you thank you. it's an honor and we wish you the best. of luck thank you so much WoW uh I. actually I I don't follow the betting. guards but I was following. this with the important people yeah we. were like refreshing stuff when you when. the guy was posting it and I was like. damn it ity damn it Switzerland I was. like yeah Chan we have a guy who and. he's in in Hungary who runs the poll and. I'll I'll share a secret he reordered. the votes so to make it more of a. competition so we knew you were going to. win but we made it look like Italy were. going to win until the last minute thank.

you so much wow thank

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