12.05.2024 THE BEST BIG BASS BONANZA... So I got MAX Stage...

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Foreign. foreign. there's some people that are lucky and. then there's just some people that are. rigged. that's okay. oh. yo he brought it in. the double collects. that's so cool I like that. I love that feature. no because it wasn't 20.. so it's 160.. Midland's too late that it should. honestly double bazooka. would be a shame if it was 11 10 dead. spins. I didn't do that stuff. really good head. I mean yeah it's 1700 right there yeah. okay over 100x. Fabian thank you for the 100 bits by the. way. for sure. yep oh where's the one two well let's. just get to the 10x stage we haven't. been there we got close ones. be kind of cool getting a little. thousand next in this one. I just max one fish drops in but. more. okay wow that's a good collection yeah. watch this be the best bonus. calm down wow. bazooka. the was that noise.

I mean. hey yo you want to go if you want to do. something back. foreign. I didn't know this feature was that too. I don't know more what another. another guy and then we could have been. talking talking that's a good ow. I didn't know that the dynamite was that. too I thought it was only the Bazooka. feature. the fun. I'm not being greedy in one double job. all right we'll take that wow. that's points. it's not points actually. oh it's not 300X I'm stupid. it's not pointing never mind. there we go. we can do it. it's only gonna get tougher. one more time. if we get profit this on guys I'll give. him 20 points. how about that. what the . maybe there's a reason it took this many. million spins again. foreign. just one more. one more this could be good. wow actually. okay I mean times three. we're not making it to times 10 but if.

You get some good catch. it catches. that times three is very nice. come on . yeah bro. hola. hmm. bra. what's the point man. what's the point. nah. no it wasn't bad. the pain because how many people watch. streaming has nothing to do with bedside. how hard is that to get some people just. don't understand it. some people know nothing about money. know nothing about the world know. nothing about anything. okay it's already good are you good. but this bone stream he's really fun he. might Sue and he might soon but at the. moment no. yeah he has like 100 years. crab doesn't work on it oh yeah. money well gaming researcher cleats. talking on your trigger that yeah I'm. very triggered bro. you ruined my entire mood holy my. day is ruined dude. can't believe it dude machine. okay wow it's the best one I'm telling. you on directly.

Get them out of here no it's fine give. me interaction. maybe it'll uh. open his third eye for warmth. I hope you have I heard you have bones. left in your basement is that true. no no I'm free to come and go when I. please. and you love it here right bro did I do. good. I'm creating more kinds of my messages. than spinning like a show see that's why. you'll never be a streamer. you believe you're ah God. you know you can have a Time on you come. back. that's what I'm saying times. you have nothing to do in your merciful. life sitting here talking it's all. cool. points for the band. like imagine being so fixated in your. life that you're sitting here talking. of nothing you know anything about. like holy dude your life must suck. like I'm sorry if I got them. sure if you started enjoying the content. you know I understand but you're sitting.

Here like oh this is boring her I just. want to sit here and talk damn your. life must suck still possible. ah. give us a maximum fish bro honestly like. please don't be free kind of needed on. my life how's it going brother and he. hits yeah. good catch. you show me keep that energy. do that three times more. five times more. yeah. just at least two more. come on. they're making one more big bass. one more yeah just one more please. because it's already a good win please. please please please hook. no. above the average required. come on bro we need. okay this one paid 100x right then we. have 300K and then juicy food you can. pay a thousand eggs are done like. without like 40K in the backup screen. which is fine considering we did like. every 40K spinning bro I know I know. I mean if they hit it would have been. worth it right give us the man.

Okay now give us level two . fine though. Andre's here that's profit. you know just the on the race bro like. hit me up hit me up we need two Olaf. it's a nice fish. oh sorry guys just take it. bro we have the feature yeah I feel like. we have extra fish not extra oil up here. bro. don't be a bad bonus please bro. because juicy fruits is not a safe bonus. to clutch out with. bro no bro hello we had extra all the. features. no shot this is a 10x dude. that is a joke. that's a joke bro. holy . extra Olaf feature we see too like. 400x come on yeah we can do the 400x. foreign. like a 10x stage. it was a level up in a lead. take a lead right here. 's a lead. nope. Oops I did not mean a quick spin that. come on where'd you go catch more fish. you like catching fish. all right. are you gonna drop the bomb or something. man. one more come on one more give us one.

More. okay your next stage. give us a lead to that 10x stage I've. only been there like once. okay. this looks like it might be points. oh that's points. let's go free time out whoa lucky one. more. get us to that 10x stage. yeah. boy. boy. we're on that 10x stage. all right let's go let's get a big fish. on that 10x stage. no dad spins on the last stage come on. man. no dead spins please we all know what. you do. give us like a thousand dollar fish. we're fine with that. that would have been good that would. have been good. where are you at man. that would have been great. hello. bro where's he at man he always. disappears. like even that's 10K. all right last bin. no shot man. still good fourteen nine five eight. up. am I gonna speed up this one. then make the keys more expensive. hmm maybe. 2.35 what no shot that cost 3.35. 2.35 oh no.

The case is just expensive yeah. like we open like almost 200. 400 I mean. what hola. okay okay all right okay okay my bad my. bad my bad my bad but you said Olaf two. times that's true. oh man's got a full screen now. okay MVP is this point. okay. I'm having a really big catch too that. we duplicated. okay I mean. on directly I mean we'll have Olaf. two more. and you're actually 100. because you got a thousands. that's why I'm asking if you get hungry. come on. two more. two more would be very cool. be very like cool of you yeah one more. okay very very. woman will be sick it'll be very cool. bazooka. we made it to stay three I mean . yeah drop one minute guys. yeah now you guys jinxed it. out that way. ah because if Linda shows up Olaf wow. catch that catch this. hello. it's like 15K. because it's the times three. catch this.

more. okay. okay. low key three more just for fun oh yeah. just for fun huh okay oh lowkey two. more just for fun guys that would be. very hilarious just two more of these. hysterical oh my God catch that. come on. drop him in drop him in come on. come on at least one more catch. this one more guys come on. how hard can it be. 200 is not bad. oh yeah it's not bad huh. it's pretty good. pretty good they're nice back up profit. spin two and take that

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