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4.6 or like a little three I started 4.6. tell me when to click it tell me when to. click it tell me when to click. it ah oh my God bro okay tell me when to. click it I told you when to click it no. oh my God I got it I got it I got it. okay okay hot SPS oh my God good bro I. like it damn give me some melons give me. some cash boy. okay okay Lev 500 to start Lev 500 to. start boys we need something big we need. big multis big multis okay that smells. like so far big tumble big tumble. big tumbles big multis peaches Greens. Greens Greens nothing bro like gar let's. go yeah they were in Two. already oh my God oh my God 50x no it's. over it's over it's over boys it's over. over bro y oh my God it's over over yep. literally and they're giving me enough. for day pass it can. Wonderland oh my God that would have. been fire r no no no no no my God.

Pink okay so I I got rinsed there they. absolutely wiped my ass with their bare. hand do I go in again or should I go. down 4.6 bro my god dude Max buys has. Tripp me out a little bit okay that 500. at the start before it even started kind. of Sav me a little bit there okay yeah I. need something big bro no bro I I need. tumbles 12 x 12x grapes grapes no no no. no no no no. sh oh ran R brother. Rand that was absolutely smell like . too okay just pinks pinks oh my God look. at the board pinks grapes bananas that. could have been big that could have been. big watermelons grapes Blues grapes and. blues no bro what look at the board. wow no bro I needed that reach Rak bad I. mean there it is Peaches ship board ship. board board [ __ ] God. L we go he came up from under his bed. and gave me bad luck man Dam. damn oh my God oh my God multis 28x.

Right there boys boys boys I need to. reevaluate life Wick ready I don't know. yeah this is big though bro this is. actually. scary we need something big boys we need. something big it has not been good so. far at all oh my God retri retri grab. start retri grab start bananas give me a. multi give me a multi give me a multi. give me a multi give me a multi okay. five free spins will take it don't be a. dead spin don't be a dead. RR like I always can smell them bro ah I. feel a dead ret what okay bananas . board pretty board uh Blues Blues. Blues no no no no. no boys off. bles oh we need something we need. actually need something big bananas we. need a fat multi we need a fat multi. bro this is not good at all this is not. good bro be honest actually smells no I. needed apples they're bad bro okay. 6X bro I need T the boards are.

Absolutely it's not tumbling it's. not tumbling at all it's not tumbling at. all six hearts no it's done it's done. wow yeah it's done GG's oh my God boys W. we're taking a fat L this video taking a. fat L yeah we are do I do another. one yeah you got to keep going I don't. 20K no no no that's how people actually. lose their houses. bro 100K or nothing oh my God bro I just. had 20K what you mean by that chip okay. boys boys lock in lock in lock in lock. in bananas I don't even know what it can. give me cuz the. boel what do we got nothing oh my. God Jesus bro this is terrible. watermelons bro it's not tumbling that. type of mood literally not. tumbling oh my God this is horrendous. bro this is terrible. what wow got to rri. rightow wow 4 point bro that is. crazy might as well send it now bro all. the way really bro this is bad.

Woods do I have to sell my car after. this video y yeah might have to sell the. car boys can save bro oh my God I need I. need a save boys I need a save I need I. I actually save 50x it's done it's over. game it's over it's not good he might be. fine no no no it's it's over look at. this it's over it's over big bombs bro. 30X 45x 50x bro what is going on. W this dude the biggest Rin even hit him. once. no oh my. God save us bro nothing's being saved. nothing's being saved literally bro I. have enough to crazy yeah okay boys you. know what we do I mean you can do spins. or no I have no idea what's going. on we're going to go. down 920 920 we'll see what we can make. of it if not zero and I'm going to bed. for a. week boys this game R what was your. balance uh I have no idea I don't even. want to think about. it this is horrendous bro literally what.

Is going on like twox nothing 20 that's. absolutely nothing bro bucks give me. some cash this is. terrible like. Jesus oh my God bro Hearts bored bro bro. they're like this is hly like so bad. this is terrible this disgusting. bro I'm I'm actually like shocked a. little bit Bo like I haven't seen it. this bad I've never seen a rinse as bad. I've never seen it my life either and. that's rra unless I get a crazy reach re. re there's no way I get and you're. saved okay back. boys I need the biggest comeback might. well just spin in bro spin in Max. two Z or should I just buy. it 500 like you got to spin in you. got to spin in bro Max. really yeah bro it's the only way you. get your money back I mean in no it's. not the only way. bro yeah it is bro trust back to 20K no. I don't care to get back to 20K bro you. can win like 4K and then bet the 4K and.

Get something. huge yeah I know this isn't going to. work at all this is not going to like I. will never get in this way you never. know bro no there's no way there's no. way there's no way I felt it a little. bit I'm not going to lie boys I. need at least like two or three at the. start. bro no there's no way there's no. way there's no way do I do a buy with. 400 no that's nothing bro okay okay. bro there's no way I spin in though it's. a chance bro never know you got to gambl. it bro okay I'm gambling I'm. gambling I mean it might give me one bro. I knew it'd give me one what's going on. man I'm getting rinsed. bro like literally at like my oh my God. okay. oh bro I just need to get in bad bro but. they're not going to let me in I know. they're. not oh my God boys. come on bro I need to start I need to. see it bro I don't even have enough do.

I I don't have enough is bad bro drop it. down okay one more 46 this is my last. spin oh my God GG's

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