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Ladies and gentlemen take a look at the. balance okay we have. $69,000 and we are on Gates of Olympus. every single bonus buy we do uh after we. finish that buy we have to raise the bet. so by the end of this video we are going. to be doing some huge bonus buies we're. going to progressively keep climbing and. hopefully we are up a ton of money by. the end of this we actually did this the. other day on rub Bonanza and it kind of. worked out okay we're starting with the. 5K buy and who knows maybe we could work. our way up all the way to a $50,000. bonus buy we just need this $69,000. balance to um you know carry us to. Victory okay if we can continuously make. profits here on Gates then you best. believe we are doing some huge huge. bonus fies by the end of this but as I. said the other day on sweet Bonanza we.

Uh kept going in kept slowly raising the. BET and it kind of worked out until the. last bonus buy uh kind of destroyed us. so hopefully that is not the case today. we. I mean by the looks of it we're starting. off very bad but as we cook up the. larger Bonus Buys as long as they're. printing making us profit then I'm fine. with that okay I'll sacrifice the small. fry to enjoy the Big Mac you know what I. mean that that kind of sounds right Big. Max honestly the other day this is it. sounds bad I was craving McDonald's okay. the other day I was craving McDonald's. don't worry I did not give into the. Cravings but has anyone ever said that. before that they're craving McDonald's I. feel like that's kind of a weird thing. to say um you know crowns and a multi. would be great oh my God. please you know let's just get a 2x on.

The next spin but. not okay I learned that that $55,000. bonus buy was a complete waste of time. so it's time to focus up and get into a. $6,000 bonus buy this is where the big. money is to be made okay just uh we need. this to yeah that that was so. disappointing man that could have been. so good with the with the crowns you. know $500 tumble a 2X multi on top the. rest is history the rest is history guys. the other day I don't know have IAL I I. watched the movie Dune 2 and I'm going. to be honest it was an absolute Banger I. might have already talked about this. though if I'm being honest um I don't. know what made me think of Dune 2 I. don't know Gates of Olympia. Oh I thought I was going to drop another. multi there that's it's not bad that's. some signs of life but um yeah quite. interesting I wish like Dune 2 though.

Was like a TV series so I could like. binge watch it and not have to wait for. the next movie anyways I guess I'll just. sit around with my co in my hands for a. few years and wait for. that I think this summer actually. there's like a ton of new shows coming. out not new but like uh you know the. boys um The Game of Thrones spinoff. thing there's some bangers being cooked. up so there's definitely a lot of better. things I could do than watch TV but you. know everyone's got their thing you know. I like to wind down the night throw in a. little TV show what is this okay we need. chales right now somehow hit chales. now wait a second maybe Zeus likes to be. uh you know demanded what to do he likes. to be you know what I mean like he's. kind of into that Kink he he likes to be. told what to do that was kind of weird.

We end up making 159 bucks though for. the next bonus Buy we are bang 7K bonus. spy H we're still down money okay we're. still down for no quite a bit because. our first bonus buy we lost like 4k on. or something like that so. um yeah the reason we're doing this on. Gates By the way is cuz this slot like I. don't know I've been waiting for it to. cook for me you know I've been waiting. for it to. Absolut yeah okay let me just get off. the screen we have a zerox we have five. spins left um I might as well kick. rocks yeah thanks God uh anyways yeah. Zeus owes me just millions of dollars so. that's why I'm here spending thousands. of dollars waiting for that big juicy. win to drop. in uh you know imagine just a 20x right. there 20x on top oh would have been. delicious would have been would have. been amazing. we are down $8,000 we're fine you guys.

Know the drill AK by going down right. now I don't know what inspired me to do. that I feel like my hair I feel like I'm. balding low key guys like I don't know. my hair has. been why does this keep happening why. are multis dropping in like that but not. connecting and then I go half the bonus. without even getting one you know. something uh yeah I don't know my hair. is falling out like here let me show you. guys like right here I just got a you. probably can't see what am I doing why. am I pulling my hair out okay is that. normal I think the good thing is from. Malta to Turkey the flights aren't that. long so I could always get a quick. flight get my hair looking right again. okay while I'm there I'd probably cop. some Louis Vuitton not going to lie get. dripped out head to toe but um yeah. turkey's not that far if you take a look.

At a. map oh we needed that connect there. we're like big second half team right. now come on wake up lock in. dude we're uh yeah all these Bonus Buys. have like started to cook in the second. half right on my math thing oh we needed. that please hit more we need you to. Tumble more blue somehow would be good. okay I mean this won't be terrible right. oh that's money greens are in greens are. in guys this is a good hit right. do the math do the math Cass that's at. least uh 21x I knew that boom baby okay. bring me to the profit land Zeus well. sorry just slap my mic okay the big yep. y slap that come on one more good. connect guys we have a good. multi no please okay you know what we're. still down money but it's fine before we. get into the next bonus bik guys once. you register an account here on rubat. you're going to want to go ahead and.

Click redeem in the bottom left because. if you are not under my code you are. missing out on some insane rewards once. you go ahead and click redeem enter in. my code caslick and successfully apply. that once you do that you get a boosted. level right into rub BET's rewards VIP. system you can start earning a ton of. money from that additionally our largest. wager competition of all time I'm giving. away $50,000 to you guys for using my. code lastly if you are under someone. else's code and you want to make a new. account to be under mine and support me. uh you can go ahead and do so you can. also contact me with your previous wager. stats and I can see if I could sort out. some sort of bonus for you uh contact me. on Discord seriously all your guys. support with the code it does mean the. world it helps me make all these videos.

Possible but enough of that thank you. guys 9k bonus buy then we're into the. 10ks guys I have a little idea basically. I said uh recently like I found a new. place to live I'm moving out of my. apartment here and um I'm going to have. a fully dedicated oh. multi dude you God um I'm going to have. like a full office space there at my new. place so I'm thinking maybe once I get. it looking very nice we ditch the green. screen right and uh we have like a nice. little backdrop setup type of thing uh I. think that's the move then I can start. hitting laps around the room again when. we get those big juicy wins like I am. looking forward to that uh obviously I. want to set it up super sick have like a. nice backdrop some cool lighting that. sort of thing and uh you know still keep. the green screen in case we want to cook.

It up you know with the green screen but. guys wait a second I'm telling you we're. a second half team we're a second half. team with Gates now oh please look at. all the premiums that could have. connected wow man um this is when the. bonus B needs to go huge right now okay. right now start connecting every spin. please that's not chales that was it. please multi multi multi multi multi. good oh hourglasses are Blues come. on oh my God guys we're so close to some. huge wins here it's profit though it's. profit three spins left something. massive something massive needs to. Tumble here look at the multi it's good. multi this right now. so oh please multi. this it teases us it teases us it teases. us what are you doing Zeus get your hand. out of your pants and raise your. fist oh we needed to Tumble man we're so.

Close that's at the end of each of these. Bonus Buys like last bonus Buy in this. one has the potential to pop off huge. profit I'm I'm complaining I am. complaining I'm sorry but you guys get. what I'm saying okay this is when things. are going to start getting very intense. I wish the last two bonus SP could have. put us in so much profit we don't need. to worry on these larger Bonus Buys. coming up but now like we're actually. you know we're still down money on the. video somehow even though the last two. buys had incredible setups oh you better. multi this screen man you. little I forget nothing happens in the. first half for us it only ever happens. in the second half of these Bonus. Buys actually it's like four spins that. we have are. good it's kind of weird okay multi no. way we don't get a multi man no way our.

10K by does this and we have to keep. raising so. oh Zeus. man guys when is the last time okay we. do get a multi I was going to say when's. the last time I had a bonus but just not. drop a multi at all that's. insane Ah that's a let down how do we go. from insane setups and barely making any. profit to a 10K and then we just get. destroyed man that's why we really need. those big profits when we have good. multi setups and stuff 12K by come on. Zeus please make up for the last one. okay okay. okay maybe you could start us off with. some good connection. itions uh yeah I want to build like a. super sick streaming room so hopefully I. can accomplish that and uh not streaming. room like you know setup room cuz I'm. not really streaming but yeah you guys. get what I'm saying you get what I'm. saying okay we immediately have four.

Dead spins after that one connect. uhoh please connect here please man we. need it we need it we need it there's no. multi there's no multi $400. good good okay come on five spins we. need a lot to happen here we need a lot. to happen we lost 9k on the last bonus. we need a lot to happen that was the. screen okay please keep. tumbling yes greens yellows Blues. anything I don't okay that's got to be. profit yeah we're definitely profit. now but guys again we need a big profit. to make up for the last last one we lost. 9k on the last buy please connect. here oh my goodness oh we get a $1,000. profit but then if we lose like another. 10K here it sets us back so much come on. Zeus we keep having the potential to get. ahead so much on this video and keep. these Bonus Buys. climbing. but it's just not converting right at.

The very. end maybe I need to to go make another. coffee I need to get I need to get mega. locked. in oh my God oh my God. multi oh please. multi. ah our best tumble yet over $1,000 dude. oh chales chales. okay it's a 2X curse. boys guys we can't suffer a 10K loss on. this one we cannot suffer a 10K loss on. this buy we needed to wake. up oh we need one chalice one one one. one I'm getting a bit worried boys I'm. getting a bit worried connect okay we. need our first tumble we've only had two. x's which is kind of crazy. right I mean maybe this is the one that. like somehow is slow and steady the. whole way 2 X's and we just. print this is getting way too intense. though guys way too intense cuz things. can make a Dr turn downwards for us I'm. just trying to get a bit of a 2X 2x 2x. 2x please multi the one time we have a.

Decent tumble 2x yes yes yes and that's. more than a 2X there we go guys this is. a huge one red maybe this we needed this. we needed this okay now we have four. spins left to make a really big profit a. really big profit come on 2x multis 2x. multis 2x multis. ah dang it it happened. again unless we get chales it definitely. happened again yeah oh my God okay we do. make a good profit on this one finally. this is what we've been waiting. for wow we needed this okay okay okay. what does this bring our total balance. to 9k right there lock in Zeus where are. we at oh my God guys this is the most. intense Gates video I feel like I've had. in a very long time and we're not done. yet 16k by oh come on let's just get on. the heater of a lifetime now let us just. get on the heater of a. lifetime and keep climbing baby keep.

Climbing you know what song I'm thinking. of right now oh I forget who it's by but. it's like staying alive staying. alive yeah you guys know what I mean. right I don't need to you don't need to. hear me sing anymore that probably hurt. a lot of your guys' ears I'm. sorry about that that's my bad my. apologies that's what that's literally. what I'm thinking of though cuz hold. holy we're Holding On. by barely slow and steady baby come on. let's get to over 100k let's get to over. 100k man multi this multi. this uh 2x would be great you know what. I mean I would personally love a 2X it's. fine save the multi for the ,000 tumble. coming. up that was screen was too good. no we just had a good bonus buy but we. can't suffer a loss like this man so. many dead spins please come. on oh we need Crown. somehow oh. multi oh my God oh my God we actually.

Got Crowns new largest tumble $2,000. holy come on Gates Staying Alive. baby we are literally barely holding on. these bonus SP it is so close each time. like way too intense come on wow I don't. know how we connected crowns right there. that was a beautiful. little sight to see last spin maybe a. little money for the road and maybe just. a little bit greens. perss okay greens are in now multi this. come on last. spin okay not bad not bad not bad but. guys we are still climbing this is. actually getting crazy we have gone from. 5K to. 18K maybe we need to just go for a bit. more of a Jurassic raise like jump it to. 25 after this I don't know we have to. see how this one does that would have. been a huge start man it keeps getting. way too close though guys oh no no no no. no each each bonus has me clenched up to.

The. max cuz look now we're down 2K on the. video overall down. 2K come on build up that juicy. multi what is our best multi around 25x. I. think if we can top that this buy come. on okay good connect right there chalice. is maybe guys look at that. screen six spins left man we're at. $2,000 no no no no no come on big. tumbles big tumbles in a. multi come on please tumble please. tumble please tumble oh my God not like. this man not like. this no two spins left we're down too. much on this one we're down way too much. guys this is it this is the setback. please multi and we're fine multi and. we're fine. go we just got railed. boys up to a 20K buy if you haven't. already please leave a like man I don't. even want to know how much I've wagered. guys we went from up money feeling on. top of the world now we're down 20K on.

The video come on. please oh. multis what is this start come on multi. multi multi again multi again zap again. oh my God okay guys we need a good multi. here what was that that start. dude come on build a multi early what. that's not a connect there we go there. we. go I'm too locked in I am actually way. too locked in this is bad I feel like a. fullblown addict guys never do what I. do come on Multi. this I've never gone this hard on Gates. I feel like I I I feel like I you. know oh my. God come on dude no way you go this. dry good good keep. going yes yes yes yes yes yes another. zap there would have been amazing but. should be profit now no it's not what. please put us in good profit big tumble. one more time big. tumble it hurts so bad when it just. waste zaps like that on the last few. spins cuz then it's going to Tumble with.

No. zap oh I'm going to go for another raise. guys this is so dumb this is actually so. dumb 24K. oh come on Gates come on. man probably my most insane intense. Gates session oh it's GG's guys how does. this happen to us please zap please zap. please zap look at this screen we need a. zap we need a zap oh no. dude what are you doing. another one please our new largest T. tumble I think guys oh my God man. oh we have not connected a blue multi. this entire video either come on we need. another multi here we need you to step. up huge on this bonus. 24K come on man we need this to break us. even at least so we can continue. climbing we need it to be break even. chales are in multi this multi. this okay good good multi there as well. good multi. there oh man this is too intense okay. okay okay come on we need profit or.

Break even to keep climbing keep raising. the bets profit or break. even I feel like we've been in this spot. so many times like you know a few spins. left but is it going to clutch it for us. you know come on connect this see the. multis dro been but no connections. that's and that's why we're not making. as much profit as we should be right oh. you have to multi this screen yes oh yes. yes yes come on come on come on come on. come on this could be huge how much come. on 60k keep going multis connect please. please please. multi multi no no oh my God multi. connect yes yes huge how much is this oh. my God look at. Crouch boom. 113k. connect yes oh my. God holy boys leave a like right. now look at. this. oh 140k I'm gay baby oh my God we have. needed this so bad never do what I do. never do what I do why am I doing a.

$1,000 spins after a win like that oh we. needed this. profit look when you do th000 spins it's. impossible to connect I'm telling you. holy we needed that so. badly guys leave a like right now that. is the gates win oh. connect okay I'm what am I doing I just. what am I doing I am going for one final. buy 28k one of 50x connection that was. holy smokes baby holy smokes that was. actually insane that is the win we have. been looking for for a very long time. here on Gates and it kept connecting oh. my. God that was actually so insane oh my. God yeah good good good that. was 200k almost in the balance boys. almost 200k in the balance we have. absolute abolutely ran it. up we needed this we needed this big. time boys we have been losing so much. and this is actually like gamechanging. for us you know helps out a ton wow.

these screens are so close to being. insane okay we have the multi we have. the multi wait imagine we just keep. printing come on give us another profit. and we keep going why not why not we. don't need to stop the video now let. this keep being one of the most insane. Gates videos to hit the interwebs come. on multi multi multi that's tease that's. tease that's teas. oh these screens are so insane one. connect away from like being massive. okay we got to call it there boys a. absolutely insane profit we needed this. so badly man oh what even was that. replay a 602 x man I hope you guys all. enjoyed this Gates video one of our best. in a very long time. we are gone baby

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