12.05.2024 My Biggest Gates of Olympus Win (Long bonus buy session)

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I thought i'd do a couple bigger bonus. buys over on gates of olympus did a few. over the live stream the other nights. and uh it's kind of up and down. i played one earlier and i actually. managed to pick up a decent win so. kind of playing off some of the credits. of the wins that i've had today so let's. see what happens with the um. gold. no. took so much i was so close there purple. we need some green. not enough. nothing. purple over there come on blue couple of. blues. nope two times nine spins left not good. okay some red maybe. some green. some lightning zeus. zeus lightning you're my dude there he. comes finally. man. i just want that lightning multiplier. really oh that's one there after all. those tumbles and straight off the bat. it gives okay we pick up seven times. yeah that's pretty decent. green oh come on this can't be the end.

Of it purple purple come on show you. purple. okay uh green or scatters green or. scatters gold gold gold green scatters. come on. oh doesn't give us the scatter. extra seven times. 100 round on that one not too bad. last one. chalices maybe. come on chalices um zeus there we go. there's lightning chalices yes purples. purples. ah just not enough just not enough. to to give us a lacquer win but still we. made uh we made something on that one. made something on that one so let's push. it up to 300.. um don't get you all these lightning or. you're throwing lightnings too early now. uh. okay purples. zeus give us some chalices or some. lightning please. zeus. okay some lightning okay ah. i try this would have been nice there. oh nice okay. not bad not bad. it's gonna help. six times ten spins left. oh there's gold oh not enough gold i.

Thought they were going to get a gold. one there. blue okay nice come on zeus there we go. good man. ah. not enough tumbles though that was a. problem we'll be having on the. livestream. not enough tumbles. ooh 12 times. okay scatters jesus. oh scatters. ah. there's still extra maltese are they. nice but. i need the free spins at this point. oh there's a lot popping off there okay. good come on rings rings there we go. come on green green green. okay. 200 bucks there. nice give us some gold. yes nice give us some chalices. ah. 448 rand okay. let's put up to 360 rand. okay. purples yes. greens. okay but starting with the seven times. that's uh that's good blues gold note. oh come on you gotta give us something. else here man. okay not bad. greens maybe. not. from a promising start to a dud. oh one more crown there hey. okay two more rings.

Get beget the rings nice okay can we get. the green yes. blues maybe. just short just short. okay. guys some goals please. i didn't give the gold i didn't give the. goal. blue. come on blue. okay nice lightning please there we go. okay kind of makes up for it a bit. at least we made money on that one as. well. wow okay let's do one for 400 then. seeing as how uh we've actually made. money on like four years in a row. surely surely this one's going to be a. dad. blue oh come on this. come on zeus. no man. yo this is the dad isn't it. you're here we got our first multiplier. right at the end. five spins left we've only got it two. times go. blue. yes okay green red. yo that was a definite dad. okay we'll do that again we'll do that. again. so that was the first losing one this. one going to be as bad sure it can't be. we won like 40 rand on another.

Uh gold i don't know. nothing going on in this jeez look at. this. gold. okay chalices okay good give us a gold. now and more lightning please zeus more. lightning zeus. there we go blues yes the more chalices. maybe or rings. no okay six times and at five okay. eleven times that's all right we've got. a couple spins left. green shirley yes blues maybe. yeah blue. gold. no not not quite. nice uh. anything else yes blues. oh nice come on zeus come on zeus. oh. no man. yo that was the one we needed. that was the one we needed. rest is just the tease just the tease. let's do another one. get the lucky coin out. green. no. oh crowns nah not enough of them. oh is this is this a dad. this is feeling like a dad. oh look at that. come on chalices. chalices. chalices. oh why not why not. as the chances come. six times with five spins left not.

Looking good. chalices again no. okay purples. okay uh scatters. no. they pulls out the stops on the last one. with a little two times we need to put. another little zap there's this of some. chalices. no it doesn't get the challenges it. doesn't give a bigger bonus. disappointing disappointing. okay. chalices okay zeus come on. zeus come on. here we go. okay five times as well nice thank you. zeus. okay good start. okay. rings maybe. not well 10 times now 10 spins left 11. spins left. it's getting juicy. oh under four times okay gold. getting the maltese but not the tumbles. oh purple okay. gold. nothing more. oh there was a six times. green. let me get them out here nice three. times as well okay. almost a scatter up 17 times now so. looking decent. nice. purples maybe blue. okay zeus come on. zeus come on marbury. yo. no man. doesn't want to give it to us daisy ooh.

Crowns crowns crowns crowns crowns. crowns crowns crowns. i needed one more crown. that would have paid nicely. 27 times. you know not bad i need two spins left. last one come on. okay. gold. okay blue. yes chalices. chalices baby there we go and eight. times. that's gonna be all right that'll pay. nicely. 57 times 540 bucks on that one. 1000 in total pretty decent pretty. decent. so let's then buy one for 420. gold. okay two times man but last one the last. round we had was really decent that was. really decent. it's gonna be hard to get a nice one. like that again. gold. that. six times okay. not enough spins left though. not enough spins left. oh. seven times in that one okay here we go. five times. 13. maybe some scatters that would be very. helpful. blue chalices i doubt it's purple maybe. neither. ah. nothing going on here.

Come on lightning now please. one more blue. okay one more gold. oh. that was a bummer that was a bummer. we'll do that one again. this one's looking like a dad. oh wait two gold some blue okay. okay four times our glasses green. okay. okay nice blues. yes gold. nice come on zeus come on. no man. why are you so latest. okay you'll give us some more free spins. i'll take that we'll take that so we up. two. thirty inches was four times malty. that's the problem multi is not high. enough. and we're not getting anything on these. free spins you're. all gone. look at that. and where's the zeus strikes as well. come on zeus you've been shy my bro. so shy come on zeus. yo is this my bro. there he comes finally. nine times. yo the dude is so shy i wonder what's. going on. no he's super shy. purple maybe. okay chalices. yes okay come on zeus.

Help us out your buddy come on man yo come on um here we go okay pops a bit 340 bucks let's do it again okay give us a goldie yes okay lightning zeus lightning zeus ah let that potentially decent start go to waste it worm okay give us some scatters at least no just the 2x this is a dud this smells like that we need uh no see this is not doing anything he's not doing anything no no four times only a ring would be nice yes okay nothing was lightning when we need it well when we need the lightning how about you provide some lightning my bro come on there we go finally oh it's ten times oh man okay i could have been so much bigger could have been so much bigger still got a couple spins left okay greens maybe ah nope oh nice oh this is somehow still going on challenges maybe no okay all right i actually paid all right 660.

So let's bump it up to 480 so purple rings blue neither blue okay rings lightning zeus thank you more lightning zeus lightning more lighting please thank you oh more lightning please go boss no six times it's not bad though not a bad start not a bad start come on don't waste a good start sis there we go good man good man it's gonna help a bit up to 12 times now eight spins left brutal brutal beautiful we'll do another one rings no everything but this is looking like a bit of a dead as well yo not even a win not even a win finally and those things have never come around and only with it three times man zeus if it helped us earlier if i could have paid decently five spins left three times not good you're so cold so cold absolute dust bust that one let's move up to 5 14.

Let's do one of those oh nice four times okay anything else one more ring okay three times some rings maybe yes there we go lightning please us thank you spins nine times oh that ten times would be nice but hey we'll pick up four times here anything else now getting getting okay we always throwing them out in weird places though oh ten times nice that's useful four spins left twenty three times nice come and give us some hourglasses just not last one we need some chalices come on lightning please zeus zeus come on lock it in zeus there we go he locks it in all right that paid better that way better 558 bucks so we went 842 on that one thanks that last little bit from zeus let's do one for 600.

Oh nice okay anything more reds. yes okay. purples yes. these things are our glasses no okay so. we got a five times on that one. 13 spins left. oh blues lots of blues oh come on. challenges come on challenges. just not the extra chance but we did get. a bit more from zeus. so we're up to 14 times now. oh and we'll pick up these. come on baby more more more. so up to 18 times now we've got 11 spins. left. this could be good this could be good. nice uh greens. okay come on lightning and greens please. come on lightning zeus zeus come on. zeus come on do it. oh. that was the wind that was the one that. needed lightning. damn that was the win. oh he didn't he didn't give us when we. needed it. yeah that's probably going to be the. rest of this isn't it the rest of the. town of this potentially big win one. yo just didn't give it to us when we.

Needed it. had a nice multi game i'm not fazed i'm. gonna do it again. man that was such a nice. nice okay please give us a blue. no. why not why not. rotten rotten. you're even more right than this one is. is this a dead one. certainly looking like it. yo. finally gives it a little bit of a six. times. yours that took you a while my friend. you need to give a lot more. come on lightning please. a bit late my friend. there we go some blues some purples. some chalices. come on chalices come on lightning zeus. zeus come on lightning my breath this is. where you need to do it. yo. didn't do it didn't do it. you know look at all of that i hope he. hasn't shot his load already. one more ring damn. gold green blue. okay lightning zeus lightning give us a. little something at least there we go. eight times nice okay. oh what else can we get you.

One more hourglass damn. 500 bucks on that one. okay nice give some blue. give us some blue. no. i feel like we've got that chalice if. we've got that blue. oh i saw lots of crowns there. okay red. yeah it's not going to give us too much. our scissors. 12 times. i kind of know when it's not going to. give you much more hair. do it again. oh nice okay. ah not much comes of it. oh 20 times okay there we go that's what. i'm talking about that's a great start. that's a great start okay. 12 spins on it 26 times already come on. zeus you need to use lots of lightning. my friend. and four times up to 30 times now. oh our glasses were so nice there blue. with the two times okay anything else. here. no. i hope it's not going to be a one way. we're going to have a huge multi that. just doesn't pay. with tumbles okay good some rings maybe.

Oh 12 times. this was good but just nothing's really. covered. uh chalices. no. just not going anywhere it's all these. small little ones. the frustrators. two left come on got to be something. here come on lightning zeus see this. lightning lightning zeus. oh. see. cheeky man oh there we go. that's good pan i see blue yes okay i. don't know what else we need yeah. there we go that's going to pay a cage. 500 bucks okay. could have been so much better though. let's do another one. man this is the dad. it's looking like a dad. okay. i didn't need to do a lot more than this. trying to give us something for the last. couple spins i guess. but we're not getting anything. okay gold. okay red baby. nice blue. nice purple. purple oh nice okay. little pair of it. saved saved us there. i saved our blushes. 50 times come on come on come on come on.

Baby more more more more more. we've got a 50 times multigoing oh my. word this could be big come on baby this. could be big. come on lightning's lightning lightning. oh my gosh. lightning. zeus lightning. oh my word come on zeus. nice okay. yes go more more more red red red red. red. red red red. come on. yes baby look at this this is going to. be huge this is gonna be huge this is. gonna be a monster monster monster win. oh my word. look at that look at that. wow. wow. 6938 rand. wow and we still got some more spins to. go we've still got a 56 times multi. come on come on sis. come on zeus. lightning. need the lightning zeus. lightning zeus. come on. lightning what the hell brew. one come on. what is going on with the lightning. yo how did you not give any lightning. there this could have been so much. bigger. there we go come on lightning brew.

Lightning come on. oh my gosh. oh my word. there we go okay it's a little bit blue. okay uh these hourglasses come on yes. hourglasses come on more lightning. we go 60 times. 61 times. too expensive come on it's got to be. some more for us come on lightning. lightning. lightning dude. come on lightning my breath come on. come on lightning dude zeus. come on warm that's a bleep. here we go yes two times okay i just. need that 60 times to roll onto that one. another 1 300 rand. wow this is huge. oh my word. 9934 ran from um zeus yo. what a crazy session this was. my heart is going nuts here man that was. a great win that was great when it could. have been a lot bigger obviously but i. was bidding with a lot 600 round bonus. buy. paid just under 10 grand i'm super. stoked with that i'm taking that money. i'm gonna run guys i hope you enjoyed it.

it was a crazy pretty crazy session i'll. catch you in the next one have a good. one guys cheers

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