12.05.2024 I tried $1000 'XXXTREME SPINS' on STARBURST! (STAKE)

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Yeah what's going on guys welcome back. to steak as you can see we've got 8k in. our balance let's go do some xxx stream. spins. all right so first things first if you. guys haven't already made a steak. account please sign up with my code as. you make your account is juicy code. juicy you guys will under break back for. your account instantly and it supports. the channel at the same time uh with. that said let's do our first thousand. dollar xx extreme spin this is this is. stupid we gotta crank it up just just. just just a little bit you know just a. little bit. our base bet will be uh. oh 9.50 do i do 950 or 1100. i i like the cleanness of the ten dollar. base bet so we'll do 950 round it up a. little bit it's a thousand dollars you. guys can let me know 50 bucks right. right. all right here we go come on first spin.

Thousand dollars hit a single click. oh my atlanta come on. 848 okay that's not bad that's literally. 84 percent of my money back and i got. another spin so this should be profit. hopefully yes it is okay nice 490. dollars okay okay respect respect let's. do another one we're doing eight spins. by the way since i started with 8 000. balance times 10 that's a good multi. right there 180 that's not a good amount. of money though. good symbols please bar or sevens. e. okay well that just offset our win. earlier okay. third time's the charm please starburst. don't let me down i hate when it spaces. out like this because that's typically. not a good thing first spin was a dud. second spin almost all the way all the. way 910 you know what that's the. majority lion's share of our money i'll. take it dude this is gonna be a quick.

Video i think because i kind of. underestimate how quick the spins go. okay this is i believe this is our. fourth spin oh oh blues all the way how. much is that. that's only 450. the the second spin oh wait i actually. hit it nevermind wow i mean i really. thought blues there was gonna be profit. because we went all the way wow 775. that's a loss obviously fifth spin come. on starburst please i need one to pop. off give me a 50 x. that's not that doesn't count 350 this. is terrible placement it's probably not. going to connect yeah it doesn't connect. 350 back from a thousand is no buena i. think this is our sixth spin now here we. go come on please make me proud make me. proud what is that layout dude you're. not making me proud these multis are. dead too at times eight. that's i literally got zero that was a. thousand dollars just gone not even a.

Dollar back okay this is brutal seventh. spin come on please please please pop. off i want to get a third one but i feel. like it's almost impossible. okay there we go that's a bit more like. it this should be profit as long as we. don't get a dud spin come on sevens or. bars. bars. wow it's that much that's our biggest. win how i don't get it that's 70 that's. a hundred how much is this. 250 250 okay a lot of 250s from the bar. okay all right fair play fair play all. right here we go this is our last spin. papa can bless please give me a times. 50.. i've seen channel 2 hit this give it to. me oh it's thinking about it it's. thinking about it. that's gotta be good times two times. threes i mean a thousand dollars star. money back in a spin second spin please. be another thousand dollars please or. sevens bar bar again let's go that's.

Huge that's huge 2.1. k that my friend is a good spin. uh we're at 8600 i don't know what we. started with i think we're pretty much. even so let's do another spin let's do. one more spin it bonus spin why not. probably pushing my luck but uh well. we'll see. there we go that's why i did another. spin 50x how much how much how much. how much. 2k make it 3k why not. okay 3k that's one spin this is on a 55x. bro if i get if i get bars or sevens my. goodness please please please. that was great it's greens that's fine. i'll take it i'll take it how much is. that. ah. this is a good point to leave the video. i'm glad i did an extra spin how much oh. my lantern three thousand dollars. it's still going four thousand. four thousand dollars that's a seven. thousand dollar spin. let's go dude. all right you know what i think that's a.

good point to leave the video i'm glad. we start with 8k and it went 14. 600 what i'll do is i'll vault the 4k. because i'm literally about to film. another video straight after this but. wow that was a solid result i am happy. we did that um definitely gonna do this. again for another video if you guys want. to support the channel by liking the. video i'd appreciate it a lot and if you. want to see the next part of this. because i'm definitely gonna do this. again maybe with bigger spins i don't. know we'll see um but yeah make sure. leave a like support the video support. the channel i'd appreciate it a lot make. sure to use my code as well i'll see you. guys in the next video peace. you

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