12.05.2024 ANOTHER CRAZY $2,000,000 SESSION ON SUGAR RUSH 1000

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What's up everyone and welcome back to. another Sugar Rush 1,000 session we're. going to be going for some 200k super. bonuses here today with the possibility. to raise the bat size obviously I need. to be careful I do not want to spend my. whole balance again very quickly so. let's see what ends up happening. on oh scus okay okay the first buy I. really hope that the first buy does. something good and yeah guys sorry that. there was no video yesterday as you guys. know if you follow me on. socials just a really. like difficult day I would say anyway. don't want to go on too much about it. but yeah I didn't have a video and I'm. sorry about that we are here now though. and this overall I would say is quite. like a positive start man this is. looking really. promising and we still have how did that. not connect we still have well five.

Spins to go now but five spins to go. decent setup and obviously rrick. potential this is what I'm talking about. there is so much space for rrick yeah or. more hits there's so much space for. rrick again there is so much this has to. retri these always retri these never. ever ever let you down yes they do nice. win though man good stuff I didn't even. see the money value I was so focused on. getting the retri because I think that. would bring in more money than that hit. by itself but okay I really like this. cuz as we as we know starting not. starting but the previous few attempts. to play this game resulted in at least. the first 17 bonus was ripping until we. got a big win which did eventually come. in but it just wasn't you know too too. great considering the overall picture. one Spin To Go a big hit here would make.

This video very nice no okay guys that's. really really nice cuz it leaves us. with. 114k breathing room I would say like now. we can actually just lose 100K here and. we break even on the video which is. always good. stuff would be really nice if we can hit. either of these Reds we can't. I hate these screens that just like you. look at them and you're like this has no. tumble. potential. mhm. mhm. mhm like this is this is tumbling not. just potential it is but we could look. at that and see that it's possible. please just pay more than 90k I don't. want to smoke all the first B profit on. the one right after it nice that's going. to be money top s would. be nice but apparently not oh that would. have been clutch especially considering. we on to the L spin with no big hits wow. that's really unfortunate guys that's.

That's. basically we up. $3,600 on the video now. after that anyway that's fine because. starting with a profitable buy is always. good I have a feeling we are going to. get this. to do something. though you see this feeling guys it's. really really. strong really really strong. feeling. okay okay this could tumble twice more. here if it wants to n it could have hit. greens and top symbol a little bit of a. situation forming obviously this would. make it a much bigger situation but I do. not believe i' never believe it drops in. if only after one hit you need at least. two okay guys this is looking like a. shredder onlyi bonus to be. honest. okay I don't exactly like think that's a. good result I don't think you guys do. either but what what is a good result is. when you seeing this video David's going. to be live on kick.com.

Slaz presenting to you a massive bonus. opening with tons of giveaways included. and I hope to see you there guys I'll be. in chat I'm not going to be on stream. today but I will be there Captain crusty. carrying once again I also wanted to let. you guys know we are uploading daily. stream highlight videos on the gambling. boys Channel on YouTube the support is. unbelievable since firing that channel. up again so thank you so much. and give me a second I'm just a little. bit concerned. here yeah thanks so much and I hope we. can continue to deliver like really nice. videos there for you guys cuz the stream. highlights are truly good I also like to. point point out guys it is pure. highlight so it is the best moments from. every stream we are obviously not just. winning every stream but we will mostly. show you funny moments and wins cuz.

Those are the highlights that's what. highlights are so before you get very. agitated in the comments there please. can you just process that for me to me. in the world and yeah just en enjoy. them all right. right good I like this cuz this could. hit multiple times there it goes Reds. could be in here oranges could be in. here oranges are not in I thought they. were in what okay I must have missed. something there eyes need to recalibrate. cuz we are getting rinsed and I need to. be dialed in. to say I'm concerned. is an understatement. guys honestly it's it's an. understatement okay this is good money. how much. though we really need like a okay please. hit perss here please hit perss up here. please please no please give us a good. win it's good enough in the middle here. to give us good enough money but will it.

It won today. okay guys the runs lately have been so. up and down like just a few days of. winning huge then a few days of losing. huge that's why I came in today's video. with a smaller balance not with the. intention to use it all but I had as. backup but yeah this is. not looking promising at all okay. guys this is rough cuz like if we don't. get something I might have to go into my. USD. balance and in my USD balance I'm split. with David for the stream so I don't. exactly want to touch that before the. Stream So if this could please do. something here on the last spin to make. me feel nice about the game it would be. greatly. appreciated nice. okay. like I know like I say it all the time. but guys please smash the like to bless. this video cuz if you do it it will. bless the video like it's guaranteed. it's factual information that if you.

Guys like it right now it will. retrig you didn't like H enough I don't. know what to say you just simply didn't. like it hard. enough did you now though oh that would. have been really cool cuz that's. Technically when all the likes would. have been coming in after giving you. guys a guil trip for likes cuz I'm. losing my whole balance so I need. something out of this video at. least. okay okay. uh they just hit greens into Reds maybe. yep no Reds but at least it hit greens. guys if it can give us like ooh okay. that was a nice little surprise if it. can give us a little we need like 40K. more maybe here just a little 40K please. this definitely won't be 40K but it'll. be. something okay greens maybe yes now if. we can get oranges here this would be o. get jelly beans or anything here man. please nice that's profit no it's not.

Wow okay I thought that would be profit. for sure get perss here and then top. symbol and this is huge no really good. spin though that allows us to do another. Max bet well not Max bet but same bet. bonus buy we have reached profit land. ladies and gentlemen it's still going. what an insane slot machine Sugar Rush. 1,000. all of that for 50k profit it's okay. though cuz it's it's it's giving us fuel. it's giving us fuel to experience a Max. wi that's what I tell myself every night. when I go to sleep guys that I'm going. to record a video tomorrow on Sugar Rush. 1000 and get a Max. win you can probably see it in my eyes. when I'm playing the slot in front of. you. guys I'm sorry if I lose focus in these. videos too it's just this game is very. intense like so intense. Yik okay I mean at least we can. downscale one bet size here we go guys.

We are all in this is not exactly. looking very good but as I said I had. really really really good results lately. so this is the really really bad side. that generally comes with it I hope. honestly that we manage to get something. like going on this one so that I can. continue but if if not hit Reds at least. okay this could rrig now I believe in. the double hit retrig. no I will actually do one more bonus Buy. on my LTC. balance I have to I I I have to guys I. have to try to get something. going although like this is nowhere. close to done we've got good multis here. why am I being negative this is this is. going to pay. nice jelly beans Above This jelly beans. top symbol in here greens there's so. many options nice not going to get too. excited cuz every time I do it ends up. dying let's just keep it calm. relaxed confident.

Bro this is jelly beans oh if that was. filled with jelly beans nice guys maybe. that's the stretch just don't don't get. too excited and maybe you just stumble. into billion doll wins maybe the future. of this channel is me just being silent. just just silent gambling what do you. guys think think that that might. actually be the play do you know how. often that happens where I'm like let me. just let me just keep my mouth quiet and. see what happens and then it decides. to pay. billions good we needed a spin like this. cuz this gives me like a feeling like it. might do something whereas before it was. just Dead come on please something. anything oranges Reds maybe no. what do we do here. man what do we do here all right guys. I'm going to go. for I think. like let's go for a dice round of. 30,000 where we. roll above.

50 easy all right. now we go back to Sugar Rush and. everything is going to. be back to normal sorry I'm dced there. guys I just got a modification and it. kind of put me off guard all right come. on man please this is our last buy like. with then it's a miracle too that we. even have this so let's see. that's really clutch if we can hit. purples yes will be a great spin. mhm this is a good spin Reds top symbol. Hearts okay Reds now and greens just do. it just do them both yes okay greens at. least now maybe something else no. couldn't see it but it can sometimes. just surprise you. that's what I mean by surprise you like. it's the like why did it drop it down. like that and not just in the you shape. okay. guys I really don't want to be this guy. but I'm just going. to okay that was very dumb let's go over. to LTC and let's do a.

$10,000 hit no 2x. hit do this cuz I was trying to get 100. bucks. nice. okay guys I shouldn't be doing this like. I've just like I said been winning a lot. so I'm trying to justify doing this so. I'm going to use this balance to. hopefully get something going on this. game this will actually be my last buy I. didn't even log the last one that's how. done I am with this. game and yeah if this rips I'll see you. guys tomorrow for the next one or on the. stream with Mr crusty that is so. disgusting they could have hit like 15. times yeah this game's dead today. know how you know it's dead today hasn't. given us a Max wi guys that's how you. conclude that it's it's dead look at. this at this dead Jack activities. didn't take the. bed nice wow okay that's disgusting guys. thank you so much for watching I will. probably be turning it down soon unless.

we get a bang of win tonight on stream. that was disgusting I'll see you. tomorrow for the next one byebye. oh

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