12.05.2024 QML Strategy For Quasimodo Trading As A Smart Money Concept Trader

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So thank you guys for tuning in today. we're going to talk about a different. pattern right what is called quasimodo. right aka qml quasimodo level is part of. the smart money uh concept right. so for now we're just going to. understand what is the question model. level right. a question motor level is the level that. is drawn at the top of the left shoulder. of a question model pattern right so i. know you're sitting there wondering what. are patterns now what's happening should. we have patterns yes smart money has. patterns just like these two that i. taught you in a previous videos if you. haven't watched change of character. there is a video that's going to show up. on the right screen right that shows you. where to go and watch this pattern right. basically this is a market structure and. if you haven't watched the breaker block.

Here's another video that will show you. where to go and watch what is called. break a block together i'm saying these. two patterns are part of the four. patterns that you need to understand. when it comes to smart money concepts. because if you don't understand these. patterns that basically that means. you're basically bluffing about trading. together amazing because these patents. happens every now and again and that's. what. basically make you a smart money trader. right because if you don't understand. this person's then you won't be able to. take trades and if you don't take trades. that means you're basically not trading. other blocks you're probably trading. trend lines or something else but other. than that let's just go into the. question model pattern so this is what. we call the quasimodo pattern and normal.

Customer pattern so what makes it. different is that it will break your. higher high right this previous higher. high and then come back. and break this previous high alum but. listen to me carefully there are times. there are times whereby it won't break. this higher low it might come back here. and then push above right and then. continue all the way down but the most. important point about 2ml is that it. will go into the level. right into the level of the previous. higher high that's why they say you draw. it at the top left of the shoulder of. the qml pattern you get together i'm. saying. this here becomes this over here this. gray. gray bluish uh zone it's what we call. 2ml zone together i'm saying it's what. we call qml zoom but as a smart money. trader how do you basically understand. that when should. there will be another block in this area.

Trust me believe me. it will always there will be another. block in that area so as a smart money. trader you wait for the market to go. into. that zone it goes to the zone goes to. your order block and then you decide. whether you want to take the trade or. not but remember when you're trading. smart money we have to go into a smaller. time frame to look at another pattern. and then start taking a trade there do. you get what i'm saying so basically. this is the person basically that you. find when you. already found an other blog in a higher. time frame right. so you need to look at this pattern. after. that but basically you need to look at. all three patterns right but now let's. look at the advanced. qml pattern right the advanced qml. pattern is the same pattern as the other. one but now what happens is. this one will always always like it or.

Not will always have to break your. higher low. together i'm saying will always have to. break your higher low and then go out. and create some pattern right this type. of a pattern this is what the price. action traders call it. this pattern and it will shoot into this. zone right into your order block there's. another block over here all right in. this qml zone at the very same time it's. an auto block zone and then we'll. give you a sniper entry shooting all the. way down so basically this is what we. call an advanced 2ml. uh. pattern. this is an advanced qml pattern and you. will always have to. check it right so here this is an. example often. normal 2ml as you can see this is the. high this is the right side and then. breaker structure and it didn't break. this but it went back and create this. pattern over here and then touch shoot.

All the way down and we have what we. have by other block here that give us. what an entry here should all the way. done together i'm saying. i hope this makes sense i hope i hope i. believe this makes sense right. so let's go into the next. advanced auto block as you can see over. here. left shoulder. higher low. higher high right shoulder this is. higher higher and then break breaks. below this level right and then started. creating these patterns. right. this is what uh. technical traders call it that's a. pattern it's a flag or something like. that i'm not sure right. and then give you a sniper entry. shooting all the way to this order block. over here. and then. rally towards the top together i'm. saying this is what we call advanced qml. this is what we call advanced qml i. don't know if this thing makes sense or.

It doesn't make sense but these are the. things that you always need to pay your. attention to together i'm saying once. you once you already find your autoblock. in a higher time frame you go into a. smaller time frame and try to find all. these patterns right all these. these two patterns. and this pattern or this advanced one in. qml depends which how the market behaves. but when you find your order blood this. is what you need to always find. i think there is only one pattern that. is left yeah i'm gonna teach you about. that one on our next video but for now. you have to understand this make sure. that you draw these patterns on your own. next to your wall where you trade if you. have a trading room or a trade what. always have these patterns so that. you'll be able to see them whenever. you're taking your trades right because.

they're very very important without them. you are basically not a smart money. trader so i hope this makes sense guys. and i hope you understand them but other. than that thank you guys for watching. i'll see you on the next video i'm out

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