12.05.2024 Trailer Dolly Review (Tow Tuff)

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What's up youtube. just wanted to do a quick product review. here um on a product that i bought for. my. pressure washing trailer i have a 6 by. 12 enclosed. tandem axle trailer and i needed to. maneuver it around. my parents driveway where i store it. because i couldn't back it into the spot. that i needed to with my truck because. the driveway is too tight. so i bought a dolly from. i got it on amazon and it's called the. brand is. toe tough so i just wanted to jump on. and do a quick review on that product. because. it's pretty awesome so far as you can. see. the driveway is fairly narrow and i. needed to be able to put the trailer. in this spot here and i cannot maneuver. my truck so i bought this. dolly here the only issue with it is if. you have a tandem axle trailer turning. the trailer can be quite difficult.

But as long as you lift the front up. enough to get the. front two tires off the ground you have. no problem turning the trailer at all. um but if you have them down both both. tires are down it's. it's not happening so i'm just going to. show you how this thing works real quick. trailer itself is pretty heavy um it's. got a lot of weight in the back. 250 pound pressure washer not sure how. heavy these hose reels are but they're. heavy. and then i got a ton of stuff up front. so. it's nice to be able to maneuver your. trailer around. um the dolly itself is. fairly inexpensive get on amazon. i will post a link. to the specific product that i bought. they have different variations for. heavier trailers. this one works just fine for my specific. trailer. it's awesome i'm glad i bought it i. definitely recommend it. so if you're looking for a trailer dolly.

for something similar to what i. have this is the one you want. you

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