12.05.2024 Wonder (2017) - Jack Will's Redemption Scene (7/9) | Movieclips

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Point is to create something you're. excited about something you're proud to. show mr. will mister will something more. important to think about no so it'll be. teams of two your partner will be your. table mate Oh miss boot OSA I know we're. supposed to be in pairs but Jack Amos. and I had a science fair project idea. that we wanted to work on together okay. maybe it's no sorry what no um it's it's. okay I'll stay with you I've got I'll. sook with Augie hey what did you do that. for it dude I don't want to switch why. not. do you really want to be partners with. that freak dear mister Tuschman I'm very. sorry for punching Julian it was wrong. with me to do that I know you may need. to expel me but I'd still rather not say. why I did what I did. it might get Julian in trouble too. and that's not fair sincerely jack well.

dear mr. will one thing I've learned in. 20 years in education is that there are. two sides to every story so I think I. can imagine what started the fight well. nothing justifies striking another. student I know good friends are worth. defending. so after your twoday suspension your. scholarship will be waiting for you. just keep up the good work and keeping. the fine boy we all know you to be. sincerely mr. Tashman

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