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Welcome everyone welcome everyone. lots of numbers flying in. Oh. Thank You Mario good luck Raja big money. in two dollars to protect. Joseph twodollar superjet is the volume. all the way up yeah we gotta turn the. volume up on the roulette table. and the adventure crew. crazy Karl $1 super to. Thank You Bo DS big stack yeah I learned. I learned from The Wizard of Oz Wizard. of Oz yeah Murray had the tattoo yeah. crazy Karl another $1 super yep. slots coming up right after this. brother Dave $2 super Chet please bent. 27 and 33 for me. crazy Carl another $1 lucky superjet. yeah yeah final last look thumbs up so. good luck everyone. Tracy DT our super check good luck. everyone hey Melissa and Laci believe so. yeah 23:27. Naomi slot channel $2 superjet I'm Raja. everyone smash that thumbs up button. hashtag crazy car yep use that crazy.

Karla movie venture crew $2 super champ. play zero double zero or 28 Joe Lopez $2. super Chet 19 and 13 brother Dave $2. super chair aha. 27 hit boom I'll take 10 Megas. John Robertson $2 superjet David Wong. said lucky number 35. what's up caveman Jesse Walters $2.00. superjet eight. crazy Karl $2 super check go to her. channel help her again. over a thousand. dan the man see in action now dan the. man channel it's right here it was just. live before us. big girl Dallas $2 super chair thank you. Big Shot guys don't forget what Thursday. is Thursday the eyes of announcing where. he's been. Jay Bunny's birthday yeah. oh all the wishes this Thursday jmoney. is breaking into two days from now. shoo $2 super check good luck and win. big everyone thank you Banzai. High Roller $1 super chat Joe Brooks $2. to the check. Steve fivedollar super chat five for.

The wind thank you. thank you for all the early birthday. wishes everyone appreciate it. venture crew $2.00 super chat always. play both green and 17 20 and 23 a lot. of numbers remember now. slot freaks $2.00 super check good luck. TV j.crew play that 30. big dear old Dallas $2 supersad 1121. I go half on patreon. or hey tiny $2 superjet 18 please that. one's covered. 2020. Carol $2 super chat happy birthday yeah. Thank You Carol for the birthday wish. venture crews same number both green 17. 20 and 23. we got a venture crew he knows which. ones to pick yeah pick all the winners. what are you doing for your birthday. game oh that right playing roulette. thought ladies Sue Ellen $2 super. channel 11 and 13 please good luck. yeah you wanna know how much you're. playing prevent these are $5 chips. these are fives. Carrie Garcia $2 to coach at 13 and 23.

17 20 and 23. crazy Karl Josh Kelley says 2032. oh it's corner in the house Oh Scott. Michael $2 superjet Raja. meatloaf 364 played 22 for boom boom. boom. JC $2 super chat make sure you keep VOD. away from the table good. turn your black bet plate 22. come on baby. super Chester V from Carrie Alexis $1. super javi. everyone for your super chats little bit. more the crews will be meeting what the. Boys and Girls Club of Miami. just tuning in we're at the large casino. in Black Hawk Colorado right after this. tonight at 5:00. slot freaks $2.00 super 1012 for all the. Tom Brady fans hashtag Roger Marjorie is. in the house poet $2.00 super chat wants. to I challenge you to our twerk poet. wants to talk with you. Leonard $2 superjet go Raja 33 when in. Kathy. our sole $5 super chat build a house on. lucky number 23 good luck.

Neil slots $5 super chat 8 all the way. Roger. 12. Margery 10:30. Marshall 23 Anthony $2 super Chad 32 for. my wife big girl Dallas $2. poets corner wants four for Brett Farve. the greatest quarterback ever Mike. fivedollar super tech good to see you. back jmoney Scott needs a cordless mics. the girls down maybe thumbs up to luck. mike says good to see you back jmoney. Scott is a cordless Mike. Oh Carl. made up for his red car alright bought. Magda $2 superjet hello all good luck in. hello to the slot ladies miss you got. that roulette emoji too if you guys want. to be using that sponsors. Cynthia Gonzales $5.00 super check good. luck my friend Scotty. big numbers what do you guys think what. should I be Shady grace has 22. Christie's is 2821. Jason's is 25 24 karat carry Garces is. 12. Summa in the house two dollars to perch.

At red 1336 double zero. so once asked what casino we're. Rek $2 super chat black for the win. what's up Scott in Texas. reach extra for anything black against a. lot of x45 marjorie $5 super chat 13 and. 31. Gregg Carter $2 superjet 21 hashtag Raja. good luck tonight yep right after this. livestock plays Stacy. oh wait I didn't have a corner one there. on 31 no I have one right here. 17 on black before that's wrong hello oh. shoot oh tough tagteam Raja did my dad. all right Alex like fifty dollars of. cuts 17t twins locks in the house t win. is at the chain smoker concert tonight. guys John good luck. Poets Corner $2 super Chad black black. black black on black 3 you lead poet. these three blacks entirely you say so. 17. Rek $2.00 tips yet again told you black. was. big girl Dallas $2.00 super chat seven. red. come on guys hit that thumbs up damn.

No Suzette play black has project. okay. no more bets. wreck again hypersensitive and green. John's was 29. or hey $2 super chat 35 please Poets. Corner $2 super chat Thank You Rosa. I love you. $10 out I was sitting next to a guy. today playing slots and he hollers at. his wife you have to turn the volume all. the way up this guy online said you have. an eight percent better chance of ending. a jackpot. I died. what are your chip values from the. hooker and Mama's $2.00 Supachai from. Catherine $5 the green Matt $2 super jet. black 13. next one. this collector item chip is priceless. that value this is the thousand dollar. chip these are $1,000 chips right here. can I use this chip or the vo deduction. alright zero vision says 13. black and matte wants black their cane. will double up to 13 with little house. Doug $5 super chat someone help pick.

Numbers then man what ya got 32 what I. got 30 43230 I like the even numbers on. red this time. well guys hit that thumbs up. Steve fivedollar super chat four or. five. 2,500 watching don't forget guys yep. there'll be a new link for a slot play. coming up. bye Steve l Tracy do you know superjet. boom for dan the man. d trip 2 dollar super check good luck. Raja number 10. Dan's gone black I'm like yeah we're. gonna be so glad for you I'm going to. eat them. watching with care without soon come on. come on come on come on we're lovin. we're lovin not feelin it gonna be see. how they going for. boom baby. Chicago audience louder those pig girl. Dallas no super chance 7eleven 21. again yeah I mean know what you did it. on. dark to what are the chip values report. these are five dollars here's Carl two. dollar super chance seven let's do this.

Richard BOTS lots more five dollars. super chat for double streets good luck. this is going on even all right you're. going even on God then calm even t man. that's good are you. on. alright guys this could be the final. spin of the night finals man we have. live stop play guys final spin the night. guys and then at 8 o'clock make sure you. got that new link tonight for a live. eSATA yeah I think the mods are posted a. thank you mods a big shot to the Mod. Squad best minds in the business all our. YouTube sponsors who have access to this. really cool mode use and of course all. our patreon High Roller members you guys. like to join our patreon again that's. patreon.com/lenguin. the updates and what we're up to but I'm. just less than 12 minutes from now live. what are you guys what slot should we. start with tonight for you guys 2,700.

People watching live who let you watch. live slots will be like 4,000 buffalo. dragon leg. but if you guys want to steal a space. and iron. alright final one big finale. listen. all right we're going black Tiffany. dtrip $2.00 HipChat make golden and. goddess call you daddy. crazy Carlton I was super sad the Black. Widow. Wow. Mike you got your check mark up buffer. Lieberman number one that 14 for the win. now more peeler tuning in to watch. number angeles and get lots of yeses so. above our uber uber 76 wants to eat a. bet number one. 50 are black but a hundred bucks in. chips. final one guys Garrity's. if you guys are just tuning in we are at. the launch casino in Black Rock Colorado. your first rates for fun you guys we. haven't had a Greek name something up. there how those greens. two dollars to attack on the zero tree.

Yeah right there the last jmoney. there's jmoney supervisor Paul. oneand-only Lacey dan the man if you. have ascribed to dan the man slots right. there dan the man beauty and Melissa. from the slot ladies joining us tonight. thanks guys. yep coming up soon tune in

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