12.05.2024 Crazy time big win today,Powerful double !!

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It's not bad it's not bad is it. come back. recently saw the video of Mick driving. uh driving his dad's car in 2004. 2004 car on slicks. what I meant was the Silverstone 98 or. 97.. yeah I think Schumacher did that right. direction up top right there on the. spinny thingy. hello to all the YouTubers. send stop and go and he was in the last. lap going in yeah yeah that's what I'm. talking about. and he crossed the start Finish Line. it's crazy time right there so uh we're. going we're going to places. come kids we got stuff to do and stuff. to see. oh boy we going crazy go mental big. wheel place again with the fish and the. cocktails and the stuff from the. Jay dog saying don't walk into the door. I've learned. through yellow I've learned that not a. ghost I cannot walk through walls or. doors and merely a human by disappoint.

Them it's a miserable it is what it is. and what it is. goes back. you're done did it that's a doubly. wobbly wibbly wobbly on the screen again. certified juicer right there that's. going to be a 200x. what's that. is that a double double yup ass believe. it. 400x okay. with more than 13 000 years one time you. know boaster I don't know who that is is. that a person is that a game. Henrik says I gotta reject please. contact Live support go to the chat. press on the button that looks like. headphones and inform them about your. situation you know my bad so wish you. the best of luck. three example whale. so we make that a reality. I think that could happen. slow down. three examples. take a look everybody what are we hoping. for this time around. so the lowest multiplier is a 5x which. means 15. we also have a 7 10 15 20 25.

100 and double multiply everything. please. so 300X on the line here unless we make. it a double which is a 600x so let's see. where it takes us I wish you all the. best of luck. here we go 300X everybody. come on Daddy needs a new pair of boots. for winter. come on we're right above it no no go. back you're doing fine no come back come. back come back. someone go back okay double it's not bad. it's not bad it's it's okay it's okay. 600x here everybody let's go. we were close. I kind of would have preferred the 300X. to be honest but hey now everything is. bigger so it's all good. okay we got a distance to go but 600x. let's do it. no no go back go back anything with 100x. go back go back yeah yeah you're doing. great not another double go back another. double what. 12 00 x what. this better be good. because I can't walk up these stairs.

Forever 1200X everybody let's go. anything bigger than 100x would be ideal. right about now which is basically. almost anything. 1200X now come back come back please. another double. can we just get something I mean not. something but. thousand four hundred X on the line here. my heart is gonna explode. please. come on come back you were doing so well. if it's another double I'm gonna have a. heart attack come back come back come. back come back. okay 600x not terrible. not terrible at all 600 F and just from. a 3X. congrats 7505 winners top players Salem. with more than 90 000 Euros won. everybody a 600x on Pachinko. that's the first time I ever had three. doubles. betting Tom let's go for the next one. other than two or seven true true we'll. do we'll do for now let's go for the. next one. father and welcome everyone to joining.

Thank you so much for coming over from your deadliest of luck to work I'm afraid my back will hurt after that cheese and I need to be here to know for a long time tonight so afraid I'll I shall Say No by Vixen Pachinko now you don't want to see that you know you don't want to see that cheese please give me BMW why even all right ladies and gentlemen with a 5x on top yeah this one was tight but we go here's a here's the wall what we have 5x is a 25 all right five seven fifty twenty twenty five forty and a double slap that 5x on baby X is the maximum one this board looks so much better right let's go all right will do where are we dropping from over here enjoy go for that 200 or I will find where you live Buck 200 is right over here 200 200 or double 200 200 .

let's go. 20065 winners New York finished. the clock in the video is a troll time. utchs clock how to compare the hours in. this video. open an internet search for World clocks. and compare the hours on the video with. the clocks in your country. thank you

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