12.05.2024 Crazy time big win today,OMG ! Topslot 15X ! 1050X,1050X,1050X And Others !! Bonus + Bonus + Bonus

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X on Blue that was the last. one ooh coin flip gets a this game uses. money and this game can also make money. for you use your money wisely and. remember this game is for entertainment. not for your main job to make. money number two someone is indecisive. huh. 1,398 of you that's open no yeah because. there is so many any great and good. sweets good desserts so I bet it's hard. it's hard by the way hello and welcome. you cerous welcome to to join us welcome. to the crazy time nice to have you here. with me and good luck H thing you kind. of hate to. choose. okay crazy time three stop. slots I see I see. Flopper. choices love it crazy time let's go. players after. you let's. go welcome players welcome to the crazy. time. so let's add a three from the top. slot shiny. shiny now it is time time time for you. to shine time for you to make your.

Decisions if you will make your. decisions they will be made. automatically I see that blue has your. heart 300 has the highest multi and and. good. look 75 double and 75 let's double the. wheel for the blur. team now the highest multiply is 600 and. good luck. this is the amount of money issued. to a friend over 2,300 views some nice. wins nice catches were made. congratulations of course of course you. know that's our that's our goal so let's. review it all and see what the mulli on. 100 ladies and gentlemen there's the. 100x right there congratulations to the. winners especially those who got the. 100x right there and let's get back to. the. wheel 1,784 winners for that down free. winners Johnny G and Sak caros and let's. keep going shall we for the next round. so B are Clos good luck to. you. really we got a C down with a Forex.

Actually I you say it it' be nice if we. got a gra down. and crazy time it is ladies and. gentlemen for X crazy. time super lad session well ladies and. Gentlemen let's. go yeah 4X crazy time ladies and. gentlemen very nice indeed. okayo okay wheel wheel wheelie wheelie. what do we see hope through some big big. multiplier re. so let's quadruple it all. up big. multiply well ladies and gentlemen time. for you to choose your Flack green blue. or yellow if you don't Selec the time. it's going to be selected randomly so. Choose Wisely four eggs crazy time. indeed most is on Blue least is on green. ladies and gentlemen thank you for your. decisions maximum mul 400 wish you all. the best of luck and this. time well the blue gets a. double that's crazy. blue team you get maximum apply 800 800x. good luck with a. spin this is the amount of money issued.

€. 23,5 76. woo ladies and gentlemen 400x right. there on the middle sh what a great. great time ladies and Gentlemen let's. keep going let's go your man is my. husband well yes I do call him my. husband sometimes but I mean you know. literally I do not have a husband yes. but but. but you know theoretically yes I do. anyways make your decisions choose. whatever you want to shoot and if you. wish to join. us. what. what what anyways we have a 100 still at. the top row here I hope you catch that. 30 people catch. that and that is over 4,000 winners. congratulations to you all maning time. is opened right now you can place them. if you wish to join us and let's go for. another. round so many of you here oh my hello. you have a wife I do not have a. wife I have a. man I have a. man my lovely man we have a crazy time. with 7x tops SL.

Here it did oh okay got it then oh oh. please. yes. yes let's. go welcome everyone to the crazy time to. the biggest wheel in the entire world. oh my we are adding the top slot 7. x make your decisions choose a flapper. green blue or yellow choose whatever you. want and if you cannot decide let a bot. choose for. you 700 is the biggest good luck. 175 on green one and 5 five on the. yellow and double on a. blue 1,400 is the biggest good. this is the amount of money issued to. 13854 490 on a. blue 9505 winners. congratulations a897 and Y winers. congratulations come on let's try and. focus on that crazy Tom we need to catch. this good. like not going to raid. it put 5x on crazy St come. on do we stand the. chance I think we do I think guys I. think it's the moment of. wee let's go for it come. on imagine with a tops L crazy come.

On home sweet home welcome enjoy the. sight seems like it is your time to make. oh first of all let's multiply the whole. fun let's make it five times. better now it is your turn to make your. decision so please pick your flapper. green blue or yellow also we have a. triple on board can you believe that. also a bunch of. doubles guys it is the moment of TR come. on the highest catch is a thousand X. good luck with that triple or a double. you. guys this is the amount of money issued. €. 17,8. 129 if you remember if you. remember last Pinko was 10. make it better please I even said please. to double. Shore sure let's make it better with. like three doubles or. so or something best of. luck come on closer to me closer to me. closer to me I. said There You Go 10x is that. 10x. Pinko I just saw a bit. earlier well done dear players at.

10x good for you good for you a win is a. win. it's a double crazy. Time come on crazy come. on hey you. go I said there you. go I said it's crazy and it's time. follow me. yeah baby yeah a thousand times yeah or. just two times cuz it's a two times STP. slot yeah we finally got that crazy. time. choose of course no wait wait wait wait. wait we got to apply two. works and now sure choose your favorite. colored flapper is that green is that. blue is is that. yellow a lot of good multipliers on that. wheel make sure make sure to get that. 200x for me good. luck yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's 100x. it's 100x already for team blue. can we make it better for green that's a. double that's. more 400x make me proud and get. in this is the amount of money issued. 6,957 baby. I know right I know I know that you have. a choice to go to another crazy.

Time to another crazy time studio you. have a choice to do that but you still. choose to stay here and keep on writing. me St who does that tell me who does. that we have a number. two. 1,149 winners congratulations to you and. betting time is now. open let's. go okay if you feel that I'm likely to. go take a break my. love how many times do I have to feel. myself if you feel like I'm lucky if you. feel like that you're losing too much. take a break relax and I'll be waiting. for you and we're going to have so much. fun sending some crazy time from the top. slots and look at that we just h a crazy. time okay so follow. me and welcome welcome to the world's. big whe in a crazy. time okay now it's your decision time. pick a flapper green blue or yellow. which one you think will get the highest. multiplier most of you are choosing the.

Blue flapper by the. way okay 1,000 ni is the highest. multiplier let's get. it this is the amount of money issued. 157,500 for green and yellow flappers. the highest ones and we also have 150 EX. for blue. pepper okay so welcome back from the. crazy time so here's that for all my. lovely. haters take. it okay let's go with another. spin oh you're so not. happy of course. to Pingo from the top. slots my I want at that number. five it's going to be a number one we. don't take that we don't take that. ladies and gentlemen 721 winners though. congrats to the ones who made big profit. yeah I don't think you could have made. big profit but you know yes a 1x uh Rob. Rob is enjoying the 1X I'm happy for you. Rob. uh last two crazy times one was absolute. Kaka and mine was pretty good 15x on. yellow and green and 100x on Blue that.

Was the last. one ooh coin flip gets a 15x top slot. come on you got to give us the corn flam. now Jimmy how old you Jimmy is 21 years. and 7 months. old stop stop oh my my God ladies and. gentlemen this is huge this is huge this. is my biggest one so far this is my. biggest top slot please let it not be oh. my God Kaka yes yes I said. kaka do you know how much pressure this. is ladies and gentlemen you know if I. flip to the lower one how bad this is. going to be like my whole life right now. depends on. this okay we got we got we got we got. red we got blue yeah I'm putting right. on top you see ladies and gentlemen. right on. top come. on. 20x. 20x so that's 30 or 300. x please give us red please I'm. screaming I'm screaming louder this is. the amount of money issued. no I don't believe in God but than the. true. act cash.

Cash and you know what we go for the. number 10 this time we go for the number. 10 for the lollipop for number 10 634. for but with number 10 Mr winner you got. a 2507 win but welcome to the crazy time. so bobster Lobster still here still. alive and here we go. right so five. seconds what do. you right so there we. go Peno with a free ax ladies and. gentlemen oh my look at that Pacha with. a free axe on the top swad I'm really. lucky woohoo welcome ladies and. gentlemen to the Pinko with three. in come on let's go Bo put it. mly come on how much will be twox let's. go for the more 2 three 7 10 x 15 20 25. 40x 100 and about the three a on the top. spot that's more to buy so you have a. chance for the 300. a all right so there we. go Lely B boosters. right so there we. go where are we going to go come on 300. ax come on 300 this is the amount of.

Money issued. 136,137. 4 which is with a 300. a I get a feeling now going to be 300 ax. I got a feeling now will be. 300X s not 5x not 2X a but. 300X that's her. close thank you so much welcome justess. we right now won. €210 don't you say you missed the. previous crazy time no way you did don't. say. that bro I didn't sell your name like in. the top five winners or something what. happened you know it's just an. interesting for me as a host to see how. much money a player can possibly make. cuz I remember once when I was working. on the lightning rulet back in the days. there was a guy who won a number with. 500x multiplier man this guy got a w way. what we are making this happen baby. that's the 15 next but Jingo. H castle castle a. castle I have a baby I have a b from. there right I mean this is the best way. of to come back baby don't you think so.

Man that is a gazillion of doar let's. hope it's going to be don't jinx it. ladies and gentlemen close your eyes or. something I don't. know this bll lady what is this go to. the right side please do it make it. it's about to be a big one man what. never seen that happening before all. right this is the LA of sport L thing. best of lack to you right it's about to. be a big one a lacky 13 section you. know 520x is the highest one and go to. the double or something now. 75 yeah baby that's a 30X binka right. now boy can you believe. that 1,50. ex hell I want to see that. happen right I mean is this my like. moment of The Shining as a host hey I. like it I like to be famous best of like. to. everybody come on man, and a 50, and a. 50 no way this is the am amount of money. issued. 99,354 the top one winner right now. woooo that is a huge amount of money if.

this game uses money so be wise in using. your money pay attention to the meaning. of money money money is a stock of. assets that can be immediately used to. carry out transactions apart from that. money is anything that can be used or. received to make payments for goods. services or debts money has one. fundamental purpose and the economic. system to facilitate the exchange of. goods and services to shorten the time. and effort required to execute a trade. money is an object that can be approved. by all levels of society as a means of. Exchange in trade the definition of. money is an acceptable medium used by. every economic actor or money market. player to make transactions easier

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