12.05.2024 How to Replace the Battery in a Lenovo Ideapad 3 15IML05 Laptop

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Hello everyone I'm back with another. video and in today's video we have a. Lenovo Idea pad 3 the exact model is an. idea pad 3 15 IM. l05 the model name is an 81 WP that. information can be found on the bottom. stick of the laptop in the box or inside. the bias all right in this video I'm. going to take you on a step by step how. you can open it up and how you can. remove the battery or replace the. battery internal battery for your laptop. if your is not holding up any more. charge or just discharging really. quickly then you might want to replace. it at the end of the video I'll give you. a tip on how to keep your battery state. on the best performance uh way possible. and you should be doing that every. couple of months so the battery health. will be. unoptimized first thing first power off. the laptop I'll go with the tool I use.

Is an iix screwdriver set I'll leave the. link in the video description in case. you want to purchase yours we are going. to be using a Philips number. one and if you get the process they give. you opening tools and some tweezers. stuff like that if not get the basic set. and for the opening tool I'll be using a. guitar pick a guitar pick is very. suitable to opening cases and covers and. it would not expect the cover all right. with all this on hand you're going to. get it started on the bottom of the. laptop you going to see a whole bunch of. screws there's are two types of screws. the long one and the short one the long. screws are the one from the back towards. the mid Pro and the short ones are the. front row of the laptop go ahead and. remove the front row screws the short. ones and keep them in a separate file.

And the remove the rest and keep them on. another. pile also if you guys like my videos If. you find my videos helpful and helping. you guys out you can support the channel. by clicking that like And subscribe I'll. greatly appreciate it it helps out. motivates me to make more videos take. requests and answer your questions in. the. commentaries appreciate. it all right now that we removed all the. screws we going to put them in a. different pile we going to grab ourself. the opening tool we are going to put in. the opening to between the pal rest and. the bottom cover and we just going to. squeeze in then just going to twist it. you want to hear those big click sounds. that's what you want to hear just twist. it around on the side I'm going to stick. more than a 2 or 3 mm you want to H the. whole thing inside so you take about 2.

Or 3 mm as long as you see just jams in. there and that's it with the back. Corners left and right. side I exactly about two or 3 mm of the. guitar. pick there we go now on the back side. you want to do the same thing stick it. right in there and just twist it like. that. and it should release itself little bit. of wling around and it will come. out all right and down here we can see. the simple battery right in here they. could made a little bit longer to for. higher capacity but I guess they don't. the model name for this one is an. l16 M2. pb2 right to remove this one we need to. remove three screws one screw right on. this side and second and third one go. remove this screws first before disc. connecting. it all the screws are the same size and. shape so don't worry about mismatching. them once you remove them lift up the.

Battery a little bit hover over and then. you want to pull it towards the front. and it will release this connector these. cables are really tough so don't worry. about damaging the cable that really. really tough let's say you got the new. battery in it comes with a connector on. the cable. you want to make sure that the red cable. is the positive is facing on the right. side and you want to bring it down you. don't want to put the battery right on. the screw hole first and then try to. push this one in it's going to be a. hassle so what you want to do straighten. up the cables like this align the. connector in front of in front of the. Jack and then push it and then pinch. them together make sure it goes all the. way in there then what you want to do. you want to align the screw Hol lift it. up the tiny hooks in this side too move.

It with the forth is going to bend the. cable that's what you want and then you. want to screw down the screws for the. battery one on the right side and two on. the. left and now that you got that what you. want to do you want to grab the bottom. cover put it on top and put push down. the corners you want to hear those big. click sounds that's what you want to. hear on the back side on the corner if. you see any gaps opening just pinch them. together and it will snap into its place. put the short screws on the front and. the long screws all the over the place. and whatever you can there's no order. that you have to follow all right. regarding the new batteries in there. once you put a new battery you don't. want to power on the laptop at all you. want to leave it off and you want to. connect the charger and leave it.

Charging at least for 4 to 5 hours after. 4 to 5 hours you want to power on the. laptop without the charger and let it. drain the battery down to 30 or 20% the. lowest that it can go and once it's down. to the lowest you want to power off the. laptop and while is off you want to plug. in the charger again and leave it again. for 4 to 5 hours after four to 5 hours. of fully charged then you can power it. on as you wish with a charger connector. without it and use your daily programs. get initial charge and discharge it is. very crucial for the new batteries and. you should be doing that even for the. old batteries once every 3 to 4 months. to keep them the health of the batteries. on a best state again I hope you guys. like this video and helps you guys out. if you have any question or requests. feel free to leave them in a video.

comment I'll try to answer them as soon. as I can as always thanks for watching. and I'll see you guys in my next video

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