12.05.2024 Maxam 16-Shot Roulette Drinking Game Review - SwagDaddy

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hi I'm Robert with so I got it and today. we're going to go ahead and review the. roulette drinking game by maksim what's. included you've got 16 1 ounce shot. glasses they are glass don't drop them. you'll break them you have your roulette. wheel your two metal balls for your. roulette and we'll go ahead and take a. little closer look at it so this here is. a metal pin wheel all you got to do is. take your roulette or your spinner place. it on top of that now go ahead and spin. now your shot glass the box doesn't. mention anything about it but it doesn't. appear to be dishwasher safe so I. wouldn't recommend it you feeling lucky. take your spin take your chances go get. your swag today Steph we all get

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